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    My pet theory on magnetic field stimulation: spins align with the field which confines one degree of freedom. Heisenberg says a confined particle gains momentum. Some are already tightly confined within the lattice, lining up their spins makes their environment still more confining. Something has to give. Abrupt switching of the imposed field plays "crack the whip" ... it's a mini-particle accelerator with a very short free path length ... or ... momentum could increase through a change in mass. Hmmm.

    I would like to see this thread moderated more tightly to allow only posts on technical merits, test logistics and procedures. Move to the sandbox any who'd like to vent their frustration, debate trade secrecy and rehash technologically irrelevant history.

    Put yourself in his shoes. If me356 had (has) something, it would disrupt the economic framework of the planet. That would raise eyebrows in Washington, Tehran, Delhi, Jerusalem, Ryadh, Mexico City, London, .... fur would fly.

    If I had the answer to energy, food, clean water, weaponry, space travel, and more I'd keep my head very low.

    This is a trial-and-error process and it is simply moving too slowly to be effective. Hundreds, if not thousands, of trials will probably be necessary to explore the variables. The current approach is, frankly, cumbersome. Too much emphasis seems to be placed on gadgetry and not enough on throughput.

    How can these experiments be done in bulk? Three approaches come to mind:

    A) Run lots of smaller, simpler test cells in parallel. Just look for signs of ignition.

    (less data per cell, more like pass / fail evolution, radiation monitoring of the ensemble instead of individual cells)

    B) Crowdsource tests with the current design. Get lots of labs going.

    (Requires coordination, less control of conditions, expensive, high data volume, trust and safety issues)

    C) Scale up the current fully instrumented operation to run several tests / week at a single site.

    ($$$, space, and manpower)

    What would Thomas Edison do?

    "'I speak without exaggeration when I say that I have constructed three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light, each one of them reasonable and apparently to be true. Yet only in two cases did my experiments prove the truth of my theory. My chief difficulty, as perhaps you know, was in constructing the carbon filament, the incandescence of which is the source of the light. Every quarter of the globe was ransacked by my agents, and all sorts of the queerest materials were used, until finally the shred of bamboo now utilized was settled upon. Even now,' Mr. Edison continued, 'I am still at work nearly every day on the lamp, and quite lately I have devised a method of supplying sufficient current to fifteen lamps with one horse-power. Formerly ten lamps per horse-power was the extreme limit.'"

    "It is easier to get forgiven than to get permission."

    Let's imagine the conversation with the state inspector (please read his lines in the voice of a good ole boy who traps alligators for a hobby):

    Inspector: "Great. The fittings look good. The relief valves check out. Your steam checks out. Scale is under control. Let's take a look at the burners and we can wrap this up."

    Rossi: "It's not a burner. It's a low energy nuclear reactor."

    Inspector: "Did you say nukular?"

    No. We do NOT need to be either 100% for or 100% against Rossi / LENR / mainstream science / IH or anything else for that matter.

    Polarization isn't helpful. For example - are you for abortion or against it? The truth is that 95% of us are neither for nor against it. We recognize it is an ugly last resort for the ugliest of circumstances. Denying it to those in need is just a bad as allowing it for those who don't. But stupid polarizers insist. And there's a lot of money in the abortion fight ... that's the most immoral part of it.

    Keep a healthy skepticism. Keep a healthy optimism. And beware of anybody with a financial interest in the outcome.

    Bob Greenyer's visit to me356 has been delayed by illness.



    Ok - me356 has just written to me to say he is not ready for me yet due to a little illness and other work commitments slowing him down. He is at pains to say that he stands by things he has said recently and will write to me with an update in due course. I, in turn, have said that I will make myself available to visit him from the this Thursday to the 30/5 and from the 7/6

    This does explain why he has gone quiet recently (other than because of all the harassing) and it is good that the communication line is still open.

    I will update immediately I know more

    Ahah! A moment of clarity.

    A few weeks ago, me356 built two experimental reactors, A and B. A was like his prior work and, unfortunately, overheated quickly. B used tungsten rods to arc in a hydrogen atmosphere to create a plasma discharge. B lit up all the alarms for nasty byproducts and me356 warned us not to go near that approach. It glowed with neutrons for days. "Don't do this at home."

    So what have we here? Similar design, different electrode metal.

    Perhaps this is a ploy to get me356 to come back to the lenr-forum and post another dire warning to stay away from high voltage discharge in a low pressure hydrogen atmosphere.

    Frank - I misunderstood your docket statement and apologize. I'm confident the Penon report will eventually be in the docket but not sure when.

    IH has paid for full access to Rossi's IP with a paid-up license fee of $11.5m - it will be hard for Rossi…

    I am not a lawyer, seek professional help and see the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. AFAIK the process is: Petitioner files a claim. Respondent files a response (June 12 due deadline) and perhaps a counterclaim. Discovery period begins, parties can depose each other and use subpoena powers to gather evidence and testimony. Motions, trial, finding of fact, award. If certain evidence is sensitive, parties may request that it be kept under seal. If that happens, we don't see the document. However, we might see quotes from it in various filings.

    How do I buy someone's ideas that they haven't thought of yet? I get that employment agreements cover that very issue as long as the inventor is an employee. Forever is a long long time. Was Andrea Rossi subject to that kind of agreement? What was the term of that agreement?

    In my imagination ... someone is paying attention. Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service? The Saudi Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah? The Israeli Mossad? The US CIA? British MI6? The potential for disruption is too great for it not to be on SOMEONE's radar. (Or will they just wait patiently like the rest of us?)

    Here's how: Our I.P. addresses are being logged by the lenr-forum web server (that's normal). Get a copy of those logs, match timestamps to posts to identify a user, search for the location at a site like https://www.iplocation.net/find-ip-address, and presto! all is revealed. No log access? No problem, a little network sniffing can provide the chatter you need.

    So now my imagination has a trail of a spies following Bob Greenyer around on his travels. Wear a tinfoil hat, Bob.

    My question : is me356 pure anonym ?

    No, his true identity is known to some, including Bob Greenyer of MFMP. Bob worked sided by side with me356 for several days on testing the "Padua cell" after last year's ICCF. Bob and me356 have made plans for Bob to visit and observe me356's current experiment(s) during the week beginning 16-May.

    Crazy Russian Hacker's YouTube video on making dry ice. If perfect is the enemy of good, is crazy its best friend?

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    Let us know if you'd prefer this thread remain as-is or if you'd like it to be curated more tightly.
    The spotlight shines for both better and worse. You appear to be the only experimenter who can control the new fire, so interest is high. With that comes a lot of idle chatter. I will ask to be made a moderator on this thread so that posts that are off-topic can be moved away or that don't comply with the site's policies can be removed. That is probably not a wise use of your time, and I suspect that the next month will be pretty intense.

    @everyone else
    The topic is "me356 Reactor Parameters". Let's try harder to keep our posts relevant to the title.