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    A couple of things To note are:

    -Hadronic Journal is Santilli's own journal. He claims he was forced to self publish since no one wanted To publish his work.

    - even if Santilli is a crank, his Hadronic mechanics is taken seriously by some researchers, Unfortunately they all end publishing in one of Santilli's journalls

    He has some interesting ideas, in some way related to Mills hydrino. Santilli might be lunatic now but once he was not, and he developed what I consider now to be an early approach to LENR with "4X" overunity claimed results. Now Santilli, of advanced age, seems to have fallen prey of his own "grandeur", but it does not diminish what he might have got right when he was still sane.

    His book "Hadronic Mechanics" was published by Springer, not a triviality in term of books publishing.

    I once asked a plasma physics doctor what he thought of Santilli, and he told me that he thinks very few people can even understand Santilli, he is probably way ahead of our time, and will eventually be rediscovered.

    It can be found for download in several places, I have it, and I see his theory is broadly translatable to say that when you submit hydrogen molecules to a highly magnetic plasma, it releases energy and the orbitals of the electrons shift shape to a toroidal area instead of a spherical one, releasing energy in excess. He has obtained very interesting experimental results regarding the density of this altered hydrogen.

    Interesting comment by Robert George (BE CEO) at 26.32. Recounts Godes answering the often asked question: "If LENR is real, why is it not seen in nature". Godes say's it is, and gives the example of "massive heat excursions", seen in Russian oil fields.…

    Shane, It was in Chile, but the effect was actually found in the Brazilian branch y of the Chilean Company.…files/Wells_TM2014-218283 Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft.pdf

    There were a number of other documents, in special one authored by Dennis Bushnell, but seems NASA took it off from the origina location.

    Edit to add: Here's Bushnell's presentation obtained under FOIA by S.. Krivit, I don't know if you'll find it "a reliable source" but the FOIA request should give you a clue that its indeed a real document from NASA.…ell-GRC-LENR-Workshop.pdf

    Well done old friend! I really look forward to hearing more about this tech. As Barty says, it looks serious.

    from <a href="" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> </a>

    &quot;Roberto Yoshio Sone Cisneras
    Founder and President of Scenergy Latin America, Engineer graduated at Frederico Santa Maria University, Chile and Master of Science and Robotics from University of Chiba Japan

    Well, nothing of this was discussed in our conversations, but it certainly seems they have been trying to find and explanation to the energy increase, and a sort of nuclear phenomena is hinted.

    Well Barty, Roberto has a solidly stablished company, he found a curious behaviour in his product, of which he was unaware, and now is trying to understand why. He is assembling a research group with the USM, and I hope this will lead to a paper, but what they have now is the solid proof that their water fuel emulsion provides much more power than "it should", and from that fact only questions stem, yet.


    I was able to contact with Dr. Pedro Sariego who answered kindly and humbly, giving all the credit to Roberto Sone, and then put me in direct contact with him. I was able to understand what they are working with, and how they arrived to the connection with LENR. I also acted on behalf of Peter Gluck who is now in direct contact with Roberto.

    What I could gather is that Roberto Sone has been for many years working in creating water fuel emulsions, and has a company that sells the products in Chile and Brazil. The idea behind it is to be able to operate the motors in lower temperatures, higher compression rates, and hence, more efficiently, which is pure mechanic engineering. He at some point focused in breaking water droplets in more and more small sizes, to the nanoscale, in order to improve the emulsion stability and water volume. By doing this, he developped a 50% w/w water/fuel emulsion that is transparent and can last 5 years stable without visible phase separation. As I said, his company had been selling this for years mostly for high energy consuming ICEs, being a popular product.

    At some point, the brazilian branch of the company asked Roberto if they had a number for the energy content of the emulsion, and Roberto said that it was obvious that if the fuel had 50% water (with no energy content for the purposes of running an Internal Combustion Engine) the energy content had to be 50% of the fuel, but nevertheless if they wanted to measure it for putting in the brochures, he agreed to let them test the energy content. And there's when the things begun to get interesting, as they measured that the 50% fuel emulsion had almost the same energy content (measured with calorymetric pumps and all the procedures standar for this purpose). They were puzzled, and asked for more laboratories in Universities in Brazil, the USA, and also in Chile, and all got the same puzzling results after checking and re checking the energy content.

    This repeatable result has attracted interes of universities and innovation research funds, so they are in talks to get significant research grants to try to get to the bottom of where this extra energy comes from. They really have not much idea, and they think it might be LENR related because the ingredients used for the emulsion formation involve processes that use metals and compounds including lithium, palladium, titanium, and (later he told me) calcium and magnesium. He mentioned that they also use a specific lithium isotope, and he later cleared me they use Li6. (at some point he had mentioned Li8, which got me puzzled, but then he cleared up that was Li6).

    He mentioned me that he has been already testing this in commercial/industrial environments to check the excess energy and has measured 29% excess energy in a emulsion with 25% content of water on high powered engines. Besides the obvious cost reduction in fuel, the mining industry is also very interested in the emissions reductions, so he is working with big mining companies to spread the use of these emulsions in Chile.

    While we were talking I mentioned to him the work of Dr. Peter Graneau in water arc explosions, which Roberto was not aware of.

    He told me they will hold a seminar to present their results and really want to know further what is behind this unexpected energy content. I will do my best to attend and tell more when this happens.

    Perhaps Peter will be able to tell us more as the contact with these researchers advances in the coming days.

    Best Regards!!!

    Dear Mary Yugo:

    I really don't appreciate your attempt to "save me of the evil of LENR scammers". I have been following the topic since 1989 and I think there's enough work done to sustain the possibility of LENR being a viable and "engineerable" technology for developing commercial applications. In the case of these Chilean researchers, they discovered the excess heat themselves and later found that others had already done the same. The phenomenon is real, what remains, and for that is what the grants are requested, is to develop the phenomen into usable technology.

    This comes really as a surprise to me. I am Chilean, and is the first time ever I see anyone talking about LENR in a Chilean media of any kind. In 2013 I sent a proposal for obtaining funds To a goverment agency that funds innovation projects. It involved the idea of negotiating a license for R&D with defkalion (at that Moment DGT was the only LENR Company activelly offering partnerships for R&D). I received a dry answer stating that It was not clear what was the innovation proposed, in spite that I sent a bulky proposal well referenced and with all the backing up documents and papers annexed. In this case I Think the academic found the anomaly himself, and when trying To explain It away, discovered the research in LENR.

    It seems consensual among theorist that to merge GR and QM you need to abandon one of the 3 laws :- causality.
    - locality.
    - speed of light limit for information exchange.
    Another good reason is to remember that early version of relativity, gravity…

    any theory that does not require a fancy unknown and invisible state of matter is closer To truth, IMHO.

    I have been a long time reader of his blog and publications. Certainly a brilliant mind and a controversial character, I think he, as one of the few people in the civilian world with a good grasp of magnetohydrodynamics, would be of much help on solving the LENR conundrum. He is aware of Rossi and LENR in general, but has not said much about.