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    I have a question for jed, If Rossi,s tech doesn`t work and IH had concerns about said technology all the way back to 2013, why would they be applying for a euro patent as late as Nov of 2015. This is what this lawsuit is all about. it`s all about the IP.

    THH, i`m not saying that IH is trying to scam Rossi out of 89mil. According to the contract Rossi was to provided the whole IP, making IH owner of the licence IP for 10 million dollars. 1.5 million went to the purchase of the 1MW plant with an additional 89 million to be payed when the 1MW Plant passed tests agreed upon by both parties. That never happened so IH, in my opinion controls the IP And owes Rossi nothing. Rossi saw this coming and took actions resulting in this lawsuit, not to get his 89 million but to retain all rights to the IP

    Jed I was just posting MY opinion on why the lawsuit was filed in the first place. I MYSELF believe that it is the IP ownership that is at the heart of the lawsuit, not if the E-CAT worked. I also don`t believe it worked but I also believe that there is a Rossi Effect but a cop more towards 1.5-1.9, not the infinity and beyond that He claims

    Long time reader first time poster. I`ve read all the documents, listened to all the aurguments, and have come to the conclusion that the whole lawsuit is nothing more than an augument over who ownes the IP. Ownership of the IP could be worth billions even if the E-CAT is found to be not what Rossi has said it is. I myself believe that rossi has something just not the COP he claims and IH knows this. IH has paid Rossi 11.5 million dollars for the IP and believe it is theirs to do what they want and down the road if a HYDROGEN/ NICKLE system is developed to commercial success, the owners of the system will have to go through the IP holder to maufacture said device. Remember Rossi holds the only H/NI pattern in the United States. The E-CAT, in the eyes of IH, never produced the claimed COP OF 4-6 AND therefore does not have to pay the remaining portion of the contract because basic claims were never met. Rossi on the other hand has now developed the QX which if as he claims, uses the same fuel. This would fall under the IP that belongs to IH, Thus making the QX, the property of IH. rossi knew as early as October of 2013 that he had failed to fufill his obligation to IH and that the 89 mil was now off the table. The problem with this is, IH never put it in writing and that is what Rossi is basing his lawsuit on to keep his IP and out of IH hands. Its all about greed and to be honest, know one is innocent in this drama, IMHO