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    Another implication (assuming this offer has indeed been made, so far it is only "Rossi says"): Contrary to the FUD spread by Dewey, IH knows that Rossi has valid IP. If they were convinced that Rossi is a scammer and none of his technology works, such an offer would be pointless. I don't think it makes any sense to assume it to be a tactical move to expose Rossi, as in this case they would have made a big deal of their offer and didn't leave it to Rossi to inform the public about it.

    IIRC, Jed repeatedly called Penon a "certified idiot" and "nitwit" because of this report. Now when it comes to IH first investing 10 million based on this report and then being convinced enough of Penon's work and qualification to contractually appoint him as the ERV for the 89 million test months later, Jed, all of a sudden, shows a surprising lack of judgement skills. If Penon is the "idiot" Jed deems him to be (never mind his summa-cum-laude degree and expertise from working in nuclear power plants), IH's idiocy must exceed that of Penon by at least one of order of magnitude. Yet Jed "cannot judge" on IH. Maybe his judgement facility is worn out due to overuse during the last couple of weeks?

    Some interesting posts from Engineer48 over at E-Cat World regarding flow rate:


    The 1MWt prime reactor also has Gauge Glasses and right by the
    computerised volume controlled water pumps. Would then be easy to adjust
    the constant flow pumps to get the right water level in the reactors.

    BTW those pumps would deliver a very boring, day in - day out, constant flow of water into the reactors.

    (Emphasis mine)

    Here is the link to the spec sheet: http://www.prominentxtranet.com/pdf/GammaL2.pdf

    I guess that adds another red herring to the salad.

    Quote from JedRothwell: “The ERV has not been &quot;demonized.&quot; Assuming he reported this data and he configured the instruments, <span style="color: #FF0000"><i><b>I.H., I and other have looked carefully </b></i></span>at his work and we have concluded that he is incompetent and that his conclusions rely on…

    They looked so carefully that they seem unable even to come up with anything consistent: even the "suspiciously constant" temperature reading varies wildly. First it is 100.1, then 103.9, then "~103", or rather 102.8. Honestly, I'm fed up with people claiming to have access to vague inside information on which their base their overconfidence and arrogance towards the "unenlightened" while being, ridiculously enough, unable even to give any consistent representation of their purported information. They should either publicly share whatever data they have or STFU.

    I have accused Rossi of one act of blatant dishonesty: refusing to allow the I.H. experts into the customer site.

    An "act of blatant dishosnestly" that both sides mutually and explicitly agreed upon in the contract they signed prior to the test. Come on Jed, does it get any more childish? I'm probably as annoyed as you are that the "customer" remains shrouded in mystery, but it would never occur to me to accuse someone of "blatant dishonesty" for acting according to contractually defined conditions.

    I find it very interesting/funny to see how childish <a href="https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/User/1580-Dewey-Weaver/">@Dewey Weaver</a>'s reactions become if someone is challenging his claims.

    It feels like he has a lot on stake to loose.

    I'm still waiting for that flying egg he so boldly announced as a "response" to my question why IH won't give up Rossi's worthless and fraudulent IP. His reactions are so psychologically telling that it is almost cute. I just wonder why IH still allows him to post here. Or maybe they don't even know about it?

    Jed, can you elaborate on those "various reasons"? Moreover, how do those various reasons allow you to derive such an exact value as the 100.1°C you have previously stated several times? I have to admit that it seems like a strange coincidence to me that now after Dewey gave up the 100.1 and brought up the 103.9 instead, you suddenly discover that it was "~103" as well.

    Is the 0.0 bar value as certain as the 100.1 C measured temperature value?

    Hmm, I thought it was 103.9°C as of late? Or is Dewey now back to the "classic" 100.1°C?

    Of course we could all easily verify Dewey's and Jed's conclusions if IH would finally release that ultimately damning ERV. It can only speak of their honourable consideration for Rossi's feelings that they still hesitate to do so. But that is of course how one would expect white knights to act, and you can pride yourself to be their fanboy.

    Timar - you didn't answer my question about Rossi failing his followers and misleading them for weeks / months about the "ERV" release. Do you have an opinion on that elephant in the forum?

    Sorry Dewey, but inbetween this herd of mammoths you are driving through this place elephants are easily overlooked. So how about answering some IP related questions first. How does it come, to spot only one of those imposing animals, that IH files amendments to patents they know - by your own words - not only to be totaly worthless but based upon a fraud, when the law would actually require them to withdraw any such application by the threat of criminal prosecution?

    IHFB - Rossi's NIH based IP didn't work at all and, as a result, there is nothing to improve upon. To address your next question - no we haven't seen anybody's NiH reactor work in a verified environment. We don't care about sides and / or LENR+. We have seen very interesting periods of potential excess heat but nothing has satisfied our hard science folks at high enough confidence levels yet. There is nothing working along the lines of Rossi's approach and we have shelved that research.

    Wow, I actually considered sifferkoll to have gone a bit over the top lately but you actually just confirmed that he was spot-on with his theory.

    ...and still, IH won't give up that totally worthless IP. Why o why?