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    BTW, this is what you said, Longview:


    BTW: A common microwave oven can and does readily make free protons from hydrogen gas. Not seen with induction heaters, that I know of.

    This is quite different from your last statement:

    "The most difficult items to source will probably be the quartz glass tube and the capillary tubing. First, find an old 'working' microwave oven. This must be the older type with a big, heavy MOT (microwave oven transformer) not the newer 'inverter' type. (I'm working on a method utilizing the inverter type, and I'll post details later, but it is much more complicated) Remove the MOT, MOC (microwave oven capacitor), HV diode and magnetron. Take care not to damage the gasket seal around the waveguide on the magnetron. Discard the MOC, but replace it with one about a 50th of the capacitance. The voltage rating must be the same or better than the original. Using a smaller capacitor reduces the power available to the magnetron (reduces the current, to be precise, and it is this that controls the magnetron output. Fig.3 in the paper linked to here: this). This achieves three things, 1.It allows you to run the magnetron in CW mode (constant waveform), rather than the intermittent mode it runs in in the oven. 2.It reduces the power to ~20 Watts, which is plenty for this purpose. 3.It makes it much, much safer. Connect these items together as they were connected originally, but using the smaller capacitor. (details of these 'doubler' circuits are plentiful, use google) Next, you need some quartz glass tubing, maybe 1/2" diameter, but the size isn't critical. It must be quartz glass though, pyrex (borosilicate) or other types will absorb too much of the microwave energy."

    Another BTW, there are certain types of contests that old men should abstain from taking part in.

    How do you make free protons with a microwave oven?

    The microwave oven photons have an energy of around 10-5 eV each.
    Dissociation of one H2 molecule requires 4.25 eV.
    Ionization of on H atom requires 13.6 eV.

    How do you synchronize 1360000 photons to ionize one hydrogen atom?

    I agree (for once) with axil that IH is a bad investment. But not for not hiring the wrong people. They themselves are the wrong people. They are faith driven, hoping that pie will fall from the sky if you are a good guy.

    Instead of blindly investing millions of dollars in LENR they should have invested half an hour in web research to learn that LENR is a non-existent technology with no hope of becoming reality.

    Impossible Heat be thy name.

    Radioactive nuclids are already unstable and yet it is virtually impossible to change their disintegration rate using chemical means.
    Yet there are those who believe that by use of what essentially amounts to chemical means it is possible to transmute stable nuclids.
    But this is not particularly surprising, they are not many and there are a lot of very different beliefs, one for every taste.

    PrettyFace also makes interesting things with parenthesises, exclamation and question marks.

    Like Rossi in those answers on his blog:

    Alen Kauzlaric:
    I don’t think I will have the time to write a book, but two nice books have been written that I can cite:
    “An Impossible Invention”, Mats Lewan ( Stockolm, 2015 2nd edition)
    “The New Fire”, Vessela Nikolova ( Milan, Italy, 2nd edition )
    Both available in English and Italian language.
    You can contact the authors for further information ( Google “Mats Lewan an impossible invention” and “Vessela Nikolova the new fire” ).
    Thank you anyway for your kind words.
    Warm Regards,

    “Jag bara undrar?”:
    About F8: maybe you are right !
    Jag bara undrar ?
    Warm Regards,

    But maybe it is just an Italian thing, just like the similar bad grammar that they share.

    Yes randombit0, there definitely is a Rossian ring to your writings even though you admittedly are much prettier than he is.


    I think that we should really limit our self to discuss Scientific and Technical topics. I have found too many incorrect or even completely wrong argumentation here especially in the skeptical authors. The real worse thing seems that some of them don't do that by error but by purpose and interest.Others are skeptical followers not informed about the topic and write in favor of the front they think more safe just copying the same erroneous argumentation of the first. There is also a huge number of personal attacks, that I found quite unprofessional and disgusting.

    (From another thread as it happened.)

    robert bryant,

    You misquoted me:


    HG Branzell wrote "I think you'll be happy with that"

    I wrote:
    "I think you will have to be satisfied with that."

    Meaning: this is what you must accept if you want nuclear reactions.
    (Or, of course, hot fusion. Still decades or an eternity away.)

    Actually, right under your noses there is a kind of cold fusion that works very well.

    A free neutron can be regarded as the nucleus of an atom with atomic number zero. The name neutronium being taken let us call it zeronium. Zeronium is unstable with a half life of around 15 minutes.

    Being neutral zeronium is not bothered by the Coulomb barrier and therefore effortlessly can fuse with e. g. an atom of uranium 235. The resulting nuclid is unstable and quickly disintegrates into other nuclids including more zeronium thereby enabling a chain reaction. This process produces lots of useful energy with very high COP.

    Worldwide we have 442 generalized cold fusion reactors that together produce 65 GW of electric power.

    I think you will have to be satisfied with that.

    Off-topic message: Public demonstration of something that works!

    May 6 Falcon 9 • JCSAT 14
    Launch window: 0521-0721 GMT (1:21-3:21 a.m. EDT)
    Launch site: SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
    A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the JCSAT 14 communications satellite for Tokyo-based SKY Perfect JSAT Corp. JCSAT 14 will support data networks, television broadcasters and mobile communications users in Japan, East Asia, Russia, Oceania, Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Delayed from late 2015, April 28, May 3, May 4 and May 5. [April 29]

    First stage landing attempt on barge is predicted to fail!

    15 minutes to go!

    BTW, you didn't miss the last landing of the first stage? It was spectacular:

    It landed spot on. The crowd is cheering!

    me356, you say that in the light of your amazing discoveries you fully understand the position of Rossi.

    Then perhaps you can explain to us why Rossi during all these years and in a plethora of different setups carefully has avoided to support his claims with even a single case of proper calorimetry.

    What every owner of a house with Chinese-made drywall should read:


    Scam warnings
    The Florida Attorney General's office has warned of several deceptive practices targeted at homeowners, including bogus test kits, home inspection offers, ozonegenerators and chemical cleaners. The warnings point out that the presence of defective drywall cannot be determined by testing a home's air, or corrected by chemical sprays or ozone generators.

    More recently, news reports have pointed out "convicted scammers, thieves and uncertified workers who illegally pose as licensed contractors" and profit from homeowner confusion and panic. The Palm Beach Post found that of 47 remediation and inspection companies checked, 26 were created since January 2009, and only 18 of the 47 were run by licensed contractors. In Florida, lack of legal regulation allows anyone to "remediate" drywall problems, regardless of training or professional qualifications. The most recent job of one company's owner was operating an Asian Brides website.

    Since the problem is aggravated in a moist climate it is recommendable to use a Home E-Cat to keep the moisture out of the house. You can post a pre-order at this site: :)

    Where is the fog that needs to be cut?

    It is clear as crystal that Rossi never produced anything that works and with more brains than God gave to a wooden duck (courtesy MY) IH would have realized this before buying a one way ticket for a trip with SS Rossi.

    Everything else about the Rossi - IH romance is of secondary interest.

    The above statement applies equally well to any other LENR investment that is part of the IH portfolio. Eventually Impossible Heat will experience Indisputable Heat from disappointed investors.
    Thank you sifferkoll, a dislike from you is a compliment.
    Things are not really going your way, are they? :)

    Without his frequent attacks on Rossi, the E-Cat and those who still believed in Rossi Mary Yugo would probably not have been banned. In the light of recent developments on the Rossi front it would appear that the decision to ban Mary was premature. To me it seems that it is more than likely that Mary Yugo was right all the time (as was I for that matter).

    So I think that this ban should be lifted and an apology would also be fitting. If Mary wants to honor this site with another visit is an entirely different thing.