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    You are not able to realize today that all nuclear reactions in LENR are therefore "cold", since these reactions are magnetic in nature ...

    Whether or not LENR are in fact magnetic in origin

    which is what I actually believe

    has no bearing on Charles Coulomb's positive and negative charge conception of his socalled Coulomb's Law 200 years or so ago.. the Cherepanovist revisionism is as relevant as the Trotskyist revisionism of MarxistLeninism.

    I continue

    in reference to charges in Glucam Glycan buiider

    I answered Sharmi

    "In GLYCAM06, the issue of charge-conformation coupling was addressed by employing ensemble-averaged (EA) charge sets.61 For any given monosaccharide, an MD simulation, typically 50–100 ns was performed in TIP3P water, with 100–200 structures being selected from the trajectory for individual charge calculations. For each of these snapshots partial charges were calculated by fitting to the HF/6-31G* MEP. Prior to the charge calculations, each structure was optimized at the HF/6-31G* level, with the rotatable exocyclic bonds constrained to their MD conformations.61 The charges were then averaged for each monosaccharide to afford a final EA charge set, as exemplified in Table 2. These sets of charges were thus weighted by the actual occurrence of a particular solution conformation in an MD simulation. "

    off topic.. more Cherepanovist revisionism of history

    there are no positive or negative magnetic poles...

    as little to do with LENR as with the Cherepanov spam answer to

    Sharmi 's question about "Glucam Carbohydrate builder


    "How to assign atomic charges on bio-molecules which were built by a Glycam Carbohydrate builder? The (.pdb) files generated by carbo-builder are without charges of the atom,?

    Any help would be appreciated"…c_charges_on_bio-molecule

    This is what the Mayo clinic said about this back in 2018...

    It depends on your pedigree..and perhaps your upbringing..

    For collies ivermectin is fatal .. pedigree tends to favour genetic defects

    but much less so for the average mongrel..

    "“white feet, test to see if you can treat.”"…er%20than%20label%20doses.

    I.m holding ivermectin in reserve..

    Suppose at age 65 the vaccine is 90% effective..and early IVM is 90% effective. Combined effect=0.99.?.

    That's without Vit D..Zn... .and ignoring the 1 per (100,000.. 1000000.. hypersensitivity to IVM /vaccine)

    Seems to be better than a Collie's chance.

    even 80% x 80% is better..0.96?

    measured force between opposite charge

    I thought it was pretty clear in the French treatise that electrostatic charge was indicated by,, the reference to

    l'on nomme positive... l'on nomme negative..

    Coulomb's preliminary results were subsequently verified by many researchers... always with reference to electrostatic charge..


    Harris and his followers pointed out that Coulomb had only ever published one experiment,

    comprising three data points,to support his conclusions

    leading by the nose... is what Cherepanov is doing .. with spam answers.. which have little to do with the topic

    as with this answer to poor Sharmi…c_charges_on_bio-molecule

    Interesting read about the UK delays in the 2nd vaccine dose..

    "Could the gap lead to vaccine resistant strains of SARS-CoV-2?

    Paul Bieniasz, a retrovirologist from Rockefeller University who is studying how the virus can acquire mutations, has warned that the UK was taking a gamble that risked fostering vaccine resistant forms of the virus. He told the news site STAT, “My concern, as a virologist, is that if you wanted to make a vaccine-resistant strain, what you would do is to build a cohort of partially immunized individuals in the teeth of a highly prevalent viral infection.”14

    When asked about this concern, a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson did not directly answer the question, saying rather that it was “vital we do everything we can to quickly and safely protect as many vulnerable people as possible from this virus” and that data from manufacturers showed considerable protection for patients after the first dose.

    50% of those aged 18 – 55 in Pfizer’s trial had adverse events

    No efficacy data on the octogenarians... the most at risk group..except for the 90+

    what % of the 18-55 are at risk of death from Covid19..

    where are the extrapolations for efficacy? to 80+ 90+?

    They publish everything, eventually. It may take some time to come through review.

    Here is the latest on Remdesivir.. Nov 3..

    read the Gilead share price to see how it is going in the field. WHO dropped it..

    My guess is that Gilead will never publish the mortality data



    • The study was conducted in patients with a wide range of disease severity. The study was not powered to detect differences within subgroups.
    • The study was powered to detect differences in clinical improvement, not mortality.***
    • No data were collected on longer-term morbidity.


