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    The first part of your speech is not necessarily connected to the second. You think it's possible that IH had a second aim when they started collaborating with Rossi and when you say "played their game in order to access Rossi's technology" it seems you conjecture that IH did not intend to pay him from the very beginning (maybe I'm interpreting you in the wrong way, I do not know). In any case, if IH had an initial purpose other than the one agreed upon in the contract, why do you think it was Rossi to cheat on them? Could it not be that IH has really made its initial plan?

    You got me wrong, indeed. Sorry for my misleading fomulation: with "playing a game" I wanted to poit out that this is in my eyes common behaviour of VC firms and investors who are seeking for business opportunities and are taking the associated risk into account. Getting the potentially very important IP and a working product (at least for the US territory) was for sure a plan, but I am also sure that IH did not intend to not pay Rossi if he succeded. Having this product in hands with the claimed COP of 40+ would easily compensate any contract obligations. They probably trusted Rossi in the beginning, otherwise they would not payed the initial 1o Mio$ which Rossi decided to invested in buying condos in Miami and not in his magic E-Cat to make it ready for the market (or make it work at all...). Now we should be patient and wait for the court decision.

    Nigel, you wonder..? :)

    The most simple and only one logical explanation is: his stuff doesn't work nor will it be approved for sale elsewhere in the world. Instead of making money like hell and buy the entire Florida peninsula he spends endless time with BS talks to himself for his followers on JONP and wastes millions in a completely useless lawsuit. What a man!

    It is clear or should be clear now that this entire test was a fraud, so what is the problem then with IH denouncing it as fraud?

    AFAIK none of the "publicly" available documents of this soap opera Rossi vs. Darden state clearly, if there were or were not financial resources on IH's side. It is not obvious, but simply speculation or personal opinion only. There might be a good chance that IH may have had different goals and played "their game" from the beginning in this contract in order to get access to Rossis E-cat technology (in case it potentially worked this would have been a gold mine), but had to realize later on, that they were caught by Rossis "magnificence" and put over the barrel with his fake 1-year-1MW-heat-sell to his secret customer manufacturing plant.

    So you have not read the many papers published by Focardi and Piantelli and the subsequently granted European patents of Piantelli.

    All that material was published before and independently from Rossi and contains a lot of evidence that the phenomenon exist.

    Note also the results from Celani and Cammarora, also independent from Rossi.

    (Nobody here is talking about conspiracy apart you.....)

    ele - as long as nobody in this world was or is able to at least repeat one of these experiments, independent from the authors, and produce EH indubitable - all this published paperwork remains paperwork, but will not change any main stream science or research opinion....

    This is the main and only problem with current LENR claims I can see - just claims and no proof at all. If the MFMP tests past week would have clearly shown signs of EH - live on the internet! - that there is a LENR reaction as was claimed - then we finally would reached what everybody on this forum and his mother was waiting for since decades: the the new fire really exists....even if nobody understood so far how exactly. But then with the mainstream science focusing on this, we would see a run and it would just be a matter of time for the first commercial products to come, long long before we would have seen safe working ITER, TOKAMAK or whatever billion dollar fusion devices.

    Instead of referring to these papers you better should force your buddy AR to hand over one of his magic devices for a public and independent test. He could have changed the world long time ago, if he would have done so (assuming that his stuff would work...). Since you seem to be close to AR - can you explain from your perspective what exactly drives Rossi to always have excuses to not stick to his promises? Money? Fear that somebody steels his IP he has sold anyway to IH? Any idea when he is finally doing his public Quark demo he was preparing with a partner (!) already last year? I think I know the answer...

    Es kann nur gut sein, wenn solche Veröffentlichungen zum Thema zunehmen - und damit auch mehr Interesse in der "old school" nuclear & material science wecken. Vielleicht trauen sich ja tatsächlich mehr renommierte Forschungszentren hier auf der leider verbrannten Erde zu investieren. Erfolgreiche Tests (hoffen MFMP kommt dahin bei einem der Kandidaten), die tatsächlich bisher nicht erklärbare Hitze eindeutig - nicht mit einem Faktor zwischen 1.0 und 1.5, sondern z.B. >10...20 - zeigen, werden dann das übrige tun und einen Run bringen, der hoffentlich bald viele von den Milliarden, die in der heißen Fusion buchstäblich nur verbrannt werden, in das Gebiet LENR umzuleiten...

