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    The fact that Randell Mills is using "nascent hydrogen" in mix with argon strengthens my suspicion that it's overunity device analogous to Papp's engine rather than dense hydrogen and/or even hydrino device. Maybe the hydrogen/water vapour isn't really necessary in it at all and we get Chernetski plasma device. Both nascent, i.e. atomic hydrogen, both argon have spherically symmetric orbitals, prone to negentropic forbidden electron transitions due to absence of gauss radiation condition.

    If You 'll omit Hydrino as posible source of energy, where from You take enrgy exces?

    Papp's engine does not exclude hydrino I think.

    What drives me nuts is that the path towards a higher COP and better performance is obvious. What they need to do is go pure plasma, eliminate the molten metal, use the negative resistance regime to create a complex space charge configuration just like they are now, and then TUNE IT INTO RESONANCE! This would make the macro-EVO or complex space charge configuration further self organize and start producing more output for less input. The only problem is, of course, such an enhanced system would show evidence of LENR.

    I think it will work much better in pulse regime then in presented continuous.

    Here's what I think is going on in some water plasmas.

    In any electrical discharge that proceeds to a true arc discharge with positive resistance, there will be period along the way in which a negative resistance is established and


    Developing these technologies requires being ANALYTICAL about each and every parameter, which most inventors are NOT.

    In spite I do not understand You, I do not think You explained why the flame is up the glass tube (so without oxygen) and not inside (in case of Brown gas).

    At one point around the middle of the video they show a '123' graphic which says the device has a water vapour exhaust. So presumably the hydrogen is re-combined. If, that is, it was ever split in the first place. Even if it did break down water by magic an 800 Watt hydrogen-air fuel cell would be very noticeable amongst that jumble of bits and pieces. It's all a bit 'Stanley Meyer' and looks a bit fishy to say the least.

    But at 9:00 You see burning not Brown gas but pure hydrogen. IMO, mysterious colloid can contain aluminium and oxygen may stay binding in Al2O3!?

    Example of censorship of free energy reports in mainstream media: PBS reports, then deletes energy news about Generator of Petros Zografos. Panayiotis Fildisis, VP of the Union of Greek Physicists, has been supporting the dissemination of this invention after having witnessed last year's public demonstration on Zougla.gr web TV, and more recently, after witnessing the final phase of construction and testing of Petros Zografos' scaled up 50kW unit, which is to be unvailed soon. Would such a prominent professional risk their carrier unless they had recognized the value of this invention? The same goes for a German industrialist, Georg Scholl, who manufactures solar panels, and who appeared in the PBS News Hour interview.

    Zephir, in Your cited report "PBS reports, then deletes, fake energy newsPBS reports, then deletes, fake energy news" is transcript of YouTu-video "Removed PBS Newshour piece: Water to Power" see

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    In this transcript there is comments:

    "MALCOLM BRABANT: The science employed by Zografos has been validated by a committee of Greek physicists. Independent engineer Lampis Tomasis was a skeptic, but is now a believer.

    LAMPIS TOMASIS, Engineer: I used spectrum analyzers. I used analyzers for the exhaust fumes. I used oscilloscopes and the other instruments as well. And I am convinced now that the instrument is working perfectly, doesn’t produce any dirt to the environment, and the only product produced is hydrogen, which is very clean for the environment."

    If "only hydrogen" is produced, can You explain what happend with oxygen??!!

    Funny! You should stop doing technical analysis and devote full time to stand up comedy instead. You got real talent!

    I am afraid there is not possible to make technical analysis because of lack tech. info. Only speculations and artists creativity are possible.

    For what it's worth, Rossi *really* wanted to make sure that the power was off (for example at video [2:02:05]) before doing work on the reactor and even he didn't want to touch the cables for some reason (for example at minute [2:05:40]), which seems odd to me if it was just a low voltage resistive heater. At about [1:22:40] in the "lost audio version" (backup here) Levi remarked that there was an arc [discharge] forming at the clamp contacts (bolts) on either side of the reactor due to a high voltage; Rossi was visibly annoyed at him afterwards when he said that.

    From Tesla time everybody on earth knows that energy is possible to transmit by one wire.

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    No comment.

    I do understand what you are doing. Of course I do. You are twisting a completely factual statement made by Rossi to something that induce some FUD that was simply not there. Where the f*ck was Rossi supposed to say the demo was held in your opinion? Or do you not understand the word "at"? It is not the same as "by" you know. (and english is not my native...)

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    Fabio and Levi (if the guy in the red sweater is Levi) appear to have gained a great deal of weight-- an immense amount in fact. I wonder if it's stress related. No particular point. Just saying. Facing cross examination on ecat stuff could not have been easy!

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