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    Yeah - that seems to fit in a common container box! Rossi has a great experience with such stuff, in addition he can simply add a second large blue container of the same size packed with 40 of his famous (invisible) heat exchangers to dismiss the heat from the controller boxes.... :-)

    Rossi's every-day morning prayer claim... the silly puppet video and the world-wide most-read "scientific nuclear paper" of all times are indeed the only "facts" he provides on his SK...the rest remains Rossiwrites.

    Curious to see, when "H" will state something similiar....

    1. G. March 22, 2019 at 12:11 AM

      Dear Andrea:

      I want to add my congratulations for the video and the connected paper…ange_paricle_interactions

      Their worldwide success is merited,

      Best Regards


    2. Translate Andrea Rossi March 22, 2019 at 3:32 AM


      Thank you for your attention to the work of our Team.

      Warm Regards,


    I have posted comments on Rossi blog on Feb 17,19,22,23 and March

    6,9,13,15, 2019 that A.R. has replied.

    They all correspond to Miami time.

    The reply on Feb 22 was at the unusual time of 2:46 am.

    I am sure Rossi reads here and has learned to use time zone settings on his laptop...

    Jed - wasn't my said, C&P from ITER home page. If they confuse power and energy they should better quit their plans to solve at some point in time the energy problems of our planet... ;-)

    Interesting...Rossi being most of the time after Jan 31st in Europe, but still doing all day long R&D with his SK to try to fit it into a gas turbine, invent new materials, generate electricity...manage remote control from Leonardo's headquarter (the Miami condo),...working with his great team and customers and his industrial partner....

    What a heck of a work without being in the country where his labs, his factories, his team, his headquarter...everything... is located. He simply must be a genius. No doubt. As many times promised he now already seems to prepare the ECW crowd and his followers for another delay / new project.

    The COP figure seems to be an "ITER goal" and part of their exorbitant self-esteem, not sure ...this is common stuff to google from the ITER page, and you can find the JET data in other places as well...

    1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power

    The world record for fusion power is held by the European tokamak JET. In 1997, JET produced 16 MW of fusion power from a total input heating power of 24 MW (Q=0.67). ITER is designed to produce a ten-fold return on energy (Q=10), or 500 MW of fusion power from 50 MW of input heating power. ITER will not capture the energy it produces as electricity, but—as first of all fusion experiments in history to produce net energy gain—it will prepare the way for the machine that can.

    Not sure if this is fully correct if we look at the "produced" amount of fusion energy only...of course there is a loooong way to go (if possible at all in the end after billions or trillions wasted) to reach the proposed 10x COP.

    This seems to be a reportet fact:

    "The current record for fusion power gain in a tokamak is Q = 0.67 held by the European JET facility located in Culham, UK, which produced 16 MW of thermal fusion power for 24 MW of injected heating power in the 1990s."

    I doubt that F&P were able to produce a total of 16MW in their lab experiments. But I may be wrong.

    Rossi keeps going with inventing new materials as usual. Not sure why his big fish global echelon partner is not using his amazing skills to start another new business in selling those for tons of money...? But it seems more important for both to write nice questions and answers in a distant little corner of the internet instead of delivery notes and bills for the products leaving his automated factories these days. Curious to read and see some of his SK customers. Maybe the wolfs and moles here can help with this?;)

    1. Bob Belovich March 18, 2019 at 4:28 PM

      Dear Andrea Rossi

      Congratulations to you and your team in making innovations for the direct production of electricity from the ecat.

      1. Is the ecat apparatus you are using for this work the same size as the unit shown in the skdemo?

      2. Does the apparatus employ any new materials you have not used before?

      3. If yes, did you develop any new materials for this apparatus.

      Thank you

      Bob Belovich

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi March 18, 2019 at 5:56 PM

      Bob Belovich:

      1- yes

      2- yes

      3- yes

      Warm Regards,


    This is how life and business works on Planet Rossi - everybody can tell or write whatever he wants, the bad boys from outer space (aka we here on Planet Earth) have to accept that is the truth, or provide evidence that shows the fairy tales are fairy tales...why not the other way around? Finally provide proof or products or customers or certificates or independent tests or ...

