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    the power of the net: la bufadora

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    if 1000 thinkers worked channeled on the net they might come up with a bufadora

    Daniel Szumski has an interesting angle on the question of anomalous heat..versus transmutations in LENR conditions.

    He believes that the principle of Least Action which is known to operate in macroscopic kinetic phenomena, can be shown to operate in nuclear transmutations.


    No maths in this essay but the maths can get heavy duty... it would be nice to get Mizuno's transmutation data. knowing that heat output was zero.

    Feynman had a interesting lecture about the practical utility of this minimum entropy/ change principle applied to calculating capacitance.

    Perhaps it might be useful in LENR as Szumski said
    Any one prepared to polish up their Lagrangians?

    Stage diva said " Interested in what everyone thinks"

    Business is messy.. like war.. the truth is surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.
    I was just wondering how much Cherokee runs through Darden's veins

    bizjournals also ran this article about Cherokee
    fined 100,000 and paid back 455698
    guess they lost that one in court…ners-reaches-100-000.html

    definitely needs courts to sort out [lexicon]IH[/lexicon]-rossi suit with 89000000
    all speculation is rather interesting but ultimately futile until the court decides
    meantime research in LENR continues in hundreds of underfinanced labs as it has done for quarter of a century
    viva la science

    Shane said "As one would expect it makes Rossi sound like a saint"

    Bismarck said that lawmaking is like sausage making not pretty to observe the process

    Technology development is the same. Tesla's AC generator patents and his relationship with Westinghouse were messy
    but the world has his sausages even though he died penniless.

    I don't think Rossi is a saint and he won't die penniless... but the world will enjoy his sausages.
    The COP of btween 6 and 50 could be an average of 20.. those E-cat sausages could be very cheap.

    Paradigmnoia said "There are many questions raised by this experiment."

    My guess is that this was a low budget experiment that formed part a PhD student's portfolio. Actinide cold fusion was a low priority in an era which was focussed on palladium.
    Uranium foil is not cheap- something like a 1000 GBP per square inch.. so perhaps this explains the use of different areas in the expt.
    The surprising thing is that the observed increase in radiation was coming from the dry foil above the liquid electrolyte which suggests
    that any particle causing it is mobile.. perhaps an electron .. perhaps a hydride ion... transition metal hydrides are electrically conductive.. but perhaps a neutron.

    Kozima attempts to explain the nexus between the inside nuclear arena and the outside chemical drama . which according to a century old paradigm, are mostly independent by his trapped neutron cold fusion (TNCF) model here, in 2013…d_Hydrides_and_Deuterides

    and in the process cites a few other actinoid cold fusion results, apart form Dash's.
    He finds some consistency within these according to his TNCF model.

    His latest publication on TNCF attempts to explain the Rossi Ecat Lithium/Nickel isotope changes here. in 2015…l-and-e-cat-hideo-kozima/

    However he provided no mechanism for neutron production after twenty years of TNCF to justify his assumption
    "neutrons are assumed to exist in the CF materials (materials such as PdDx, NiHx, TiDx, – – where observed the CFP) play catalytic roles to induce nuclear reactions resulting in excess energy".

    Rather than neutrons I would tend to go with Piantelli's idea of capture of a proton derived form hydride capture within the transition metal

    ". This way, orbital capture reactions are caused of H- ions by the primary material of the cluster crystal nanostructures and then nuclear capture reactions of the proton H+ deriving from the H- ion due to the loss of two electrons, as described hereinafter, by the atoms of the metal of such clusters, which causes a subsequent fall on inner orbitals and allows a nuclear capture by the nucleus of the metal and a generation of thermal energy.

    as detailed in his patent application WO 2013008219 A2

    Piantelli is saying that the go-between connecting the outside chemical drama to the internal nuclear arena is this hydride ion, and not the neutron.

    paradigmnoia wrote glibly "Whosover may visit the center of the Earth may collect data from There. Otherwise deal with whatcha got"

    If Newton had been dominated by a superficial paradigm I fear that he would never had extrapolated from the apple to the moon, and Einstein would never have predicted gravity waves from blackholes..,,

