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    "Didn't Born and Schrödinger use the concept of" charge "in their physics?

    Most of the 18C..19C used charge. Ampere.. etc... then there is Faraday..

    2.3. 1 Oxygen flow rate · In addition, the Faraday constant (F) is defined as the overall charge of one mole of elemental charge. By dividing it by time (J = dQ/dt)

    Maybe the blacksmith's son can be charged with the original charge sin?

    but then he invented magnetic flux... maybe he is absolved from sin?

    in the charge conspiracy

    in science history reconstuctivism.. maybe Trotsky is to blame for charge revisionism...

    accustom yourself to the idea that any of us can be wrong, that the great physicists from whom we studied physics were also wrong

    I quite like Kanarev's electron torus..bottom left of the six picture set.…01/V07NO3PDF/V07N3kan.PDF

    but there are quite a few of these tori often having a radius of the order of the Compton radius.

    I think Wyttenbach's 4d torus is the newest.. just pipping Oliver de Costa's helical coil

    at the post(middle bottom)

    Wlliamson's model is a rather old trapped photon and not in colour..

    and then there is the Millsian orbitsphere

    All physics models are wrong but definitely Bohr's planetary model is the wrongest.

    Sorting out which of the other models is least wrong

    involves serious reading and calculation..rather than pictorial narrative


    ivermectin favorable in the hamster model....

    sorry for the male hamsters without ivermectin

    Even though ivermectin had no effect on viral load, SARS-Cov-2-associated pathology was greatly attenuated. IVM had a sex-dependent and compartmentalized immunomodulatory effect, preventing clinical deterioration and reducing olfactory deficit in infected animals. Importantly, ivermectin dramatically reduced the Il-6/Il-10 ratio in lung tissue, which likely accounts for the more favorable clinical presentation in treated animals. Our data support IVM as a promising anti-COVID-19 drug candidate. November 22

    Methodical work.. the brilliance will be to work out the mechanism of LENR tht produces excees heat without socalled ash.. neutrons and hard gamma..

    The Russian Helis faculity does 25 keV bombardment..but even here there may be important

    signs of protons energy levels in the +- 1 kev +_ 2 keV range

    This has been obtained by good accurate SDD method down to 5 kev ..

    Their explanation of "diffraction" is only an idea without theoretical backup.


    Additional peaks positions (after background subtraction) for deuterated CVD diamond are 5.5, 9.5,

    10.1, 11.1, 11.4, 12.2, 13.8 keV, and for palladium — 5.1, 9.4, 10.6, 11.8, 12.8 keV. The appearance

    of additional peaks is seemingly associated with diffraction processes in deuterated palladium and

    CVD diamond. The nature of the additional peaks occurrence requires a separate study..

    and most heat-resistant substance on the planet.

    granite has a melting point of 1260C in the absence of H20

    zircon ( ZrSiO4)which is a common trace mineral in granites

    has a melting point of 2190 C when pure...

    Zircon is one of the first minerals to crystallise from cooling magma.

    The zirconia (ZrO2) used in Takahashi et al's reactor material as a support has

    a MP of 2715 C..…to_hydrogen_isotope_gases

    ou would need to take at least 50 mg ivermectin in pill form to be effective against COVID according to the published dose-response relations.

    the dose response curves are based on cell cultures...rather than intact humans ..and on plasma concentrations

    the ivermectin probably does not act while it is in plasma

    I believe ivermectin accumulates in cell membranes because it is lipophilic,,

    we don't know the concentrations in the cell membranes ... especially near the ACE2 docking sites

    but they may be much higher than the plasma concentrations

    thanks Jox for the cheap ivermectin info..

    toxicity.. its good it is not so cheap.. otherwise some might overdose themselves

    ..poor old Leo the lion.10 x OD .. but he recovered


    . I know nothing about Ivermectin,

    Try reading some papers.. I tried to get the local physician to prescribe me some ivermectin today..

    by telehealth.. he just gave me the repeat for BP med

    He said he's pretty sure it works..but can't prescribe it except for scabies...

    Egypt is less myopic than Australia.. its lucky the infection rate here is very low.

    otherwise I'd probably order it at $2 per 3mg from rxpharma Canada.

    In thus study, patients received ivermectin reported substantial improvement in TLC, lymphocyte (%), CRP, D-dimer, and RT-

    PCR conversion days compared to Group II treated by HCQ

    one week after starting treatment (P<0.001).HCQ(Group IV), (P<0.001).

    Although, no studies found evaluating role of Ivermectin in severe cases, however,

    its results in this study encouraging its use in severe case.

    Moreover,Yan et al.,[26] and Zhang et al.[27] reported that

    Ivermectin reduce the inflammatory process by decreasing the production of multiple cytokines, such as TNF-α, IL-1ss, IL-6, IL-4, IL-13 and IL5.

