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    proper expalnatuion

    Great wording. Matches the stuff you link.

    May be you did not read my post. It contains cut & paste original data. I did not cluster age groups only you try to sell us such faked data that includes babies too...

    Bad for your FM/R/B friends. UK ICU's are full of double vaxx people just by writing the contrary these will not disappear. I start to believe you suffer from vaccine damage. Did you booster?, then look what will happen in Israel soon....

    The recent numbers seam to say that, yes it helps to vaccinate, but not nearly as much as the narrative

    If you are younger than 50 you need non vaccine at all. As said we have one CoV-19 death about every 6 week in this group.

    You use the right wording: I believe "vaccines" do protect. This, just believing is the correct wording. No proper study has been done so far. Figures for efficiency given by Pfizer/Moderna/J&J/OxfordAstra are just fake news. Same as the conclusion we win 1:0 after 5 minutes of the game.

    What we had to learn: Gene therapies (aka "vaccines" )work better in younger than older patients - same with cancer chemo. Duration of protection for older is much shorter due to the antibody selected (ACE-2 lock). Chronic inflammations will consume them - a problem that is age dependent.

    Lets hope NOVAVAX will not have this problem despite it also uses a bound S1 protein embedded in a matrix. So just immune cells can check it. With RNA therapy the monoclonal antibodies are produced as long as cells shed the S1. The immune system will not do it for you after a re-infection.

    Moderna uses 2 different proteins. This points into the direction where research must go. So if S1 fails there is the other one still working.

    Regeneron an others identified about 20 antibodies and even better ones have recently be found by Swiss group. So a real vaccine should use at least 3-5 what makes virus mutations a no brainer.

    Israel:: It looks like the booster effect already did vanish. Sharp increase in cases today! from 450 --> 711. > 50% +

    קורונה - לוח בקרה

    USA: Deaths start increasing, but no explosive growth as in many European countries.

    EU:: It looks like many countries did hit the ceiling already. The story will go on like in UK and will be the same as an average flu wave.

    Current Death rate here (CH) is below 0.1 if you count in all cases - including silent ones.

    Worst effect of CoV-19 all media coordinated by the FM/R/J/B mafia. Usually the same fake news everywhere like "almost all ICU cases non vaxx" OR "vaccines" will help despite the unvaxx young very rarely die....

    Why is there 1,2,3G for people age <60 when these have almost no influence on the pandemic? Why do they not lock in the age group > 60 only?

    Answer: Look who owns the goods, does politics...

    Some 'disheartening' news from a California clinic that has measured biomarkers in its heart patients for years, and reports what mRNA vaccines are doing to these predictive biomarkers :

    See also:: https://techstartups.com/2021/…eart-problems-vaccine-ho/

    A new study from University of California found that teenage boys are more at risk from vaccines than covid; 6 times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalized from Covid

    In UK ICUS' are filled with unvaccinated...? Fake news?

    Here the actual UK data

    Without discussing that vaccinated contains also > 50% recovered we can see that the rates (from 100) of protection for age classes > 70 that make 97% of all deaths is about 30% 70% for unvaxx. Now comes the problem. What is the data set?

    This age group is about 95..96% vaccinated!

    So if you take 100 ICU cases then 90 are double vaxx. So official data confirms that ICU is filled by double vaxx. FUD'ers always mix rate and data set. So we can clearly see who reads fools journals...

    Here the raw data::

    The double vaxx death candidates ages class deliver about 3868 ICU cases. The unvaxx 465...

    What can we learn? Protection from vaccines still is here in the range of 20..40% (Here we have to reduce the vaccine group with recovered).

    For the younger protection is much better. But their death risk is about the same as a car accident...But they block ICU for other people.

    "For the 10-59 age group, the vaccinated population will on average be older than the unvaccinated population due to age-based prioritisation in the vaccine roll-out.

    This just is fringe wording from a vaccine terror think tank. UK data has a resolution of 5 years. So what they try to achieve is to cheat away the negative effects of vaccination on CoV-19 infection!

    Fact is according UK data. Some double vaxx age classes get up to 5x more often CoV-19 than unvaxx!!

    The number (ca. 15.000 new cases)

    You must read the details.. This is for 3 days. Today we have 6000. But still much less ICU than last September that have been caused by week long parties in South Europe.

