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    I think that the hot cat Ni is beginning to look like a waste of time if looking for real NAE heat. I hope someone can point to a study where this is not so. I am still hopeful about Li. So we need new ideas and direction. After all this time, I see no reason that we are not duplicating the magic potion at this point. We need a new direction theory and experiments.

    Well, I cling to the hope that Ni/H is possible, and if not precisely that then perhaps Titanium. The biggest problem with Pd/D is that it will never be available to everybody who needs it. There is only so much Palladium and it is very expensive. If it became a prime resource for LENR then, of course, more would be discovered and mined. But there's a problem with that, too. As well as ripping up more of out poor old planet, demand will push up the price to the point where Pd/D reactors would only be available to the uber-rich and the military. Not a democratic source of energy.

    Lithium fusion, or possibly Molten Lithium Sonofusion offer interesting possibilities. I should learn more about that.

    ETA- a hypothesis based on slim evidence that I will publish soon points to Pb/H, bizarrely, as being a possible alternative to Pd/D. That would certainly be affordable.

    Alan, you have here acknowledged that the comment was "(mildly) offensive." So too was DRM's comment. But I suspect that DRM's comment was much more in line with how you might personally think. This, then, leads to selective enforcement, with all the damage that can ensue from that. Selective enforcement is not much of a problem when it is trivial to undo damage. And if one wants to avoid complicated and time-consuming process and discussions, a simple remedy has already been suggested, which you apparently continue to ignore. How about just doing it? Email Dewey with the deleted content. If you can't do that, for some reason, say so. You could, alternatively, email it to me, I know you have my emaiil address.

    Your suspicions of bias are unfounded. I notice no criticism when I moderate posts attacking you, which has happened a few times. Incidentally you know nothing about how I think, but say this as part of your efforts to impress the unwary with the claim that you know what everybody is thinking. As for Dewey's jibe, it's gone, deleted, extinct, kaput. Incidentally, the best way to avoid lengthy and time consuming discussions would be for you to stop prolonging them. :)

    I do not recall what Dewey wrote. However, deleting content by Dewey is roughly equivalent to deleting comment from Rossi. That is, that Dewey has an opinion or attitude or reaction is, itself, worthy of notice, and the same with Rossi. These are people making news, creating reality and matters of consequence.

    There might be some truth in what you say, though my own view is of a forum as being somewhat more democratic, in that every voice has equal weight. In the case of short posts intended to merely provoke however, removing them is like picking up litter in the street, a community service.

    @Dewey Weaver

    What i am 'at' is moderating, somebody has to do it now and then. Basically as a moderator I am not obliged to explain, however since you are such a nice chap I will make an exception The post (yours) I deleted was a 1 line attack on another member's opinion, essentially devoid of useful content and (mildly) offensive. Nobody has a right not to have such posts removed. It happens all the time.

    elfmade ultrasound cleaner, metallurgical microscope - all this is a nice stuff for toy hobbyists - but where the actual cold fusion research is?

    I'm doing it round your house. ;)

    Actually the research effort is spreading among a group of collaborators we are slowly building. Problem is, you can't do research without the tools, so I am becoming a supplier of services as well as goods. Sometimes I even get to eat and sleep. How is your research coming on?


    With the help of a couple of generous donors, Looking For has been able to purchase a vintage metallurgical microscope. For the last 40 years it has sat- I suspect unused -in a dusty corner of a large nut-and-bolt manufacturer in Northern England. As so many have, the factory ran away to China- but they left the microscope and a lot of very useful extras behind.

    Many of the 'extras' have never been unwrapped from new. Handily they include a beautiful filar micrometer (for particle or other micro-size measurement) full polarisation and pseudo phase-contrast possibilities, as well as a very wide range of premium-grade colour filters. As the microscope works with both reflected and transmitted light it is suitable for examining the surface of solid plates (electrodes for example) as well as powders down to 1 Micron or so.

    The cost of this kind of scope today - at this quality is probably in the region of $40k. Things have got cheaper- back in in '70s it cost €12.5K. Enough then to buy a quite nice house in a London suburb. These prices are according to the archived Olympus price list And while electronics has moved on considerably since 1970, optics and mechanics have not, so it is not amazingly 'out of date'. With a theoretical maximum magnification of 2000x, (the practical limit is probably nearer 1500X) and by the use of post-processing of the 5Mp digital images this gives us the ability to approach the lower limits of what is possible with an electron microscope.

    As part of our remit to help the experimenter's community, we are happy to offer a micro-photography service to serious experimenters at little or no cost - depending on what is involved. Contact via our website- or through this forum.

    More photographs at…metallurgical-microscope/

    Thank you Rigel. I think your comments useful for sure. I understand that sometimes tedious legal points take up a lot of 'column inches'. However, is there really a need to repeat them over and over in anything up to 6 threads? And does the the relentless denigration of Rossi's mental health, career path and taste in neckties really need to be dragged out in almost every post? For me- and my emails tell me that for some of the ordinary members as well as those senior to me here, the general atmosphere of negativity created adds very little to the ambiance of the forum. And our post count is dropping. Some valuable contributors have vanished over the last few months.

    A further point. Abd claims to welcome discussion- but anyone whose views differ from his own can expect to be bullied at wearisome length. This is not a good way to behave.

    But never mind, perhaps Abd's remarkable powers (which he never tires of telling us about - also at length) will enable him to see that his behaviour is not helping to progress the LENR cause at all, no matter what technology might be used. I live in hope.