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    There is no chance in this strongly regulated industry, that a product which function (and its potential risks!!) is not understood (as we see not even by the inventors themself...) will ever make it to market! The more, if this product is "designed" (but how can a product be designed, if its function is not clear?) to be used as an energy or heat source, doesn't matter if in industries or in homes.
    How the hell people can think this is possible (e.g. a suncell or any kind of an e-cat)? Only if they have no clue on standard product development and design processes with all its required and successfully passed steps....nobody would buy a device that is an unknown creature. People like Mills and Rossi can claim forever that their magic devices work and produce EXH - but mainstream will ony accept approved and certified products. As long as there is a big secret on the recipe, and Mills and AR will not allow independent tests or provide sufficient details that will allow precise replications - all this will remain what it is: a Millssays and Rossisays neverending story... :(

    @axil - "Rossi'sreal reasons" with many of your other posts you present your opinion as a fact that is evident and clear to everybody here in this forum. You even seem to know more on this entire topic than the master of the ECAT himself ... ;)
    We all will see probably soon what the real deal behind the curtain is.

    Keieueue - what is your problem with my dislikes? Aren't there tons of other dislikes related to your posts? You should be fair: why not call me an upvote machine as well? I usually share more likes than dislikes....

    to not reveal anything more than they are absolutely forced to

    The big question here is, if there is something to reveal at all? Why does Rossi need to wait until the judge forces him to do so? Should he not be lucky to show and demonstrate he has what he claims to have (and what IH is about to steel from him, based on his paranoia?), so the world outside JONP finally sees and accepts the ECAT? The earlier the better, but it seems he has other plans for a big reveal...?

    I would love to see what he has. Why nobody is unlocking the door in the Doral place and take a look? The Ecat is still sitting there, ready to be refueled and restarted again within days. Why this does not happen? Probably because IH is not able to do so despite they spent 11 Mio$ for this machine and the secret sauce behind....

    The only option he will have is to mass produce the Quark in the hundreds of millions of units and sell them to anyone who will buy.

    MRSS - it seems you are a bit lacking what it will mean to mass produce and sell things in million units...think of e.g. an iPhone. AR is in a similar siutation, at the edge of a new groundbreaking technology. AFAIK there is not a single sign - other than AR says - that this kind mass production will ever signs and no evidence of certification, no marketing to potential customers, no sales channels. no lgisitcs - simply nothing. Hard to believe, isn't it?

    I think that the real basic working of a forum is to be open to various voices in a democratic way.

    Don't want to be to sarcastic, but I know of a very democratic forum with very few and simple rules, where the moderator spends most of his time talking to himself. Additionaly this blog works sometimes like a Black Hole - posts from the outside world come in, but magically disappear and will never pop up again...

    QuarkX is so far simply a fairy tale from AR....all what the world (incl. ECW!) knows is a blurry blue light pic and "Rossi says". It is unbelieveable, how he is still able to steer his followers and believers with words, posts, sock pupptes talks - without any real evidence of what he is working on. A simple photo of his 30mm long and 1mm thick mysterious power generator would help to understand that he is really working on some groundbreaking stuff. But his "COP explanation" confirms to me that non of his amazing devices ever produced any real execess heat...that is probably one reason that he flees any official and/or 3rd party "indipendent" tests...and IH is of course aware of this.

    To me it seems that Rossi spends a ton of time staying tuned with the different communities and all these discussions with others, his ton of sock puppets etc...
    This is clearly preventing him from answering the court requests in time, but I anyway doubt he is able to support his lawyers as he better should. Working all day on QuarkX Sigma 5, reading through 800.000 pages of court documents...he is reducing himself to complete absurdity and I expect that his entire Ecat story will pop like a balloon soon anyway....

    This photo means NOTHING. 1 ) Nice to note that we can read the kva (almost) but not the model or serial number so we can't have any cross check, second it could be ANY generator or the photo ( very LOW resolution ) could be tempered.
    Third maximum power of a generator means nothing. In a common house you can have a plant capable to supply 4.kVA maa but normally you consume much less . So the only datum we need is the actual consumption and the measurements that were done.

    It seems you feel directly and personally addressed by this photo and the claims on this topic...
    Maybe it can help if you provide the "actual consumption and the measurements that were done" back in the days? I am quite sure, you know a lot about this least my impression based on your writing style and the way you defend it....

    Why has the unit being padlocked (agreed by both sides?) if it was clear, that Rossi removed all of the "fuel" cylinders, which obviously were part of the IP he was contracted to transfer to IH?
    Would be interesting to see what would have happened if the burned fuel would have gone through a thorough analysis by an independent party...

    Interesting post by the master on his blog, where he contradicts his claimed progress (having reached sigma 4??) on his new Quark while still using his famous old F8 phrase.....
    Since there is still no commercial 1MW plant working and sold, it seems obvious, what can be expected from his new toy...

    Andrea Rossi | 22 minutes ago
    The QuarkX is continuing her fantastic path, so far, F8.
    Warm Regards,

    Max | 8 hours ago
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
    Daily update?
    All the best

    If everything is so true as stated by Randombit0/AR, why in hell there is no single piece of evidence of a working Ecat plant (anybody knows of one, that has been sold to a customer? Or does Eng48 work on / has completed installations somewhere on this (Rossi)-planet?) other than the one at Doral place which didn't seem to produce excess heat after all we can assume?

    Rossi states he's has reached Sigma 4 with his Quax, which is after the common understanding of this concept a probability of more than 99%, that this thing works. How in hell it can be, that there is no sign at all,that his earthshaking technology is out there? Why is is not being leaked by anybody who is working with him on this invention of the century? He always states that he (he often uses "we", but who is we?) is working hard to get the certification and setup of robotized lines somewhere?... he must be doing this on his own more or less completely which is more than questionable, otherwise it is not understandable that no one leaks anything. Even Apple is not able to keep all secrets for new devices before a launch event...), so why should he be capable if he has tons of people who are in R&D, logistics, manufacturing...I seriously doubt, that his partner is ABB, otherwise we would have known for long time... Every serious person, engineer, scientist, who looks in this entire soap opera unbiased must realize, that this (Ecat plants, that are working and have been sold, Quaxx)is nothing else than a huge fake - my opinion. I do believe in LENR, but not in the "Rossi-Effekt", if this one drives his mysterious plants.

    Silvio Caggia | 23 hours ago
    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    You are navigating toward the 5 sigma…
    Which sigma you reached till now?
    3? 4? 4.5?

    Andrea Rossi | 18 hours ago
    Silvio Caggia:
    Warm Regards

    It is so rediculous...most of the guys on ECW seem still to take every single detail that AR reveals, for real....No one tries to ask himself or AR, why Dottore Rossi doesn't flood the market with devices from his robotized lines since years...a new product or improvement every other year, instead of a roll out of a device that works! I really do hope that there are more seriuos scientists who will be able to a) produce excess heat and b) find a theory that fits...

    It seems there was a 24/7 operation of the "steam plant" in that specific period in September 2015 - all day, all night and all weekends. 30 days!
    Implies also a production (in my opinion) that ran 24/7 and did consume all the heat and steam, otherwise the plant would have had shut down at night or on weekend... again: hard to believe that there was a "production at the customer site", since no one ever confirmed (not even Rossi) any employees coming and going as well as no confirmed traffic of goods. Or did I miss that somewhere?