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    From the front line- a friend working on prevention.

    ....We know now that 50-75% of infected do not have symptoms so we were confused how anyone managed to track asymptomatic cases. (but this) virus changes the pH of your skin/eyes via intracellular Ca+ changes and infects the fine capillaries in the face regardless of fever, etc. It is very easy to identify the corona "blush": 3 rings: one sharp spot on each cheek and a pale ring of light skin around the mouth.

    FLIR, military optics, etc can be used to do this long range.

    We are working on a number of initiatives but...... (the vaccine programme) has not been fully government funded due to misspending, no western countries are investing in high throughput asymptomatic screening and the current plan seems to be just allow total infection so bio-security infrastructure is not required to carry on....

    Nano Diamond Battery is a carbon-14 based diamond battery that generates electricity by converting energetic electrons energy into electrical energy. These energetic electrons comes from carbon-14. NDB, therefore, is a recycled carbon-14 waste battery made.

    This image describes a Safe Radioactive Isotope Based Battery. The Nuclear Diamond Battery has shells that hold atoms. In the core the number of protons are same in each atom and number of neutrons are different, thus it is isotope. The radioactivity generates electricity. The bold lines in the core represent a diamond which is the hardest material existing.

    The NDB is often mistaken for Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG). A device that turns heat into electricity developed by NASA. However, RTG has poor efficiency. NDB, on the other hand, has a much higher efficiency because of diamond’s near 100% charge collection efficiency.

    Currently, there is a surplus of carbon-14 rich graphite, a waste costing a substantial amount of money in its storage.

    Since carbon is the base material of both graphite and diamond. Graphite can transform into a diamond under the right conditions. Therefore carbon-14 graphite waste can convert into carbon-14 diamond and in turn, NDB. The core components of the NDB that contains the carbon-14 diamond has a layer of non-radioactive carbon-12 diamond coating.This protective layer of carbon-12 contains the energetic electrons. Preventing the user from being exposed to energetic electrons as well as make NDB tamperproof. This is possible because the diamond is one of the hardest material in existence. In addition, carbon-14 has a life of ~28,000 years. Meaning the battery power of NDB will only half even after 5,730 years. Since this is an emerging technology, we are at ample timing.

    Transistors much like the NDB is a semiconductor-based device.

    We live in the age of the digital revolution. A world powered by ever-improving computers. At the heart of this revolution is transistors, the core component of computer chips The efficiency of these transistors improves through miniaturization. By making the device smaller, it gives it access to previously unused atoms that was going to waste. The reason why Nano Diamond Battery is an extremely efficient device is because of this. NDB is a collection of thin films such as carbon-14 diamond. Because it is a film structure, the device has access to more number of atoms.By doing so, the Nano Diamond Battery can efficiently extract electric charge from the carbon-14 diamond. That’s why NDB uses the latest nanotechnological techniques designed to make transistors like CVD and sputtering. CVD is a process where a plasma grows semiconductors atomic layer by layer. Because CVD can control the thickness of the film on an atomic scale. You can give Nano Diamond Battery access to the majority of the atoms present in the device. The other technique, sputtering is a similar technique to CVD in that it deposits metals on an atomic scale. Because NDB and transistors both use CVD and sputtering. NDB can repurpose the transistor production line for itself. Since you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. By using current equipment NDB is cost-effective. Another factor that makes Nano Diamond Battery affordable is raw material. Diamond is often mistaken for being expensive because it is better known as a gemstone. However, artificial diamonds used industrially is very cheap since it is carbon-based.Not only that, since carbon-14 waste that is extremely expensive to store is recycled instead to make NDB. Making the cost of production low. It has all the hallmarks of ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold.’What’s more, NDB is scaleable. By connecting the NDB’s in series and parallel to form a power bank. NDB could power high-power applications as big as an electric vehicle and more.…_gup=twitter&_gsc=GHe6jxG

    "Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Peter Thiel beware. There could be a shakeup on the horizon among the billionaire-backed companies trying to replicate the energy source of the sun and stars.

    That’s the assessment of Jonathan Carling, the chief executive officer of Tokamak Energy Ltd., the U.K. company backed by Swiss billionaire Hans-Peter Wild which is promising investors it will connect a fusion reactor to the power grid in a decade. He sees the market thinning as competing designs are likely to prove technically unfeasible.

    “The proliferation of commercial fusion is good because it shows there is competition,” said Carling, who just raised a fresh $87 million in January. “And while we have a lot of respect for our commercial competitors, we think the number of credible players is smaller.”…39373-e09b649635-44567417

    'Testing vaccines and medicines without taking the time to fully understand safety risks could bring unwarranted setbacks during the current pandemic, and into the future. The public’s willingness to back quarantines and other public-health measures to slow spread tends to correlate with how much people trust the government’s health advice. A rush into potentially risky vaccines and therapies will betray that trust and discourage work to develop better assessments. Despite the genuine need for urgency, the old saying holds: measure twice, cut once.'…bmKPqkjYnxyZU3eLDiMIL-ias


    The complete genome of a novel coronavirus was sequenced directly from the cloacal swab of a Canada goose that perished in a die-off of Canada and Snow geese in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada. Comparative genomics and phylogenetic analysis indicate it is a new species of Gammacoronavirus, as it falls below the threshold of 90% amino acid similarity in the protein domains used to demarcate Coronaviridae. Additional features that distinguish the genome of Canada goose coronavirus include 6 novel ORFs, a partial duplication of the 4 gene and a presumptive change in the proteolytic processing of polyproteins 1a and 1ab.