    2nd study that confirms previous corona infections provides some immunity to Sars-Cov2

    Not second at least the 10th!

    NEW DELHI, Nov 23 (Reuters) - India reported 7,579 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, t

    And guess where these come from? 50% of India's infections are from Kerala 33 mio. people. 80% of deaths from Kerala...

    Why India still does a vaccination campaign can only be explain by the states through and through corruption. Most people are recovered and thus 100x better protected. Vaccines add nothing on top and most likely will make things again worse.

    I selected the Moderna jab for the known reasons,

    Well educated decision. But the European FM/R/B mafia promotes mainly Pfizer due to higher bribes - kick backs...

    But worst these fascists deny treatment. So we are ruled now by fascist mass murders.

    Look at India. > 1 Billion people live now without CoV-19 thanks to treatment & prophylaxes. They have no need for vaccine passports and must not get booster after booster.

    I prefer treatment and for sure never will take an experimental gene therapy drug.

    The Ivermectin,doxycycline, zinc combo (Ziverdo kit) works perfectly with close to 100% success rate against CoV-19!


    Don't be obtuse young man

    You are not much younger...

    I fully agree that virus mutation certainly will depend on sun cycles/sun activity. But not the start of the pandemic.

    The pandemic started in Wuhan because the sulfur air content was 1200 micro grams = 24x above alarm value 60x above safety limit. So if you inhale sulfuric & nitric (from cars) acid together this will severely damage your mucosa. Later with a virus this is a no brainer.

    I made once the mistake to go running in winter - acid fog. --> >1 week damaged lungs. In Zürich!! In a "afresh air" spot!

    The 2019 novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV flu occurred in the lowest year of the sunspot.

    May be the horoscope of Fauci has been done with relation to sunspot activity and did drive him to give the OK for the final release experiments.

    This will be the first lab generated virus that follows sun spot evolution.

    It is more likely that the decision has been made based on stock options in Moderna...

    But tomorrow we will learn that also stock exchanges follow sun cycles since the roman empire...

    Nazi attitude 😒

    Heil Zorud! - it sounds like a German "chief Nazi" did indirectly speak to us!

    The new German/Austrian,Dutch,.. Nazi Generation kills their people by not giving/allowing them treatment of CoV-19. These well networked people just now discuss in TV about a general vaccine mandate without even mentioning that vaccine protection among the vulnerable is at best 3:1. (Moderna!) These are not vaccines just gene therapy drugs that delay a serious infection.

    Of course treatment is forbidden!! No benefit.

    Vaccines will come. NOVAVAX the first.

    But obviously all the German politics jumping jacks got Biontec shares as they don't like people to take the much better Moderna drug, what would spoil their Christmass presents...

    Because the vaccines have so much reduced the severity of the infection, only about 6 per cent of NHS hospital beds are currently occupied by Covid patients.

    But 90% by double vaxx people...

    More simply: the unvaccinated had an infection mortality rate 32 times higher.

    This is only true for very young....and only a few weeks after vaxxination. Currently according RKI actual data the uncorrected protection by vaccines is a factor 4.5 for age 60+ the only age class of interest. (See link above) The corrected real protection with 2x for recovered (Genesene) is a bit higher than 2. So vaccines do not much help compared to natural infection.

    Switzerland still has no problem despite 5x higher case load. No deaths age < 50 one single age < 60 last 6 weeks!

    So it looks like the fat old DE/AU, beer suckers, with undiagnosed diabetes II and high blood pressure did not take a gene therapy. This is a mistake.

    But nobody younger needs it, especially if the cure is ready.

    Only idiots die from CoV-19 or a CoV-19 gene therapy (vaccine).

    Have your Ivermectin ready, Black cumin Sutherlandia, Nigella Sativa are good alternatives and most important take at least 2000 IU's V-D3/day plus 50mg zinc every third day.

    There is no lockdown needed except for people age 70+ and fat old DE/AU, beer suckers....

    Here the Actual German data from RKI: https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/…sx?__blob=publicationFile

    Case rates for vaccinated are still way better than in UK Even if you adjust (2x) for recovered, vaccines, in the critical class 60+,still have a small benefit. (Moderna?)

