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    I like Rossi fluff.

    1. Steven N. Karels June 17, 2019 at 8:15 PM

      Dear Andrea Rossi,

      “you stopped the E-Cat SK Leonardo test because of certain components failing.”

      Were the failed components involved in:

      a. Electrical energy conversion (output from the LENR process)?

      b. Control problems?

      c. Thermal issues?

      d. Starting and Stopping issues?

      e. prototype board reliability?

    2. Translate Andrea Rossi June 17, 2019 at 8:50 PM

      Steven N. Karels:

      a. yes

      the others no.

      Warm Regards,


    3. Colin Watters June 17, 2019 at 10:34 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      Do you still consider the SK to be at the prototype stage? Given the amount of time and money you have spent I had hoped you were at the pre-production stage at least.

    4. Andrea Rossi June 17, 2019 at 3:29 PM

      Colin Watters:

      We are serving a restricted number of “pioneers” and fixing problems.

      Warm Regards



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    Quote Good to know you care about how Darden spends a small part of his fortune. Even with his initial $10 million "out of pocket" gamble, he will leave tens on millions in inheritance. Certainly, it will be put to better use there.

    Darden can spend his claimed fortune on Vegas gambling or sex for hire for all I care. I do hate to see a criminal benefit from a profitable scam while fooling legitimate workers in a difficult field and taking away money that they could have used in a much better way for real research. Don't you hate that too Shane D. ?

    Google spent 10 million on real research and got nothing.

    Darden spent 10 million out of

    pocket and got nothing but Rossi

    was able to use the money to keep

    doing research.

    Rossi might still be succesful with

    the E-Cat SK because of the 10 million that kept him going.

    Rossi test stopped and back to the drawing board.

    • Gerard McEk
      June 15, 2019 at 7:02 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      1. Are you happy about the progress in testing your E-cat SKe?

      2. Has the reliability of the heat supply to your customers already improved?

      3. Are you already satisfied with that heat supply?

      4. Do you already accept and deliver new orders for heat supply?

      I hope things are developing well!

      Kind regards, Gerard McEk


      Andrea Rossi

      June 15, 2019 at 9:22 AM

      Gerard MkEk:

      1. Partly: some parts of the Ecat SK-Leonardo worked very well, better than expected, but some worked poorly. We had to suspend the test and return to remanufacture some parts differently. Much work still to do. Never give up.

      2. yes

      3. yes

      4. yes

      Warm Regards,


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    Avatar sam Bucka few seconds ago

    Frank Acland

    June 16, 2019 at 8:12 AM

    Dear Andrea,

    You said that you stopped the E-Cat SK Leonardo test because of certain components failing.

    1. Do you know yet what corrections need to be made?

    2. What is the timetable for retesting?

    3. How serious is do you feel this setback for the prospects of direct electricity production from the E-Cat SK?

    Many thanks,

    Frank Acland

    Andrea Rossi

    June 16, 2019 at 12:23 PM

    Frank Acland:

    1- yes

    2- 1 month

    3- we will never give up

    Warm Regards


    How about we be polite to Mats and not trash his poll? He has his reasons for wanting to know where Rossi stands with our membership, so let him find out without getting in the way. I am curious myself to see how much support Rossi still has. Aren't you?

    That said, I think the one comment about including an answer: "he never had anything" makes sense.

    The third choice on Mats poll covers

    that base.

    Mats Lewan comment from ECat World blog.

    2 hours ago

      • Avatar georgehants  Mats Lewanan hour ago

        Mats, many thanks for all the deep research and analysis you do on Rossi, having brought your first signed book (which I am happy to sell now to help our work in Ghana for those with no clean water etc.) I am interested if in your second book you will be exploring the possible position the science of Cold Fusion would be in now, if Rossi had shared his discoveries (if genuine) from the beginning.

        He would of course have needed to be very well rewarded by the Society that he is helping and his further Research have been well funded, but having the millions of scientists Worldwide having confirmable Proof of his effect and immediately working on improvements, could have advanced our position many fold.

        Or will this situation not be covered?

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          • Avatar Mats Lewan  georgehants36 minutes ago

            Thanks Georgehants. First I plan to finish my book with a third edition, telling the end of the story, which will obviously also be the beginning of something new. I hope to do this within a year.

