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    Did I read correctly that the tubes would cost $250????? I am not bashing you on this, because I do not think you are too far off base on most of your other item prices I have seen, but shocked at that price, hand built or not. How long does it take you to cut drill and weld those to justify that cost?

    Hi Stephen. This question makes me think you haven't done a lot of small-batch manufacturing. Here's how it works,

    Materials for the two tubes (all 316 Stainless steel)cost $60. The manufacturing operations for each tube are briefly as follows:-

    1. Cut reactor tube to length. Turn to size and insert stainless plug one end, electric-weld shut using pure stainless welding rod and return tube to lathe to tidy it up on both ends.
    2. Cut 30mm piece of haxagonal bar stock, drill through and tap M8x1.25. Turn a socket for the reactor tube on one end and face-grind the other end to improve sealing in operation. Cross drill 4.5mm holes for gas tubes. Re-thread to clean inside.
    3. Cut 2 pcs. 4.5mm OD stainless steel gas tube and finish ends square and smooth.
    4. Degrease and acid-wash all componenets
    5. Silver-braze reactor tube and gas tubes into hex head piece. This is two operations with a further acid-wash and rinse between. Silver-braze is good to 700C plus but as the thermal conductivity of 316 steel is low even when the sealed end of the reactor is at 1300C inside the Model T the exposed ends seen in the photograph only reach 300-400C.
    6. Lathe-turn the inner face of the M8 flange-bolt to improve sealing, cut to length and turn the cut end to neaten and smooth.
    7. Acid-wash and clean to remove all traces of oxides and carbonisation.
    8. Pressure-test.

    That's it. About a days labour and involves around $8,000+ in plant and machinery . All profits (haha!) go back into the company to fund further research and so on. We draw no money for ourselves at all.

    I have discussed this little video clip and these 'end days' with friend of Focardi, an American by birth and former colleague who visited him often. This is a direct quote.

    ' I never heard any mention of Rossi contacting Piantelli or trying to, nobody had heard of him before he rocked up in Bologna. There was nothing wrong with Focardi's head until the last few months (of his life). Certainly not when K interviewed him. He has an agenda, what it is I cannot tell. Piantelli and Focardi fell out over some samples P wanted testing. This is what lies at the bottom of a broken partnership or friendship. Focardi never spoke against P. publicly, but they stopped collaborating from then on. It is true that Focardi had prostate cancer and had had surgery. Whether that was what killed him in the end, I can't say for sure. I recall it was kidney failure.'

    ETA, he was also having some trouble with his eyesight I believe.

    Hi Dan. Yes, we sell this stuff through You will find the hot cell there that these fit into (look for Model T reactor) and also a wide range of hardware and chemicals that are (in some cases) difficult or impossible to obtain in small amounts.

    You won't find this twin-tube steel system there yet, but it will be soon. Not a cheap item as you might imagine since it is a hand-built one-off- I think it will probably cost out at around $250. There is no qualification requirement to buy from us, beyond being a responsible adult and accepting full responsibility for what you do with your purchases. We can accept no responsibility for a mushroom cloud over Houston!

    Jed. Don't be obtuse, it doesn't become your age or status. I was using the specific definition of hearsay that you refer to -as it stands in the UK anyway. In this case, this space is standing in for a court. Since what you were told by a third party is at present an 'out of court statement' it is hearsay. Jim Dunn ain't here AFAIK. As for follow-ups and emails, they were never mentioned in your earlier account. You said ...

    "....It resembled the time when Jim Dunn and the people from NASA were visiting him, and he insisted there was hot water coming out of the machine. Jim finally pulled the hose off the outlet and said, "Andrea, look! No water! Nothing is coming out." Rossi started to argue but at that point they realized the reactor was on the verge of exploding, so they turned it off and evacuated the room. Rossi refused to do another test. That is not a clever trick. It seems crazy to me."

    Which to be absolutely clear sounds just like an anecdote of the 'hesaid, she said' variety. But if you assert that you have solid evidence for it, then it is not of course. But you never said that until a couple of hours ago..

    'Hearsay evidence is "an out-of-court statement introduced to prove the truth of the matter asserted therein". In certain courts, hearsay evidence is inadmissible (the "Hearsay Evidence Rule") unless an exception to the Hearsay Rule applies'.

    BTW, if you think I am accusing you of fabrications, you would be totally wrong. I have never done such a thing, you would be thinking of somebody else.

    These are a matched pair of all stainless-steel re-usable reactors to fit inside the 'Model T' reactor. As always, one test, one control. They are fitted with 4mm OD gas/vacuum pipes (also stainless) which thanks to the very poor thermal conductivity of stainless steel can be coupled up with high-temperature silicon-rubber tubing. As you can see, they fit into the 'hot core's' of the ModelT reactor where they nudge up against a pair of thermocouples in the heart of the system. Almost finished, in fact they are just waiting for a final clean-up before delivery.

    This particular pair of monsters has been built for a client, but we are able to offer these or similar items to any researcher who would like them. What fun this all is when we aren't arguing!

    "Tom wonders whether this behavior was tolerated because of his unpopular positions, and I do as well. The whole episode reflects poorly on LENR Forum."

    I adopt the Missionary position normally, and use it to pray we can soon put on our lab-coats again and get back to work on the science. Together.

    As for TC, I think he needed the break. He was posting here more than someone with a day-job ought to be able to, and IMHO becoming too personal and too specific when attacking the Lugano Professors. Also, he committed the cardinal sins of being very very boring and never wrong. Which is exactly what Mrs Smith says about me.