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    You will no doubt wish to comment on the welcome fact that big Pharma does not yet prohibit use of stinging nettles?

    No doubt this will happen ASAP if they find a chemo useful ingredient... As it happened with Sutherlandia and many Apricot/plum kernels.

    See also Jed's packing leaflet of the US (gen-soy/chemo-) vegi burger.. an other try of the industry to damage US health under false "health" pretext.

    Ingredients: Water, Textured Wheat Protein, Coconut Oil, Potato Protein, Natural Flavors, 2% or less of: Leghemoglobin (soy), Yeast Extract, Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, K...

    No soy really??? Did you read what you did post ??

    Here the famous veggy burgers are made out of pea flower! Peas are the best animal protein replacement by far but a bit more expensive than gen-soy extract...

    He can't speak or write, and he is often in a very confused state.

    Unluckily the use of statins is correlated with dementia. It's also correlated with diabetes II and many other organ damages. Even worse there is no significant long time correlation for any coronary infarct prevention from statins.

    Statins only show a good effect in short duration studies that completely neglect the long time damages. Thus I try to prevent as many people as possible from taking statins as you must take them for the rest of your live (big pharma hopes..).

    But some folks still believe a white frock makes a good and fear is the method of these goods.

    I guess a Rossi infection is way more serious than CoV-19. It seems to last many years without any chance to get rid of it. It's seems to severely affect the brain and forces people to make endless writing attempts.

    May be Mills is a sort of therapy or a Papptest. But still no vaccination on the horizon. Also no standard infection test is ready. May be we have to look for a new worm...

    Those are amazingly good, and soybean plants don't fart at all.

    Monsanto will like you: Most (90%) Soy is gen-tech roundup ready deadly poisoned soil stuff. In Argentina the Soya mafia sprays roundup also over villages/farms that are unwilling to use their gen crops. Thousands of cancer cases and other illnesses and cheap cleared ground inclusive ...

    Do you know how many Indian cotton farmers did commit suicide after using Monsanto gen cotton? 1? 10? 100? 1000? 10000? >? Why? because every year you have to use a much higher dose of poisons and at the end you can't anymore pay for them. It's a Ponzi scheme.

    Sharp-eyed science geeks -- such as the people here -- may have noticed a problem with this technique. Other metrics also show that cases are increasing. Especially, deaths and the number of people in hospitals. We can fix that! We can do the same sort of thing as stopping the tests.

    In fact the US medical mafia just tests to make money. Any result/processing that takes more than two days is ridiculous and I would not pay for it.

    In addition the US health mafia (FR) prevents any successful treatment the same holds for Canada.

    It's enough to just test people with clear symptoms. But also to give them ASAP a medication. Some testing for statistical purposes is OK too.

    But if only 2% of all test show an infection then you will end up with testing everybody at least 10 times.

    Some Japanese doctor believe CoV-19 has now been degraded to mild flue due to the successful treatment of extremely ill patients.


    But US citizens that with free will did chose to be ruled by the FRJ mafia will at the end certainly be the most affected victims.

    Trump just launched the first state terror attack in Portland (Oregon). Anonymous troops are arresting people. That's how the mafia works.

    Only missing compared to China where the troops did wear a banner with: "The Chinese (US) people do like the self defense troops..)

    If I select one, then every negative result not identical will be viewed as discountable because wrong, every positive result not identical will be viewed as evidence.

    B - the thing is I don't misdirect, whereas you do.

    THH is a well know group pushed spin-doctor that knows all elaborate forms to present lies. THH so far always did select the best and deadliest HCQ trial organized by the world wide organized mafia steered WHO that did promote lethal HCQ only dose to promote his claims.

    Even a child can see that deaths/millions is also very well correlated with most countries in the statistics/picture discussed except Japan that did early use Ivermectin Avigan and some other drugs.

    Why then does THH fight facts? May be he likes the role of the punch.

    But please Robert show mercy with our member that has to payback his depth in form of spin. In case of being a member of FRJ it is a pain as their first task is always to comprise you and make you dependent and willing to follow. I know many dead souls that themselves still believe to be important - but in reality are abulic soldiers of the dark.

    Edit. We all know THH is a true gentleman, and does not "lie". Lets keep it respectful. Shane

    Despite nowhere published results the Gilelad crap Remdesivir is still the only authorized - legally to be prescribed drug. Gilead already made a billion by buying Trumps OK for reserving 3 months production for national use...…-how-useful-20200717.html

    But we know that the most severe side effect has be payed by the mourners of the Gilead victims as it is very likely that the victims do spend at least an additional week in ICU with costs of at least 5000$/day. This effect is already known form the similar drug Kaletra.

