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    So it is- I built one from scratch - much easier to work than stainless. But you should not underestimate the technical skill required to operate the vacuum equipment or run a mass spectrometer. Creating a spotlessly clean vacuum-tight system that can operate a vacuum levels close to that in interplanetary space is not easy or cheap.

    There is posible to do atleast radiation and some XH with 1pa vacuuming. I have done it my desk and got some results. So quite big posibilites that garage people can do that experiment with single vacuum pump withouth mass spectrometer.

    Biggest secret is where to buy nickel mesh and how sanding it and how apply Pd. Tap water is so full of stuff that extra purity is not needed.

    @Jed Rothwell, quoting Zhang wrote:

    "Deuterium-filled gas 1.5 ml 0.3 MPa"

    This seems seems a big difference from the advice given in the Mizuno paper of 300 Pa (0.0003 MPa) operating pressure. It is within the 0.6 MPa maximum pressure recommended by Mizuno

    Perhaps Zhang meant to write 0.3 KPa. If he reads this, perhaps he could confirm the pressure units in his recipe.

    I think it is low amount because PdNi sucks D2 very big amounts. In my case pressure may drop day-two.

    As I reported, Mizuno made a new mesh. Preliminary tests show it is producing only 20 or 30 W, but that may improve with additional cycles of gassing and degassing. He is preparing additional meshes and mailing them out to people. He is not testing them before mailing them, so they might not work.

    I have done some (5) meshes with TM method. They produce XH very low amounts / cop 1.05 (1.1 at best) etc.

    So I am very intrested how cop 10 mesh is produced (how many sanding movements, how many Pd stick scratch, which Pd-stick surface pressure is optimal etc. Is it ok to use sanding machine or do hands better meshes..? Video how cop10 mesh is produced..?)

    And there is some radiation hazard around Pd-Ni-D2 experiments. Fortunate it is low energy moustly and reactor wall stop it. But sometimes I have measured 650c/min with my pancake detector (220c/min norm). Sometimes neutron detector fires quite often.. So be carefull. (End of vacuuming under bake it produce some radiation spontanously)

    Some information:

    * 1pa vacuuming is enough to produce atleast radiation and some XH.

    * do not apply H2 in reactor. Low vacuum can`t outgas it completely. Ni reduction cycle must do with D2.

    People will get 20-30W meshes because TM have lost how COP10 mesh is produced?

    I quess it is tritium and porous material store it. It ventilate room soon so radiation disappear. Mica pancage detetector can detect alphas. Silver foil doubling rates is hard to explain with alphas. Maybe some smarter can explain it?

    I trust that LENR can be explained with ordinary physics because if there is some extraordinary then it shoud be finded already by CERN etc.

    What you think if someone explain what LENR is with ordinary physics is it worth of nobel price?

    Dark matter is defined by universe accelrating expansion. There is dark matter OR something what we don't understand in universe dimensions. There is also other explanations, aether etc.

    Human physics equations are some approximation based findigs/measurement from nature. They are not (full) truth.

    Do you believe that only fools read such posts? Why should somebody tell you/us what he is exactly doing?

    You are a no name=anonymous poster!

    I would only share "real" information with people that I know what they are able to do with the "real" information.

    Somebody can tell "exactly" what he is doing if he gains something and there is no harmfull information. In my case device is potentially harmfull.

    And if it is real philoshoper stone it can do transmutations so if everybody do it it spoils precious metals value.

    And what is "real" information. I know that there is errors and uncovered things in: biological, doctor and physics books. If my knownledge is "real" then it is worth of some nobels. It is also posible that I am wrong or world opinion say that I am wrong and keep mainstream.

    One real mystery is magnetocytes purpose. There is data that two diffrent types exsist in everybody brains. I say that they purpose is communication. One type for transmitter and receiver. And if it is "real" information it is worth of nobel and make biological and doctor books new. I also say there exsist wirefall that block communication. It is due malware.. So healthy man dosn't know/feel he have magnetocytes..

    I have also quess that behind that "firewall" is room for "malwares", common mind (god) etc.

    Now there is hot iron, keep forging

    I mean alchemy literature..

    Materials and things what I have done is so simple that it can be done in antique time.. (and there is so much literature that say it have done previously, many times)

    Last time was Newton, he got some mental broblems due it.. Posibly Holmlid but he dosn't know it because it is so small to feel effect..

    Rossi like devices maybe 1%..

    I'm quite sure it is not RF because rised counts continue up 15mins after power off everything near reactor. Or atleast it must come from reactor and through steel.. It is not perfect RF shield around reactor but quite good.. (I'am 99% sure counts come from detector tube signal)

    It is sure that my counts contain also false counts because counter electronics is too fast, it can count one real count many times due plasma fluctuation during real count event. So one real count can be multiplied for 1-3x. But false counts are linked to real counts or atleast tube give signal contain higher peaks - that normally represent neutrons.

    And BG neutrons are too low frequency to explain counts even one real count read 100x (counter frequency limit is less, (up to 1Mhz))

    Bubble detector is expensive to order europe. Limited shelf live. And I'm quite sure that count mystery are not real neutrons, because my boron detector show only BG even high ³He counts.

    And boron detector (CHM12) can be like machine gun sometimes but condition are not yet repetable for me..