    Scientists do visit Hell in spirit if not in body using what they've got which is intelligence and ingenuity.. as below and make valid deductions about it.…190/full/nature06918.html…?WT.ec_id=NATURE-20130314

    As a first start in studying the possible accelerated decay of radioisotopes in the mantle, I would subject radioisotopes to LENR conditions here on the surface. In fact Dash had the audacity to do this with uranium and has deduced accelerated decay already
    as abstracted below

    Changes in the Radioactivity, Topography, and Surface Composition of Uranium after Hydrogen Loading by Aqueous ElectrolysisDash, J.; Chicea, D.
    CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion. Held 24-29 August 2003 in Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Edited by Peter L Hagelstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) & Scott R Chubb (Naval Research Laboratory, USA). Published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2006. ISBN #9789812701510, pp. 463-474
    Hydrogen loading of 99.98% pure natural uranium foils (0.18mm thick) was performed by aqueous electrolysis in order to compare with glow discharge results. The alpha, beta, and gamma specific radioactivity were measured after hydrogen loading and compared with the control. Some of the samples revealed an increase of the specific radioactivity of up to 20%. Gamma-ray spectroscopy was also performed on the samples. Results reveal an increase of the specific counts for the peaks of Th234 and U235 and a decrease in the U Kalpha1 characteristic X-ray peak. The surface topography changed from granular before electrolysis to pitted afterward. The thorium concentration increased slightly after electrolysis compared with the original material. In summary, this work in progress reveals that loading hydrogen into uranium increases the uranium decay rate, in agreement with the glow discharge results

    Paradigmnoia wrote "Regarding Earthly circumstances, there is a huge amount of data available, and no sign of the changes occurring that you suggest."

    It depends on what you mean by Earthly circumstances.

    The conditions in the mantle are completely different from those at the surface of the Earth

    There are no decay rate data conducted in a combination of high hydrogen concentrations, in the presence of nickel and iron lattices under conditions of cavitation, crystallisation and recrystallization from molten silicates, varying electrochemical currents and magnetic fields, as far as I know

    However there is some indication that nuclear decay rates can change.. unfortunately you'll need a subscription to access these 4 articles and I have no idea how reliable the data is.

    Phenomenological Rules for Nuclear Metabarysis
    Riccardo Capotosto and Francesca Rosetto
    J. Adv. Phys. 5, 80-83 (2016)

    Deformed Space-Time Reactions: Towards Nuclear Metabarysis
    Gianni Albertini and Riccardo Capotosto
    J. Adv. Phys. 5, 84-89 (2016)

    Isotopical Changes in Piezonuclear Iron
    Fabio Cardone, Monica Lammardo, Andrea Petrucci, Alberto Rosada, and Emilio Santoro
    J. Adv. Phys. 5, 90-96 (2016)

    On the Possibility of Induced -Decay of Uranium
    L. I. Urutskoev, D. V. Filippov, A. A. Rukhadze, K. A. Alabin, and A. A. Levanov
    J. Adv. Phys. 5, 97-103 (2016)

    The proper examination of zircon U-decay rates in mantle circumstances is a major undertaking.
    We need to mimick the journey of the uranium ions into the zircon crystal and its subsequent tortuous passage to the Earth's surface. Along the way we might examine the following questions

    What are the permeabilities for H2, H in silicate melts and crystals?
    What are the concentrations for H2, H in silicate melts and crystals?
    What is the role of Zirconium.?Can it act as an catalytic generator of protiums from hydrogen
    as nickel is postulated by Piantelli to do in Ni/H2 LENR? Will it be converted to heavier atoms?
    What isotopic reactions are generated for a range of different keV protiums, alpha particles?
    What ash might be left? Can full isotopic analysis of zircons yield clues to isotopic reactions.
    What Helium isotopes are expected to be generated. Can these be detected in Zircons.
    W hat is the effect on zirconium isotope ratios?
    What is the role of and isotopic effect on silicon and oxygen?
    What alternative pathways to Pb for Thorium, U-235. U-238 might be possible under LENR conditions.

    Before this major undertaking a few simple experiments to show that LENR does provide quicker, alternative pathways for decay might be useful starting with less dangerous Beta emitters such as
    Sr-90 Cs-137.

