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    This is encouraging if true. Seems like they got over 15. If this can scale...

    However, I note that there's no analysis of the used fuel for nuclear reactions. There's also no measurement listed for how much heat was applied. Any calculations used seem lacking in information which is not encouraging.

    You falsely assume failure to bet on something as a sign of uncertainty. You make too many assumptions in general.

    Correct. I'm close to 100% certain that Rossi has nothing. I'm also close to 100% certain that he will come up with some BS that *looks* like he has something within your (AA) boundaries. Whether it secret robotic factories a secret customer a fudged "test" or whatever.

    Wiser minds than mine have spoken... Neither Kirk nor Jed will move a whit from their position. I don't have the math (or time or inclination) to refute Kirk's CCS/ATER theory. I'm not as gung-ho as Jed on proving Kirk wrong. But I don't believe in ninja rats outside of TMNT and if a reputable scientist says the bucket evaporated I think you should have had good cause before calling him a liar.

    You postulate an airflow that is irrelevant to the experiment. There was no massive fan moving air over the bucket.

    Jed is not the only one to notice this. You said it was only hot because they heated it. Then you ignored Jed when he told you it was three days later. You constantly avoid the facts. Unless you say it is anecdotal and wasn't repeated. At least these two points give you some credibility.

    You're on, assuming Alan Smith will agree to hold the money and act as as referee. I will send him an undated check for 50 pounds if you will send him one for 500 pounds.

    The only snag I see, if production materializes, is that the first units will probably be sold with a NDA and the results not known until later. But I would accept Alan Smith's judgement on this.

    Sam12. Be careful. You are likely to be banned for being boorish if you defend Rossi.

    Im in. With all the stipulations above. Not Rossi selling to himself. COP>1. PUBLIC customer. Ie.i could go to a store and buy the (UL certified) unit. By March 22, 2019.

    Although, since Alan has established himself in Rossi's court. Perhaps somebody more impartial? No offense to your integrity Alan but you have shown bias towards Rossi.

    A theory is used to make predictions about how to configure the next test to further explore the consequence of the theory. You can never prove a theory, you can only disprove a theory through additional experimentation.

    Are you being deliberately provocative? Your theory is chirality and you propose an experiment where nothing happens to prove it?

    I theorize that if I stick my head in a bucket a boiling water it will get burned. Since, as you say, I can't prove this. Perhaps you would like to prove me wrong?

    Because there wasn't formal calorimetry of the first two reported LION tests, I have taken that on as the focus of my replication. Full calibration will start next week, as soon as some more sheathed thermocouples arrive.

    Time permitting, I'll try to stream the calibration data live, using the Plotly screen we set up for GS5.4 (Link TBD)

    It's been two weeks. When are we going to see news of the replication attempts?