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    &"Ecco: unfortunately no at the moment. Titanium Hydride is actually 2x cheaper (at least for me) and with better purity than LiAlH4. More importantly, it is much safer and is not toxic. So I want to use it primarily as hydrogen source."

    Always apply KISS in these experiments! Avoid all forms of lithium as a hydrogen source. Bottled H2 much safer.
    I don't understand why these experimenters want to live dangerously by using closed systems for this simple form of hydrogen fusion. A closed reactor is a bomb waiting to detonate.

    Happy to be of some use, thanks for your response.

    No Li present, so the quadrupole results indicated that the fusion was simply at the proton level. I've posted the protocol on this forum and would be interesting if someone replicated the experiment. Just out of interest because this cheap form of energy would be unacceptable now. It's fascinating to observe the ability of nickelous oxide to catalyze hydrogen fusion. The gamma output is enormous and safe because the reactor self destructs on initiation of fusion.

    &"Did you make an isotopic analysis of the gas to see the relative proportions of He3 and He4? I suppose it could be done with a spectral analysis of the gas?"

    Yes, with a quadrupole spectrometer with excellent low amu separation. The reactor was loaded with nanoscale NiO on Al2O3 substrate. Hydrogen fusion initiated at 830 C. and destroyed the reactor. I was able to measure an increase in helium before runaway destruction. This was many years ago and probably the first reactor produced hydrogen fusion reaction. It was simply a proton transmutation. This nickelous oxide array produces amazing results.

    Longview I may be getting redundant on my posts' at 90 years old my recollection is becoming a problem. Accuracy is still ok.

    Hendrik you must be correct in your airing out statements judging from the relativity theory being in error from the start. Ether is an anesthetic used in operating rooms, there certainly is none necessary in outer space.
    Disregard axil's request it's already been proven.

    Ain't this fun, I'm at a standstill until finishing my new reactor and am reverting to this challenge for entertainment.

    &"The aim of this topic is to “air out” some considerations about a theoretical explanation of LENR.
    Modern physics has no model to explain LENR so this topic is perhaps a successful starting point of some kind of discussion about the forming of a new concept about “reality” inside – and between – atoms. Therefore, we have to know something about the mechanism that creates energy out of “empty” space and the interactions between phenomena that are formed by the created energy (known as field theories)."

    Well you started this topic with a ridiculous statement and continued along the same line. Modern Physics does explains LENR.

    NIce trolling.

    &"Did you make an isotopic analysis of the gas to see the relative proportions of He3 and He4? I suppose it could be done with a spectral analysis of the gas?"

    Yes, spectral analysis using a GC. The reactor allowed hydrogen fusion to produce helium.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    On the practical side I am working on a new reactor that shouldn't self destruct. Hydrogen fusion at the helium level is easily initiated, control is the problem.

    &"ID is surely complete crap. e.g. Who designed the designer?"

    Surely because of your position on this forum you are of above average intelligence. Your response surprises me. The designer designed the designer of course. The design of complex life forms didn't appear out of nowhere. Having the life forms stick to the sphere they inhabit required designing an inertial effect that we call gravity. Just one example of the designer's brilliance let alone designing the life forms themselves.

    &"Even that LENR is relatively very safe, it can surely cause serious troubles."

    LENR or nanoscale fusion is far from being very safe. When the process initiates it self destructs and is inherently safe for now. This will be different in the future when there is no magnetic field or distance for protection from the reaction. The designer used distance and magnetic field to protect us from the solar radiation.

    Sorry for the crap, it's far from anything practical.

    &"that say surface structure is important. I would bet on powder treatment, rather than on RF."

    Of course the surface structure is important. The proton interaction with the surface periodicity is what overcomes the coulomb repulsion. Nanoscale NiO powder when heated to hydrogen dissociation temperature will initiate proton fusion. The transmutation results in helium. I've constructed the reactor, witnessed the resulting fusion, measured the helium produced and have been burdened with the results since then. This energy source is presently unacceptable in the world economy. We'll be burning oil for a long time and afterwards there is an enormous supply of methane. We'll probably consume all the atmospheric oxygen and the problem will solve itself.

    Intelligent Design with respect to the earth has the atmosphere and magnetic field protecting us to some extent from the solar fusion reaction. Distance because of the exponential relationship also plays a significant part.

    Now we initiate the same reaction while standing near the reactor. Natural selection will play a part in the physical appearance of these observers.

    &"Yes, but these neutrons are low energetic, as described in the paper. So the penetration of the matter is much lower than with fast neutrons."
    These low energy neutrons interact more efficiently with living tissue.

    &"My reactor is very far from me, so I should be alive in each case"
    Being alive with cancer is no fun.

    We are playing a dangerous game with hydrogen fusion.
    Of course a hot reactor produces gammas, what theory states that a "hot" reactor doesn't?

    Yes George you are a devil,

    Against my better judgement I'll make an attempt at coherency and waste space here.

    amu= atomic mass units, (interesting question that reveals no knowledge of basic chemistry). Low amu relates to hydrogen fusion transmutation at the helium level. Simple and avoids the complex higher amu transmutations.
    anti-LENR brainrot cure probably best done with electroshock therapy.

    &"I would like to see more skeptics who can write constructive comments."

    David, can you give an example of a constructive comment made on this Forum. The comments seem dominated by one pathoskeptic and never seem constructive.

    David/Barty keep up the good work deleting the crap so the members won't be burdened have to do it personally.

    &"Also, it's not safe to assume that all heat-generating reactions result in transmutations that deviate from the natural ratios."

    Transmutation generates the heat, not that the heat produces the transmutation. The statement has it backwards.

    &"Oh god, I just realised how stupid me asking that question was. Yeah, isotopic analysis would be the best way. So if I'm correct, if the reactor is producing 50,000MJ+/KG and not producing an isotopic shift, we can confirm that the reaction is a new phenomena?"

    No need to waste money on an isotopic analysis. Nothing new here, same old transmutation that is occurring an infinite number of times around us. If the analytical results show no isotopic shift then the lab results are wrong. Find another lab to waste money on.
    Mass defect relates to the velocity of light squared so nothing is new.

    The insurance companies control if these experiments would be allowed in schools. Check their policies and you'll find that possibility is zero.
    It's back to grandma's kitchen backed by her fire insurance protection. Poor grandma, from my melt down experience don't use her kitchen.
    Set the experiment up in the middle of a desert somewhere so that the explosion won't start a fire.