    In patients with severe COVID-19, remdesivir reduced the time to clinical recovery. The benefit of remdesivir was most apparent in hospitalized patients who only required supplemental oxygen. There was no observed benefit of remdesivir in those who were on high-flow oxygen, noninvasive ventilation, mechanical ventilation, or ECMO, but the study was not powered to detect differences within subgroups. There was no observed benefit of remdesivir in patients with mild or moderate COVID-19, but the number of participants in these categories was relatively small."

    *****In fact the endpoints were switched to overlook poor mortality results... which have been seen subsequently in the wider world..


    'Young women, migrants and Indigenous Australians will be given the hard sell on the coronavirus vaccine when the government rolls out its $24 million advertising campaign within weeks."…ears-20210109-p56svi.html

    rather than a 'campaign'

    I would just like to see the full vaccine data..effectiveness versus damage ..age group by age group.. I

    don't think it would cost $24 million

    also the projected lives saved

    also the full data for ivermectin that Dr Tess Laurie reviewed

    Thanks Rends

    Here is a transcript for those who prefer text rahter than audio

    Perhaps Ivermectin will be OK for those in the poor countries

    orr those in the the rich countries who selfinfect with scabies..

    and the vaciine will be a pricey wing and a prayer for the rich countries

    this is a letter for Mr Johnson

    ‘Dear prime minister my name is dr tess laurie and i'm the director of the

    evidence-based medicine consultancy in Bath {U.K}

    my business conducts industryindependent medical evidence synthesis

    to support international clinical practice guidelines

    my biggest clients are the NHS and the WHO

    i have recently authored a report called

    ivermectin for preventing and treating covid19

    a rapid review to validate the frontline Covid 19 critical care alliance's conclusions

    in connection with its findings i sent an urgent correspondence to mr hancock

    and other members of parliament on

    monday the 3rd of january

    unfortunately i have not yet had a reply

    and due to the urgent implications of the report i'm trying to reach you via this video

    the good news is that we now have solidevidence of an effective treatment for Covid 19

    it is called ivemecttin

    ivermectin is a very safe and effective anti-parasitic medication

    widely used in low and middle income countries to treat worms lice and scabies in both adults and children

    it has been around for decades and not only is it on the WHO’'s list of essential medicines

    it is a Nobel prize-winning medicine due to its increasing usefulness across a

    range of different illnesses between christmas and new year

    I independently reviewed 27 studies presented by the frontline covid 19 critical care alliance

    as evidence of admittance effectiveness

    the resulting evidence is consistent and unequivoca

    ivermectin works well both in preventing covid infections

    and in preventing deaths at this at the same doses

    used to treat lice and other parasiticinfections

    i am very pleased to inform you that

    this evidence solidly substantiates the

    flcc's recommendation

    that ivamectin should be adopted globally and systematically

    for the prevention and treatment of covid 19.

    because i know there is a lot of fake news going about i would like to assure you

    that you can trust the integrity of myreport

    because i am an experienced independent

    medical research consultant

    whose work is routinely used to underpin international clinical practice guidelines

    in addition i have no conflict of interest and have received no funding for this report

    but most of all you can trust me because i am also a medical doctor

    first and foremost with a moral duty to help people

    to do no harm and to save lives

    please may we start saving lives now

    I thank you very much for your help

    Mr hancock's office should have my details

    these new Covid-19 drugs

    which new drugs..I guess you mean the vaccines..

    Ivermectin is an old drug..

    the socalled vaccines .. we don't have all the data that Pfizer has

    Pfizer is unlikely to be transparent... they of course have a conflict of interest with full transparency..

    do I trust Pfizer ... no... only the raw data .. but that won't be forthcoming.

    What would you want the FDA to do? Keep quiet and publish no negative opinion, even when their data shows the drug does not work?

    I'd like the FDA or any government org.. to publish the full postiive data for the experimental Covid vaccines.. if available

    for example the effectiveness of the vaccine in the octogenarian age group

    When Jed says 'even when their data says the drug doesn't work

    he is fudging ... which drug Jed??? ivermectin?? be specific please.. Remdesivir?

    : There is probably no other vaccine out there for similar dangerous illnesses

    but there is ivermectin.. and has been for some time...

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