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    I've posted the Ragoel NiO protocol where p+p=n transmutation at the lowest helium level occurs. The reaction is a catalytic process and easily controlled.
    No need to consider a submission for a Nobel prize, this energy source would devastate the world economy in its present state. We can continue our carbon burning of oil plus the vast supply of methane for generations. The ocean can accommodate an enormous quantity of carbon dioxide and new organisms will evolve according to plan.

    Nice summary, but "That road to LENR goes through high pressure physics" is not true. This special form of hydrogen fusion is a catalytic reaction requiring no high pressure. The proton proximity for the fusion event is a surface catalysis. This resembles stellar fusion without the need for so called gravity. It is interesting how we completely misunderstand why matter is collapsing and need to invent gravity as an explanation.

    &"This might be hard for you to believe this, but I don't believe that hydrogen fusion is the energy source of the stars, LENR is."

    No, I believe. The original meaning of the acronym LENR related to nanoscale hydrogen fusion. Spectroscopy of starlight indicates the energy is from hydrogen fusion to produce helium. Nature would use the simplest reaction as an energy source, transmutation of protons to helium, then transmutation of higher amu's.

    AlainCo, will we ever see a post on this Forum that relates to protocol for testing and replicating hydrogen fusion at the helium producing level? Why is there a trend for endless bickering and babbling on what should be a very useful tool for discussing experimental results? I'm referring to this LENR Forum label, "The trusted Low Energy Nanoscale Reaction Community".
    Could the answer be because experimentation requires hard labor and bickering about someone else's work just requires hot air? And all exacerbated because of the limited number of scientists doing any work since the F&P days. The personal vendetta against Dr. Rossi has been amusing.
    MY your flying unicorns will become visible just be patient.

    @"OK, let's say your three step process is a working ignition sequence. You have a few mJ pops not even measurable with MY best-of-breed calorimetry and then what? This process must be iterative without blowing out itself and die. How is this accomplished?"

    Mats002, a nickelous oxide catalyst to fuse hydrogen into helium is iterative without blowing itself out if diluted with helium with the correct heat exchange mechanism arrangement. Won't die and is a great method for driving a steam turbine.

    Energy annihilation in our universe is a ridiculous statement. Energy is never annihilated, but fast electron decay does utilize uv gamma radiation. The statement should be a gamma radiation peak. Otherwise I agree it's certainly extraordinary and disputes the energy mass relationship.

    &"TheGomp: Personally, I like your idea, but Rossi clearly doesn't. Here is an exchange I had with him on the subject in April 2011, in which he quotes Jesus to imply that the people who ask such things are pigs."

    My reactor design mentioned in the previous post has no relation to e-cats or work by Dr. Rossi. All problems with uncertainty are circumvented by the choice of the catalyst material and control of catalyst poisons.

    &"P.S. To my skeptical friends: do you believe that a foolproof, scam proof, once-and-for-all demonstration of LENR power creation is possible? Could you design it? Who could? Thanks for taking this at least a bit seriously!"

    Hydrogen fusion is common in the universe and can be accomplished with a simple reactor. I've built a reactor and witnessed the device self destruct and now realize how to control the reaction. I will accept funding for building a working model for demonstration. My patents related to hydrogen may qualify me as an "absolutely respected scientist".
    "Billionaires" needn't worry it's not "free" energy.


    "All those formulas to calculate the binding forces of chemical reactions and the influence of free electrons and thermal heat to the binding forces" are useless because they predict the reaction shouldn't happen. And yet with the correct preparation of the catalyst, hydrogen will fuse when interacting with the NiO.
    Nanoscale hydrogen fusion (LENR) is a strange reaction when using nickelous oxide as a catalyst.

    &"LENR has two problems: theory and replication."
    Not a problem, the theory is that hydrogen transmutes to helium and the reaction is easily replicated.

    This thread has sort of drifted off course. Simply stated it's transmutation of hydrogen to helium when the catalyst allows Coulomb force to be nulled by proton-nickel-oxygen interaction. Nothing magical about this unless the basic stellar fusion going on in the universe is looked on as magic. We're slightly ahead of cave-man interpretation potential, let's take a little advantage.

    &"And would it make any difference at all?"

    I like that statement! Right on for the conjecturing display in the post.

    &"I propose that we relegate LENR to the science of alchemy. When I first witnessed hydrogen fusion 50 years ago my role was as a research alchemist. In this time span there has been no explanation of the phenomenon that fits our known laws of physics."

    One of my posts on this Forum awhile ago.

    &"Whether you think it’s the alchemy of science, or mankind’s greatest hope for survival in a future without fossil fuels, cold fusion energy is certainly a hot topic in the science community."

    Now it's catching on worldwide. Tyy, Mary or George you should criticize subjects you know WTH you're criticizing. Take Shane D's good advice.