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    It seems we here in Germany will follow our neighbours in more strict ruling on 2G, 3G, 3G+...there is a huge discussion in the public on partial lock downs for the unvaxx group, very difficult. Since you can catch the virus even when double vaxxed, it is recommended to reduce your contacts anyway. The statistic and data luckily shows, that you (and recovered ones) will have a significant lower risk vs unvaccinated to end up in hospital or die....

    For those who can read German (from Twitter commenting the increased value of double vaxx hospitalizations vs unvvaccinated in Germany). No wonder, why more and more double vaxx show up at hospitals an ICU's...if 100% of patients age 65+ were fully double vaaccinated, then we see of course 100% vaccinated patients, and none from the other group.

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    "Geimpfte werden also 1/0,081= ca 12mal seltener hospitalisiert als Ungeimpfte (Rechnung dazu: (45/55)/(91/9)=0,081). Die Darstellung erscheint zwar etwas sonderbar, aber genau so ist es im Moment zu erwarten." --> still the main problem is that the unvaccinated are at significant higher risk to end up at the ICU.

    Maybe this is all faked and paid by big pharma and the mafia...?

    "Vaccines were trialed during the summer months when the virus is weak. No wonder they thought breakthroughs would be rare. But they are the idiots errrr experts!"

    Easy to judge and claim today having millions of good data around the globe on the table. Should they have known and adopt their trials when they started with their trials early 2020? Not sure, but they probably had other problems back then...

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    Rossi's company facility...ahem his lab...ahem his condo probably doesn't have a cellar? The only thing in common is, that Rossi's lab, company and robotic manufacturing lines (together with all his many employees) is one of the - if not THE - most hidden secret on eaerth...Not a single trace in the entire web! Isn't that strange? With all his web activities, AI based design, remotely controlled ecats that produce heat and energy since years, there is no single person, no ex-employee (there was none, probably?) that would be able to leak something from this earth-shaking new technology...I am sure agencies like CIA, NSA, Mossad etc. must be endlessly coming and going to learn from him how to hide this :)

    Until recently at least, Rossi has still been in Europe. Now that its possible to fly to the US again he may have travelled back to Miami.

    To remove the dust and spider webs from his 10 year old robotic factories to prep for the million lamps and ECats manufacturing after the Dec 9 presentation? ^^

    I couldn’t find Leonardo Corp in the trademark search

    No wonder, all was created in a condo in Miami for a blog and a forum of brave followers, not to market a serious product to sell to anybody who wants it. Never ever a "customer" who did order an ECat, got one (I do not count the one prototype for the IH saga at Doral...). There is no public trace of any sold magic energy catalyzer, other than Rossisays or Rossiwrites or AR followers claim on ECW...

    An excursion on math and statistics related to Covid…

    Covid misinformation spreads because so many Americans are awful at math

    To correctly measure vaccine effectiveness, then, you need to compare the mortality and hospitalization rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated people of the same age. And when you do this, it becomes clear how risky being unvaccinated is. In Oklahoma, for instance, the state says around 17 percent of seniors are not fully vaccinated. But those 17 percent account for 70 percent of all senior hospitalizations in the state over the past month. That means unvaccinated seniors in Oklahoma are 11 times more likely to be hospitalized for covid than vaccinated seniors are.

    In the old days someone (can't remember, unfortunately) put together a nice chart where we could see a pattern in Rossi's "online" time that was indicating he was sitting at his keyboard either in the US Eastcost time zone (Miami) or CET (Roma)... :) Maybe time to update this again?

    Here's the tip of a very large iceberg.

    Heart injuries in athletes with the jab.…-with-heart-problems.html

    Please do not forget that a Corona infection seems more critical when it comes to how many of those may have gone through a Covid-19 infection and recovered, and didn't get a jab?

    Myocarditis is more common after covid-19 infection than vaccination
    A preliminary study suggests that, among those most likely to develop myocarditis, the heart condition is six times more likely to occur after having covid-19…

    9am Miami is 3pm Europe… (15:00 CET) ☺️

    One can check any clock or watch during the presentation to find out where it is (in case Frank Acland cannot tell in case he won’t be invited…)

    These complaints mainly revolved around the tone and content favoured by particular posters


    I wonder which of the usual suspects will be rolled out and whether there will be any new gullibles or opportunists on show.

