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    Early results from Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial show participants developed antibodies against the virus

    Only crazy people will head for a vaccination for an illness that can be handled with dirt cheap medication - in case you are able to find an independent doctor that not just treats you the FDA/CDC/WHO way = no real medical treatment - send patient home with good wishes, if he is not yet ICU ($$$) ready...

    Vaccines need at least 2 years of extended tests until they can be "safely" deployed to a larger set of population.

    If COV-19 would be as deadly as SARS/MERS then a speedup would justify the risk. But currently we see only a total mortality between 0.3 .. 0.7% with < 0.1% for people younger than 65. So, still some potential customers that can be "feared" to vaccination...

    Antibody tests are a separate issue. The problem is that 100% antibody tests are expensive to do.

    Only a spin doctor never commits a mistake. Now your excuse is that antibody tests are expensive:

    Fact is: You completely ignore what other write and reference as SOT'y does too. 95% at least show no symptoms. If you don't understand that 10x more people had the virus than your logic base (worldometer) contains then please go back to primary school before you adjust your comments.

    Well, that's one definition of futility!

    This has been said by a doctor that just treats his patient without known anti COV-19 medication. (See below.)

    Bangladeshi doctors claim to have found effective drugs to treat COVID-19…und-effective-drugs-treat

    This (Ivermectin + AB) has been already said by Japanese doctors about 3 weeks ago. I did not post the Japanese (Kanji) link because some folks here even don't read the english links.

    As mentioned before. To completely avoid complications Heparin (blood thinner) is needed at start up. (But this is the luxury treatment ..)

    Either I have done a poor job of explaining my position or you have not paid attention to what I have said in detail to understand my position.

    America has done a bad job for the last 40 years. If people think that clear thinking minds like Sanders are socialists then they deserve a few more terms with a mafia ruler in the white house....

    DR. Thomson the CDC Whisteblower said they definitively have evidence on the link between autism and MMR in early age black children.

    I'm not a friend of combined vaccination (MMR) and would recommend individual more costly ones without "shark dirt" or ALU adjuvant. It' is also not ideal to do this very early in the live. Only measles can be really dangerous for a young child. But young parents can be influenced very easily and selling fear is much simpler than selling health...

    Further: The American Society of Psychologists has vastly refined the catalog for diagnosing a metal disorder: Today - according their diagnosis book - , in average, every American has at least 3 mental disorders...

    On the contrary, I do understand the data, whereas in one (important) respect, bolded below, what you post above shows you do not.

    however undetected (in official statistics) does not mean no symptoms. in fact some people catch COVID, stay at home, are never tested, even die, and are never put on official COVID statistics.

    Really ?? Do you see 10x more deaths than accounted for?? New York, UK and many others did adjust their data for untested deaths. The hidden death count is now in the range of 20-30%.

    May be you also do believe that they did antibody tests with dead people ...

    No Symptoms means nothing worth to mention. I always have some symptoms if I stay out in the rain for a little bit to long or after to many beers...

    That is contrary to the evidence so far, as I understand it, which has asymptomatic number between 10% and 50%.

    And evidence suggests that you are far more likely to get Guillain-Barré syndrome from an infection, such as the flu, than the vaccine designed to prevent the infection, such as the flu jab...

    You don't understand the real data: The confirmed cases just cover 1/10 of all infections. 90% (see Spain, Switzerland antibody tests!! ) happen undetected = with no Symptoms.

    May be you once should read and then understand the post. At the end I wrote: So it's not the vaccination that is the main problem.

    But if vaccination does the same harm as the illness then why having it?? Especially if far more people are vaccinated than ever get the flue? And as said GBS, in average, only shows up full scale after a long delay any many - not fully affected - patients never shine up at doctors. The e.g book physiotherapy treatment because of back pains etc..

    Second, as I have already said there is a mythology that vaccines have eradicated these diseases. These diseases were on the steep decline due to public health measures like sanitation and nutrition (with the first most important).