    Funnily enough, a friend who I discover is working on the Canadian vaccine team at UBC sent this, which he urged me to pass on.

    "Seems COVID19 mutated right before its jump to North America, the "L" strain is much less dangerous but much more infectious and different symptoms which is causing a huge percent of the population to think they have a cold.…s-and-is-one-more-deadly/

    Italy tested a whole town and with this strain found that 50-70% are totally asymptomatic, that means they are walking around spreading it to everyone which causes peaks when the elderly get sick at once.…I251454518-C12-P3-S2.4-T1

    Anecdotal reports indicate L strain symptoms present en-mass in North Americas as early as December

    "L" Strain Symptoms: Sharp Edged Flush on Cheeks, Slight Runny Nose, Rest of Face Pale, Lethargy, Confusion, Hot Flashes, Diarrhoea Without Discomfort, Headache, Trouble Focusing, Shakiness, Extreme Insomnia, No Issues Breathing Until Exercise, Flush After Taking Anti-Inflammatories

    These symptoms will cycle and not present at the same time which is indicative of COVID19 DO NOT TAKE NAPROXEN, IBUPROFEN OR ANY ANTI--INFLAMMATORIES

    Example Symptom Progression From an Interview:

    “ I’ve been so tired and so winded and just kind of moody and had a constant headache for a week and hot flashes mostly at night where it felt like I had a fever but only at night, random coughing. I figured it was just the weather and stress. Then last night came to a head—terrible brain fog yesterday could barely hold a convo, would shake (like when you’re blood sugar crashes) when I’d try to get up and do something, Had the worst migraine ever last night and terrible nausea and was throwing up. Then today this is my face with a huge rash.”

    So go ahead and read the article. Then answer this: "if the mortality could be as low as a bad flu season as they say, are the draconian, economy killing steps we are undertaking, proportional to the threat?

    Well, one of these screwed-up viruses is going to get us onto our knees, even if this one doesn't. So this might be viewed as a very expensive fire-drill perhaps? And seeing as we have not had one before, maybe it's time we did. Next panic, the floods.

    Bizarrely, this is a US patent for a coronavirus (might come in useful).…bickerton&RS=IN/bickerton

    Yes, I agree that it is a shame. I just heard today that Tenerife (Canary Islands) have shut all the hotels and restricted flights, And those islands have literally nothing but tourism revenues. Hard times ahead for many, which will no doubt lead to the downfall of some governments.

    A message from my pharmacist...


    Thank you for your order online with TravelPharm, Manor Pharmacy or Cox-Robinson Pharmacy part of the Manor Drug Company Group.

    It is with sadness that I have to inform you about the cancellation of your order. Recent events relating to the virus COVID-19 have led to an unprecedented surge in demand for Avloclor (Chloroquine Phosphate). Avloclor is an anti malaria drug and only licenced for prevention of malaria. As a group of pharmacies we adhere to the rules and regulations regarding sales of medicines and it is our opinion that we can no longer safely and reliably retail this product online.

    I do sincerely apologise to all customers who have had travel plans disrupted by COVID-19. A refund has been initiated and the funds should arrive back in your account over the next 2-3 working days.

    If you have any questions regarding antimalaria tablets for your destination please see TravelHealthPro for further country specific information

    Following guidance issued the UK government, TravelPharm would strongly advise all travellers to think twice about foreign travel during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak

    Kind Regards

    Message from a good friend in Paris...

    Dear Alan,

    If your government delays in taking coercive measures in view of slowing down the development of the pandemic, the United Kingdom will be faced with an overflow of intensive care services and a lack of breathing apparatus. Doctors will have to choose between the one they wish to save and the one they will let die. In France, we would lynch at the exit such an irresponsible politician. The date of decision to contain France is already too late.

    Italy had 5,100 intensive care beds but only 3,000 respiratory devices. In France, there are 5,000 intensive care beds, but the number of respiratory devices available is unknown. In the Grand Est region, and particularly in Alsace (Mulhouse, Colmar, Strasbourg), the hospitals have reached the limit of their capacity, and the army medical services will be deployed this morning.

    The Royal Institute produced a projection of the pandemic in France and announced a possible number of deaths from 300,000 to 500,000.

    As of this morning, I must justify to the authorities all my trips, including those to food stores.

    Take care of your health and family

    Best Wishes, C.

    President Emmanuel Marcon tonight ordered a full lockdown in France, telling the public to stay at home and that Schengen borders will be shut from midday tomorrow.

    In a solemn live TV address on Monday evening, the head of state said that people would have to stay at home unless shopping for food or going to a pharmacy, heading for absolutely essential work, or exercising alone.

    Macron, who repeatedly said France was 'at war' with the virus, also announced that the second round of local elections due to be held on March 22 would be postponed.

    The police and army will strictly enforce the new restrictions, with so-far unspecified 'punishments' for those who break them.

    Hotels and other private businesses will meanwhile be requisitioned by the state in order to help treat sufferers of the lethal virus.

    Borders with other European countries will also be closed, although French nationals will be allowed to 'return home'.

    The measures will start at 12 midday on Tuesday, and go on for 'at least two weeks', said Mr Macron.…people-ignore-advice.html