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    He and AA will wake up in April 2019, when we still have no name, no location of the customer running a 40 MW Ecat SK plant, nor any other independent 3rd party confirmation on clear power in and out.

    Who knows what will be next...Rossi says his 100kW SK reactor is under R&as...

    How would it be possible to control or change any flowrate in a little closed quartz cylinder, 30mm long and 1mm diameter at all? And imagine of having thousands of those little reactors to manage in a 40MW power plant. Wireless control? Operated remotely from an apartment in Miami (there is no new or other information on Leonardos manufacturing or company facility)...quite a challenge.

    Did somebody steel Adrian’s identity? Who is really who?

    1. Adrian Ashfield January 11, 2019 at 1:21 PM

      The babblers of the Rock and Troll music need logic for dummies, they don’t realize the struggles such innovative technology faces. In my work I come across situations like this all of the time, the most recent being a new type of chimney. One day the science establishment will realize their mistake, roll out the silver rug, and make the babblers pay.



    2. Andrea Rossi January 11, 2019 at 2:40 PM

      Adrian Ashfield:

      We must not complain, we must work, make, put in operation. All the rest is pointless now.

      Warm Regards,



      The author of the comment I am responding to is a homonymous of Adrian Ashfield ([email protected]), therefore he is not the same person

    “And businesses don't care whether the technology that is lowering their production costs is LENR or coal or solar.“

    I am sure , that vast majority of businesses will care, if they have to put a new heat generator with unknown nuclear working principle and probably without any official certification into their property...(remotely operated by a company with an apartment address in Miami)

    Entertainment continues... :-)

    1. Eike January 11, 2019 at 8:30 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:

      Which are the characteristics that a potential customer must have to be fit for the Ecat?

    2. Andrea Rossi January 11, 2019 at 9:14 AM


      1- must be an industrial concern or a centralized heat distribution facility

      2- must give evidence that really already consumes the thermal energy he claims to need

      3- must give financial references to guarantee to be able to pay the bills

      4- must be in a geographic area where we are organized to serve

      5- must be a well consolidated activity

      6- must have all the necessary authorizations, certifications and permits necessary to make their activity

      This is the preliminar screening, after which specific situations must be analyzed.

      Warm Regards,


    Rossi will probably have a hard time to be able to deliver, if the customer finally meets all his requirements (what a limitation of doing business, btw) and by chance may ask for Rossi's permits and certifiactions (6- must have all the necessary authorizations, certifications and permits necessary to make their activity). So we will have to wait for the next customers quite a while, and of course they will remain secret and unknown, but very satisfied :-)

    More than hard to imagine, that Neutrinos at speed of light, whatever kind or energy can play a role or can even be manipulated to steer reactions in a very small volume of a few cm³, if around the globe are huge detectors with up to hundreds of m³ are running for years to detect a few events where neutrinos are interacting with other matter..... this would require a rethinking of almost everything science knows about current physics....

    I would be careful with investing much money in a young new age company that finances their activities via some uncertain crypto assets ...not a very convincing story (yet)... since many ICOs in the past years went full-speed south and this is currently a burned battle field, unfortunately.

    "This is why Rossi is releasing a commercial product." He claimed to have done this quite some times in the past, didn't he?

    We should stick to the facts. The fact is at this point: Rossi says he will show an ECat SK in action, and has set up a website with a count down clock and a private video presentation, probably with his friend Fabiani (?) and Frank Acland somewhere. But he already made it clear that what we see is not the final installation at the secret customers facility, where the SK is installed in the existing heating system and replaces the former heat source at -20% $$...and is controlled remotely from his Condo in Miami... We will see a 27kW heater in action, and will be shown what the input and output power is (measured by Rossi)

    We may see probably another more advance DPS just to keep all of his followers happy. I would love to believe he found the holy gral and has a LENR product, but based on all his behavior, his silly information on certifications, his crazy business plan, and every single missing piece of real evidence (a factory, a lab, logistics in/out, supply chain, employees, team pictures, a sales and service team, local authorities awareness and no public traces on the internet of anybody related to this and somebody who has started a new world changing business...) I cannot admit this is for real.

    We know Rossi's description of another first commercial installation in "customers" plant at the Doral everybody should be careful with what we will see and what will happen after Jan 31...

    Here is my prediction,

    Due to issues with the "certificators" the magnificence demo will be moved to precisely February 31.

