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    Lenr feasibility according to

    Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev


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    2012 presentation

    Bob Greenyer slideshow of recent LENRstory

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    Axil said "You can reveal it"

    Randy Mills in reply to a query about his molten silver level control in the Suncell said he will reveal it sometime.

    Query: "Are you using a magnetic flow meter to control the levels of molten silver? As the reservoir fills up one expects the flow of the molten silver to increase. In that case the electromagnetic pump of that reservoir should pump a bit harder in order to get more molten silver in the other reservoir. Vice versa, reduced flow would mean that side should pump a little less."Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 8:43 AM

    Answer:"The flow meters are big, inaccurate, insensitive, killed by electrical noise, won’t work at these temperatures. I’ll reveal how it works eventually."

    via Yahoo.

    Suhas avows zero possibility of

    LEAD, GOLD, SILVER, PALLADIUM contamination in apparatus

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    Bob Greenyer asks how huge amts of LEAD formed.

    Alan alerted me to Don Hotson's work in another thread.. but it is relevant here in this pluralist thread

    After reading Don's third "Dirac" paper which concludes

    ""I" am not my body, but my information, and this can exist separate from my body, and survive bodily death"

    I found that he died of leukemia in 2014.…s/pdfs/HotsonMemoriam.pdf

    His third Dirac paper (2009) can be accessed at the THIRD link here:…equation-negative-energy/

    Hotson's critique of the postBohr physics funk is wonderfully written

    Along the way to discussing mortality

    Don touches upon

    vacuum energy,

    Shoulder's evos

    Urutskoev's titanium transmutation(Axil has mentioned this several times) ( relevant to Suhas' anomaly?)

    and many more things which Bob Greenyer has not yet mentioned-- epos, quons....

    Something to read today during todays Church sermon.

    BLP update via yahoo 20th April

    [email protected] asked

    "In the latest BLP update there was this statement of achieved control of the temperature profile. Does anybody know what that means?"

    Randy Mills answered

    "The automated control of the molten silver levels of the dual molten silver injectors. The levels were controlled manually using visualization previously.

    This (manual control) is not possible in a closed system. The problem was actually challenging. The metal surface level is ill defined like the ocean. The flow is chaotic and random, 6000K plasma present, molten metal everywhere, huge noise and randomization of signal, huge temperature, pressure, RF fields, electrical pulses from ignition, can’t make penetrations; nothing conventional was used, not even X-ray sensing, thermal, back scattered neutrons, electrical parameters, acoustic, radar, ultrasound, laser, etc., etc. The solution works so beautifully."

    Wyttenbach said

    "What about a modell for the third ionzation energy of Lithium?"

    Why not just the ionisation energies for helium?

    Actually physicists tried to use the QM approach to mathematically derive the ground state energy level of helium.

    The exptal value is -79.01 eV.

    Eventually, after three decades, QM approximation methods gave almost perfect agreement with the exptal value,

    BUT the approximation method required 1078!!!!! parameters to be inserted (Pekeris,1959)

    In contrast Mills calculates the first ionisation energy as -24.5875 eV

    (pg 301 Table 9.5 , the excited states of helium, GUTCP, 2016).

    Mills' IE value differs by 0.0004% from the exptal value

    BUT requires a few fundamental physical constants rather than hundreds of fudge factor parameters.

    Mills version is rather easier to calculate too.

    The claim

    "QM is the most accurate theory ever devised"

    requires an adjunct claim:

    "QM is the most fudged theory ever devised."

    Jack Cole affirmed "Yes, that is extrapolation to the Nth degree.

    Rhetoric to the 2nd degree? Randy Mills' 1.24 MW calculation was based on 0.7 nanosecond. Longterm input/output measurements require a 24/7 process.

    No written reports yet, but videos suggest the duration is now an hour at least. From nanosecond to hour is a tera factor increase in the time duration in 3 years .

    Jack Cole said "I don't know about their more recent tests, "

    The 2014 report, I referenced is available on the BLP site for perusal or at Elsevier etc if one has access to an academic institution library

    Title ="H2O-Based Solid Fuel Power Source Based on the Catalysis of H by HOH Catalyst"

    Jack Cole said "Earlier tests .. "

    Perhaps one earlier test Jack is referring is the 2012 report

    R. Mills, X Yu, Y. Lu, G Chu, J. He, J. Lotoski, “Catalyst induced hydrino transition (CIHT) electrochemical cell,” (2012), Int. J. Energy Res., (2013),

    Mills stated that he is getting much higher power densities in the 2014 report.

    Jack Cole said "The bomb calorimeter showed an energy gain of ~2 (for a single brief event). "

    Table 1 in 2014 report shows energy gains of 7x and 4.5 x for Titanium water samples.Comparison with 21 other samples in Table1 indicated that energy gain is much greater than conventional chemical enthalpic gain.

    Jack Cole said "I'm not convinced that they are doing anything beyond burning metal at this point. "

    The 2014 report statesEach sample was ignited under argon”

    Jack Cole said "A lot of times, it is difficult to know what has been measured and what has been extrapolated. They don't always make that clear, and it doesn't really seem to matter to Mills. "

    The 2014 report states

    "The power density was confirmed to be about 3 X 1010 W/liter of fuel volume using the measured time of the event and the energy released as measured by bomb calorimetry. The predicted molecular hydrino H2(1/4) was identified as a product by Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence emission spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)."

