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    What wrong with Wyttengod? Did I hit a nerve? You call for moderators, if someone asks a question or states something that is not in line with your philosophy?

    Barely a post or even a sentence without fascist, mafiosi, clown, Dr. Mengele, Auschwitz, Reichskristallnacht, Heil, concentration camp, fools, idiots, terror, criminals, cricket brains, blood suckers, Nazi, babies, children, fascism, euthanasia, crap, FM/R/%/B mafia, crime, killer, FUD, nonsens, brain farts,… (not complete…).

    You are the only one in this entire forum that obviously needs to use such primitive language to make a point…sad.

    Is this the language of a seriously skilled and educated person? Hard to believe…

    Isrrael reports: Yesterday 700+ today 600+ cases - from Israel health page. Cases are clearly raising!

    Typically fascist FUD. Inventing facts and comment them. Reichkristallnacht... Or may be just children Zeus46  zorud on the wrong playground.

    Let’s agree then, that your invented fact that all ICU covid patients in Switzerland will die, is fascist FUD as well? 😉

    In UK 50% of the relevant age group 50+ in ICU dies. The problem is the age group 80+ that makes up about 95% of all deaths in CH...

    So ICU deaths should only be discussed in view of no treatment. ICU = concentration camp = care to death or (rest-) live long handicapped.

    Great answer... you claimed earlier all swiss patients with Covid under ICU care will die anyway, seems only 25%? What is right and what is wrong?

    Children logic again. The rate is the same! Going to hospital ICU rate = dying rate.

    Glad to not live in Switzerland where all IPS patients seem to die anyway... :(

    How to read this report then??? Says survival rate is 75%? Not sure if the report says something about the ratio double vaxx vs unvaxx...

    (Sorry for no link, it is behind a paywall...but you can google, from early September 2021


    Here in Switzerland we also count recovered into the vaccinated group.

    Is there a source (who is "we")? Would be interesting, also for the German and Austrian numbers to better differentiate. I haven't seen any statistics that clearly outlines, that the double vaxx group includes all from a Covid-19 infection recovered patients, that are unvaxx. "Double vaxx" by definition here in Germany ncludes recovered + at least one vaccination.

    This is easy to deduce. Just look at the deaths. This is also 9:1 (age 80+) 6:1 (age 70..79) "double vaxx" : unvaxx. Most people die in hospitals today.

    That would mean, almost all ICU patients in all age groups die?


    Worst effect of CoV-19 all media coordinated by the FM/R/J/B mafia. Usually the same fake news everywhere like "almost all ICU cases non vaxx" OR "vaccines" will help despite the unvaxx young very rarely die....


    Even fake news in Switzerland, it seems...current ICU rates in Zürich: a factor of more than 3 between unvaxx (blue) and double vaxx (red). Probably similar across the country. Declining, but still more than significant. Or do I read this chart completely wrong?

    The UK stats given are clearly not ICU stats though. I don't know what the ICU stats are.

    Wyttenbach knows of course. Maybe he can find out the sources of the numbers of those who need intensive care and ventilation (probably a fraction of those in the table who show up at emergency care and require more care and overnight stay...)?

    Covid cases in Switzerland have strongly increased.... :(

    The number (ca. 15.000 new cases) - if we look at the population of ca. 8,4 million, which is 1/10th of Germany - is much more dramatic than here in Germany. With that incidence we would see in Germany ca. 150.000 new cases (ca. 50.000 today), so a factor of 3....also a high reproduction number (1,33) pointing to exponential rise. Switzerland even beats the numbers from Austria....

    Delta? Moderna less effective and waning more strong? General vaccination status? Politics and Corona awareness, 2G/3G/ rules...or no rules at all?

    Heil Zorud! - it sounds like a German "chief Nazi" did indirectly speak to us!

