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    Excess mortality in Switzerland only in April but...The influenza 2015 produced more or less the same peek (Feb.-Mar.). But the slope is different! Without the lock-down it potentially would have had skyrocket like in UK. Now we have extreemly low case figures but in a week we willl know more as currently people do more or less nothing (not even wearing masks) for protection.

    All Hells Angels are joining in this but the British army with their machine guns is invited to join us too, Windsor chapter, the shout goes out.

    What happened ?? Did they infect you ? OR just bring you down the usual way!

    Nature created the panic, not the media, and not people. In March, without social distancing or the Korean methods of controlling the epidemic, the number of cases were doubling every 3 days. If nothing had been done, we would now have hundreds of thousands of new cases a day, and tens of thousands of deaths. That is not debatable. That is what always happens in a natural epidemic the sweeps through any population of mobile animals, such as birds or people. The number of cases always rises exponentially until herd immunity is reached. The natural death rate from COVID-19 is ~3%, about the same as the 1918 Spanish flu. Therefore ~6 million people would die.

    You are right up to the point that we did know nothing at the beginning and the virus looked like a classic one.

    But today we know that CoV-9 is outstanding infectious as a single individual can spread it to > 100 people. Thus the initial doubling all 3.5 days was only possible because the virus - in the small class of older and vulnerable - was distributed very fast. The peak would have flattened soon after - may be not that fast for US states with many poor working slaves...

    The class below age 65 is not very affected. In Europe below 0.1% mortality! Thus shutting the economy/schools definitely was an error for most countries.

    On the other side Ivermectin/Heparin avoids any damage from CoV-9 and nobody should be scared anymore. They should be really scared of the US ruling mafia (Free mason, Rotary,J) that blocks the medication !

    Shows the synergistic relationship between media/politicians/social media. Not that that is any surprise to most of us, but the pandemic has provided many clear examples as proof, as you will see in the article.

    The EU will distribute a welcome package of 750 Billions to some wealthy people mostly. The USA will do the same. Just feeding the usual friends. Of course the will do it as usual (according the Rotary/FM/J handbook). Rescue/helping some highly visible companies and very poor individuals. Highly/feed the press with these generous presents and behind the Scene cash in at least 90% of money. (Greeting from Putin! & Xi ) The same has been done with east Germany.

    Fascinating, and possibly of some help getting making those marginal therapy results less marginal.

    Are you aware that HCQ is given off hospital? And that the few millions that got it are not included in the lancet fake study. Not even saying, that the medical - now fake journal - Lancet does not even understand the role of Zinc.

    It's also fascinating that all journals/papers avoid any comment on Ivermectin/Heparin what is completely inline with the freemasons textbook of positive/negative campaigns. Never mention a successful enemy because even "negative" fame is fame!

    "The French government has banned the prescription of hydroxychloroquine to treat symptoms of Covid-19 due to serious concerns over health risks.

    To many cricket brains live on this planet. What are the lupus patients now doing?? if they get CoV-9.

    The French political elite is even more concentrated than the US one, due to training in the same 2 national schools. They always help the wealthy people. They also organize the first killing of a banker that has "stolen" a tape with all account numbers of French tax evaders (early nineties). The good thing about these actions are: We definitely see how the international mafia works and how well it is organized!

    But a doctor is never forced to follow any law regarding prescriptions. According to the oath of Hyppocrates he is responsible for the patients live an he decides what a patient needs and never the state.

    Flipping COVID-19 Patients Onto Their Stomachs Can Save Lives

    Old man you are lazy: This we know since 3 months and the famous outbreak in Bergamo.

    But as we know from this forum too: Doctors today are unable to learn lessons from other doctors. doctors first need the command of Goddot or WHO, CDC,FDA before they start to think about a possible treatment. Doctors prefer to kill their patients albeit they hear that e.g. Ivermectin/Heparin could save the live of most Cov-9 victims.

    Sorry alan it just makes my blood boil. After whats happened to the Cornish fishermen.

    Do you really change your live (Brexit) to help the few surviving fisherman that still are able to find some fish?? Fish disappeared because of to many fisherman using to advanced technology. You should start to learn the rules of the political emotions game...

    it actually makes situation worse as majority of solar/wind plants don't work in island regime.

    All new off shore wind farms use DC current lines. thus absolute no problem...

