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    You must speak for yourself. Personally I've never claimed to be able to solve the world's ills or help children with cancer. Nor to mass-produce a free energy device.

    Rossi never claimed the E-Cat to be a "free energy device", but a NiH LENR reactor, which makes a big difference (E=mc2 vs. E=bs). Someone that meticulous about technical details shouldn't be that sloppy with his terminology.

    They "are working to understand the Lugano test errors"?

    Come on... for how long has the emissivity issue been known by now? Certainly for more than a year. And it doesn't need much work to insert another emissivity value into the calculations. Besides, it has already been done by you and others.

    I have to say that the more I read of Dewey's posts here, the closer I'm drawn towards planet Rossi. A few weeks ago, when he suddenly appeared as NCKHawk on Mats Blog, I was firmly sitting at the fence/Lagrange point between planet IH and planet Rossi and read his comments with great interest and curiosity, but since his contributions to the debate on this forum have become detoriated to a degree that make Rossi with his talk of clowns and puppets look like a saint of serenity.

    I can think of no honest, self-respecting person resorting to such vile and low language as Dewey has in some recent comments. If Nigel had not cited his now deleted post where he speaks of Rossi believers as "vermin" to be treated with "waterboarding", I wouldn't have missed his new low-point (which, btw. speaks against censorship). He likes to paint himself quite boldly as a valient defender of the truth but to me his language and rhetoric rather suggest the opposite.

    Regarding his rhetorics, Dewey's list of 14. "facts" he presented in the recently closed topic on Mat's interview with Rossi marked the tipping point for me in figuring out his true intentions. Many of these alleged facts smelled fishy to me, to say the least, but point 13. instantly stood out to me as an obvious, blatant lie:


    12. Rossi has infiltrated all of the blogs with fake handles including "Vortex" and this forum.

    I have been following Vortex-L for at least 5 years quite closely. I know with 100% certainty that all posters engaging there recently are long-time members and that none of them could possibly be a Rossi sock puppet (The same is probably true for all regular posters at ECW, but I don't follow the discussion there as closely so I can't say that with the same degree of certainty).

    Speaking of sock puppets: it is quite obvious that Rossi uses fakes users on his JONP to spin his own narrative. He has probably done that for years and his fake users are easy to identify for anyone familar with Rossi's peculiar use of phrases and grammatics. I agree with IH Fanboy and have also stated before that I find this litte weekness of him most amusing:

    Rossi, the alleged con artist is utterly inapt to deceive with something as simple as fake posts that are not instantly identifiable as such. He does not even seem to posess the deceptive intelligence to abstain from his non-standard use of blanks when using parenthesis in order to make it less obvious! He, the masterful deceiver who managed to run this entire fraud for more than 6 years, sucssessfully scamming dozens of competent scientists, engineers, investors, journalists and even hardened venture capitalists like IH for several years and 11.5 million $. What a remarkable irony that is!

    Or maybe not?

    Until we (hopefully) hear from me356, all those replicators who are understandably frustrated with me's current reluctance to share his secret should let out their frustration by pounding their fists on the lab table on which their reactor is standing.

    Doesn't anyone see the elephant in the room here?

    IH wanted to cancel the disaster of a test and pay Rossi a significant sum for 100 watts of excess heat at a reasonable COP. Rossi would have nothing to do with this. He was given his chance. Poor Mats - that hook is sunken so deep that it is going to have to rust out.

    Dewey Weaver just confirmed that Rossi told Mats the truth when he said that IH wanted to cancel the test just after they received the first 3-month report.

    However, Rossi also cleary stated on JNOP that Darden showed the plant to investors (supposedly Woodford) after IH received the first 3-month report.

    Either Rossi is lying about this (which would be extremely stupid, as the visitors are of course available as witnesses to the court) or IH itself would be guilty of criminal fraud by raising investment money when they already knew - according to Dewey Weaver - that Rossi's technology didn't work and that the plant produced a COP of 1.

    Hank, I fully understand your frustration but honestly I don't think that the way you extort Me356 to release his receipe is going to lead us anywhere. If he wants Bob to double-check his results and possibly prepare a release in a concerted effort with the MFMP - after they have successfully replicated his reactor at least once and sorted out possible safety issues that would be an excellent way to roll-out this information well worth waiting another two or three weeks. I just wish that he would be more explicit about this.

    @Me: Do you plan to give the recipe to the MFMP for replication before publishing it? If not, I see little reason to further withhold your information other than ulterior motives. Your statements in that regard seem somewhat contradictory to me, which worries me a little. As far as your political concerns go - each and every technology ever invented has the potential to be used for warfare and other bad things and probably has been used in that way. Given the current situation, where very real wars (not patent wars) are fought over fossile fuels and the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions may result in unforeseen catastrophes, hitting the poorest peoples the hardest, there couldn't possibly be a higher benefit/risk-ratio for humanity from any technology than that LENR+ offers right now. It is my conviction that every year, month, even day crucial information about this technology enabling its widespread adaption is unduely withhold from the public will ultimately cause much more harm and suffering than the transient disruption and instabilites during its introduction. So please don't be too fixated on the divider here while forgetting about the denominator.

    me356: If a peaceful life is all you desire and you don't want money nor personal recognition, why not simply publish the instructions as Hank suggested, while remaining anonymously? Parkhomov got in this situation because he published as a well-known nuclear scientist. You have the advantage of anonymity. If you choose not to reveal your identity while publishing the recipe for your reactor, you can have all the peace you desire and still gain recognition (and possibly make a lot of money) by revealing your identity at a later stage, when the reactor design has been succsessfully replicated over and over (Bob Greeneyer and others whith whom you have met personally will testify your true identity in this case).

    I have problems with statements like this. If the new theory is so wonderful, why is it not established as a mainstream physics theory? The same applies e.g. to R Mills' theory. A conspiracy involving most of the worlds physicists is not very likely.

    Not sure about the merit of this particular theory, but your statement seems rather ridiculous to me. It applies to any mainstream science theory prior to the point where it became mainstream. You could have asked the same about Einstein's Theory of General Relativity prior to ~1920, about Wegener's Theory of Plate Tectonics prior to ~1960, about Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection prior to ~1910 and even Heliocentrism prior to the 18th century. All those groundbreaking scientific advancements where not hindered by a conspiracy (at least not in the strict sense) of most of the world's leading scientific authorities of the time, but by groupthink and narrow-minded conservativism (fear of the unknown and fear for the loss of authority). It is just like Max Planck put it:


    A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.