    Frank Acland will probably be traveling again to Miami to visit AR in his condo to assist him?☺️ I think he had high hopes to meet all the big business guys in Sweden, together with the Nobel price award winners in Chemistry, Physics, etc.

    Here is an interesting discussion about lifetime of the new SKL (from Frank Aclands ECW):

    "Andrea Rossi stated that the early E-Cats would require refueling every six months. Now the website provides this information about the SKLed: “The operational lifetime of the lamp is up to 100,000 hours, meaning about ten years of uninterrupted, continuous use.”

    Maybe Rossi got some inspiration by this world-famous old bulb ("The Centennial Light") running in a Livermoore fire department since 1901?? Designed as a 30W bulb inittially, it now runs dimmer, at approx. 4W! Coincidence? 8o  

    Still a long way to go for his SKLED, even if 100.000 hours claimed (of course not confirmed, just guessed or invented).

    A photo of the pendant light at Fire Station #6 in which the bulb is installed.

    Ivermectin gives you 100% protection for a CoV-19 infection and 98% protection from death even for severe cases given you use the right doses and other supportive drugs.

    That doesn’t seem to match… How can 2% die of COVID, if 100% are protected from a Corona infection??

    In the vaccine terror states of Europe the pandemic of the vaccinated is accelerating. Here we have triple the cases too but most among age < 30! So no more ICU/death.

    No more ICU?…

    In the vaccine terror state Germany, in the state Thuringia the number of Covid ICU patients increased 25% within a week and still rising….still most of them are unvaccinated.

    Thuringia is running out of beds: Ramelow threatens unvaccinated people with rejection from the clinic

    05.11.2021 7

    In Germany, the number of new infections has climbed to a record level, but the regional differences are very large. The situation in Thuringia is really dramatic. There is a lack of intensive care beds and the vulnerable groups can hardly be protected because: Almost every third test is positive.

    Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow warns urgently against one Aggravation of the corona situation and an overload of the hospitals in his state. “In the next few days we will come to the situation that we no longer have enough intensive care beds,” says the left-wing politician on ZDF. “We have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And we will no longer be able to guarantee anyone who comes to the hospital unvaccinated that they will still be treated in Thuringia at all.” You can guarantee that you will be treated and everyone who needs help will get help. “But he will no longer be able to get them in Thuringian hospitals.”

    In fact, according to the DIVI register, only 72 intensive care beds are free in Thuringia on Thursday. 668 intensive care beds are occupied, 99 of them with Covid patients. Between Monday and Thursday alone, the number of Covid patients in intensive care units rose by 20 – an increase of 25 percent within four days. Their share of all intensive care patients is currently 15.4 percent. According to the DIVI register, there is an emergency reserve capacity for beds. This is currently 324. However, these beds will only be available within seven days. With the current increase in occupied intensive care beds, it would only be a matter of time before these beds would also become scarce

    The good thing with Rossi's and Frank's blog is that you can go back any time to any thread to read what was claimed, designed, invented, sold and soldered ....back then....and realize all this bullshit, empty promises, unmet goals, delays, changes, new and newer "products", robotic factories for all the different Ecats, satisfied customers, sold units, bla b la bla....still wondering why all this is still there black on white. ^^

    By the time a person is in the ICU, the live virus is often gone, and the patient is dealing with the fallout of viral debris and inflammation.

    Maybe I missed this current knowledge, but does this indicate, that the ICU staff may not require anymore strong protection (or no at all) when they take care of the severely sick patients, because they are not infectious anymore? Would be a huge relief for their working conditions…

    Not so very much left to hope for…what may come next after heat, electricity, light, a mix of all of that adjustable individually, thrust…maybe he can create everything out of zero point energy and behind… 😁 and the best of all: he has one patent that covers all of his „devices“ since day one.☺️