    (the certificators must first approve a change to the Gregorian Calendar)

    I just want to add another hilarious example how products are being developed, certified and approved on (sorry - can't resist to use this phrase, since it is difficult to find an appropriate other one...) planet Rossi. He again demonstrates that he doesn't seem to have a clue how to certify, market and sell a product. No agency or notified body will certify a product that doesn't have a name and an intended use - hilarious!! The CSA/UL or CE sticker on the product shows an empty space where the product name has to appear? Or may show a note: "tbd" ? It is unbelievable how gullible people must be who take Rossisays and his claims for real and can't wait to see his product in an industrial environment...Rossi could simply end this charade by showing a "product"/controler with its UL and/or CSA sticker, that shows the system has been tested aginst the required US standards...

    1. Georgianne Mcanallen January 9, 2019 at 9:33 AM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,

      Is the remote control system already ready to operate? Did you decide the name of it?

      If I am in time: I propose ROBOCAT.



    2. Andrea Rossi January 9, 2019 at 9:59 AM

      Georgianne Mcanallen:

      Yes, it is ready and industrialized. Very reliable too.

      Thank you for your suggestion, the name has not yet been chosen, the choice will be communicated during the presentation of January 31st.

      Again, to attend go to

      Warm Regards,


    Adrian, I am not native, but different to you I am aware what wording and language is proper and fits to this forum. Shame on you, you lost your countenance more than twice...any problem to face facts?

    Edit: BTW - your more or less uncommented Rossisays appears to be like blind believing, doesn’t it? At least to me and probably many others...

    Rossi says, he is working on this...doesn't really sound he has setup yet an entire company (logistics, factory, assembly, service, sales etc.) that is about to flood the market with revolutionary new products. To me basically an indicator that he is still more or less a one man show...he could have changed that impression by simply showing his first customer, his facility and/or his team... sad. Nothing will change, probably...

    Didn’t we see such a commercial launch or promises a few times back in the days?

    No location, no customer name, no 3rd party allowed to check what the real deal behind this video presentation seem to believe blindly in Rossi, like AA.

    This site seems to be linked and managed from "partner" site Ackland seems to be indeed the No 3 participant and moderator for questions from the audience...interesting why Rossi doesn't want to reveal his identity? So probably more or less an "internal" Rossi event for / with his followers...

    "3- the director of the medium we have chosen to organize and broadcast the direct streaming; he will also direct the discussion with the persons that will want to put questions during the direct streaming" :-)

    All we can "see" and detect in different spectra, including jets of radiation and "spewed out" matter doesn't come from inside a black hole (based on currently accepted knowledge(. What's happening exactly at and beyond the event horizon / SR will probably remain just a theory for a long time, if not forever...the only thing what we know better today - again a confirmation of an important topic in Einsteins theory of relativity - is generation (and detection) of gravity waves (LISA and merging BH's). BH's can obviously grow by merging with other BH's (but also losing huge mass via gravity waves), or by swallowing other interstellar matter (e.g. gas, stars)...

    If I count correctly, Rossi is talking about 3 persons only...? He misses Frank Acland, doesn't he?

    Assuming Frank Acland is right, then it seems Rossis is having again difficulties in doing the right math...this time not 3 missing magnitudes in explaining the equivalence of 1g of matter by Einstein's famous equation or transferring Kelvin into Celsius, but counting people... :-)

    Rossi seems to have already everything taped and edited at this point in time. Curious to see what he will come up with.

    Frank Aclands forum is a real treasure box! He has cemented basically all of Rossi’ dreams and lies... it is out of my mind that people like Adrian closing ears and eyes and cannot see the writing on the wall...

    An interesting detail seems that back then you cannot find any of today’s advocates of Rossi. Maybe all of them are gone? Or did change their nick names? Or a new genearation of blind believers who wait for the Big Bang like AA?

    It's not clear at all from your post above that you were specifically talking about Rossi - so do you accept the other other replications above are genuine proof of Eout>Ein?

    To be more specific: I don’t deny there are replication of experiments that show transmutations or radiation (and cannot be chemical based only). But I have more than a hard time to accept there are replications of a reactor (aka device to generate more energy out than energy in). There is no such device and we all know that Rossi is promising heaven and earth and doesn’t have one, so nothing to copy (or replicate).

    CSA inspectors will either need to visit Rossi in his “factory” or lab or Rossi will need to send a unit (at least his controller requires a CSA label!) for inspection to a CSA lab for certification...curious to see if this has happened.