    So, ivermectin could suppress a diversity of the inflammatory cytokines which had an important role in the

    intiation of the “cytokines storm”. The documentation in the literature therefore indicates that ivermectin might be useful in

    the management of COVID-19 [28]…%20in%20everyday%20speech.

    The "MASS of an electric fluid" and they followed Newton, who proposed the concept of MASS and which he expressed in kilograms ...

    But Isaac Newton died in 1727 and the kg was defined in 1795

    I don't think you will find the word "kilogram" in Principia Mathematica..1687

    even in 1745 Voltaire used the 'pound' as a unit of mass.


    "A solid cubic foot of English measure contains 76 pounds troy weight of rain water


    , I thought it was hilarious.

    Some electrical engineers are not boring circuit designers.

    The author appears to be one of those mad NZers.

    His Chivor paper has a number of humorous/racy verses ,one relevant to nuclear physics.

    In NZ it was not easy to conduct startup scientific research.. they taxed one like an operational business,,

    A land overflowing with milk and honey

    A population gone mad with money

    Friendly folk at every turn

    Wanting payment for natures germ

    Of sporting prowess fierce and proud

    To overpower the cheering crowd

    But business men the small folks pierce

    With bills for life’s’ essentials something fierce

    A fifth the population mad

    So many in jails they can’t all be bad

    Scientists that once split the atom

    By bureaucrats once a year are shat on

    Davidson's paper Genatron 1V has some relevance to the thread

    Genatron IV

    Harvesting the Quantum Vacuum using Intermediate Frequency Slow Wave Structures


    A novel group theory inspired graph is used to slow down the quantum vacuum modes to usable frequencies. The inspiration for the graph comes from global scaling theory where asymmetric graphs appear in the data visualization. There are six nodes, and every node has at least one input and one output. One node has three inputs, and the rest have two. The basic cells consist of a flipflop oscillator circuit with resistive, and capacitive tuning legs. It is important that the capacitors are ceramics and that the active components have a frequency response far greater than the tuninglegs.


    A U.S patent for energy extraction from the quantum vacuum was issued to the US Airforce. This device used a simple beat frequency oscillator and was entirely theoretical. This device is impractical in 2015 due to the miniscule size of the components and the degree of precision machining required. Other devices by serious engineers like the late Dr Robert Forward of Hughes Corporation have been proposed but they have never been built. Dr Lamoreaux of Washington State University now of Los Alamos labs, tested the static casimir effect to five percent precision, but so far no one has conclusively demonstrated the dynamical effect. There are some physicists that consider that sonoluminescene is a dynamical Casimir effect, but many mainstream physicists disagree.A vast army of backyard or kitchen table experimenters with an emporium of designs span the globe.There are also some big budget groups notably Ecat cold fusion of Italy, and Energy by Motion of Hungary. Our group arises out of a twenty one year software project which a cast of thousands based in New Zealand and Paris.


    The quantum vacuum or zeropoint or quintessence is a controversial area of physics with the biggest known discrepancy in established theory of the order of ten to the one hundred and twenty three.There are Nobel Prize winning physicists on both sides of the controversy. The discovery of the asymmetry of the Higgs Boson at CERN, and no new particles has settled this controversy in the favour of quantum mechanics. The Higgs High Energy field or zeropoint is now official. It is over to
    the world’s engineers to make use of the discovery of the asymmetry of the Higgs Boson and thecompleteness of the standard model

    under irradiation with the deuterium ions beam.

    The authors in the Ledbedev Institute bombarded the target with 25 kEV deuterium ions..

    in their Helis setup. They have been doing such collision work for a decade or more.

    They believe in collision theory of nuclear reactions... which is the traditional Russian theory.

    I do not believe that these fast collisions are relevant to LENR reactions at temperatures of 100C, 300C.. and that collision theory is a dead end.

    There is no huge Coulomb barrier to surmount. What there is is a complex magnetic field to deal with. From basic equations there is not much F= QxE where E is the Coulomb field..

    what there is is F=BQv.. where B is the magnetic field and if v of the incoming deuteron is very fast the higher the force deflecting it is... and the smaller the chance of fusion.

    So the socalled electron screening effect seen at low incoming energies may be due to

    the lower velocity and the lower magnetic force.

    This 'electron screening' effect is only a word

    actually a rationalisation for "increased fusion".

    It is the best idea that Czerski and others can come up in the past two decades with to explain "increased fusion" based on their assumptions about Coulomb wall.


    Large electron screening effect in different environments

    Matej Lipoglavsek, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    (18) (PDF) Large electron screening effect in different environments. Available from:…in_different_environments [accessed Nov 16 2020].