    Life could be so easy, peaceful and beneficial for everybody, if we could finally import some promising goods and products from PR to our world...but unfortunately AR is moving on again with his R&D for again better and more efficient devices (now back to QX times and direct electricity generation).

    What could be next? This must be tiresome for many on PR...or just entertaining?

    Dream on, to be placed in the market nuclear „products“ have to have a certificate (first they need to work, of course...). Period. Rossi can pull that doubt plug easily by showing such a certificate, and the whole „attack story“ will be gone...

    I already did a while back (maybe a week to 10 days ago).

    I posted the search engine addresses for SGS, BV, and I think UL (you need to sign up for UL data access but there it is just a simple form).

    I posted sections of legal requirements from SGS (which are nearly identical to BV)

    I posted regulations that show that the ancient and expired SGS and BV certifcations for a CE mark were field evaluations, and therefore only good for the precise exact item tested, and a CE mark could be applied by the certifier only to that one specific device, and cannot be transferred. Rossi gets no roll of CE stickers, as if they are any good in the USA anyways.

    There are tons of discussions on many blogs incl. ECW on this nebulous SGS certificate. It is what it states: a single and voluntary confirmation for a that single prototype that is exactly described. Has nothing to do with a product certification nor any CE Mark. And the manufacturer was EFA S.r.l, somewhere in Bologna, Italy. It doesn’t say anything about “Nuclear”, which would require of course much more and other safety certifications, than a device that turns 85 deg C hot water to 120 deg C hot steam. The SK must be nuclear of course, why in hell Rossi should put there radiation detectors prominently on top of the Blue box if radiation and nuclear processes are not involved? This move to admit to have radiation and nuclear processes and the claim that his 7 year old „certificate“ still covers all his later gadgets are huge nails in the cofffin of his „industrial certified product“, that his friend Frank Acland strongly promotes since th Jan31 DPS all over his ECW place.... and we all know, that the robotic factories are warming up for the massive order income 😆😆😆

    It is amazing how much effort and time goes into digging in all these old sayings and conversations years back in time....

    If at all time should be better invested to find out what is the real deal now after the Jan 31st presentation, after the launch and marketing and sales campaign on ECW, e.g. who is Rossi's 40MW customer and global player/partner at the same time, where is his robotic factory, who he has hired (there has to be a huge team in manufacturing,, servicing, installation etc.), which agency he had approached for certification, how this certificate looks like, is there any local authorization to do businesses, report revenues, taxes and expenses, - usually stuff you could find, read, search for or download for serious companies that are registered and do business in the US.

    If Rossi has what he says, then there must be a way to find some kind of evidence with the help of the Big Brother out there...the internet does not forget things as we can see here, on ECW, on JONP, etc and should be powerful enough to lift covers at least a bit and switch of the stealth mode of Leonardo's business.

    Just as assumed: for those who are already waiting for Rossi's next gadget and need to accept, that Rossi is not interested to produce and sell something (and make money), when he writes he is ready to do so. As expected he stays true to himself...and because there will be something new around the corner, of course the old product is not good and efficient anymore, and customers don't want to buy into the actual product, and want to wait...all very consistent, as mentioned a couple of times. What a pity for Frank Acland who never will see the product, which he assisted to present in his friends condo in Miami (instead in the real customer facility...).…ct-electricty-production/

    And since he is focusing on something new, he will (probably) give up on his HaaS, operated as "fly-by-wire" SK devices from his headquarter (still his condo, there is no other address for Leonardo company, but maybe steppenwolf and kevmole could help to shed a bit light on this, I am sure it would be in their own interest as well, or not? ).