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    Sorry when I use definite words here, but I really have had enough of this. Stop taking this (RedPill) paranoia seriously!

    In addition to the "theories" brought forth in his videos, Bob made several other claims on E-Cat-World, including the allusion that the Evil Powers, manifested in the Clinton Foundation, have caused the earthquake in Haiti and financially profited from it. Those Powers can and do cause earthquakes and floods "at the flick of a switch" and they do so to "harvest a big booty of poor unrepentant souls" because, as we know from his video, they feed on souls that are unable to love. The original version of that comment also contained a claim that they are about to destroy the whole state of Ohio via a massiv flood or earthquake, but Bob later removed that part. Recently, he implicitly accused a critical commenter on E-Cat-World to be Bill Clinton, and that he and Hillary go after him.

    Come one, could it possibily get any more insane than this? Instead of developing some co-psychosis - which many commenters on E-Cat-World in a disturbingly uncritical affinity to paranoina currently seem to do - and starting to seriously discuss the somewhat less outlandish parts of those schizoid delusions, people should accept the sad reality of Bob's medical condition and confront him with reality instead of acknowledging his delusions and thereby irresponsibly fueling his psychosis.

    I sincerely hope- against all odds - that what Bob is currently going through is not what has been suggested here, and what indeed seems eerily familiar to anyone having friends or relatives suffering from this condition, but only a temporary bout of insanity caused by really having witnessed such earth- and mind-shattering technology.

    In any case, I wish him all the best. The tremendous work he has done for the MFMP will never be forgotten!

    I have not lost my mind - I have no intention to shoot myself twice in the back of the head or have a untimely heart attack. Love life.

    The purpose of my whole life came to a head yesterday when - against the protestations of some present, I gave the presentation I wanted at the technical university in Mumbai, India - from the heart and which has been revealed to me in the most punishing series of sleepless nights. I have shared the key components of how to ensure high excess - but the implications are going to shock you all more than I think you can handle - I need you all to video with your phones the (RedPill) video when it goes up.

    There was an old man in the room, who I had never seen before and not heard of - he looked amazed at what I was saying - at the end he pulled me over and demanded to speak to me today. That led to my visiting his facility - I have got mind blowing footage for you all - suffice to say - we have now at least 4 working technologies on 3 continents - 3 of which have been funded by the inventors themselves and 2 of which I believe are about ready to deploy - the MFMP must verify them for COP claims and Safety first before final judgement.

    But the warnings I give are absolutely sincere - not a joke and you will know why.

    IHFB - perhaps you dove into one of Petroldragons waste lagoons and emerged with oily eyes. You definitely did not dive deeply enough into the story. There are many places to start - here are a couple of hints: ...

    Damning discoveries about Rossi and Petroldragon indeed, thanks for sharing. Information such as this makes it even more mind-boggling how - after all of this had been in public record for many years - Rossi managed to find a group of naive venture capitalits so incredibly greedy and stupid that they actually signed a 100 million dollar contract with him? Wouldn't you agree that given this gross negligence on any due deligence, these investors absolutely deserved the loss of every single cent they foolishly invested in Rossi?

    I have heard that Rossi insisted on that part of the agreement. It was his idea to make it a 1-year test. From a scientific or engineering point of view, there is no reason to make it 1-year. A few hours or a week would be better by far. The machine was not a practical commercial prototype, so there is no point to seeing whether it stands up to practical applications. Even if it actually worked it would still be about a billion dollars away from being a practical machine.

    That may be the core of the issue. IH wanted anything but a mature, commercially viable technology - rather something that indeed is "a billion dollars away from being a practical machine". Because this distance means control. Control by those who can invest such sums.

    Yep - I've been dropping by occasionally but not logging in. I logged in yesterday to make a comment on Doc#77 then decided against that.

    Thanks for the explanation. Oh, by the way, did you know that the active users list is thread-specific?

    Should I consider myself a puppets too ?

    He, he, he ...

    <a href="">@Alternative</a> (aka Abd):

    We banned you because you made a heavy insult. Your ban will <b>expire on monday</b>. So keep cool and on monday you are back!

    He did? I'm surprised that anyone took notice... it's like spotting dog doo in those massive heaps of leaves that clutter the street in front of my door. Surprisingly, my feet do a much better job in that regard.

    This is getting utterly ridiculous!

    Does Rossi think the readers of his blog are complete idiots?

    It's not clear what Trumps true positions are because he has no true positions. He is a narcissist and a fascist (look up any serious definition of those terms and you will find that Trump checks all the boxes) and everything else follows from that.

    I have never been more glad not to live in the U.S. than right now. And at the same time I am affraid what his presidency means to the world. He has already appointed a notorious AGW denier as the head of the EPA...

    As well, the funding did not come from anyone connected with Industrial Heat, and it came before I had any contact with anyone from Industrial Heat, before Rossi v. Darden, which broke the situation open.

    Which means that you do have contact to IH now. Thanks for finally clarifying that.

    I asked; Timar did not answer, but another did.

    Well, I do now. Here are three quotes from you. Anyone may add them up and come to his own conclusion:

    And, by the way, I’ve been funded, because I do what I do, write. There were no strings attached, I can write for or against or neutrally, whatever, and it was neutral writing that attracted the funding.

    Because I am under a promise of confidentiality...

    . . . because I'm moving into a role of facilitating research, I need to know what is going on, so I am now engaged in a number of private discussions, under a promise of non-disclosure.

    a lawyer suggested I document and study Rossi v. Darden. And we communicate about it. So ... I don't want to disappoint him!

    Bragging seems to be your weak spot, Abd. :rolleyes:

    Funny, by the way, that you immediately felt personally adressed and responded with that question although I didn't mention your name or made it otherwise explicit whom I was refering to.