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    Yes i reproduced everything as far as i could with the funding i had, transportable battery operated pmts. SiPM detectors, calibrated xray detectrors, three different kind of neutron detectors. Large scale coincidence and anti coincidence Muon detectors. The detectors i used was a lot more advanced. Detection range 0-20 m from reactors under different operating conditions. as a physicist i will always be looking for answers- i saw the same radiation as Leif but i do not have the same conclusion. The Neutrons origin is most likely not from Fusion but from high energy Protons. Remember that just a slight misunderstanding of early results can lead to a cascade of later interpretations.

    Excellent, then we agree on harmfulness of radiation. Now rethink how Leifs setup works, thickness of reactors, distances and energy of particles. Electrons, protons, secondary radiation energies and how Leifs Detector actually should work and detect Muons. Im not saying there arent any Muons, but they havent been detected by using modern Muon detector technology by any means- and i have tried most of them. PMT with Al foil detector is probably the worst broadband ”detector” to actually verify anything or even to differentiate between any radiation.

    It happened behind the doors of an US military national lab and certainly will not be published.

    Muons only are a danger in the "last" moment of their existence (when slowed down & depolarized) . The interaction of kinetic muon's with organic material is very low its following the usual "Z" law.

    Of course no radiation is harmless but the rule for muon's is simple: Don't (try to) stop them.

    Absurd claim, negative muon can create fusion in Dt and positive Muons will create muonic xrays, energy based on target materials, thickness and positive muon energy. Muons can ionize molecules and and create dna mutations, this is well established facts. Never heard of any glow charge experiment used as a muon source, but share research on that if you have.

    Muons are harmless for your body. Just avoid to place a piece of metal/copper in the flight path. Secondary radiation is the real danger. A friend has been exposed to a "deadly" particle flux in a glow discharge CF experiment at Los Alamos. But luckily the particle where identified as muons... So he still is healthy.

    The other point is space angle and 1/r. 1000 muon's/s can lead to 50'000 secondary radiation events/s where the usual background is around 150..300.

    I once asked Leif about polarization/ isotropy of the radiation beam. I assume that the particle flow is highly space inhomogen something also Lipinsky's did not believe and later failed. So Leif's answer was not conclusive. It should be easy to look for muons outside the vacuum tube. Just use 1..2cm copper blade and a PMT behind it and walk around if the count is reasonable... Such missing details are crucial for final credibility.

    Of course xrays and muons create different reactions in materials-but for leifs detector the spectrum would look similar. No, i was not given beam time slot. You need to apply for beam time and specify energy, detectors and materials to be placed. Aluminium is not a scintillator of any kind. A standard calibrated Muon detector with scintillator should have been used.

    I did the 1:1 experiment and showed the same results as Leif, same ”muon” spectrum, same TOF, neutrons, xray, coil signal,H/Dt etc etc.

    If Leif did produce Muons in the lab at the University most student and himself would have had serious health problems from all the radiation.

    im not saying we arent creating elusive particles. Im just stating that the detector Leif was using is sensitive to xray. Xray and muons would probably react the same in his detector. It has never been calibrated up to a known muon source.

    Just had now time to take a closer look, I guess Dr. Holmlid won't be happy that his replicators say the muon hypothesis is not valid, but his loss is our gain as now they provide interesting proof that Rydberg matter alone with or without laser stimulation can emit X ray radiation, where have we seen this before?

    This is experimental data logged over 5 years with dkfferent setups and using different detectors. how can you state this is impossible?