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    The stupid thing is that a blackbody is not a secret spectrum, so all AR ever had to do was show one. The stupid spectrum in the SK demo, and stories of potent VUV radiation with the QX makes me and should make everyone wonder where the blackbody (or greybody) is. So now if Rossi suddenly comes up with a blackbody it will only be because he ‘forgot’ to show one earlier than this very moment, Saturday April 28 2019.

    Remember Bert Abbing and his Total Normal Emissivity rant?

    Or Rossi’s mostly-capital-letters rant about the C2 cable power splitting, wrongly invoking Kirchhoff’s law for a delta wiring arrangement?

    JPR (formerly JCR) is of course a Rossi sock puppet

    Rossi will fight for his wrong position on the applicability of Wein’s Displacement Law on a non-blackbody and the resultant abuse of the Stefan-Boltzmann equation with all the tools at his disposal because to do otherwise undermines the masterpieces of both the QX and SK demos, as well as gaslighting the Lugano emissivity problem from which the T4 abuse was learned and taken to the absurd level for the QX and SK.

    I decided that I should replicate myself. I have poured another Cylinder made as closely as possible to the original. Unfortunately the internal and external thermocouples are not matched (from the same wire) like last time, but the rest should be essentially the same. The coil is slightly smaller in diameter by a couple mm also. That may or may not help prevent the outside from splitting from the coil layer. One way to find out...



    how could you get an error in amperes by measuring the voltage?

    The amperage shown on the Kill-A-Watt was compared to that of the Fluke at different control box output voltage settings, at whatever amperage that resulted. The output voltage is controlled by a SSVR acting like a triac, fed by nominally 120 V AC. The difference between the KAW meter and the Fluke meter was greater at lower control output voltage settings, and therefore lower currents. The Fluke was used to measure current both before the control box and the output. The output amps and utility side input amps are nearly identical at all output voltage settings used (typically 0.01 A higher on the output side).

    It is unfortunate that the Cylinder is dead, but I suppose I will make another. I am considering whether I should change anything or make the new one the same. I have a spare coil and plenty of Durapot, and some new thermocouples here.

    At least I was able to double-check the data from before, and the older data seems pretty solid. I also now have better data on the controller power consumption.

    I am heading out for a while also quite soon, so probably no new experiments for a month, even if I get a new cylinder completed over the next week. I will compile the data I have in the meantime.




    While repeating several power steps as used previously and checking current with the new Fluke meter, the Cylinder coil failed on one end while starting measurement of the 400 W step. After determining for a few seconds that the thermocouples were not shorting out, I turned the voltage to maximum to see if a Nernst glow could be achieved. The coil failure area glowed for an extended time, but it did not seem that it was being increased by the extra voltage. Resistance of the alumina was measured through the broken coil while still 1000 C and found to be several thousand ohms, rapidly increasing as it cooled, to the megaohm range before becoming too much to measure.

    The Kill-A-Watt was found to be reporting only about 0.1 A higher than the Fluke meter reported at low output voltages (35-50 V AC) and the gap decreased as the voltage increased. Voltage was essentially the same. The Kill-A-Watt meter is only used on the electrical outlet to power controller connection (pure sine). So for total input power, the KAW unit seems quite accurate.

    I pulled a brick out from below the Cylinder to make convection work freely, and picked up another true RMS meter to monitor current downstream of the controller at the same time as the voltage. That should allow the controller power consumption to be measured properly and give better measurements of the Cylinder power consumption. I am looking for one of those cable splitter blocks for the outlet to double-check the Kill-A-Watt measurements. (I might have the parts to make one).

    Electrical universe challenged offical view of of the origin of the Moon's craters. Now I want an explanation why most of them are round from the mainstream before they get to objects in other galaxies.

    The reason that craters on the moon are round is due to the extreme velocities of the impactors. The impact energy is dissipated in an explosion due to the very high heat generated by the sudden stopping of the impactor releasing the stored kinetic energy.

    So even a very shallow angle impact which would otherwise leave an elongated impact mark leaves a round hole centered where the impactor explodes, which then obscures the original elongated impact mark made only fractions of a second earlier.

    To me his writings were always part poetry, Greek mythology, politician, and then he gets to the science part. He is getting old, and maybe the science part is not so clear as you say, but that would beyond my experience level to determine.

    I don’t mean the science part, or even the content specifically. It’s like a stream of consciousness first draft. Or note cards for a speech that we missed.

    I don’t mean to be hard on the guy. But I am sure he is capable of a much better job. I hope he is OK.

    I read that today. It seemed... a fair bit less clear than examples of his writing I have read before. Maybe it is a translation thing. Although I doubt that it is a paper from someone impersonating Stemmenos, it still left me wondering if he had written it when I got to the end.

    There was a show I saw many years ago about an elderly couple who were volcano experts (vulcanauts they called themselves) and their dream was to witness a pyroclastic flow. Their dream came true, and they were incinerated.

    There is another important emissivity correction that will bring the paper to it’s knees.

    Plus it deals with the Recursive Dummy vs the Dot-Calibrated Dummy. There are both.

    Tears for the careers tarnished by the Lugano report.

    The Ones Who Knew should have said something before it became too late.

    Bumping this over here...


    Here is the source of the photo. Taken by the author of the story during a visit on Dec 14 2012. (small PDF)

    I think I now have an idea of what is going on, intuitively. It will be complicated to demonstrate, but it should deal with the funky early ecat power.

    1) There are four wires hooked up to the pre-flange type ecat.

    2) Italy wiring code for 3 phase is:

    Ground.........Yellow-green stripes










    The resistors are wired in series (apparently) but hooked up with 3 phases and a neutral. The meter is hooked up as though it is 3 phase 3 wire. Now think about that arrangement with probably the blue neutral hooked to a series connection (double wires into a connection block from the cylinder end). Imagine short phase angle control pulses for 360 W and 810 W longer pulses of 3 phase AC being fed into that arrangement. The current flow patterns in those cases I think could be quite complex. (I'll draw a little picture in a bit.)

    The November test with the hot spot was hooked up the same.