    What you also can clearly see unvaxx hospitalization rate, age <60 did not change for the last 3 months. Also in DE the whole pandemic is driven by 60+. Why do they promote gene therapy (vaccination) of all the people that have no influence on the pandemic?

    To many criminals work for state/big pharma...

    Of course RKI hides the truth about 80+...old Nazi tradition.

    After today's data it is clear that Israel, last week, touched the bottom. From now on cases will go up again. But far more slowly than here. It's sunny up there.

    India is converging to Kerala and the few other vaccine terror states.

    Still no more cases in the classic Ivermectin countries!

    All Western EU state make big noise with far less deaths than in the last wave just with the single aim to promote selling gene therapies (vaccines)!

    Austria invents fake news about overloaded intense care stations what just only the case for Salzburg with 70% load from regular patients... Nobody did tell them that there might be a pandemic soon...

    Ausgangssperre für Ungeimpfte in Österreich: Hier die Zahlen - infosperber
    Behauptungen und vage Prognosen genügen nicht, um nächtliche Ausgangssperren oder einen Lockdown zu begründen.

    Who dies dies from CoV-19 ?? Here CH only the very old (80+)

    Covid-⁠19 Schweiz | Coronavirus | Dashboard
    Covid-⁠19 Pandemie Schweiz und Liechtenstein: Fallzahlen, Virusvarianten, Hospitalisationen, Re-⁠Wert, Spitalkapazitäten, internationale Lage, Zahlen zu Tests,…

    Since 6 weeks no more death age < 50! ratio between age 50..60 : 80+ = 1:120!!!

    So guess who needs the gene therapy or even better where it does not work...

    UK vaccine data published in a series of Technical briefings show a progressive loss of protection against Covid-19, a shift where older vaccinated subjects are more prone to infection than those without vaccination, & more severe disease in the vaccinated. Mortality from Covid-19 was 3.6 fold greater in those vaccinated (Report 23) (21). From the same data sets, mortality from all causes in those 10-59 is twice the rate in vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

    Good to see that others find the same we know since > 6 months...

    But people do not understand this if they look just at case numbers, because progression/cases usually is not given.

    Is this the one study you are referring to?

    You are a clown: This is a study among babies...May be the"experts" did smell and taste the pipi. Typical fake work on an anecdotal data collection.

    With 48.5 million cases in America conservatively around 10% to 20% will experience ongoing Long COVID while the subset of total cases that involve critical illness leads to a significant probability of death and/or new material symptoms.

    One more fake information of Trial site. Long Covid is rare- below 1% and only affects people treated in hospital or with symptom duration > 15 days. Long CoV among kids does not even exist as the only serious study done so far shows.

    There are always long lasting symptoms after a severe illness. These symptoms stem from the affected body parts, mostly lungs, nerves. This is the price people pay for no treatment given. Some people cannot clear the virus and need e.g. Ivermectin, some with vegetative disorder need a mast cell therapy.

    So serious people expect less than 1% long Covid. But some studies start to count in social disorder caused by lock downs vaccine damage etc.. as Long CoV... a clever way to hide vaccine damage and political action induced damage.

    Clowns believe that US background deaths can explain vaccination deaths. I agree that gun shots (30'000/year) are pretty similar to vaccination and, may be, some doctors mix this up. Also car accidents have a strong vaccination component especially if victims end up in a hospital...

    Lets do the following summary: Children dying from RNA gene therapy shots - "vaccine" - did it for a good thing... They wanted to help protecting the share value of Pfizer. OR . may be they did believe, else, their pet cat, dog was in a high danger situation.

    US (UK...) citizen always die for good things like in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, mostly together with experimental vaccines or plenty of opioid's... So USA still has less CoV-19 deaths than deaths from opioid's - an other very good thing given by big greedy pharma or the "sucker family"....

    In less than a year we should have 3 over the counter or generic drugs plus Molnupiravir and Paxlovid for therapy.

    Trialsite's approach is not very convincing. Mentioning Merck crap (Molnupiravir) makes the whole story a mere disorientation piece. Fluvoxamine is not well working and has suicide risk. To mention this crap is outraging.

    HCQ, Nitazoxanine, Black cumin not even mentioned and still using the fake meme for an Ivermectin trial where we just had one with > 100'000'000 people taking it. Such postings are not serious.