    Surface circumstances are much easier than mantle circumstances. We already know that at the surface zircon U-decay rates are constant, and that is what is used for rockdate calculations. But rocks are not made on the surface... they are made in the mantle

    Paradigmnoia said "First, show that processes applicable to the Earth in Earthly circumstances "

    Haven't visited there yet but the Earthly circumstances in Hades vary widely, between ,say 500 and 3000 degrees
    Celsius with silicate and metallic(nickel and iron incl.) lattice minerals crystallizing and recrystallizing with varying fugacities,
    cracks and porosities, electrical currents , hydrogen gas, , all kinds of shocks,..WTH.

    The stomach of an E-cat is not so hellish but it would be interesting to see
    if LENR digests isotopes like Sr-90, Cs-137 and for the foolhardy U-235

    , as Piantelli asserts in his patent, WO 2013008219 A2.

    Axilaxil recommended the "road to LENR is through HP physics"

    There may be many LENR roads between Lugano and Pluto and some may pass through the centre of Hades.
    Certainly LENR could supply the 20 TW of geoheat deficit not supplied by conventional nuclear decay.…s-for-half-of-earths-heat

    Hopefully the LENR road will lead home soon.
    I had an E-cat in my home I'd feed it with Strontium-90 and see if it ate it up.

    Eric Walker wrote:" this is my shot at crackpot fame."

    Thanks for your answer.. there are indeed plenty of alphaparticle emitters according to the so-called Rossi effect via Beryllium 8, but perhaps there are also proton reactions.

    There looks to be thousands of PHD years of work finding out how to manipulate these reactions...femto technology

    Its good of you to collate the work of the international fringe dwellers who have been crackpot enough to investigate the isotope changes in LENR for 2 decades , Mizuno.. Iwamura etc.

    Your collation and summary contains a number of interesting fringe references, which I am reading.

    My interest in in LENR is more fringier than most... I speculate that it occurs in Earth's mantle and specifically in zircons which are used to date the rocks via U-235.

    Sometimes crackpots are useful.
    Janet Coatsworth thought Leo Szilard was a crackpot when he dictated his 1939 letter to Roosevelt,
    But what he wrote was definitely not crackpot

    Wyttenbach said " You well know NASA is neither independent ..".

    This article shows how bias can cause empirical evidence to be ignored.


    The problem is it is that very difficult to find independence and competence together.
    Much of the LENR work is hampered by the expense of isotope assays and proper radiation detection.

    These costs are minimal for large organisations like NASA, CERN which already have these testing instruments in place, courtesy of taxpayer funding.
    These large organisations inevitably have their bias against non-organisation research.
    The problem is that there is no unbiased scientist

    I believe that Parkhomov is more independent. His replications of the nickel-lithium aluminium hydride effect were performed in Russia
    one of the big petroeconomies of the world and a country with a lotof roubles to lose if LENR takes over as the main human energy source.
    But he had to scrounge around to get instruments for his research, so his competence is compromised.
    And in fact Parkhomov has bias, he believes that LENR works, otherwise why he do theses experients.

    At the moment he is trying to get more heat out of his dogbone... but is five years behind the Italians like Rossi and Piantelli in the learning curve.
    His latest results are that the Gallium -69 Isotope has increased by 60 times in the dogbone. Intriguing.. If we examine
    Bob Greenyer's spreadheet Ga-69 is produced.. from Zn... how does the Zn come about from the Nickel?... and how much gamma radiation is emitted
    along the multiple nuclear reaction steps. So interesting!

    Entschuldigen for the smalltalk while we wait for the examen results.. but I don't drink beer.

    The speculation on Rossi and professors in the Lugano test, seems pointless,
    but it will probably transmute into extended speculation on
    ERV-independence-[lexicon]IH[/lexicon]-Rossi for the Carolina test especially if the results are positive.

    Speculation on the mechanism at work in the E-cat is much more productive and interesting .. like here
    and gives pointers to more things on heaven and earth than
    are dreamt of in current nuclear philosophy.. thanks to Bob Greenyer