    That the Gilead drug reduces costs is an obvious lie as this only hold for the few lucky that can join the club round 3 days earlier...

    The only demand is that he defend his unique claim that Brilliant Light Power has "hydrino products in being tested in the field".

    You simply can't ask this question on a forum as the forum members are not owners of the copy right.

    Mills did publish some perfect measurements of the H*-H* spectrum that agree with the theory (not so good with GUT-CP..). So he definitevly produced H*-H* with about 500eV energy gain for a pair!

    Japan good news: Nafamostat is a drug used to fight pancreas inflammation. It's a specific anti anticoagulant and thus multi-functional.

    It has been used in late stage ICU patient with great success.


    A correction: Avigan - Japanese study was just inconclusive due to not enough really sick patients. But the trend was positive as expected.

    Germany FAZ newspaper about the fatal coupling of immune response that causes an expression of 2-3x ACE2 receptors :

    Early morning free now pay-walled:…urch-corona-16859687.html

    These studies are apparently controversial and their result may depend on how children are accustomed to hygiene (Germans are notoriously germaphobic and

    We so far we had 3 school lockdowns. But I so far did not read of cases where children did infect adults/grandparents. We anyway had no death below age 49 so far except an "imported" deadly sick baby.

    Nevertheless 10..15% of the teachers belong to a risk group and we primarily have to protect them

    So here it states that Quercetin "may have benefit for some airway infections",

    Quercetin has been used in Switzerland since day one instead of HCQ as a prevention. So it's a low/entry level drug taht improves your help. As said 0.5 liter of orange juice (Hesperidin) work the same. There are tons of phytophenoles that are interesting too. But best is avoid croded places and carefully watch people and if you can't avoid it then wear a mask.

    Japan seems to be having a second wave.

    600 cases overall is very low compared to the rest of of the world. Only Tokyo is a bit elevated…80-new-coronavirus-cases/ moist likely due to night live still open. Don't forget the traveling super spreaders from the US military base in Okinawa!

    or Ivermectin (more dubious when you look at the IC50 serum levels required, but still worth exploring).

    Our conspiracy spin doctor repeats his marginal understanding really? No THH is part of it (the conspiracy) - no doubt only blind people could deny it.…age-of-just-under-6-days/

    The reason why it works:

    The same holds for Heparin.

    There will certainly be a flash back for big Pharma if they go on the same way: Lancet is aleady dead after the HCQ scandal publication of a big pharma payed fake study. The Public now rates Lancet way below US today or an FOX press paper...

    Three problems with this theory are: I can’t find any reference to Ivermectin having been banned, just never approved in the first place.

    Of course it is not officially banned just not allowed=blocked eg. in Switzerland. In Germany you can buy Praziquantel (Biltricide) at around 150$/dose. In the US you get Ivermectin at the same price. Last time when I did make a review I found about 3 countries in Europe where you can get the drugs. E.g. UK was on the list for Ivermectin may be France too - Germany only for horses what I bought.

    Early Praziquantel saves you from most pancreas cancer - very high profit for hospitals.

    We all got Praziquantel once a year in school until around 1970.

    The first chemotherapies seems to have arrived on the market around 1950

    Chemo was even invented earlier. But real money could be made earliest starting from the late seventies. I very well remember the first cancer treatment of my grand father around (1970) this was still radiation based. 1980 it (Switzerland) was already full chemo based.

    HCQ could only be active against viral infections very early on it is difficult to see how such protocols can work when the RECOVERY protocol, carefully tuned to give as fast as possible high serum levels, did not work.

    We answered this now more than three times: "high serum levels" of just HCQ make no sense as the virus obviously adapts to two receptors and HCQ seems to block only one. Thus you need the second anti viral AZT! As said latest day 5 is critical. I hope you understand the difference between HCQ + any unusable and the Roault/Zelenko protocol - HCQ +AZT + Zinc!

    Masks: Here some in depth discussion

    Large overview to start:…VID-19_An_Evidence_Review

    A classic studies summary:…03.30.20047217v2.full.pdf

    Main weakness of all studies/tests: Short distance (20cm) for measurement low number of persons involved.

    Other weaknesses: Studies done under no pandemic - thus controlled - situation. Or most under family situations.