    There are things that are much worse than death. If you ever did see a "living" child with poliomyelitis and understand the suffering of the parents that just can love & care it until it will finally die some 10-20 years later, then you will immediately run for a vaccination.

    Regarding the flu vaccination: I wouldn't recommend it to anybody that is not at high risk. In fact in the broad flu vaccination is more damaging than helping due to cross correlating with Camphylobacter that may induce the GBS Syndrome with a likelihood of up to 3%. Such a GBS does not occur after a week. It takes GBS months to years to fully form out and most patients cannot draw a correlation with what they did.

    See also:–Barré_syndrome . It's even mentioned in the pharma friendly Wiki...

    This effect (GBM induction) is mostly due to the fact that most of the world wide Chicken and egg production is heavily (Germany/USA 100%) infected by Camphylobacter and touching an egg may transmit it without causing a serious illness. So it's not the vaccination that is the main problem.

    The energy produced by UDH according to Holmlid's experiments is not only caused by fusion reactions.

    There is also energy caused by the high energy particles themselves (heat en charge) that are released by triggering UDH by laser pulses.

    These high energy particles may also trigger UDH causing an avalanche effect .

    Of course more detailed research is needed and this is just speculation.

    The fact is: Splitting a proton into Kaons needs at least 53MeV and this energy is carried away from the reaction zone! Thus this step consumes exactly the fusion energy of 8H --> 2 4-He.

    If there are small asymmetries, as some experiments do show, then 3-He is also produced in an larger amounts and more excess energy may stay local. An avalanche is basically limited by the UDH cluster size except the field is far more stronger than we expect.

    From a physical point of view it is much more likely that excess energy destroys local UDH because the excess energy refills the orbits. But... SO(4) physics shows that also the excess form of UDH can work the same way as UDH as it can induce UDH again. But for this Holmlid would need not measure Xrays in the range of 500eV to 16keV what I did ask for since a long time.

    Basic problem with electric cars is we will still be burning fossil fuels to generate energy to recharge them.

    Even in that case you would overall use less fuel. But the planning for future wind parks will include Hydrogen electrolysis from Water because in Europe - since a few year - wind covers more than 100% of the grid demand during windy hours and the spot market price for electricity goes negative !!! (like for the oil due to corona..)

    "A laser pulse is one type of disturbance which can initiate this process. When the process has started, it can continue until the material is depleted. This is not unlikely, since the excess energy from the fusion itself will excite other neighboring clusters which trigger the transfer to the s = 1 level, giving further nuclear processes."

    We do not yet know to what extent the field produced by the fusion reaction promotes more UDH to shine up. If e.g. the hosting foil is Pd then a part of the energy goes into Pd. That's what we see in LENR.

    With respect to control I am quite suprised that triggering H(0) by a laser pulse isn't causing an avalanche effect.

    Fusion never works as an avelanche process due to the energy release.

    Mills gets H*-H* as filaments but most likely only cluster clusters of H* can directly fuse to 4-He because the resonant bonds must be at least from 9H*. I guess the trick is to migrate H*-H* from the catalyst to an ultra flat Pd foil that allows the formation of clusters.

    We know this virus spreads very easily. Full lockdown reduces R to less than 1.

    As usual you don't read the data and reproduced (payed) FUD. The R value can be much larger than 1 e.g. at 3-4 as 95% of all people show no Symptoms and most of these will not spread the disease. In fact we would like it to stay there to get to a kind of herd immunity soon enough to avoid one more needed challenge for a dangerous vaccination.

    I you prefer the insane path China/Korea/Japan did choose then you have to stop all human traffic with countries abroad that do not hunt for the last virus. Obviously you prefer to live in an insane world.

    I wish this doctor was right. But her rabble-rousing here gives no evidence that she is right. Let me ask you - what fraction of patients 30-55 who have COVID symptoms will recover naturally, and quickly?

    And we all know how important private therapies (whatever that is) are in scientific research.

