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    How marvellously illuminating. Robert Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh, Physics royalty, did LENR, at Terling Place, Essex, in 1946

    This fact that this 'surprising energy' died heirless at Terling represents human failure on many levels.

    Perhaps most of Europe was absorbed by postwar reconstruction for decades and

    death curtailed Rayleigh(III) in 1947, one year later.

    I am sure that Robert Strutt would contribute to LENR today if he could.

    The estate still has lots of money, much from the EU


    Perhaps his descendants would be willing??????

    Its a good thing that today, the private or 'hobby' laboratorians,

    ignoble, idealistic, passionate, bewildered,

    have LENR Forum to critique and to promulgate their results.

    Of course LENR Forum has its areas where silliness prevails

    I hope Easter ( 4 holidays in Australia) brings reflection to those areas.

    Simon said

    "proton subshells incorporated today".

    Looks interesting, Thanks for taking the time to put that up on your web site.

    it looks more useful than the zillions story put out by Strassler.

    Does CERN have a mindset which restricts them from interpreting their

    The Infinity Energy Magazine references supporting this are not of course available on university cross searchs, pity

    Is there any possibility that this proton substructure could support the idea of a metastable binuclear hydrogen as proposed by

    Paolo Accomazzi

    reading his brief pdf he postulates

    "a potential well (as the two proton spins oppose each other) at a smaller distance than the normal H_H bond length."

    the difficulty with proving his postulate is not just the Hamiltonian equation solution but also the validity of the equation.

    Perhaps your subshell model could yield a calculatable equation for the proton proton interaction that depends on distance?

    Please let me know your thoughts on that?

    Happy Easter/ We don't know how lucky we are,(John Clarke in memoriam)

    Rigel said "No zillions.."

    True.. I could not find any evidence of that high number but

    Strassler describes how the evidence (Compact Muon Solenoid) Large Hadron Collector CERN 2010 suggests a

    intra-protonic community of up, down, strange, quarks and antiquarks as well as gluons.

    His community in the proton is larger than the u-u-d triple we are told about in school physics textbooks.

    My problem with his zillions is who or what accounts for the missing zillionth gluon to ensure that all protons are identical.…ng-whats-inside-a-proton/

    Strassler talks about the ideal bound state of the hydrogen atom as conjugal bliss but then talks about the central spouse, the proton being a

    fluctuating community of adults and children. The human analogy starts to fail here.

    However the idea of a more complex network for the proton than just u-u-d brings to mind the idea of a resilient, metastable proton which can store

    lots of energy, spin, mass? within multiple network bonds in a hyperbound state.

    Two metastable protons together could help stabilise a special metastable state in which two protons are squashed together in a

    binuclear atom.. (The human analogy to this may perhaps be accommodated within our modern LGBT paradigm? or not?)

    This is a recent idea which I have found intriguing and has some explanatory power(IMO) for a series of LENR exptal results over the decades

    Ecce Binuclear hydrogen atom (Grazie, Paolo Accomazzi).


    I am busy reading the associated pdf file for awhile .

    Can said that Aftenposten Holmlid post "is last year's news"

    At least Norway has a mainstream newspaper shining a light on LENR energy future

    In Australia, supposedly the lucky country, the lights are going out

    as this March 15, clip from the recently departed John Clarke shows

    THHuxleynew used online engineeringtoolbox online to quickly show unsupportable speed in new 6inch ducting.\

    Those calcs took a lot longer back in the day.. I used a slide rule.

    Save those calcs.Perhaps thorough calculations of an experienced HVAC engineer can be added as an addendum to the Smith report during the appeals process(es)

    I was relaying Engineer48 comments only.

    E48 views differ from yours about the understanding level of some IH engineers, esp. Smith.

    Not knowing E48, Rossi, Smith except from the Net I will wait for the court verdict until expressing an opinion on engineering understanding level.

    Joshg mentioned there was a problem with heat dissipation

    Perhaps Rossi addressed this problem with new 6 inch ductwork to the roof vent on the South side of the warehouse

    according to Engineer 48 on ECW disqus just now…f3e88a80ab5a2aacd9940.png

    E48 also finds it very strange that that both Murray or Smith has never mentioned the south side roof vent and fan.

    "totally ignored by the IH side"


    Axil said

    "Now that you understand how the proton decays in LENR, you have a 100 year head start in the science of LENR."

    Sorry axil I don't actually understand what the 'proton' IS for a start..

    The word 'proton' was only coined 97 years ago by Rutherford, in 1920.

    Maybe I am 97 years behind or maybe just 7 yrs

    with that issue alone.

    Matt Strassler,2010, has a picture of ONE proton composed of 12 up and 10 down quarks about 20 of their antiparticles,

    and 30 or so gluons and a dozen or so strange quarks…aq/whats-a-proton-anyway/

    That's something which I don't quite understand. How the proton decays is another hurdle.

    Simon says "Please let me know your thoughts!!!"

    1. My experience is that physicists as a group are just as mired in outmoded tradition as biologists.

    Biologists=EVOLUTION Physicists=QUANTUM

    It's good to hear some more new thought 100 years after Rutherford.

    2.There are several new theories but the crunch is to come up with the differentiating test and do it.

