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    Regarding the speculation that me365 wants to commercialize his findings: as he repeatingly said in this forum he probably just wants to sell a demonstration kit for LENR (or something similar to the Model T of LookingForHeat). I think he is a smart guy and planning to become Rossi part 2 makes absolutly no sense at all. Everyone can see this by his statements in the interview: combining "working 16h a day for my regular job" + "Rossi has what he claims" = "Rossi has a technological headstart of >5 years, huge funding (compared to me365) and can spend more than 3 hours a day working on LENR reactors". No sane person in this situation would compete with Rossi.

    'Patents" even have to be considered when selling demonstration kits I think. I dont see a change in tone in this interview.

    Me365 made perfectly clear how and when he is going to publish his results. If you dont like it I bet you can put users on an ignore list somewhere in the forum settings. This thread should be about the technical aspects of his reactors, where he posts the observations he wants to share and we can discuss them.

    I totally understand the arguments why he is going to proceed with publications like he said. If I were him I would delay the publication even longer until at least one replicator has achieved similar results with equipment/chemicals from another supplier to be absolutly sure that the recipe is bullet proof. More failed replications can also act as additional nails in the coffin for LENR. In my eyes sharing a bullet proof reactor design with a minimalistic pretreatment of the fuel is the best way to push LENR. The risk for damaging the open replication community by sharing information that perhaps won´t work is way too high.

    Regarding the fast iterations Me365 seems to be doing (which is pretty impressive) on his reactor designs I´m confident to hear from him and from MFMP replicating him in the course of this year. And that would be quite awsome if you compare it to the progress full time researchers have achieved in the past.

    So please relax and enjoy the progress updates from Me365 (if he is ever looking into this forum again).

    /* First comes the completion and acceptance of a valid theory, then comes the deployment of the technology */

    Another example which contradicts this sentence is the hype about deep neural networks. Every big player (Google, Microsoft, Baidu,...) is using them in their most advanced applications but no one on this planet can explain, why they work better then previous neural networks. There is no theory for it, just some guessing similar to that in the field of LENR. Nevertheless a Google application using deep neural networks went online only three months after they purchased the core technology. If one wants it can go quick.

    @ Shane
    Assuming that the meeting went exactly like Scanlan said you can come to different conclusions. You came to the conclusion that Rossi wants to hide his tricks to fool the investors and others could come to the conclusion that Rossi is simply an a**hole/diva/...

    For me the Rossi saga will be over if the experiments of Parkhomov, MFMP, Me365,... clearly show no results. As I see it, all these replicators rely heavily on the informations from Rossi and it does not make any sense at all if they succeed even though they build their work on a pile of bullsh*t. For a counterexample to my assumption I point the interested reader to the documentary "Galaxy Quest". If the replicators fail I am switching my focus on Brillouin/Mills. Until then I´m enjoying the show :)

    The work of P&F has been replicated many times. For example the SPAWAR had a pretty similar approach with the enhancement of faster loading times and reaction starts accomplished with their decomposition approach. They have 23 peer reviewed papers and for one of their papers they describe the difficulties they had with the "skeptic scientists". It´s quite interesting. "Skeptic" does not necessary mean "good and unbiased" but can also refer to "stupid and blind".
    Paper with the description of a review process: "How the Flawed Journal Review Process Impedes Paradigm Shifting Discoveries"

    Congratulations me365! I had a few experimental setups in my life and know how it is to get "a feeling" for their behavior. Your observation of termal runaway is also quite interesting in my eyes because thats the same behavior that is reported by SPAWAR engineers from their experiments in the early 90´s (youtube video with szpak). And I´m burning to see the day when you reveal how you switch the reaction on and off :)

    From my first thoughts a phase change of an internal material is the most convincing objection to your finding. Hope you can rule it out in the coming weeks.

    Perhaps you can share your strategy regarding the publication of the details of your findings: silence until you reach COP 3 or verify it over and over again until you are absolutely sure and then publish or complete transparancy etc...

    Good luck with your experiments and always wear a dosimeter :-)!

    Oha, da hat sicherlich eine eingehende Prüfung des Sachverhalts stattgefunden.^^
    Ich teile deine Einschätzung des Zeitpunkts zu dem die Regierung/der Wissenschaftsbetrieb erkennt, dass sie (mal wieder) geschlafen haben. Auch habe ich Physiker bisher so erlebt, wie du sie beschrieben hast. Obwohl ich das absolut nicht nachvollziehen kann. Beispielsweise die Hochtemperatursupraleitung wird bereits in kommerziellen Anwendungen verwendet, aber eine Theorie wie das funktionieren kann, hat von den Physikern noch keiner so recht.

    Auch wenn Deutschland jetzt in die LENR Forschung einsteigen würde, gäbe es aus der Industrie oder von der Regierung zu wenig Mittel um vorne mitmischen zu können. Die Nobelpreise, die es in diesem Gebiet zu holen gibt, gehen mit ziemlicher Sicherheit in die USA (weil die schnell Geld locker machen können) oder Russland (weil die brilliante Physiker/Mathematiker haben).

    Es ist wahrscheinlich schwierig glaubwürdige Leute ins Boot zu holen. Ich habe die Versuche zu meiner Masterarbeit am Batterieforschungszentrum MEET in Münster gemacht. Dort forschen die Postdocs/Doktoranden und Diplomanden an verschiedenen Themen rund um Batterien bzw. im Speziellen an Lithium Ionen Batterien. Vom Equipment und den relevanten Themen ist Batterieforschung (zumindest meinem Eindruck nach) ähnlich zu LENR Forschung (zumindest was "trockene" Ni-H/D Systeme angeht). Vielleicht stelle ich mal ein "LENR für Einsteiger"-Paket zusammen mit relevanten Papern und aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Open LENR Science Szene (MFMP) und schicke das da mal rum. Vielleicht wird ja jemand von den Wissenschaftlern dort neugierig und bastelt eine eigene Replikation. Die Physik Fakultät ist nur einen Steinwurf entfernt. Da wird sich bestimmt noch ein Szintilator auftreiben :)