    There is no extrapolation here. The " 1MW from a basketball" idea is not extrapolation in terms of power level , because 1.24 MW has already been obtained in the bomb calorimeter. However it is extrapolation from nanosecond duration to 24/7 .

    24/7 operation plus an input/output test is what Mills and his team are working on now.

    Hopefully Mills will take less time than the development of the incandescent light :) bulb


    Jack Cole said "He(Mills) takes small (maybe false) experimental result and extrapolates it to the Nth degree.

    The most relevant evidence dated January 2015 is a report on a solid fuel cell.

    "H2O-based solid fuel power source based on the catalysis of H by HOH catalyst"…cle/pii/S0360319914028468

    I do not think that this is false, having taken the time to read it.

    Perhaps Jack you can find something that is patently false in it?

    On the question of "extrapolating to the nth degree."

    You mentioned 1 MW from a basketball ???

    which I interpret as a question about power density.

    Mills Jan/15 calorimeter report calculates power to be 1.24 MW per 0.7 ns

    Mills says this is typical. The short time interval is necessitated by the calorimetry set up.

    Mills' technology needs 'extrapolation'from nanoseconds intervals to 24/7 continuity,

    The extrapolation is not in terms of power, but in terms of the time frame.

    judging from the BLP site videos Mills has moved on from nanosecond to hourly durations

    in the intervening 2-3 yrs since that expt was done.

    Video March13/2015 Duration= 21.9 milliseconds

    Video Sept 2/2016 Duration > 60 seconds

    Video Sept 9/2016 Duration reported as ~ 2hours

    Recent April video addresses silver electrode control, appears solved?

    The power density is not really an issue - a 1MW basketball?

    Just to get a ball park comparison, I'll compare that to my car.

    The thermal rating for my Mazda3 engine is probably something like 350Kw =0.35Megawatts

    The Mazda engine size is stated as 2.5 litres.

    The Mills basket ball is ~7 litres

    The power density of Mills basketball compared to my Mazda 3 is

    1 megawatt/7litres compared to 0.35megawatt/2.5 litres

    which calculates to be 0.142 for Mills baske ball

    versus 0.14 for my Mazda 3 engine.

    In terms of power density Mills 1MW basketball is not so much different from my Mazda 3 engine.

    I guess Mills will report 24/7 operation some time.

    Setting up the laboratory to measure / exhaust 1 MW seems feasible in Mazda terms

    and might have been achieved already

    Check my calculations if you like

    We can all make unintentional errors.

    Bear in mind these are 'ball:)park' figures.

    Zeno wrote "I know that QM is the most accurate theory ever devised and has passed every test so far".

    I'm not so sure of that.

    I downloaded Millsian 2.0 and within about 5 minutes I had this picture of the ethanol molecule

    I couldn't do the same for a QM based program like Spartan

    but Mills has supplied some total bond energies obtained by Spartan in his 2010 report.

    These Spartan QM results are 16.1025, 24.1239, and 25.5053.

    The above Millsian result of 33.4056 compares much better with the experimental result of 33.4276 eV

    Epimetheus said "not to apply Maxwell's Laws is crazy". I agree with that.

    My reading of Mills published papers suggests to me that Randell Mills is not changing any paradigm

    - he is just applying physics laws as written by Maxwell and Einstein

    Mills challenges the prevailing paradigm of quantum mechanics

    by showing that his application of

    classical physics laws yields

    much better agreement with measured parameters of molecules than does QM.

    Reading of GUTCP/ Mills is much easier than reading QM, but its still hard work.

    Easier reads, while you wait, courtesy of Ed Wall, are:…ne/issue130/WallIE130.pdf…sue131/WallIE131Part2.pdf

    The video mentions a

    Gianfranco Cerofolini 1992reference


    Can Binuclear Atoms Be Formed in Head-on Atomic Impacts at Moderate Energy?"

    about what kind of elements could form binuclear atoms from a ballpark theoretical standpoint.

    Gianfranco concluded that only for Z<3, i.e Hydrogen and Helium had the possibility to form metastable states in the kiloelectronvolt range

    But Gianfranco used conventional assumptions about electrons and protons

    For a hydrogen binuclear atom (i.e one with two protons) if one were to incorporate Mills hydrino thinking with sub-n=1 states

    it is conceivable that if n= 1/2,1/3,1/4 electrons were closer to the two protons

    than this might stabilise

    a diproton hydrogen atom and reduce the energy level of the metastable state. How far below the kEV level.???

    Some have postulated that the deuterinos have a high probabilty of fusing ,

    e,g Itzhak Shechtman 15 years ago


    Mills developed equations ( which took into account the forces due to the electrons' spin) for the hydrogen molecule

    which give amazing agreement with experimental parameters.

    These were first published in Mills, Phys. Essays 17, 342 2004.

    but were summarised in 2010 in…ntationPt2-web-032017.pdf.

    The same approach for molecules made from two hydrinos will likely calculate more stable configurations

    of the ( dihydrino) molecule with protons closer together than in the normal hydrogen molecule.

    However as far as I am aware Mills is not

    focussed on the fusion possibility, as he seems to be comfortable with the more controllable predictable energy release

    as the individual hydrino atoms are shrunk smaller and smaller.