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    Quote Besides it’s a free Country.

    True. Also tangential and irrelevant. You could add, the Earth is more or less round and the Sun is about 93 million miles away.

    This means that the distancebetween Earth and the Sunchanges during a year. At its closest, the Sun is 91.4 million miles (147.1 million km) away from us. At its farthest, the Sun is 94.5 million miles (152.1 million km) away. The Earth is closest to the Sun during winter in the northern hemisphere.

    According to this comment A.R.

    is getting a lot of attention.

    1. Prof September 14, 2019 at 2:29 AM

      Your paper…nge_particle_interactions

      continues its stunning viral diffusion: now it is the most read of the 15 millions publications on Researchgate. The revolutionary theoretical plant you put there, combined with the experimental setup also shown in

      has triggered a worldwide interest in all the continents.

      Ad majora!


    2. Translate Andrea Rossi September 14, 2019 at 3:34 AM


      Thank you for your attention to our work,

      Warm Regards,



    If Rossi invited you to view his technology what would look for or ask him to be convinced he has

    the technology he says he has?



    Physics For Dummies

    You can take it to the bank that if a

    satisfied customer does not come

    forward that will end it for me.

    Rossi has always said the Market

    will tell if he is succesful.

    So no legitimate satisfied customers

    purchasing ECat SK heat then no

    success with his technology.

    How long into next year I can

    last I do not know.But i doubt I can

    last all year because it would make

    no sense to do so.

    I will be well into my 6th following A.R. and will be at the end of my

    endurance even though for

    whatever reason I enjoy it.

    My belief that Rossi does not have

    working technology would be if no

    legitimate satisfied customer comes forward.I have felt a customer should come forward by the end

    of this year.Certainly the longer it

    goes into next year without that

    happening the more I will lean

    towards the skeptics view.

    No matter what Rossi Says.

    i am no psychic but I predict with great confidence that come January, when no customer comes out of the closet, your belief in Rossi will not change in any way.

    My belief that he has the technology

    he says he has will decrease if no

    legitimate customer comes forward.

    Will you have any belief if a legitimate customer comes forward?

    Not existing “Clients” obviously can’t be exposed.

    Skeptics say they don’t exist OK.

    But for this believer it all comes

    down to that a legitimate satisfied customer does exist.

    How long to give that customer

    to come forward is the question.

    Rossi answered a question if it

    would be by the end of next year

    and said yes.

    Seems to long for me but it least

    is a date that will end it for me

    if there is no legitimate customer

    by then.

    Likely story. They were demonstrated to be crooks who falsified their data. sam12 you simply can't be for real. You have to be a leg puller, and a bad one at that.

    I think you repeat your comments

    to often.

    The origins of the phrase shake a legare murky, though there are claims that the term comes from the American Civil War, when after a battle, stretcher-bearers would violently jostle a leg or arm to see if they could elicit a response from a victim on the field and thereby ascertain if he were alive or dead.

    Yes, well, once bitten twice shy.

    Admittedly $10M is a big mistake, but you know how it is, Nigerian scammers etc will reel you in bit by bit. It is human nature that having made an initial (say $1M) investment you don't like to cut loose.

    I'm not excusing it: they were naive and believed the wrong scientists, without finding a skeptical counterbalance. But these things do happen quite regularly

    Tom Darden rolled the dice.

    Good for him.

    Saved a billionaire a million.

    Maybe that Million would have kept Defkalion going

    and they would have been succeeded with there technlogy.

    Geez sam, your description of Rossi's weasel word responses are even more weaselish than his. Describe what they are, not what they are not. For example, you could say they are "devoid of meaning", "amateurish", "pathetic", or "moronic"

    They are Physics For Dummies answers and suit me just fine.

    I am doing some study on this neat video about Physics.

    Colin Watters gets some not good. not bad answers to

    three questions to A.R.

    1. Colin Watters September 7, 2019 at 2:35 PM

      Dear Andrea, At the beginning of May (four months ago) you mentioned you were having problems with the first wave of reactors and that you consider you were still in the R&D phase, not production.

      Q1:Can you tell us if you have resolved these issues?

      Q2:Have you been able to start or restart production and shipping of your reactors?

      Q3: If you are shipping reactors, what is the current estimated delivery time?

    2. Andrea Rossi September 8, 2019 at 2:20 AM

      Colin Watters:

      1- we are improving

      2- in part

      3- it depends on the situations

      Warm Regards,


    I think Rossi's loyal followers will never entirely go away. They'll probably become an organization like the Flat Earth Society. And don't mock the Flat Earth Society. They have members all around the globe.

    The Rossi skeptics will never go away.If it was proven that Rossi

    has the technology he says he has

    some of the skeptics will not


    sam12 has to be pulling everyone's leg [non-English speakers: it means joking with us]

    Nobody is stupid enough to say something like that. A smart six year old or an ordinary eight year old child, given the facts, would know better.

    I am a simple fellow that might be

    wrong about Rossi because I did not

    look at facts.But I also think you

    might be blinded about Rossi by

    looking to close at the facts.