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    It is his conceit. The fact is that it is still working. H-G is just trolling again, as he likes to do. But it is destined to be a very short career.

    Please Alan, be a good sport. I was just looking in my crystal ball. It was a Parkhomov thing, you may say.

    Besides, didn't you notice my wink?

    Intro to the present thread:

    "Preparing the pixie dust as a ballistic missile / wash float to clumps and re-crush. to fine but not micro dust.

    A pre heat rotational magnetic feed to move the hematite "now with week magnetics after heating" into a spiral tightening upward cone."

    Dear Mods, why don't you relegate this entire thread to the other Clearance Items.

    I suspecy H-G is bored with this place and is hoping to be banned (again).

    What? Me suicidal?! No, no.

    Just trying to cheer you up a little.

    This is a very entertaining web page.

    Just look at the meticulous drawings made by hand.

    "Simultaneously magnetic waves from the permanent magnets flow through the 96 palladium plates which creates a disturbance factor. The disturbance factor intermingles the molecular structures that are already (recycling of itself) present, fusing them together in a giant mass that ultimately creates the liquid surface tension, which then resolves itself by recycling."

    It has a nice poetic ring to it but is also a bit abstruse. Perhaps axil can elaborate on it to make it digestible at a layman level?

    Problem solved!

    • Cold Fusion Motor harnesses free energy from the environment
    • Cold Fusion Motor works with a form of magnetic energy that is clean and renewable
    • Cold Fusion Motor produces magnetic equivalent of 12 H.P.

    Relax and inhale.

    Forget nuclear reactions without radiation.

    Forget buckets with vanishing water.

    Forget Atom-Ecology and Lovely Gammas.

    Magnet-Ecology is here to stay.

    The door to a happy future is open.


    I think it means: "Nothing more to see here. Move along."

    The Pointer Sisters – He's So Shy

    (This was in response to can's question in Atom-Ecology.

    Alan: I think we are going to get this replicated in academia first.

    can: Does this mean that efforts are already underway and will get published soon before other people will manage to replicate the experiment or that the latter won't start before this is replicated in academia?

    But it wasn't Alan's cup of tea. :()

    I also tried to add it to stack exchange phys in order to get more review of the question and solution. I have not answered the question there, but It could be interesting to get some comments. Good comments so far that imporved the quality of the stated question. See pse

    Even if it is possible to design a dynamic charge system that does not radiate as predicted by our classic non-quantum model, is it also possible to realize this with real electrons?

    Is it possible that such a system could be stable? I do not think so, the graininess introduced by quantum mechanics is necessary. It works like the pegs on Lego bricks.

    Here you can find some deep thoughts on the subject:

    Quantum Mechanics, The Stability of Matter and Quantum Electrodynamics
    by Elliott H. Lieb

    There is not much of a difference between the SAFIRE architecture and the experimental setup of Alan's experiment.

    Alan can change the input power format to DC current, the hydrogen to protium, and add the ability to change the pressure of the hydrogen. Alan can add a few diodes in this power circuit to get a DC current source, and that source might not need to be a high voltage one.

    Axil, thank you for recycling my illustration of a Meshuganon experiment. But in my mind the credibility of the previously claimed observations of these crazy particles has decreased from very low to close to infinitesimal.


    By the way, the power supply already is DC.

    Edited: Something got scrambled so I took the whole post out. Sorry-- I ran out of time and will do this post again later. (about Petroldragon) or just look at and translate the Italian Wikipedia article about it.

    The Petroldragon is long dead. Why don't you let it fossilize in peace like the dinosaurs. Maybe it will finally produce a drop of oil. :)

    Jesus Christ: the Einstein's theory is derived by utilizing the energy-mass conservation law everywhere: it wouldn't violate it even if it could (and it actually can). And theoretical support means anything in experimental physics, which just looks for violation of theories. The same applies to Noether theorems which also utilize momentum conservation law - not just energy conservation. Whereas the EM/Woodward drive violate mass-energy conservation law only indirectly so far, we can be already sure they violate momentum conservation law.

    Emmy Noether did not use the conservation laws, she derived them from different symmetries that our physical word exhibits.

    Time translation symmetry => Conservation of energy => Perpetuum mobile machine of the first kind does not work

    Space translation symmetry => Conservation of momentum => EM Drive (above) does not work

    And more ...

    Plenty of evidence for cold fusion is seen in the lovely gammas that continue to be observable soon after I arrive for the day at the lab bench. One aspect of that diurnal cycle is it comes soon after my morning coffee when I am able to make my old fingers fumble with the bits and pieces under my control.

    Having analyzed the Androcles Geiger diagram that you so generously supplied I must say that I admire the clockwork precision in the timing of "soon after my morning coffee".

    Science has made a big mistake that is causing them to travel down the Hot Fusion dead end. The Sun uses the LENR reaction to produce energy, not hot fusion. One false basic assumption can cause the entire scientific edifice to collapse.

    With a false basic assumption there would never be any scientific edifice in the first place.