    This is bla..bla of overwhelmed minds. The cure for Heliobacter Pyroli came out of private research of a single Aussi doctor... In fact most traditional medicine has been developed by private researchers. Modern, highly payed (some also bribed) doctors just believe what they get. Always when something new works the mafia fights it down to a point where they can steal and marketing it with profit. Sutherlandia is just one of the most recent cases. In my Sutherlandia case doctors did act with a little bit more than just SOT'ies background...

    seven_of_twenty : I hope nobody related to a person dying in your ICU will sue you one day if you missed to give them Heparin/Ivermectin and one of the antibiotics we suggest. In a war situation the doctors must be able to independently act on their own believe. If you wait for CDC/WHO or uncle Gilead then its just for the bribe.

    the heat output calculation is calculated by delta T..output-input

    which means that fluctuations in ambient can be accounted for..

    the calculation is the basis of the reported raector output

    This is only OK if you properly count in the actual Hydrogen content of the air. Hydrogen content increases quadratically with T.

    The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization (WHO)

    I informed my contact in South Africa that Sutherlandia/Sceletium works fine to treat corona and they should stop to ship it out of the country and use it locally for the poor ones.

    And there is a step increase at around 45 years of age and again at 65 and over 75. But it affects all age groups. One of the few people I know personally who had test-proven COVID-19 is a 28 year old, not very smart, construction worker. He worked several days sick thinking he had a bad cold. The next day, he woke up in bad condition, hardly able to get out of bed. He did recover but may have both liver and kidney damage (he did drink heavily at times but how many people do that?)

    Could you force your fellows to run commercial TV adds telling people that everybody with symptoms should show up at a medical point and these have the obligation to give them a minimal seat of medication if the symptoms are clear ??

    Such an action would be much more reasonable than telling people that younger careless people can get a severe infection too. To many people believe they are heroes and can handle any flue without going to a doctor. I personally know such a case... 96% of all infect hav no symptoms. Even among them some have lung damage, but at least the ones that have symptoms should be treated not at a too late stage where your hospital owner earns the 4x bonus for an ICU treatment.

    Medical researchers have found that the drug, first approved in 1955, provided no benefit and potentially higher risk of death for COVID-19 patients....

    The mafia seems to be present everywhere: That's what we see since more than 2 months. Fringe studies about HCQ - most of the time given alone - either Zinc nor a working antibiotics - to people after 9 days of first symptoms, that anyway, in average, will most likely die.

    Just repeating: The US health mafia wanted to develop their own $$$ antibody test and failed. --> USA had no chance to confirm infections for a long time. E.g. people in Florida had to wait up to 9 days for central lab result. Greetings from the tomb!

    Gilead finances an army of paid doctors COVID-19 Panel Gilead Ties.pdf to influence CDC/WHO to avoid making HCQ and other drugs a standard treatment.

    I should not complain: The Swiss company Roche seems to master the business as they are now the prime provider for both tests (virus & antibody) including testing machines. May be there is some value associated with living in a balanced society and a political system that cannot be fully dominated by the mafia as seen in the USA.

    The antibody technique was developed in the early 1900s, but it was largely abandoned.

    It remerged with a combination therapy for Aids and Hepatitis.

    And guess what: Many substance like Heparin, Ivermectin, HCQ etc. are antibodies for the virus too. In fact these substance do have a dual use as the most efficient antibiotics are also anti virals. Already in one of my first comments I wrote that antibodies will be the only short time solution and vaccination is just a $$ dream or simply crazy to do in time.

    The evidence that Dark Matter is made of hydrogen at its ground state has increased these last 2 years from so-called 21-centimeter cosmology, see here for example:…in-its-lower-ground-state

    Interestingly, UDH as main component of DM does still better fulfill current observational constraints on DM, especially the one on cosmic dawn cosmic microwave background (CMB) decoupling, see e.g. this excellent study

    These guys ( use fringe approximations to calculate the 21.1cm line. In the first reference even once the wrong wave number is given. Please look it up at Mills chpt: 2.227!