            Then I have some ideas for another book, but I will come back to that later.

    A couple of interesting comments

    from A.R.

    1. Frank Acland
    2. Andrea Rossi May 20, 2019 at 10:22 PM

      Frank Acland:

      We are still in an R&D phase, therefore I am still making by hand ( solder, board and components at hand ) the control box, correcting on the paper the schematic when errors pop up. It will be manufactured by robots when and if the system will work.

      I am very optimistic about the fact that it could work, but so far it is premature. The fact that making a board by hand is not accurate is not true. It is slower, of course, but, you know, robots are fast, but they do not invent. They make things faster after things have been invented. Fortunately, otherwise I’d be jobless, albeit I have a plan B: could play drums with you at the piano and Thomas Florek at the guitar. “The A.I. Fused”

      Warm Regards,


    3. Frank Acland May 20, 2019 at 10:38 AM

      Dear Andrea,

      How is work progressing with direct electricity generation from the E-Cat SK?

      Best wishes,

      Frank Acland

    4. Andrea Rossi May 20, 2019 at 3:12 PM

      Frank Acland:

      We are working like dogs. The theory id sound, the reactor is OK, now it’s all in the electronics. The boards I made so far have not been so good, but we are progressing and I believe we are getting closer and closer to success. If we succeed, the COP becomes infinite.

      Warm Regards,


    I will stick to my guns that this is the final chapter, albeit it may be a long one. Of course, if you still believe in the man as you do, there will be many more chapters. IMO, he has nothing left to offer. The only way out of this "final" web of deceit he has weaved, would be to present this so-called customer. But that won't happen, because there is none in the real sense of the word. If there is anyone, it is along the lines of Doral, where he is his own customer, or someone he knows is. And there is no factory. Can't be, because that thing (SK) is not certified.

    Knowing there is no way out for him without showing yet again he lied, he is turning his attention to distracting his remaining fans away from talk about this customer, and selling heat, with this electricity thing. How many times have we been down this road with Rossi? Were I bored, I could use his own JONP comments the past 3 years to make mincemeat out of what he claims. He is all over the place; using one lie to cover for another. Literally child's play to prove he is full of it.

    I say it is time to stick a fork in him. He is done.

    Rossi is like Charles Goodyear who

    never quit no matter the odds.…-vulcanization-of-rubber/

    My confidence level is 7 out of 10

    that Rossi will be succesful.

    It helps to keep it there knowing

    people like Iggy Dairymple still believe in Rossi.

    If the readings are legitimate then Rossi should be proud of them.

    1. Iggy Dalrymple June 1, 2019 at 9:03 PM

      Dear Steven N. Karels,

      Why should Andrea bother to prove his product?

      “The proof of the pudding is in the taste thereof.”

      If the customer likes his purchase,

      then why must he quibble about its underlying science?

      Do American electrical utility customers demand

      to understand the science of electricity?


    Comment from E-Cat World.

    • Avatar Gerard McEkan hour ago

      If I would have been really interested in positive results, then I would have asked LENR experimenters (like Mike McKubre), who have reported positive results, to join the teams. Then at least they would not have started from the beginning and would have been able to create the conditions needed for LENR to take place. Those experimenters have 20-30 years of experience and have done 1000+, maybe 10,000 tests. That would have been a better starting point.

    1. Colin Watters May 27, 2019 at 6:20 PM

      Dear Mr Rossi, I refer readers to an article in Nature that reports on a two year research program into cold fusion and LENR financed by Google…

      It seems they found no evidence it exists, no excess heat despite over 400 experiments. Perhaps you could show them how to do it? It seems your patents, videos and theory articles aren’t sufficient.

    2. Andrea Rossi May 27, 2019 at 6:56 PM

      Colin Watters:

      I am not aware of the work described and never had anything to do with it. By the way: 400 experiments is a ridiculous number. I alone made more than 10 thousands. I supposed that all those big guns made at least ten times the experiments I made: I am alone, albeit with a magnificent Team, they are so many and prestigious…

      Warm Regards,


    bang 99

    I like Buck and think he has good

    comments on Rossi blog and

    ECat World.

    Being from Canada I also like that

    the Toronto Raptors beat the Bucks.

    They have a tough opponent in

    Golden State in the final.