    Me365 maybe have/had something. Hints what he leaved may help to do things Rossi a like system. But things what he claimed can very easilly be faked. So until he prove something real value is low. Anyway he have not asked money. Only claims that he have something valuable. He shared some pictures, some hints. Hints are not proven correct or false. Pictures can be faked or not.

    He taked only our time.

    So in future if want amateurs share pictures and hints don't nail them down if they don't prove anything (or proof wrong.)

    If somebody want money then ask proofs. You only loose your time in forum umproven things but they can be good show like me365.

    There are also things that are hard to prove. Like strange radiation that feels in brain. Moust persons are inert for such radiation, but some regonizes it.

    Strange radiation that give counts in CHM32 ³He detector tube, but not activate materials (not detectable amounts). Boron (CHM12) counter tube is inert, it show only BG.

    Strange radiation that posibly activates magnetocytes in your brain, which lead mental diseases infections. But how to prove?
    I'm only quite sure that there is something that normal physics books don't cover. Or posibly many things not covered in biological, doctor and physics books.
    And these things are known in ancient time at least partly.

    Asked picture from detector setup..

    Left lead hemishepre is for geiger counter shield from upward radiation. CHM32 is easilly regonized from its special head. And there is moderator, far from optimal..

    Reactor is downwards under steel plate (seen little under moderator canister)..

    H* does react with 7Li as Lipinski(s) have proven. Potentially it can react with many isotopes, that own a magnetic moment.

    Accelerated protons can react with ⁷Li -> ⁸Be ->2 ⁴He. Is H* accelerated proton - proton with extra energy?

    Can accelerated proton (H* ?) react with ³He inside neutoron detector tube? ¹H + ³He -> ⁴He + positrons?


    Build a cloud chamber and check for charged particles near your reactor.

    I have maybe suitable chiller. Some day.. Broblem is that cloud chamber produce lot of data. Like finding needle in haystack.

    H* is charged particle?

    How can we know? We have no photo of your lab setup nor do we know where you stand even less, do we know what produces He3. Just to many questions without any sound base delivered by your side we can only guess...

    He3 is a known side product of 2H-2H fusion or of 3H decay, also a byproduct of 4He production.

    I mean that my neutron detector tube (Soviet CHM32) is He3 filled. It is not produced in detector tube but consumed by neutron collision. And that tube give counts that show something. But what other than neutrons can do counts? H*?

    Basically direction of chm32 detector tube: 1st there is reactor tube D15mm (ceramics), then ~98% free air space ~4cm (~2% moustly metal structures) then thin 0.3mm steel, ~2cm air, ~1cm steel, then ~8cm moderator (biodiesel), 3mm cartoon tube and 18mm He3 tube.

    In reactor is .. uh including nickel powder and hydrogen gas. (effect is posible without nickel)

    I do moustly near 200C with air cooling..

    GM counter give some rise in counts but low. I don't have scintilator yet.

    Fly H* direct path or have it diffusion like behaviour (like neutrons)? Do you think H* react He3 and give what? and that reaction results give counts?

    So do I have odd neutrons, (very odd) detector error, or H* or something else?

    Btw this is me365 thread. I give only hint that maybe he(/she?) have something, because I have something (maybe?).

    "heavy electron" is old name for muon. H* is new for me, not in standard physic? Hydrogen is present in my reactor. Can H* react with He3 and give counts? I'm intrested what else can give counts in detector or is it neutrons but I miss material activation effects.

    me356 reports intense ionization experienced up to 3 meters away from the his test reactor, heavy enough to disable his test equipment. Such heavy ionization could effect the electrical activity in a susceptible brain.

    IMHO, such ionization might be produced by heavy muon and/or RF production.

    I have not detected heavy RF radiation. And it is easy to shield with thin metal. Such radiation easilly go through thin metal. It affect slightly to cheap radios.

    In brain there exisit two types of magnetocytes, which contain magnetosomes, which contain small paramagnetic magnetite crystalls up to some billions in everybody brains. These crystalls effectively shields inner brains from RF radiation.. (see "god helmet")

    Only magnetic fields go through brains. I have not detected strong magnetic fields near reactor.

    What is "heavy muon"? Heavy electron? positive/negative muon?

    Have any news about me365?

    I have some news: My CHM32 He3 detector show some activity from some materials (including Ni powder). Activity up to 500x BG have seen some times (and logged). I have seen also ~15min lasting activity mode (me365 talked about) after stimulation cycle.

    Question, what else it can be than neutrons? Holmlid talk pseudo neutrons. Why pseudo neutrons? Not real neutrons but something that neutron detectors show?

    I have reason to think they are not real neutrons, because no measurable activation from surrounding materials, 2nd same conditions produce sometimes strange radiation that feels in brains (I have not found literature that neutron based cancer theraphy produce feelings in brains). 3rd old alchemist literature speak "running mercurial" --> something that feels inside brain, essential for transmutations..

    I claim that some alchemist was not pure chemist but physicans that have LENR like tool to do things (including transmutations). There is also old warning "One of three is empty skull". That material generate lot of detector counts and strongest feelings in brains. Sometimes hospital is also needed..


    Say what?!

    Loose battle for second virus. So need to wait. It render me quite normal, so no more paranormal skills, or only very minimal set of them..

    Need to build successfull mental affecting apparatus again to get new battle but possible dangerous and if/when it affects brain it can't know are things real or not or deeper what reality really is..

    For short don't try it if want keep your mind. From ancient "one of three is empty skull".