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    what is your theory about these other missing hydrino states?

    I have no theory about hydrino,,,or 490 eV

    Why hasn't Mills explained where the many missing horses on his team are?

    Is it bad for business?

    If there is no explanation then all he has is one dense hydrogen with

    maybe a 491 ev formation energy from H2... but then

    the calculations for 491 eV are based on his theory..

    maybe he just got lucky,,the 490 eV measurement is true..

    but the calculation is wrong..

    the specific findings

    Specific findings

    1.The isotopes most commonly showing up above background

    are 8 lanthanides plus Pd/Ag plus Te plus W/Rh

    Notice the majority are odd isotopes..

    To sort out which elements are most effective

    I would go for Hi/Lo Pd Ag samarium gadolinium erbium thulium tungsten rhodium in mixtures

    plus various combinations

    ..many of these have been used in other LENR R&D

    2. de Novo isotopes/elements

    Sm151... Indium Promethium? Cadmium(Cd111,Cd113) Cerium Lead?


    A small 500W DeRee Nickel LENR reactor would be good

    for hotwater or an onsen,,

    but 5 solarpanels are enough for an EV at latitude 34S in Australia

    If you decide you are likely to drive your electric car the Australian average of 38 kilometers a day and estimate you are likely to get 5 kilometers per kilowatt-hour of electricity you use shoving energy into its battery pack, then you will need to charge it with an average of 7.6 kilowatt-hours a day. Most Australian households can expect to get around 4 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day for each kilowatt of north facing solar panels they have and around 3.4 for east or west-facing panels. So it would take 1.9 kilowatts of north facing solar panels to match the electricity consumption of the car.

    1.8 kilowatts of panels

    1.8 kilowatt of solar panels using high efficiency SunPower X22 panels. Their total area is 8.1 square meters.

    Why wouldn’t we make this available, especially if we want Hoosiers to stop using horse paste. Hoosiers should be able to care for their health safely and effectively.”

    Hopefully the Bill sees the light of day sometime..

    as they say in Hoosier land

    "Sun don't shine on the same dog's ass everyday,

    but, mister you ain't seen a ray of light since you got here.

    "Anything can be weaponized"

    the USArmy via Ciara/Carroll is still working on nuclear isomers.. apparently for nuclear batteries now

    all those expensive resources at Argonne to investigate Mo93 .NEEC

    but perhaps nuclear isomers can be made more easily by LENR..

    I'll run it by Walker et al in Surrey..

    Celebrating a century of nuclear isomers – Physics World
    A century after “nuclear isomers” were discovered, Philip Walker and Zsolt Podolyák explore these long-lived, excited nuclear states

    Isomer depletion as experimental evidence of nuclear excitation by electron capture | Nature

    24VDC scooter motor

    Picked up one from the trash the other day.. some made in china stuff is useful.

    Need to make ball mills for my soya beans.. and my .zircons

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    The Hydrino out-races

    What about the other claimed fraction 1/x

    Only the "dihydrino H2(1/4)" out-races...

    What happened to the many other dihydrinos .. H2(1/2) H2(1/3) H2(1/5)..........

    and the hydrinos... H(1/2) ........H(1/137)

    were they nonstarters? perhaps GUTCP is hitched to just one quarter horse?


    Hats off to the many hot fusion, fission and high energy physics researchers

    there are not many who contributed to LENR

    perhaps because it affects their reputation/salary?

    George Miley?

    Takahashi and Iwamura were brought up in the conventional nuclear school

    and have achieved a lot... noticeably much finance has been from private Industry

    MHI ?

    and the NEDO finance is spread very widely,thinly

    new isotopes are created with hydrogen at 300C,,in Essex.

    also in Sendai in Japan

    Iwamura's praseodymium synthesis from Cesium and Deuterium still hasn't been recognised/rejected by the SM heresy

    however Wyttenbach provides a more complete explanation than Iwamura,,using H.

    presumably a succession of H*2 additions would lead from 133Cs to 141Pr

    just as Cerium leads to promethium,,,

    "140Ce + 2H → 142Nd + 2H → 144Nd → 140Ce + 4He

    142Nd + 2H → 144Pm → 144Nd + 2H → 146Sm → 142Nd + 4He

    144Nd + 2H → 146Pm → etc


    In his 2012 ANS slides and paper, Iwamura speculates on alpha-capture reactions as a possible mechanism for the transmutations. He said that his speculation about alpha-capture reactions was based purely on his observation of the phenomena and that he does not claim to be a theoretician. He thought that perhaps deuterium nuclei first become 4He nuclei, then the 4He nuclei overcome the Coulomb barrier and are captured by the target element. However, alpha-captures are fusion reactions that normally take place in stars under extreme temperatures.