    You have made a kind of prediction that the positron radius would be such and such

    Not so easy to test as was Thomson's plum pudding model with an alpha gun

    but have you any thoughts how to test that?

    3. "Chemistry comes from nucleus"

    This comes from your summary tables which differentiates your model from Mills/Rutherford.

    We know that the chemistry of C-14 being similar to C-12 was necessary to elucidate the Calvin cycle.

    Other investigations have shown that isotope form does not change chemical behaviour very much.

    This blanket statement may need to be qualified..

    the chemical behaviours of C-14/C-12 is not very different because the nuclear structures are not much different ?

    4. Nobel gases(new atomic model) should be Noble gases.( or Inert). Sorry to nitpick.

    What's in a name.. who knows what God calls them.

    Our thoughts are far away from His thoughts

    Axil said "Egely has validated the polariton theory."

    With respect to Shoulders EVOs I do not read Egely's writing as validation but rather speculation.

    The speculation is in UPPERCASE in the following

    "There is a similar strange effect, found by Ken Shoulders (U.S. Patent 5,018,180/1991, or 5,148,461/1992), which belongs here

    ..At a modest 500 V potential difference, a bunch of electrons and protons form an interesting particle cluster, which Shoulders called an "electrum validum," on the cathode tip, creating a hole on a fine aluminum or ceramic flat anode (or witness plate).

    The calculations yield an astonishing amount of excess energy, up to 90 times, and some transmutation effects as well; ..

    There is also a plasma wakefield acceleration, which collectively accelerates a wave of charged particles. The gradually decreasing tapered surface of the metal tip GENERATES POLARITON wave transients (besides other effects), which have an electric field amplitude increasing with time along its path toward the tip.

    These electric fields MIGHT be high enough to generate a number of neutrons

    via the p + e• ->n + v (Widom-Larsen type) process,

    where e• is a wave of surface or volumetric electrons, a PLASMON POLARITON

    a virtual particle of high effective mass. '

    Bob G says that it costs only $5000 to replicate Egely's microwave induced copper to gold transmutation

    I would consider a gold replication a better validation of his polariton theory and look forward to it soon.

    Alan said "darkness at noon"

    The conclusions of the Sandia paper about Adamenko

    " but all our results are consistent with the ejection of impurities that were not in solution in our alloy, were deposited from the cathode during irradiation, or could be from surface contamination although the surface contamination cannot be validated"

    are consistent with a an anti LENR hatchet job IMO however I would not be surprised if there are similar papers printed in Russian.

    :)Rothwell said" delicious quote"

    If you are referring to 'unperson' James Watson's baloney quote

    This quote is also appropriate in the LENR field

    " It turns out that just like DNA, people are messy, complex and sometimes full of hideous errors."…selling-nobel-prize-medal

    I know this to be true personally.

    Apropos btw back on the evidence trail like Sherlock.. but unlike James Watson ( he might have stolen stuff)

    Suhas wrote this 17 days ago to Bob Greenyer


    I am in mumbai and interested to be participant in the Mumbai meeting . I will be in touch with Dr M Srinivasan for inclusion and to know more about the programme of meeting.

    I am 74 year researcher following LENR for six years+ and basically from High power ultrasonics , Electro-plasma cleaning/ coating field with some exposure to nano-material preparation.

    Looking forward to meet"


    also this two years ago

    "The only known working research reactor in India is in private sector . The 72 year old

    Inventor of Rubiit from Mumbai India -Post-graduate in Physics & Electronics who has researched & worked in Ultrasonics field for 47 years in India and abroad

    Expresses doubts but has not given up hopes about backing by the Indian theoretical science community and subsequently by Investors.

    He has long association with BARC, Nuclear fuel, Aerospace, Auto & steel Industry.

    RUBIITPOWER Invention Includes Solid –state foam Matrix which comprises Hybrid ceramic material as main body of Heating element that is porous to multi-element Titanium micro-powder fuel which is ionized or polarized with electro-magnetic field.

    The multi-element Titanium Fuel is processed earlier by using Proprietory

    Rubiit - Resonant Ultrasonic Bubble Implosion Implantation technology -

    to achieve the designed characterstics. Interaction between fuel and Dopant at designed temperature and pressure releases Heat energy .

    The resulting steam can be converted to electrical energy or can be used for heating purpose in Industries.

    Optmisation of materials and material morphology is being further researched

    by Rubiitpower for quality and efficiency of higher heat release.

    The Invention follows the three part (Cavity, Tunneling, Spring) combined

    Rubiitpower Cavity Spring theory that explains and confirms the practicability of

    the Invention. Theorotically Fifty grams of the Hybrid Titanium multi-element

    fuel in Multi-cavity reactor is capable of releasing over 100000 kwH produced

    @ 40 paise / kwH (one US dollar=60rupees=6000paise)with approx Investment of Rs 5crore (under one million dollar)per Megawatthour

    which is very much cheaper than Nuclear,Solar, Thermal & oil/gas based power

    without any pollution.

    The concept prototype has been tested for stable5kwh equivalent for over a month fifteen months back."

    Definitely Suhas has marbles to spare. Thank God for such people.:)