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    Is there anything you could think of that is not related to mafia, rotary clubs, criminal idiots, corrupt healthcare system, doctors and government? Switzerland must really be a tough country to live in... 😆

    You did read Spiegel at the wrong time. There are still 240 beds free... But for clicks everything gets published by deeply unskilled reporters, not able to make a second query...

    The true figure is on top of the page: https://www.srf.ch/

    Of course these beds are mostly used by non CoV-19 patients...Details after the link.

    Gemäss einer Stellungnahme vom 17. November, Link öffnet in einem neuen Fenster hat die SGI aktuell 876 Intensivpflegebetten zertifiziert – und diese Betten sind aktuell alle belegt. Bei allen weiteren «freien» Betten in der oberen Grafik handelt es sich um sogenannte «Ad Hoc»-Betten. Diese sind zusätzliche Betten, die temporär in anderen Bereichen in den Spitälern – etwa Operationssälen oder Aufwachräumen – aufgebaut wurden und nicht zertifiziert sind. Es mangelt ihnen teilweise an Geräten, Anschlüssen, Ausrüstung, Personal. Ist die Schwelle von 876 belegten Betten erreicht, muss deshalb mit Abstrichen in der Behandlungsqualität gerechnet werden.

    Cryogenic is completely correct for Pfizer/BioNTech. That's why Moderna did need a bit more time to work around with a stabilization. So the first vaccine will certainly be a long time looser...Something the Pfizer GEO certainly new when he sold his stock just in peak time....

    „New York (CNN Business)Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla filed to sell millions of dollars of his company's stock Monday -- the day the pharmaceutical giant announced positive data about its coronavirus vaccine.

    The company's shares soared after Pfizer and European drug company BioNTech said early data suggests the vaccine could be more than 90% effective.
    The transaction was part of a regularly scheduled plan set up by Bourla to periodically sell some of his Pfizer shares.

    Bourla sold 132,508 Pfizer (PFE) shares at a price of $41.94, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That works out to proceeds of nearly $5.6 million.
    A Pfizer spokeswoman said in an email to CNN Business that the sale took place because Pfizer shares hit a predetermined price as part of a plan authorized by Bourla on August 19.“

    Hmm...sounds and looks more like a "Stockholm deja-vu"? Cables, power meters, ampere meters, little glowing plasma parts, slight of hands ;-)?...how can such a 15min "demonstration" meet Rossi's ongoing claims that he has all tested and certified (!) and is ready to ramp up production or licencing of a "product"? For sure this all happened in his condo in Miami and not in a lab or R&D dept of his partners facility... oh wait: didn't he respond back then to a legal request from the US that he is trapped in Italy due to the pandemic? ...

    As usual so many questions, but no answers other than Rossisays (and Frank Acland says to keep his followers happy...).


    I have to correct myself after another read of all the wild speculations on ECW.... wall outlet sockets with 220V/50Hz is of course not the US (115/60). So he was indeed in Europe (in Italy?). SO in case Rossi told him he was in a Lab close to his Condo, this simply can't be... 8o

    Not sure if "no nerves" might better fit to Switzerland than to other countries... the exponential growth in CH is more than worrying, if you compare the approx. 10.000 new cases in your small country. With that rate Germany would have ca. 100000 new cases per day related to the population....

    I do really hope that your healthcare system is able to deal with that, what is to come.

    "Large parts of the USA population are completely degenerated like fat pigs just waiting for the slaughter day."

    You should better control your very bad language here. There is many more and nicer ways to talk about obesity in the population than such primitive language which I am sure violates the netiquette on this Forum..

    axil - it seems you forgot how often Rossis ulitmate triumph already came up? Any signs that anything will be different this time? I mean - other than "Rossisays!" You probably can provide any other source than ECW or JONP, can't you? :-)

    I like this one much more (to be honest: a great piece of music!) :-)

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    BTW - What happened to the many (?) orders (and the customers) Rossi got after this epic event? Mats went somehow silent since long...

    What a pity that Rossi gave up years ago on the good old Ni-Li-H ECats, back then with a COP of 80 already....he could have been a billionaire and saved many lives and our energy and CO2 problems. But he likes to invent and likes to invent and likes to..., interestingly non of his industry partners in the past decade was able to stop him from doing that and push him to finally release a product. Why not sell a product and do further R&D for the next iteration in parallel, as most companies do? But that's (unfortunately) how is live on the famous planet Rossi :-). We'll have to wait and see how the important current test ends.

    If I may guess: something will prevent him from commercializing his current device under test. Probably a new idea and/or and better version? ;-)

    I would agree to not close this thread, even if there is no LENR involved anymore in Rossis new devices as he claims .... Would be interesting to see where this plasma-dark energy-EVO-vacuum-story and his long range particle interaction theory ends...indeed entertaining :-)

    Come on...who is seriously thinking that a guy like Elon Musk would engage with such a "condo-do-it-yourself-from-home-depot" tinkerer, that promises hot air since a decade? Elon Musk - a man who promised and delivered, e.g. robotic factories and hundreds of thousand of products. Who sells real products that everybody can touch and test and drive and see? Products that have been intensively tested by 3rd parties? A man who provided many of important patents for free and the sake of faster mass adoption and more speed in technology development (of course for him a win-win situation...)?

    Only blind believers and folks without a clue of how doing real business (other than sucking money from gullible investors...)...

    Don't forget, that Rossi is not about to test the E-Cat SKL, but his new improved version SKL + (or whatever the name is/will be)... he didn't want to commercialize the previous SKL version, because meanwhile there is again a new edition with better performance in his hands.

    Interestingly his global echelon partner (who is for sure interested in money and business and not in never ending R&D) seems to fully tolerate such behavior?? Would love to see the company that seriuosly allows Rossi to play his games... 8o

    sam12 -

    my "coming out" to understand Rossi and his fraud activities was years ago....I found this forum and joined the discussions as an interested person who saw in Andrea Rossi the holy grail to solve all our global energy problems and get rid of global warming, CO2 and another catastrophic event like Tschernobyl and Fukushima....

    I even had back then several fights and disputes with other more experienced folks on this board, because I really thought, Rossi has or will have the goods he was promising to the world and talking about on his blog. But soon I realized this all can't be nothing else than a giant fraud...time's gone by and month after month and year after year I saw the same old pattern: a new and revolutionary new technology, prototypes close to commercialization, robotic factories waiting for programming and cranking out final products, sold devices to satisfied customers, a newer version, making the previous obsolete, certifications, amazing and ridiculous inventions of alien materials over night, impossible physics and thermodynamics, contradicting all common technology, business abd product development rules - but: as IO said: NOT a SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE other than Rossisays...

    So I gave up soon, shortly after Rossi started his "working in the container experiment" and fraud with IH. One of the reasons I am still here is to follow how this Rossi fairy tale will end, and the other is to hopefully see somebody else light the new fire and see this become a mainstream science subject with all possible support ...and hopefully a product and a theory that fits.

    You don't seem to see the writing on the wall. Good luck with further wasting your time and hopes with waiting for the ECAT SKL+ miracle... (we should bet what will be his next iteration...)

    Anyone from the Rossi imperium has a clue what impact this ongoing tweaking has to his "product" certifiaction? Probably not.... there has to be a time to start a product certifaction and whith this a freeze of all product related data. details, documents, safety testing etc. , the more for such a novel product where noone has an idea where the energy comes from...

    No wonder why there will never be a commercial product. It is simply Rossis agenda to never have a product but instead ongoing R&D, "tweaking", and nice and warm reagards to his crowd of blind believers and followers...