    Matej :)joke..TM 18.16

    "42 is the answer to the ultimate question of the universe.".. no-one laughs...

    Some results may be relevant to LENR reactions.

    Finally In 2010 , after 5 years of failure to get an enhanced fusion"Electron screening " effect"

    Breakthrough only when the target foil was damaged... by work hardening or radiation damage..

    The latest Japanese alloys have crystal defects introduced... radiation damage/work hardening.. Takahashi/Mizuno


    As it can be seen from table 1, large electron screening potential was observed in all targets with the highest value observed in graphite target. (42.9)These results can be interpreted in the following way. The presence of a hydrogen impurity atom in the hexagonal graphite lattice creates a lattice distortion [22] placing the proton always closer to one carbon atom than to the others.

    This is different from cubic lattice of our metallic targets,where in the undamaged lattice the hydrogen finds an equilibrium position equidistant from the metallic atoms.

    However, the palladium and tungsten targets were radiation damaged and protons were trapped into crystal lattice vacancies [14], where they are again closer to one metallic atom thanto the others. But we observed lower electron screening potentials in Pd than in the graphite target.

    The reason for this is that in polycrystalline metals, hydrogen can also be trapped at grain boundaries and voids [14], where we assume lower electron screening, making the effective electron screening for the two kinds of trapping sites lower.

    Next,the observed electron screening potential in the Pd target was lower than in the W target. A possible explanation for this is that our palladium sample was cold rolled, while the tungsten one was annealed. It is known that the cold rolling process increases the number of grain boundary defects, but when the foil is annealed the number of these defects is reduced. Due to this, the resulting effective screening potential in the Pd target is lower than in W.

    The TiH target did not have the full TiH2 stoichiometry,since the powder has been stored in air for several years. The measured stoichiometry of 1.03 means that TiH1.03 is a mixture of fcc and tetragonal fct lattices [23]. As we have shown in earlier experiments with Pd targets[12], the hydrogen on regular interstitial sites in a fcc lattice does not produce a large electron screening effect. Only when the protons are pulled way from their fcc equilibrium positions, a large screening effect occurs.This is the case in the fct lattice in TiH.

    Finally, from the presented results

    we calculated that the dependence of the electron screening potential on the proton number Zof the projectile seems to be higher than Z2..

    Some recent experiments in the HELIS facility show increased neutron production ~ 2.5 MeVs ?

    for 25 kev input.

    .of course 25 kev is equivalent to 29 million K in a hot collision environment

    which is not LENR.. at least not in the same league as 100C ( Fleischmann and Pons) and 300C (Mizuno... Takahashi...etc)


    . The DD reaction yield values calculated for given experimental conditions are also indicated. Figure 1 shows

    that the experimental DD reaction yields obtained on the targets significantly exceed the calculated

    values. , the experimental yields are, respectively, 2 and 4 times higher than the calculated values(from known cross sections)

    under irradiation with the deuterium ions beam.

    These calculated values wre based on known cross sections for these two reactions..

    d+d→p(3 MeV)+T(1 MeV))

    d+d→n(2.45 MeV)+3He(0.8 MeV)

    Although these results are interesting .. they may not be relevant to LENR at much lower temperatures.…res_at_the_HELIS_facility

    1.The Guardian :

    French professor faces disciplinary case over hydroxychloroquine claims

    "A French professor who touts the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment – without evidence, scientists say – will appear before a disciplinary panel charged with ethics breaches, an order of doctors has said.…raoult-hydroxychloroquine

    2.The Guardian: "No clinical trials have yet found in favour of using hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19"

    Actually 107 of 139 studies show positive effects for HCQ.

    22 of 22 early treatment studies show positive effects for HCQ.

    Do you have WinZip installed ?

    ALPHABET doesn't like WinZip:)

    Sorry I can't help you with centrifugal force in three dimensions

    Randell Mills has some formulas for proton and neutron magnetic moment.. but they won't help you.

    If you are retired... then you have plenty of time to go through Wyttenbach's proton magnetic moment calculation

    and other calculations.. but they are not in (3d,t) framework.

    The (3d,t ) framework doesn't provide the wraparound electromagnetic interaction necessary for stability of magnetic mass flux

    via the Biot-Savart law.

    Faraday , two hundred years later would be surprised to find that magnetic flux can be the basis of mass and gravity.

    A centrifugal force calculation by Wyttenbach is Pg 20.

    280. ^ Newtons doesn't sound much for a human.... the same 'mass' as my dog...

    Dogs and humans exist in (3d,t) but I have never talked protonese to a proton to ask them what 4D is like.

    However I am only mortal , whereas protons are timeless.