    One final result seems to be FP95 and cloth/surgical masks work the same.

    Countries wearing masks (>70%) have less death. Could be the only sign that masks work but not a prove.

    But what can you do if more than 300 drunk Germans on Mallorca drink arm in arm all night ?? --> shut down all location (today)!

    Why always slaughterhouses ?? (Austria again) On the other side cases in Sweden trend to 0 now!! (vacation only?? certainly not the trend is long time!)

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get Ivermectin?

    As said many times: The horse version is safe. At least here in Europe!

    Why are Ivermectin and Praziquantel banned (or sold at 100x price) in most western countries? This happened exactly when the first chemo therapy made it to market.

    Western dogs,cats, Horses, cows, (bulls) still get it regularly but these need no high profit cancer therapy ...

    It looks like the average American is treated worse than cattle & dogs.

    They discuss this in the paper:….20151852v1.full.pdf+html line 261 onwards.

    One more useless paper about HCQ only given to serious ill patients. In avg. day 5 is the first line you cross on your road to death. Possibly because this is the point where the virus migrates from upper respiratory part to the lower.

    The internet does not forget and there is no anonymous space anymore where everybody can claim what he wants or finds suitable for his agenda or opinion...

    Interesting that both Zephir/Zorud - the twins in mind - start intimidation posts without any content relating to the thread(s).

    But the reality is far more cruel. If you are a victim of the nonsensical University of Basel study then you have no chance to sue the doctors as in Switzerland all legal steps up to the states court are under tight control of the Rotary/free masons mafia.

    There is only one successful process in the last 20 years that at the end saw the doctor loosing. This happened after a completely unskilled plastic surgeon disfigured more than 40 woman. This was one to many even for the mafia....

    Others - a mafia member - that implanted more than 100 self developed, non working, orthopedic spine implants only did face a fake investigation.

    Now corona shows the world the full extent of the mafia control of the health sector. Thus my only advice: Look for an independent doctor - avoid any major hospital if you can and inform yourself as only you are responsible for your health.

    A very balanced discussion of this trial: it is not a death blow for HCQ prophylaxis but certainly it is strong negative evidence for any use post-exposure.…rc_curatedRelated_article

    I am (slightly) shocked by the level of bias shown here. I'm all for finding cheap easy therapies for COVID. I think it is rather shocking that (for example) Ivermectin, and many other possibles, seem not to have been properly tested.

    THHuxleynew : You show a ruthless & disgusting behavior by referencing studies that have nothing in common with the Raoult/Zelenko protocol. and then drawing your spin based pseudo conclusions.

    You certainly are not looking for a cheap and working medication as you always try to spin against them. You still believe that the Gilead crap helps to save costs, despite people that use it and die, will face a much much higher bill as these do die 7-9 days longer in avg.!! So you basically act as a supporter of the medicine mafia.

    University of Basel

    Paper entitled "Why lopinavir and HCQ do not work on Covid-19"

    Even worse - if not criminal - is the behavior of "University of Basel" doctors. It's no surprise as this (Swiss) medical site is well known for it's inhuman practice in other treatments (making fake expertise for disabled to help the insurance to save money) Lopinavir and HCQ was known not to work as University of Zürich used Kaletra since day one and stopped it latest April. So adding HCQ only makes things worse.

    If you don't give any antiviral (e.g. AZT) that blocks the second binding site of Cov-19 then HCQ has a very low success rate also zinc was missing.

    What works:

    HCQ (Quercetin,Hesperidin) ,AZT,Zinc combination works fine if given before day 5 of infection.

    Ivermectin is a must after day 4 as it's the only drug that blocks intra cellular replication of the virus-. Also Heparin is very potent as it is at least dual use. Antiviral and anti clothing. Other anti clothing drugs may help too but are not antiviral.

    Prednison/Dexamethasone is also a good idea for "late" patients that already face a strong inflammation.

    This is the current state of best known treatments that is no way complete. Better drugs will be developed and we will see them soon.

    Some drugs definitely failed: Avigan Japan - communicated -in Japan- last week; Kaletra communicated April. Remdesivir due to increase in hospital costs for dying patients. (communication suppressed by mafia.)

    New Gamberale

    There is some fundamental unit problem with equation 13...

    The other problem is that QED is inadequate for modelling a proton a bit better for an electron. I certainly will not waste time to dig deeper into classic nonsense....

    Just remember that the author also mentions quarks that by no way form a proton ( as new experiments do prove) and simply are an invention of clueless minds.