    I selected the Moderna jab for the known reasons, Mr. Allwissend. And you are the one who seems to like, perfectly know and use all day long the old language from the luckily gone darkest German era....useless to discuss with such a selfish person. Openminded Wyttenbach is the strongest oxymoron I can imagine... :)

    America is done, now fat old Germans and Austrians…who’s next?

    Wilhelm Tell‘s racism and disparagement seems boundless… being a moderator I would give him finally a brake if he is unable to change his Nazi attitude 😒

    He will have a hard time with his product (?) vs the common 10000 Lumen established competition (tons of companies...) anyway...

    Not sure if his design can provide proof of water proof, dust proof, fog resistant, etc. (for the heavily discussed industrial applications like green houses etc.

    e.g. like this one:

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    One more fake information of Trial site. Long Covid is rare- below 1% and only affects people treated in hospital or with symptom duration > 15 days. Long CoV among kids does not even exist as the only serious study done so far shows.

    There are always long lasting symptoms after a severe illness. These symptoms stem from the affected body parts, mostly lungs, nerves. This is the price people pay for no treatment given. Some people cannot clear the virus and need e.g. Ivermectin, some with vegetative disorder need a mast cell therapy.

    So serious people expect less than 1% long Covid. But some studies start to count in social disorder caused by lock downs vaccine damage etc.. as Long CoV... a clever way to hide vaccine damage and political action induced damage.

    Is this the one study you are referring to? There are quite some, if you search for this topic.

    Comparison of Persistent Symptoms After COVID-19 and Other Non-SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Children
    Introduction: The data on long COVID in children is scarce since children and adolescents are typically less severely affected by acute COVID-19. This study…

    In Austria, as we know, the unvaccinated are locked down and are not allowed to go outside except for essential activities like work and grocery shopping.

    There are plans for a general lockdown for all (vaxx/unvaxx/recovered) in parts, probably even all of Austria from next week on due to record incidences around 1600, and growing... :(

    Agreed but is it bias or is it truth based on science

    It seems a bit of Pippi Longstockings famous song ;)

    Based on Science are also many papers and reports that show that vaccines are an effective tool to help keep this mess manageable and prevent severely ill patients from filling ICU's. I am 60+, double vaxxed with Moderna, but this doesn't mean I am a full pro-vaxx warrior. I look carefully at both sides, hoping for more and better treatment of this virus in the future, maybe also including IVM or similar other drugs (or newer adopted vaccines)? Who knows.

    (German-EN translation)


    "2 times 3 make 4
    Widdewiddewitt and three makes nine
    I see the world
    Widdewidde the way I want to"

    "Why throw a curve ball. The study is about vaccine induced tts not Covid induced tts"

    Yes, again on something "bad" that is related to and induced by can get the overall impresssion that all reports, cited sources, theories, hypothesis and claims (like in the old closed thread) deal mostly with one side of the curtain (= negative aspects of vaccinations, or called by some "gene therapy"...). It is almost like a sports game, who finds and reports the newest, worst and sadest stories about the vaccines, wins. I appreciate your effort in search for all those informations on the virus, but to me it seems very biased... It is good to know and read such stuff and one can always learn something, but from my perspective the balance for both sides of the coin is more or less gone... :(

    To get the bigger picture and sicne there is no mention in the paper - is there any comparison or assessment with TTS rates following a SARS-CoV2 infection for the same time / same patient numbers available? Or could be it is not releant at all and we have significance for vaccinated only...

    Some actual statistics from Switzerland showing similar numbers and ratios for growing numbers of infections, as we see in Germany and Austria... all age groups show higher hospitalization rates of unvaxx vs Moderna seems to make a good job?

    Source: Neue Züricher Zeitung

    Coronavirus in der Schweiz: die wichtigsten Grafiken
    Welche Kantone sind wie stark vom Virus betroffen? Was unternimmt der Bund im Kampf gegen Sars-CoV-2? Die wichtigsten Daten und Fakten zum Coronavirus in der…