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    Actual data from Australia Jan. 16...

    A good sample for "Simpson's paradox" 😉 --> more double vaxx people in hospital and ICUs than unvaxx ( 👍 for Wyttenbach 😁), but since there is like in other countries a high vaccination rate in NSW, the risk of ending up in hospital for unvaxx is of course much higher than the risk for double vaxx persons. Similar numbers shown from other countries here in several posts...So no real vaccination effect???

    See numbers below...


    This one for Wyttenbach:

    This one for the risk of unvaxx and double vaxx hospital / ICU rates:

    Just wanted to add this to the topic of myocarditis risk, compared with "pre-corona" data...good read.

    Getting COVID-19 is much riskier for your heart than vaccination
    Myocarditis — an inflammation of the heart muscle — following COVID-19 vaccination is rare, and the risk is much smaller than the risks of cardiac injury…

    We here have a PCR positive rate of close to 40% what indicates that at least 10x more cases are running undetected.

    Factor more than10?

    An actual source estimates ca. 4x… (Paywall unfortunately, so I don’t know the exact content…)

    «Nur» 30'000 Infektionen pro Tag - sind es in Wahrheit 120'000?
    Die Taskforce unterschätzte im Dezember das Tempo der Omikron-Ansteckungen. Viel früher als vorausgesagt, nämlich schon Anfang Januar, sprangen die Fallzahlen…

    9 of 10 that got Omicron don't even know it. This was 3 out of 4..7 for delta depending on vaxx statues. So most don't know it...

    Isn't there any kind of statistics on blood level antibodies (?) or other data that somehow support this high infection rate in UK?

    Not sure if the conclusion from TSN and/or DailySceptic was correct in the end. Here is some pro & con to get a better picture...

    One of the commenters of this report:

    "4.5 times more likely to have Omicron than any other variant. NOT 4.5 times more likely to have COVID than the unvaccinated. This shows Omicron's ability to evade neutralizing antibodies produced by vaccines. It doesn't show that the vaccinated are at a higher risk.)...

    . Reality:: Omicron makes all experimental vaccines superfluous as the risk to die from Omicron is lower than the vaccine risks...

    I am sure some smart people other than you will find out after this mess if more people have died from Omicron than from their vaccination or the other way around. Hopefully not so far in the future…

    Great news from India: Delhi already announced yesterday to be on top of the Omicron wave and the other IVR states do very well with no increase in cases counts since 4 days.

    Israel looks much worse as the 4th booster as usual causes many CoV-19 victims. During last few days most deaths have been among boostered and vaccinated.

    Fake news then…?

    From another source….

    COVID-19: Israel hits 48,000 cases, serious patients increase
    While the number of deaths in January remains limited, in the last seven days 27 died of COVID-19, a 93% increase compared to previous weeks.

    “In addition, the number of serious patients also increased. As of Thursday morning, they stood at 287, which is 40 more than on Wednesday. At the same time, the figures of patients on ventilators only increased slightly– to 69 compared with 64 on Wednesday – while those on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines that are used for the most severe patients remained stable at 12.

    All patients on ECMO and 58% of those intubated were not vaccinated.”

    r/conspiracy lies that German doctors have found incontrovertible proof of contaminants in the vaccines.
    https://archive.is/Ju1z7 Before we talk about the abysmal standards of evidence, let's start with the obvious facts about the linked...

    Today we heard that Canada's new star footballer is out with myocarditis.


    It's blamed on a recent bout with Covid but almost surely the damage was initiated and ultimately caused by his vaccinations

    almost every data and statistics show that myocarditis after a covid infection is ca 6x more likely than after vaccination. Wasn’t his vaccination long time ago? Usually it should develop more or less directly after a vaccination…

    Most recent data from german ICU admission in the last weeks show still the majority are unvaccinated....(I expect our warrior from the swiss alps to declare this as fake news as usual)

    "Between December 14, 2021, and January 12, 2022, vaccination status was available for 8,912 COVID-19 admissions, representing approximately 90 percent of cases referred during this period (9,946). Nearly two-thirds (62 percent, 5,521 cases) of all new COVID-19 admissions with known vaccination status were unvaccinated. About 9.6 percent (856 cases) had incomplete immune protection (recoveries without vaccination or partial immunization). More than a quarter of COVID-19 ITS admissions (28.4 percent, 2,535 cases) had complete immunization protection (basic immunization or booster), with the proportion with booster immunization being approximately 5.8 percent (520 cases).

    Results will be published in the RKI's COVID-19 weekly report in the future, beginning January 21, 2022."

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Presseinformation: Daten aus dem Intensivregister: Ungeimpfte machen Mehrheit aller COVID-19-Fälle auf Intensivstationen aus
    Gemeinsame Presseinformation des RKI und der DIVIUngeimpfte machen aktuell den überwiegenden Anteil aller COVID-19-Aufnahmen auf Intensivstationen aus. Dies…

    Is Rossi preparing to weasel out of his increasingly critical position to forced to start manufacturing and delivery of his fabulous 100W SKlep "systems"? He passed 600.000 pre-orders...

    Back to the roots, it seems...Leonardo Corp. will now probably start to offer and "sell" the next level of ECat products, again in a half or full size container 😁 ....sounds familar, doesn't it?

    And a reason to give up on all these annoying single digit or multiple dozens SKlep orders from his followers on JONP/ECW...

    A mystery to me how Rossi will pile up 20.000 little blue boxes with tons of wires and AI Controllers in a common 40ft container for a 2MW "plant". Must be an impressive mess...

    Leonardo Taking Orders for 1 MW+ Ecat Power Plants |

    Table 13...death rate is still a factor of 5 or more in average in all age groups? Or what is your math, in case mine is wrong?

    Data from UK show vaccine efficiency against severe illness with ICU admission after SARS-Cov2...

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    Entertaining discussion on ECW on the wildly guessed energy source of the famous new Ecat SKLep…seems a new Axil Axil is born 😅

    vibrator !  dusa 2 hours ago

    QED's central catechism is vacuum-produced gauge-boson mediators exchanging ambient quantum momentum (h-bar) between interacting masses, charges or spins (as opposed to these force carriers being emitted or absorbed by interacting particles themselves). That is, electric charges do not 'interact', and nor do masses, but via the intermediary of these trades of quantised ambient momentum spontaneously produced on-demand from vacuum, at fixed time rates of change as set by eg. the gravitational constant or the EM / fine-structure constant, alpha. Thus momentum and energy symmetry of such interactions is dependent on time/velocity symmetry of inbound vs outbound legs of a closed-loop interaction. If this time-symmetry is broken, closed-loops through static fields yield non-zero net momenta. Accumulation of such momenta at fixed unit energy cost is an inherently OU process, placing the input energy workload in a divergent inertial frame, resulting in energy gains equal to the half-square of the 'velocity' component of the anomalous momentum delta.

    Besides, there's a whole variety of Casimir-type effects you've neglected

    Uttar Pradesh (new cases 6401) did meanwhile pass Kerala (5944 new cases)... :(

    Still exponential graph, unfortunately, while Kerala remains more or less flat.