    I agree in this point. Instead of reaching whatever level of Sigma and/or manufacturing prototypes that are close to an industrial product - seriuos researchers should dig as deep as possible to understand in the first place why there are these meltdowns of LENR reactors (are there really confirmed events, documented, even if not yet understood?). Unless this LENR process and its experienced meltdowns is not fully understood, no authority in the world would be willing to clear any product for sale and use, that is driven by LENR. All what e.g. Rossi is claiming about being close to a product or let's say close to a CE certification, is therefore pure fiction. Not many posters here and esp. on ECW seem to have an idea what it requires to develop, test and verify and then clear a product for use. I am working since many years in the medical industry, where we have very strong requirements when approving products for human use. On the other side there is no big difference with products in other areas, as long as there is is interaction with humans. Same story - they have to be safe and efficient. A long way to go....

    This doesn't sound good...since me356 was fully aware of this MFMP visit and all efforts related to this important test, I am quite disappointed how he is dealing with this situation. He should have also noted that the test yesterday didn't go well and - if he would have taken his own work and this test seriously - he should have cancelled this event ahead of time or at least intervene and stop / recheck his reactor yesterday during the test run.

    Family resons are always important, but I think there was enough time and he was in constant communication with the MFMP team (my guess). If he has spent so much time and money - this fiasco sheds a bad light not only on him and his claims, but on the entire field of the new fire...

    BTW - no one seems to talk about the millions of data anymore , not even AR. What happened to his automated daily data collection (no other way of doing that as using computers and intelligent sensors)? Shouldn't he provide this as important evidence in fighting for his 89 million Dollars on the court?

    anotherTroll - your attacks on everybody who shows any sign on not believing Rossi and his fake opera at Doral are miserable and speak for itself. What is your own opinion on Rossi? You seem to fully support his agenda to sue IH without asking any question to him or yourself. Rossi is the poor and honest guy that needs help because he was fallen in the hands of robbers, evil investors and bloodsuckers? You should be fair and analyze both sides to understand why most people here came to the conclusion that Rossi is a conman.


    ... Rossi technology is complicated and not trivial. ...

    I complicated that no one else is able to produce excess heat with his recipe, not even Rossi himself, as we have learned in the past days from tons of documents. He may easily have had left the stuff, the plant, eerything, that may have proven

    his claim, that his device worked. But probably to dangerouos for he cleaned up everything and his customer plant, all external piping, water meters etc. and disappeared...working on his next groundbreaking invention. Any idea, why AR is not going to sell more (or at least one) of his famous E-cat 1MW plants, that save thousands of dollars in the energy bills of customers?

    Iit seems the flowmeter topic and the pipe diameter are still the last straws to grasp for some Rossi hardliners here to keep their bright vision of a working ecat plant (and a successful GPT) from Rossi alive ... waste of time to dig into this when looking at the rest of the story that everybody can read and follow up in these documents...

    You could make this argument for every subsequent replication (e.g., Nissan). Nobody has replicated the Nissan demonstration. Well, no, the Nissan demonstration is a replication itself. Just as the Parkhomov demonstration is a replication of the Lugano experiment. So on the 10th replication, you could still make the same argument: nobody has replicated the 10th replication! This is a wonderful example of moving the goal posts, and what tends to cause division in the LENR community.

    If (!) there would have been any officially and correctly documented and tested replication - then the public would have known and recognized, wouldn't you agree? Only relying on those kind of Rossi says, Parkhomov says, Lugano says, me356 says....doesn't bring this technology to light from the dark side of the moon for the earths' benefit. It will all remain in rotten garages and behind lab doors and secret customer areas. Come on - where are tests and descriptions and patents that allow for a reliable replication? Did someone ever really something twice, exactly in a way that we can call it a replication? The only guy who seems to be able to change all this entire LENR mess is Rossi. But he is not willing to cooperate nor give any true public demonstration of waht he has... and will probably take all his nice and groundbreaking knowledge with him at some day...I am convinced there are ways to light the new fire if properly done and analyzed, tested and replicated. Smart people will find a theory that fits and this is all I and a lot if not all other here are waiting for.