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    What a dangerous, dark, cold and hostile world out there ... all and everything corrupt, dominated by any kind of mafia, only criminal scientists and physicists who don‘t have a clue on the breathtaking new SO(4) theory...and full of virus experts without clear brains who don’t see the writing on the wall, that this coronavirus is man-made...
    Is there a place to hide or to escape to?

    sam12 - why don’t you ask your hero about his plans for the public demonstration of the latest SKL Ecat? It’s been quite a while since Rossis last announcements....Lockdown is over in Italy, given that Rossi is still there since he left US for Italy (based on his lawyers) and had a few months more time to improve his “product” together with the 3rd party testers which saw and tested the product via skype...

    „When the paper was finally published this week, it sparked global headlines, largely thanks to former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. In a newspaper podcast interview he claimed the research was smoking-gun evidence the virus pandemic had ‘started as an accident’ when a man-made virus escaped from a Chinese lab.

    The paper – co-authored by Professor Angus Dalgleish, a renowned oncologist and vaccine researcher who works at St George’s Hospital, University of London, and Birger Sorensen, a Norwegian virologist – contains none of the stark allegations that originally stunned its reviewers.

    The initial paper that triggered wild rumours failed stringent tests of verification and is understood to have been rejected in April by eminent international journals such as Nature and the Journal of Virology. Biomedical experts from the Francis Crick Institute and Imperial College London are said to have refuted its conclusions.

    Then one of the paper’s co-authors, Dr John Fredrik Moxnes, chief scientific adviser to the Norwegian military, asked for his name to be withdrawn. This week, after numerous rewrites, the paper was published by the Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery. And those original world-shaking conclusions have now withered to innuendo. No accusation of Chinese manipulation appears.

    The rewritten paper describes the virus as a ‘chimera’ – this means it contains the viral genetic material of more than one virus. This may occur naturally when two viruses infect a living creature at the same time.

    It is the reason leading investigators believe that the Covid-19 virus acquired its pandemic powers by jumping between species.„

    W - maybe you can comment on this article, that basically represents the common opinion of the mainstream (not pharma mafia regulated) virological experts worldwide.

    I am interested to carefully read your links and explanations what exactly / which sequence is „man-made“ and doesn’t origin from the bat virus... to understand why you seem to know (?) better than the rest of all experts out there.

    My conclusion on all what I could find from quite reliable sources is that it probably originated from that Wuhan lab, but not as man-made, more by accident. I am with you they did a lot of research with many bat viruses but for now I decided to believe folks like Drosten and other very experts in this field who also claim that there is no evidence for a human-made Coronavirus.…vid-19-lab-false-pandemic

    Mortality rate in US is 5,2% based on these numbers, not 3,2%...but different to Germany the infection rate seems about to peak now in the US while Germany is on its way down since a week...

    On JONP a new game is on...Rossi is about to let his gullible crowd guess and decide on the performance of his latest gadget...probably because he has no better idea on his own product and what to claim and explain next... :P:D That is how life on planet Rossi works :-)

    Not sure if AR was using (again) a sock puppet to ask himself as he does frequently (if you follow ROssi long enough you can mostly find common patterns in using grammar and language), just to calm down his crowd of followers and get rid of this kind of doubt and questions,...

    Usually such kind of questions from real "doubters" are not published on his blog and are being moderated....similar to ECW.

    This Skypetest opens up a complete new era of testing and certification via internet, without touching anything at all. Test labs will have to shut down all their staff and equipment and hire digital natives who can judge via monitor if a new product is safe to use by industry and housholds....Isn't that a miraculous achievement in our modern digital and networked world? Buying something nuclear that has been tested and certified completely remotely and confirmed to be safe for user, bystanders and environment? What an interesting time we all live in...8o

    sam12 - it is interesting that Rossi doesn't seem to face any problems at all in these terrible days, and is able to travel around in Europe and stay in close contact to other 3rd parties and his testing agency. In Italy and many more other EU countries (Sweden to come soon) many companies are grounded and almost all public business and travel is locked down.

    The only thing which i still working is blogging and answering silly questions from any place in the world on a computer or Laptop - you just need to be wired and on air. As we know this is no problem for Rossi and Leonardo since they have sold and running Heat-as-service at secrect customer, controlled over the internet. Maybe you can ask Rossi how this is in these Coronavirus times...?

    Isn't it amazing, that the sole inventor (and his industrial sponsor and echelon) of a product that will turn the energy and scientific landscape inside out, won't have a f* clue how this important test is going and performing??? Alone such a statement tells me that Rossi is lying all over and again and again on his gadgets and what is going on... he does live indeed on a different planet.

    „I just treat SM physicists the way they treat the world.“

    Would be interested to see some links from mainstream SM physisists, that behave like are not doing good to yourself as a person nor your theory get wider acceptance...