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    I have been thinking about this comment made by me356


    On the other hand, one who know how this thing is working, can start it with a hammer.

    If he was serious wouldn't it be more cost effective to try low frequency stimulus rather than the various high frequencies proposed in this thread?

    With the right audio signal a deep drumbeat through a high powered subwoofer would cause the sort of shock you would get from hitting the reactor with a hammer, and is in line with LENR methodology using shock waves as a trigger.


    Stimulation/triggering of reactions to create non-equilibrium conditions: current pulsing, thermal cycling, electrical discharge, application of electric or magnetic field, pressure changes, ultrasound, low-power laser, shock wave, projectile impact, etc. In many cases, particularly with electrolysis, anomalies do not occur when the system is in equilibrium.

    I looked up the value of those figures for some context.

    Average industrial price per kwh in NC over the past year is ~6.24 cents, EIA reference.
    So in NC that 8,400,000 kwh would have been worth about $524,160.
    The 400,000 kwh input power would be worth $24,960.
    Subtracting input costs from the output's value leaves us with a total value of $499,200.

    I do not see why such individuals are not banned from lenr-forum. It should be obvious how unpleasant people can be toxic to any community. Does not matter whether the forum aspires to some egalitarian idea of avoiding an echo chamber, because their blatant attempts at FUD are beside the point.

    I pretty much never visit this site because every time I do I constantly run across these same couple people's negative commentary. Just not worth it when I can read the news on sites where the moderation team actually moderates such behavior.