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    RE:Abd said"Pierre is an obvious troll, so I wouldn't place much weight on his complaint, and within what is standard practice here, Alan's action appears to be entirely appropriate."

    Really? Well. this TROLL was right about Defkalion. while many so-called "scientists" remained glued to the screen at the ICCF. I don't mind waiting a few years to see those that despise me eat their hat. Defkalion was the first<; more to follow.

    Edit: I'll make a note in my calendar to come here every Oct 1st to check the advancememt of LENR. Unless. of course. I can buy an E-cat at Home Depot.

    Alan, half a truth is a lie. I don't even remember the part you edited. But I think it's highly unethical to criticize me. letting people think the worse of me, without giving me an opportunity of defending myself. If people disagree with what I say, they are free to put me on ignore. What you have done is worse than censoring, you put words in my mouth. If this is your modus operandi, I'll let the sandbox to you.


    Man, excuse my French, but you guys are the people who need a kid to reveal that the Emperor had no clothes:...(with apologies to Gary Larson and his joke) when one cow out of many raised her head and said: "Grass? We've been eating GRASS??

    This comment has been edited to remove a juvenile and mildly offensive comment which added nothing to the debate. And mild correction made to spelling and grammar of the rest. Alan.

    "You've never been to a scientific conference I expect. They are not usually 'show and tell' opportunities."

    Allow me to disagree, Alan, most of us remember a "show and tell" by Defkalion that got plenty of attention. Unfortunately for the LENR community, what got plenty of attention was a scam.

    So let me ask LENR believers a serious questions: what is your plan of action? Your papers are ignored, your hundreds of replications are never replicated, and you have decided not to make a big splash at the biggest conference on the subject. Are you hoping for divine intervention?

    Dear Oystia et al:

    doesn't it strike to you as somewhat weird that there are hundreds of replications of LENR from dank apartments in Moscow to mayor Universities, but when it comes to the place to show them, the place that would guarantee the scientist a Nobel Prize and untold riches, undiying fame, a place next to Newton, how come nobody shows up with something that actually works.

    I'm not sure I follow you, Alain, but my point is: with so many hundreds of replications, why doesn't someone take one to ICCF20, convincingly demonstrates it to the world and win the Nobel Prize. Besides becoming rich to the point of making Bill Gates look like a pauper.

    'Call me a "pseudoskeptik", but I think this is happening because nobody can do it. Despite the hundreds of reports of replications that fuel the wet dreams of Believers, and come from dank apartments in Moscow and other MIT-like places.

    "The problem is that no one seems to have a combination of the free time, the equipment, the space required, and the desire to do so."

    Jeez, the Nobel Prize is there for the picking but nobody has the free time, equipment, space required and the desire to grab it.

    I would say that a far more likely explanation is that nobody CAN do it...

    funny the number of false assertion you repeat.

    ICCF1 1 : yes Park is dishonest, i agree.
    Read Beaudette about his surprise when meeting researcha at ICCF. he was newbie, thus honest, with negative prejudice (like you, but honest)


    ICCF3 like you opinion is more an evidence that evidence cannot convince some people, and especially groups whose leaders are commited into an error and manage to terrorise the dissenters

    ICCF4 yes terror increased.

    ICCF5 : did you notice that he replicated... he wrote report ar IMRA, and many people libe Bockris, Miles, Storms, McKubre, BARC, have replicated his findings... anyway as You show some people are impermeable to facts.

    ICCF6 : yes it is incredible that even with reproduction, with improvements, people lie you cannot understand, ignore data, ignore their own mistake, ignore their own frauds...

    Few questions to know if you are a true believer :

    do you admit Fleischmann replicated their experiment, especially with Roulette .

    do you admit that Lewis artifact theory is wrong ? (stirring)

    do you admit that Hansen artifact theory is wrong ? (recombination)

    do you admit Morrison paper don't even deserve to be criticized ?

    do you admit Wilson have refuted Lewis and hansen and ignored Morrison ?

    do you admit Wilson have found a minor correction that does not account for big heat event ?

    do you admit gary taubes in his book have pushed his theory with a cherry picking of DoE visits ?

    Do you admit tha gary taubes theory does not match the erratic tritium measurements observed ?

    Do you admit Toyota replicated Iwamura results ?

    Do you admit Iwamura and Toyota results are incompatble with contamination theory of Kidwell ?

    What is your theory of artifact for F&P ? where is it published ?
    What is the theory of artifact you have agains Bockris tritium ? where is it published ?
    What is your theory of artifact agains Iwamura ? where is it published ?
    What is your theory of artifact agains Takahashi replicating Iwamura ? where is it published ?

    You can attack rossi and many NiH claims, but please be serious.
    We are not an alien conspiracy club, and we have nothing to do with your urban legends contradicted by public facts.

    “Only puny secrets need keeping. The biggest secrets are kept by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan)
    See my raw tech-watch on scoop.it/u/alain-coetmeur & twitter @alain_co

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    See what I mean, AlainCo? All those trees you mention prevent you to see the wood: THERE HAS BEEN NO REPRODUCIBLE LENR IN 20 ICCFs. What part of that your arrogant scientific mind don't understand? Even ignorants like me can see what ain't there.

    Abd said: Reviewing Pierre Ordinaire's contributions, I am seeing low value. We do need more skeptics here, the kind that will actually investigate and raise real issues, not phony ones like "what stupid idiots these CF researchers are," which is more or less the message quoted. Hence I am personally blocking that account, depending on others to quote him if he raises some issue of interest."

    Remember, Abd, that who revealed that the Emperor had no clothes was not one of the nobility, but a child. Sometimes knowing too much prevents you from see the wood because of the trees.

    ICCF 1: Robert L. Park of the American Physical Society derisively referred to it as a "seance of true believers.

    ICCF 3: depending on one's point of view" as "either a turning point in which evidence was presented that will convince the skeptics that cold fusion exists or a religious revival where claims of miracles were lapped up by ardent believers

    ICCF4: Held by the American Nuclear Society. Never again.

    ICCF5: Chaired by Stanley Pons, the guy who, despite the millions showered on him, never replicated his tabletop experiment.

    ICCF6: Oh, bugger, do I actually have to continue through the ones called "The Tipping Point", "the Turning Point", until the one when they had a coldfusiongasm watching Defkalion?

    Show us the beef, guys, or keep jer... researching...

    Any news about that one week wonder, Engineer48, his discovery of how LENR works (through Mats' book), and his plans to sell 1000 kits for home LENR replication? He certainly got e-catworld's members hearts aflutter! Has he been "disappeared" from public consciousness like other embarrassments like Defkalion?

    Jed, you are right in saying that this is not the subject of a paper. But to say:

    "Very unlikely, since most of the people attending (Edit: ICCF) know nothing about these events, and do not care about them."

    Am I getting Alzheimer or a Defkalion "demonstration" was shown at some ICCF and applauded by the mor... the assistants? If I remember correctly about this, they should have the balls to admit that they were fooled.

    And maybe be a bit more cautious about calling this year's one "The Turning Point", "The Tipping Point", the whatever point like they have been doing for years. You think I'm being facetious? Check it.

    Edit: Oops, I was responding to another page. The content still holds.
    Edit: ICCF Should be changed to: TSOGWRTATWW The Same Old Guys Who Refuse To Admit They Were Wrong.