    Speculative reactions as shown in Iwamura’s 2012 ANS paper

    In Iwamura’s ANS paper, he writes, “There are no established theories that can explain the experimental results without any assumptions, although some attractive models and theories have been proposed [Takahashi] and [Widom-Larsen].”

    Mitsubishi Reports Toyota Replication | New Energy Times

    The Omicron race

    John wright SA UK US

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    It appears that heaven allows vaccinated patients


    May: 95% protection
    June: 70% protection
    July: 50% protection
    August: no protection but reduces spread
    September: doesn't reduce spread, but reduces severity.
    Oct: doesn't reduce severity, but reduces hospitalizations
    Nov: doesn't reduce hospitalizations, but you aren't going to die

    Dec: you die, but atleast you go to heaven

    Transmutation has been reported from Mizuno Takahashi etc

    unfortunately noone has given a reasonable explanation .some have said neutrons

    Takahashi has suggested Be8 via his TSC theory

    the atomecology paper uses detailed Gamma spectroscopy to explain the appearance of new isotopes such as cadmium indium Sm151 in a coherent framework.

    Contrary to the Standard Model and church of nuclear physics which say

    " atoms heavier than iron Fe56 are only created in distant supernovas"


    new isotopes are created with hydrogen at 300C,,in Essex.


    "5.4.3 The odd chain

    105Pd + 2H → 107Ag +2H → 109Cd → 109Ag +2H → 111Cd +2H → 113Cd +2H → 115Sn

    effective reactions::

    105Pd + 2H → 107Cd → 107Ag

    109Ag + 2H → 111In → 111Cd

    111Cd + 2H → 113In + 2H → 115Sn

    113Cd + 2H → 115In

    where 2H refers to H*-H* note that 109Cd 115Sn,, 115 In etc are all heavier than iron

    H*-H* is the basic condensation step of two protons, which is the prelude of fusion.

    H*-H* is a stable nuclear molecule, whereas as D*-D* ultimately will fuse to 4He and hence is metastable. There is absolutely no Coulomb-barrier that blocks the formation of H*-H*.

    The only prerequisite is a strong magnetic ordering force – provided by a so called catalyst surface

    ack in the day, we went out, turned on the scints and specs, turned the counts speaker dial until they just crackled with a deep loping purr, like an over-cammed rat rod engine, stalling and catching itself, so you knew they were working. If the background dropped, they would go quiet. If something hot was around, the purr would ramp up, up to a squeal over something like a pichblende nugget. The later all-electronic ones didn’t have the same sweet analog growl.


    There is a lot of nonsense in print, and I only have so much time.

    I guess there is so much time for odes and back in the day but not so much time to print out 20 pages?

    For Paradigmnoia

    Besides vocabulary perhaps it could improve its reading skills..


    as pointed out in earlier posts by me AND IN THE PAPER.. not much can be seen in screen shots

    the analysis of the whole data set which is equivalent to >100,000 screenshots is necessary..

    Here more than 300 lines are active - high above the background - at the “same” time and some are overlapping or pretty close. So only an inspection of the histogram file finally can tell the truth.

    If any entity wants to pursue serious analysis rather than feigned? dilettante? interest or flyby quips

    t than I suggest it supply name rank serial no.on researchgate where the paper is also available..

    At first sight our measurements did look like chaos and only the painful work of going down to histogram/channel level allowed a useful interpretation.

    As a consequence we had to develop a new analyzing method that could deal with broad range/ large number (> 300) of different lines above background. Doing this manually is possible for a single spectrum and some key lines, but for hundreds (spectra & lines) we had to develop new software.

    Finally one year after the first break-through measurement everything was in place.

    In a highly active fuel up to 80 lines are more than a factor of two above background.

    The strongest lines more than 10 fold