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    Alexandrov defines his heavy electron concept with a complicated equation which depends on the local filed strength


    Both Widom and Mizuno mention heavy electrons.. and large effects

    Hagelstein calculates a small effect on arxiv

    but heaviness is only calculated... never measured.

    the apparent fusion reactions Alexandrov appears to be witnessing

    may have another explanation apart from heavy electrons.

    Indium has two lowlying metastable states..

    It also costs a bit less than palladium( currently $50 per gram) ~ 1$/g.

    One problem is its low MP ..lower than tin ... 156C.

    Perhaps Dimeter Alexandrov's sandwich contains Indium and Gallium

    His 2008 ICCF 14 paper mentions them

    Does this have something to do with muon-based fusion?

    The high effective masses of the electron calculated by Alexandrov

    are comparable to the muon mass of 301 me.

    Alexandrov expects these 'heavy electrons to occur elsewhere..not just Indium/Gallium sandwiches..


    . Existence of heavy electrons in non-metal nano-layers – for example in nano-structures of metallic hydrides on metal surfaces – can be expected as well."

    With weak fields he may have an energy effective way to produce muon-like electrons in his sandwich?…Vaw2G7ftDPoTSuiB22WAuswqM

    Geosynthesis from Hydrogen

    Uncomfortable challenge to conventional geology

    Recent results suggest there is still some kopeks in Russian research

    enough to squeeze a few kWh into a small volume of compressed gas.

    R. Vishnevsky2 G.V. Myshinsky, G.G. Gulbekyan1, T. Vilchinska-Kitovsk, V.A. Semin

    Abstract — High pressure chambers of gases: hydrogen, deuterium, helium, and xenon, were irradiated with inhibitory gamma quanta with a maximum energy of 10 MeV for tens of hours. After irradiation, solid micro-objects formed in the form of crystalline and amorphous microparticles, filaments, sagging and inclusions were detected on the inner surfaces of the chambers. The studies of the elemental composition of the revealed structures, carried out using X-ray microprobe analysis, showed the presence of chemical elements in them that were absent in the reaction chamber before irradiation. Chemical elements ranging from carbon to bismuth were formed

    Thanks for the link gennadiy


    Retro Russian research


    Gamma Emission Evaluation in Tungsten Irradiated By Low Energy Deuterium Ions

    Irina Savvatimova*, Gennady Savvatimov*, Alla Kornilova** * Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute “Luch”* ** Moscow State University


    An analysis of tungsten and tantalum foils before, during and after deuterium discharge with the gamma/x-ray spectrometry is described.

    n increase in light isotopes in tungsten cathodes during and after deuterium discharge was identified using gamma/x-ray spectrometry.

    The comparison of thermal ionization massspectrometry

    (TIMS) data and a series of energy peaks in gamma-spectra

    is evidence that the series of peaks observed in gamma spectra belong to the following isotopes:

    Yb169 70 ; Hf 170 72 ; Yb m171 70 ; Hf 172 72 ; Yb 178 70 ; Yb 180 70 ; Hf m180 72 .

    Tungsten with ~1000 kev deuterium glow discharge.

    Plenty of gamma girls in 0-150 kev range.

    -plus transmutations to hafnium.. osmium

    Why Tungsten? perhaps it was a justification for funding.

    After that funding dwindled ... for a LONG time...


    . Improving the Third World requires energy and lots of it

    Its a question of priorities

    Malaria is a historical (ask Alexander the Great) and ever present scourge.

    200 million new cases a year.

    People don't die for lack of LENR... they die through lack of medicine, and malaria prevention

    For Gates the fight against malaria is a No.1 priority - he spends $4 billion on it..

    For SOT the fight against LENR is No.1 priority - it spends ä little time on it.

    Ask the typical nuclear physicist about it. Or nuclear engineer

    Iwamura ? Srinivasan? Kasagi?

    or some of the ITER crowd?

    which ones are "dismally ignorant"?

    Yasuhiro Iwamura Nuclear Engineer

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  • Mahadeva Srinivasan Nuclear Physicist

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  • Jirohta Kasagi

    The Tohoku lab looks well equipped.

    May be in 2019 they will look at the LENR process more in media res..

    rather than just before and after.

    But catching those picosecond and nanosecond gamma moves is tricky( in the <50 keV range).…etween_Metal_and_Hydrogen"

    "Various techniques such as XRD, SOR-XRD, SOR-XAFS, TEM, STEM/EDS, ERDA, ICP-MS, and others have been used for material analyses of experimental samples before and after use.

    By XRD analyses, co-existence of ZrO2 and Zr2Ni was identified for PNZ-type samples. It was observed that the metal phase was fundamentally the same before and after H(D)-charging runs,

    but the existence of hydride was seen by the lower-angle-side sift of XRD NiZr2 peaks.

    By STEM/EDS analyses, we could observe that nano-structure of sample did not change much before and after use. Ni and Pd atoms were seen in same localized zones in homogeneous ZrO2 supporting zone.

    Sometimes, NiZr2 zones were surrounded by ZrO2 layers and particles of Pd and Ni were existing in inter-crystalline layer zones, as observed by TEM.

    For CNZ-type samples, crystal phases of ZrO2 and NiO were seen before H(D)-charge runs, and after the run Ni and ZrO2 were seen.

    NiZr2 components were not found in CNZ-type samples. Nano-structured CuO and NiO portions were seen as randomly distributed in ZrO2

    supporter zone before the run, and alloy-like Cu-Ni nanoparticles were seen after the run. For PNZ6 sample which provided the highest excess power level of 24 W per ca. 100g sample, Ni and Pd were not oxidized before and after runs as observed by the SOR-XAFS analysis.