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    We do not support accusations of fraud here, except in the case of 'you know who'. Could you please tone your comments down - grossly mistaken - for example would be acceptable, fraud claims are not'

    "Anneal to dull red and then leave to cool to room temp, also stops it from cracking."

    The metalworkers approach to this is sometimes to drop the hot metal into a dry quartz sand-bath and cover it. This slows cooling and also reduces surface oxidation, though it is unlikely to be neccesary in this case.

    Describes both work-hardening and annealing in Pd/Ag alloys - but pure Pd behaves the same way.

    Rolled thin Pd and Pd–Ag membranes for hydrogen separation and production

    LBettinali VViolante

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    Thin palladium and palladium alloy membrane tubes with thickness up to 50 μm have been produced. These metal membranes, used as tube permeators in catalytic membrane reactors for the water gas shift reaction, are thinner than the commercial ones (100–150 μm) and have both complete selectivity to hydrogen and good durability. A manufacturing procedure consisting of several steps of cold-rolling and annealing the metal foils coupled with a simple welding technique of the tubes has been carried out in order to produce the prototype thin palladium permeators. The procedure of rolling and annealing the palladium and palladium alloy foils is described in detail: the work hardening upon rolling of the palladium and palladium alloy foils has been controlled by means of hardness measurements. Model studies and tests on the membranes and the CMRs for the water gas shift reaction have demonstrated the possibility to separate and recover highly pure hydrogen in energy applications such as nuclear fusion fuel cycle and fuel cells fuelling.

    I don't think Mills' strategy of using low V makes much difference to hydrino formation since this is catalysed by HOH/Ag/AgO

    It does make a difference to the magnetic component of the current though- Field strength and amperage are directly related, and for any given input the lower the voltage the higher the current required to maintain it.




    Abstract. This paper is a progress report on the foundations for the

    canonical proper-time approach to relativistic quantum theory. We first

    review the the standard square-root equation of relativistic quantum

    theory, followed by a review of the Dirac equation, providing new in-

    sights into the physical properties of both. We then introduce the canon-

    ical proper-time theory. For completeness, we give a brief outline of

    the canonical proper-time approach to electrodynamics and mechanics,

    and then introduce the canonical proper-time approach to relativistic

    quantum theory. This theory leads to three new relativistic wave equa-

    tions. In each case, the canonical generator of proper-time translations is

    strictly positive definite, so that each represents a true particle equation.

    We show that the canonical proper-time version of the Dirac equation

    for Hydrogen gives results that are consistently closer to the experimen-

    tal data, when compared to the Dirac equation. However, these results

    are not sufficient to account for either the Lamb shift or the anomalous

    magnetic moment.

    Tepper Gill.pdf

    European Journal of Scientific ResearchISSN 1450-216X / 1450-202X Vol. 100 No 1 April, 2013, pp.66-140
    Nuclear Magneton Theory of Mass Quantization

    Bahjat R. J. MuhyedeenUniversity of Baghdad, Al-Jadriya, Baghdad, IraqContact e-mail  [email protected] Mobile:+964-7901-915048

    A new theory is hereby proposed which is founded on the concept of quantizedelementary discrete mass particles, called herein the Magneton and Antimagneton. The particles are conceived to be spinning magnetic dipoles with sufficient mass to produce thedipole-dipole interaction sufficient to act at ultra-short range - the source of the NuclearForce Field (NFF) - which now has a gravitational component. Since the NFF contains thiscomponent it can be thought of as the long searched for Unified Field. The theory is termedthe Nuclear Magneton Theory of Mass Quantization, or NMT


    Quantum superposition of molecules beyond 25,000Da


    Matter-wave interference experiments provide a direct confirmation of the quantum superposition principle, a hallmark of quantum theory, and thereby constrain possible modifications to quantum mechanics1. By increasing the mass of the interfering particles and the macroscopicity of the superposition2, more stringent bounds can be placed on modified quantum theories such as objective collapse models3. Here, we report interference of a molecular library of functionalized oligoporphyrins4 with masses beyond 25,000 Da and consisting of up to 2,000 atoms, by far the heaviest objects shown to exhibit matter-wave interference to date. We demonstrate quantum superposition of these massive particles by measuring interference fringes in a new 2-m-long Talbot–Lau interferometer that permits access to a wide range of particle masses with a large variety of internal states. The molecules in our study have de Broglie wavelengths down to 53 fm, five orders of magnitude smaller than the diameter of the molecules themselves. Our results show excellent agreement with quantum theory and cannot be explained classically. The interference fringes reach more than 90% of the expected visibility and the resulting macroscopicity value of 14.1 represents an order of magnitude increase over previous experiments2.

    The fact BLP has been well funded for 20 years with no income, nor product, nor academic credibility, shows on the contrary he is good at convincing people.

    The fact that his brother has done well in Wall St. may have helped.

    That is the mistake many make. Confusing "the universe" with "part of the universe". Indeed parts can go from less ordered to more ordered. If you consider isolated gravitational collapse generally the apparent order increase is driven by potential energy converted into heat, and so the overall entropy still increases.

    Mistake? Who said anything about a mistake? It was merely a comment upon a statistical anomaly to which we owe our very existence..

    And not a surprise, becase 2LoT is really just saying that the universe goes from more ordered to less ordered states, which is probabilistically so likely as to be effectively certain.

    Not in a straight-line though Planet Earth is an example of a large (though finite) system going from a less ordered cloud of dust to this very orderly thing we stand upon. It can't last though.