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    I still feel that me356 writes a lot (there is obviously time to do so), but doesn't reveal the substantial things many of the readers here are waiting for, so the replication followers can right away implement it to get their fire up and running. Why not simply telling (or repeating) what these two (?) main problems are that prevent many replicators from being successful? Don't get it...so all have to wait. Hopefully not to long...

    I plan to make a real devices that can be used by anyone.
    If possible, we can sell the devices - if everything will be without any problem.

    This way we won't see any results, nor product nor anything else other than what we have today (not really something, unfortunately...), because selling something will require a certification. Doesn't matter in which part of the world - this will take valuable time and prevents others from contributing to a faster and better implementation of this game changing technology.

    The "LENR community" will further suffer from not having anything that proves that there is a real Rossi-Effect (or whatever it may be called). So I hope that your MFMP "collaboration" is helping in any direction.

    Maybe not the right thread, but since it is linked to the divorce of the parties - a question to all here and out there who are more or less following this opera: Does anyone have a clue on where Rossi is currently developing his Quark-X and prepares the mass production? He claimed once he has 33 employees and many other personnel in standby (!?) waiting to setup a mass production line including worldwide sales and service.... Launching such a game changer technology won't work with this little team so he must have at least one bigger partner that is doing business on a worldwide base and use their distribution channels. I found it also interesting to learn that he was able to design and develop his Quark-X while being under supervision (?) of IH or at least the cameras all day long at the warehouse. Hard to imagine that he had all the ressources, time, engineers (?) etc. to perform such epochal R&D work while babysitting his - sorry - IH's 1MW plant.
    His current company / R&D location now must have offices, labs, workshops...a good number of people did a great job in unveiling the 1-year test location so maybe there is another chance to trace his current activities? He says he is playing tennis every weekend with his wife? Probably nearby where he lives / works...?


    Your opinion / speculation on what is currently ongoing on the "Rossi front" seems premature as well. Better wait until mid of June (maybe later, depending on how the court case develops) to see if we all can get rid of one of the most important speculation: is "Rossi says" true or not...

    Andrea Rossi knows about the existence of my theory, through our exchanges on the JONP and by emails, and through Norman Cook, with whom I often exchange comments.
    I don't think Rossi agrees with my theory.

    It seems Rossi doesn't agree to any theory while working on his own (?)... there are many experimental results around the globe that proof there is something happening that doesn't fit (yet) to any proven concept. It is simply so bad to waste valuable time by waiting for a mass roll out (whenever this will happen) of "LENR products" for industrial and home use, just to proof that this "Rossi effect" is real. Despite the huge lack of acceptance in today's scientific community I am convinced there are other ways to speed this up and develop or find a theory that rocksolid explains what we have seen so far. Just give access to a reactor or let independent 3rd party researchers watch a running plant, or...or... If all his "saying" is true, and he is close to a manufacturing, than he anyway is lightyears ahead of any follower or competitor and there is absolutely no concern to allow access to groundbreaking research and results. He will be awarded anyway after all, but should make sure that this then will happen at a time he can still enjoy.... So bad that his ego and habit prevents the world from benefiting from the new light asap...

    The sceptics have been successful in casting doubt over most methods of measuring the 'excess heat' so they will not be happy until they can see a unit for themselves in 'Self Sustain Mode' with no wires or anything else powering it.

    As Rossi stated himself in recent post on his blog: even in SSM the plant is consuming "some kWh/h".... This contradicts the "theory" that SSM is a mode without any external power from the grid.

    Ich hoffe das auch, und zwar sehr!
    Es sollte deutlich mehr solcher engagierter Mitmenschen geben wie Rainer Bautzen, der sich auf die Fahnen geschrieben hat, aktuell über die Entwicklungen auf "unserem" vieldiskutiertem neuem Energie-Sektor auf seiner Homepage zu berichten - dabei aus einer sehr neutralen, aufgeschlossenen und interessierten Position. Einfach ein Drama, wie sich die "etablierte Wissenschaftselite" auch in DE diesem Thema weiterhin verschließt. Das wird in der Tat ein böses Erwachen geben, und man hätte eine weitere gute Chance verpasst, den Wissenschafts-Standort Deutschland aus dem Dornröschenschlaf zu wecken und international wieder zu mehr Gewicht zu verhelfen...

    It is interesting to still see other / new explanations why now an entire team (not individuals) is probably wrong? ... should give an interview...should re-analyse their results....
    some of the "co-moderators" in this forum don't seem to get the message, that there is really something in this "N" in the LENR that does not require 100 Mrd$, 100 Mio Kelvin and another couple of decades to materialize in nuclear power plants that deliver energy at comparable costs...
    Looking forward to the coming replications but also to a theory that covers these results and findings.

    Thomas, time will tell - may be soon?....
    It seems the closer a potential reveal ?? of a working ?? device, that uses - let's call it for now an anomalous heat effect - will be, your and other users efforts to defend the "brave" side of science that is hardly accepting new ways of thinking or thoeries that do not (yet) fit to current peer-reviewed standard models seem to intensify... I am optimistic that we all will be excited about some news sooner or later, and then it would be really interesting to see how these kind of discussions may evolve...they are anyway interesting to follow, but I have a hard time not to lose focus on what the topic sometimes is...

    @ Thomas

    To be honest - feel free to interprete in my dislike what ever you want. I have no problem with people who are challenging some or many experiments and results in this field, but I really dislike some of your ongoing attempts to defend MY's "positions" that are completely discrediting the hard work and efforts of people not only in this forum. This forum is dedicated to sharing all kind of research and any activity that will shed (more) light on this fascinating topic. This is what it is about - and the reason why I am here for quite some time, even if I do not post, just carefully following very interested all conversations . I think I have a basic idea, I am holding a diploma in solid state physics (Charles University Prague) and I am convinced that our current knowledge in this field is still lacking of well proven theories in many directions to explain phenomena we are facing (not only) here.... There is more out there and I believe in a better and brighter future and in scientists who will help to find the right story and theory for what we call here LENR.
    I am clearly NOT here to read endless and annoying stories why LENR can't be real and that all these "strange" results are comporimized by wrong calorimetry etc..... So, finally, I am glad to see folks like TYY (hopefully?), MY and potentially other disappearing which - at least in my opinion - clearly has a noticeable positive impact on the [lexicon]conversation[/lexicon] in this forum. Thanks, admins!