    Local production avoids 20% of the grid loss. The ideal mix is water electrolysis combined with fuel cells as Japan does. Clever people innovate others just collect bad news...

    One real Zeus for you!

    ZEUS3.0 Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)

    they already realized that renewable electricity makes them poor - but German lobby of wind plant manufacturers is stronger.

    You should start to think and stop reading comics an manga.

    May be its time you explain us why you intentionally spread FUD?

    Do you still not understand that the German politics did pay their prime voters (house owner) a 12% annually rate for adding Solar on the roof??

    This has nothing to do with renewables. It's how you misuse government power.

    So let me correct you. you do not know what they have done, and appear not to understand what would be correct, because you question their figures for no reason.

    We still have to many unknowns. Up to 50% of all people (in all age classes) are immune due to former classic corona infections or other similar virus infections. Further some countries show an asymptomatic statistics (more younger are strongly infected) what points to other strong factors like social habits, nutrition or as known strong pollution.

    If we look at the world wide disinformation - a large part due to incompetence of underpaid staff - then we should strictly stick to raw data. Thats why I posted the raw data files (link).

    The biggest pain is that the world wide "political elite" turns out to act worse than the classical mafia and CoV-9 just was the light we needed to understand that most countries today are ruled by criminals.

    Be aware that sea level ( according the newest reports) will raise by at least 200cm by end of 2100 and the flooding of large parts of the coastal cities will soon cause even more pain & stress than corona.

    There is no right or left disinformation as both groups world wide are the same people, that after the session meet at the same places.

    In fact just as we know initial CFR in pandemics is always much higher than final value, this adjusted SCFR (which can only be generated now, with more data) is guaranteed lower than the typical CFR at the start of the US pandemic.

    Excess mortality in the US was (until now) about 50'000 people during the CoV-9 pandemic. Thus half of dead are just dying with CoV-9 and not because of CoV-9. Switzerland does not even see an excess mortality same for Germany.

    So all this talk is based on very shaky ground. Latest data makes us also believe that people having a classic corona infection are protected of CoV-9. Thus 50% are more or less immune. The other good news the CoV-9 antibody produced seems to be long time stable- thus no need for a vaccination - or just try to get a corona cold!

    Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) = Deaths / Cases = 23,430 / 1,694,781 = 1.4% (1.4% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 have a fatal outcome, while 98.6% recover).

    This only holds if you believe you do see all infected, what is obviously totally wrong.

    There is a large elderly population in Florida US that is going to suffer when their AC goes out.

    No problem - under water they will no not need any AC....

    The silly factors of using electric cars is that you are still using the same amount of energy to recharge them by burning fossil fuels.

    Average price of electromobile in my country 35.000 USD, gasoline car 10.000 USD. For price difference, i.e. 25.000 USD you could run 300.000 km with gasoline car - but this is also distance, after which you must change battery (10.000 USD) of electric car and you still have to pay 15.000 USD for electricity = 60.000 USD total. So that buying car + 300.000 km combo will cost you nearly twice as much at the case of electric car.

    Electric cars need no 2 years maintenance no 120'000km transmission belt exchange etc.. The breaks are electric. This saves you at least 10'000$ in a cars live. You can also find a fuel car for 5000'$ the question is how long in will last...ut ether are also small E-cars...

    And as said before repeat your primary school math to do the proper fuel calculation with an average electricity price at about 20 cents kWh (Switzerland) and then explain why the battery costs 10'000 and the E-car should cost 25'000 more than a F-car? May be you never had a car... And F-car is much more complex to build and needs far more robots than an E-car.

    Only in Saudi Arabia fuel is free and in the US it contains no taxes (in most states). Here we pay 1.5$/l and the average car still needs 7l/100km because (below) average minded people need SUV's or pickups for any trip.

    WHO stops HCQ trial after Lancet report:…-coronavirus-safety-fears

    WHO is a bunch of criminals. Nobody that knows the situation will ever read more than the first page of the lancet ham action. The data they use is based on hospital cases only. 96% of all successful HCQ treated people never did go to a hospital.

    Thus why do people discuss this outraging nonsense ??

    I too have wondered whether there might be existing viruses that confer some immunity. That spike protein is well conserved and would be a target, as well as maybe other things not understood.

    Even in the worst affected care homes 50% of the old & vulnerable did show no symptoms !! Bad news for the vaxxers....