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    Auroras, Petroglyphs, and Pagans

    by Jeff (aka CJ) Ransom

    "Auroras, Petroglyphs, and Pagans" helps support the opinion that ancient peoples saw unusual images in the sky that were caused by natural events. These ancient images and their motions led directly to myths and ancient religions.

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    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeff (aka CJ) Ransom is a physicist who conducted research in electro-optics and reconnaissance and managed CAD and CAM groups in the aerospace industry. He has a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics and is a member of the American Physical Society and long-time contributor to The Thunderbolts Project.


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    Look. What if I said you could end this pandemic overnight if the will was there to do it? If every person on the planet took a single dose of HCQ once per week with or without Avigan and azithromycin? You would end up with the same statistics as that of malarial regions the Sub-Saharan African states, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South America. Still very very few cases, very few fatalities. Just look at the mapped distributions I've posted. Where you have malaria you have no COVID.

    Dr Richard . Correlation is not causation. The places you list have other common factors too, A different climate, very few branches of McDonalds, no Wifi and plenty of wood-smoke.

    Nothing wrong with a quartz window if you want to observe the plasma.

    Agreed. But plasma experiments are difficult to observe blind, and quarts windows for high temperature systems are difficult to seal. Low temperatrures are no problem. Anyway, IMHP plasma experiments are best observed in a bell-jar environment. I would have no need to use a plasma globe supply (generally unstable in a strange environment,) as I have one like this.

    How about inserting one of these plasma devices inside a Mizuno R20 reactor with pretreatment of the D2 gas with KFeO2 as it passes through the supply pipe. Or supply it via a hollow anode as in the Safire set up. That is simply replace the heater with a plasma double layer UDD generator? It would run quite nice!y on 3 kV power supply taken out of a cheap plasma globe.

    I would have to put it between the sink and the bidet somehow.;) To be serious the problem is the steel containment, which should be grounded and might cause some unexpected effect, and it would also screw any thermocouples - or potentially a heater inside. 3 kV even at microamps is not trivial. Also, since in a standard Mizuno reactor you cannot see inside ii would be difficult to be sure what was happening.

    UCLA - Plasma Physics Lab - nice clear read.

    Free Plasma Expansion with Double Layer Formation

    The free expansion of plasma into vacuum is a topic of interest to space plasmas and laser produced plasmas. The main point of interest is the continuous acceleration of ions at the expansion front where a space charge electric field is set up by the faster electrons. The expansion front is essentially a moving sheath where the ions are accelerated on expense of the electron energy.

    We have studied the free expansion of a pulsed magnetized discharge plasma containing two populations of electrons, a cold Maxwellian and an energetic shell of primary discharge electrons. A weak magnetic field confines the electrons radially which results in a preferentially axial plasma expansion. Neutral gas is puffed radially into the discharge source thereby achieving a plasma expansion into vacuum.…lasmaExpansion/index.html

    “China in Focus” suggests. That 21.000,000 cell phone accounts have gone inactive? Wondering how/where they got this data

    Well, there are 1.45 Bn + people in China. 21,Mn is a tiny number compared with that, especially when you consider that many of those a/cs would have been business accounts belonging to shut down operations. Places like China pretty much run on wireless phones, the old 'twisted pair'technology never got very deep into the countryside.

    The inhaled corticosteroid ciclesonide blocks coronavirus RNA replication by targeting viral NSP15

    Shutoku Matsuyama, Miyuki Kawase, Naganori Nao, Kazuya Shirato, Makoto Ujike, Wataru Kamitani, Masayuki Shimojima, Shuetsu Fukushi
    doi: article is a preprint


    Steroid compounds, which are expected to have dual functions in blocking host inflammation and MERS-CoV replication, were screened from a chemical library. Within this library, ciclesonide, an inhaled corticosteroid, suppressed human coronavirus replication in cultured cells, but did not suppress replication of respiratory syncytial virus or influenza virus. The effective concentration of ciclesonide to block SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) replication (EC90) was 6.3 μM. After the eleventh consecutive MERS-CoV passage in the presence of ciclesonide, a resistant mutation was generated, which resulted in an amino acid substitution (A25V) in nonstructural protein (NSP) 15, as identified using reverse genetics. A recombinant virus with the mutation was also resistant to ciclesonide suppression of viral replication. These observations suggest that the effect of ciclesonide was specific to coronavirus, suggesting this is a candidate drug for treatment of patients suffering MERS or COVID-19.…/2020.03.11.987016v1.full

    Cell-like space charge configurations formed by selforganization in laboratory
    Erzilia Lozneanu and Mircea Sanduloviciu

    A phenomenological model of self-organization explaining the emergence of a
    complexity with features that apparently satisfy the specific criteria usually required
    for recognizing the appearance of life in laboratory is presented. The described
    phenomenology, justified by laboratory experiments, is essentially based on local
    self-enhancement and long-range inhibition. The complexity represents a primitive
    organism self-assembled in a gaseous medium revealing, immediately after its
    “birth“, many of the prerequisite features that attribute them the quality to evolve,
    under suitable conditions, into a living cell.

    From a source in Italy (translated).

    A new route used by the Sars-Cov-2 virus to enter the human cell has been discovered, in addition to the one already known from the Ace2 receptor: it is the sialic acid receptor, present in the tissues of the upper respiratory tract and used for the same purpose also by the virus Once entered, to replicate it uses different proteins including some in common with the HIV virus. Two studies by the Italian Institute of Technology on Arxiv indicate this. The discovery opens up new hypotheses about its contagiousness and possible drugs to use. The Sapienza University of Rome has collaborated in the studies, which have not yet passed the scrutiny of the scientific community.

    "We have developed a new predictive model to understand how proteins on the surface of the virus interact with human receptors," explains Giancarlo Ruocco, director of the IIT center in Rome. Here the researchers analyzed the interactions of the Spike protein, with which the virus locks on the Ace2 receptor (the same one targeted by sartan and anti-hypertensive drugs), and compared its ability to remain linked to it. Surprisingly, this ability was much lower than that of the Sars virus.

    Hence the idea of looking for a second receptor involved. "We have thus discovered that to enter the cell - continues Ruocco - the Sars-Cov-2 virus also uses sialic acid, present in the upper respiratory tract and also used by the coronavirus responsible for MERS". Now we will have to understand if the different mortality and infectivity of Covid-19 can depend on these two ways of entry. "This could clarify - he notes - why there are so many asymptomatic cases, but this is only a hypothesis that needs to be confirmed, as well as the results of the study".

    The other research, coordinated by Gian Gaetano Tartaglia of the IIT of Genoa, found that the part of the Spike protein that interacts with the sialic acid receptor changes a lot between the various virus strains, which could explain the great differences of Virus behavior observed in different populations. He also studied how the virus acts once inside the cell to reproduce. "We have thus seen that in addition to using some proteins already known and in common with other viruses, there are other specific ones. Of the latter, a dozen are shared with the HIV virus," explains Tartaglia. The suggestion of the researchers is therefore "to try to use, among the antivirals developed in recent years for HIV, those that act in a targeted way on these proteins - he concludes - Also in this case the data must be confirmed, and we hope that this our publication is a scientific word of mouth and sends us useful comments to understand ".