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    When IH loses the case it certainly won't be because of Dewey's lack of FUD. He's full of it.

    Perhaps they would. I would take it seriously and listen to what J.M. has to say in that situation. But there is overwhelming physical proof that there was no heat, so before they pay anything, they would have to conduct a real, independent test from scratch, and it would have to show irrefutable proof of excess heat. It would be insane for I.H. to pay $89 million just because someone from J.M. says something that might be construed as evidence in favor of the claim. Not when they have a mountain of experimental proof that the claim is fraud. Physical evidence outweighs testimony.

    Anyway, your scenario is so far-fetched I don't take it seriously. It is an interesting hypothetical, but it has no relevance to the real world. There is not the slightest chance J.M. or any other company produced anything in the factory. We know for a fact that the pretend company was a shell owned by Rossi and his lawyer, that had no income, no capital, and conducted no business. Rossi himself provided proof of that in the court papers. By accident, I suppose.

    I don't believe Rossi does anything by accident.

    Another "newby" Planet Rossi troll shows up having "reviewed" R's promotional collateral (a tried and true tactic of his), magically sipped the Kool-Aid and concluded that everyone else is wrong, out to get Rossi and must be portrayed as the enemy. Its clear that Mats didn't dig deeply enough when writing his book.(other conclusions are plausible as well but lets not go there) Believe me - it was not that hard to find some very useful and conclusive information on this master career deceiver. Its also clear that Rossi is thriving on this as part of whatever is going on inside his head.

    You sound just a little like the never Trumpers before the election and you can see where it got them. This is the same kind of caca that took down Fleischmann and Pons in the early 90's, but with the internet I don't think it will work this time.

    That's easy to answer. Since the early 90s peer reviewed papers have claimed anomalous heat in the Ni/H system. In contrast, Rossi doesn't have a single peer reviewed paper to his name and has not permitted any successful independent validation the Ecat technology.

    Here we go again, confusing science with invention. AR is not a scientist, he is an inventor looking to cash in on his time and effort inventing something remarkable.

    AR may not owe us anything per se, but he may be found to owe IH something. He could eventually be found to owe a debt to society if criminal charges are brought against him. So far, his menace has been on a smaller scale compared to what was done in Italy, but not insignificant. A lot of people have been harmed.

    I think you should dig deeper into what was "done" in Italy. You might be surprised. Start by reading Matts Lewans book "an impossible invention" and end up by discounting everything that Dewey Weaver has said.

    I think there's an implicit social responsibility not to give deliberately misleading information to the public and to observers taking interest in a story. That's why in other contexts fake news is not only something to be careful about, but something that is reprehensible as well. A wily, unscrupulous inventor may choose to give out misleading information for his own reasons. But if he owes us nothing, neither do we owe him anything in pursuing the story with a little more gusto in order to get the facts straight.

    Eric, I agree with your posts more than I disagree. In a perfect world I agree with your statement 100%. But again lets be realistic. Our world, and humanity as a whole, is anything but perfect, and especially when this much money is at stake these high ideals almost always go out the window. People will scratch, bite, lie and brawl to protect what they believe is theirs by right of creation. Others will do the same out of greed. Again AR owes us nothing.

    The "story" doesn't fit well....if that would be true why in heaven AR did sue IH? He would have clearly violated the terms and conditions of the 1st "deal" (IH8 paid 10Mio$ for his IP...)

    I can see an out of court settlement now where AR hands over the final formula that makes it all work and IH hands over a significant portion of the 89 million, all under an NDA.

    As you all can see I am a beginner on this forum. I am not a scientist, or even particularly well educated in that area, but I am 71 years old, and in possession of a capable mind and the wisdom those years afford. I learned long ago that I must take the macro view of things, rather than the micro, if I want to see things as they truly are. I have been hanging around this forum and ECW now for a few years and have monitored on a regular basis all of the ups and downs of LENR experiments. I have been interested in “Cold Fusion” ever since the Pons/Fleischmann debacle circa 1989. But most recently I became more engaged for matters of research as I am a writer of science fiction and wished to visit the subject in one of my books.

    There seems to be much mention on here of the scientific method and its rigors and the necessity of its strict application if LENR is to be proven successful. I see this as a very micro (i.e. narrow) view of the situation, especially in this case. It seems to me that most of the major scientific advances of the 20th century would never have happened if the inventors had waited around for scientific proof, verification and replication.

    By most reports Edison was not a scientist of this caliber. He was an inventor who built things and experimented. If one of his ideas had come to fruition and then he had to prove it to the world and then wait for others of his ilk to replicate, he probably would never have received credit for even one of the.

    If the men who developed atomic energy, and eventually fission, had openly shared their theories with the world and then waited for replication most of us would be living in a Jew free world and pledging fealty to a Swastika, not to mention that New York City would probably be an atomic wasteland. Ironically, that whole thing is still just theory to this day, having become understood only superficially decades after the fact of its deployment.

    The same holds true with the invention of the automobile, and much earlier the steam engine, both already in use long before much was understood scientifically by its inventors. The scientific development was largely only entered into much later, after practical use was already established, and is still being expanded upon even today.

    Even Nicola Tesla was a hands-on inventor. If his scientific method was sound and well executed only he knew for sure, because by all reports his diagrams, formulas and schematics were all done in his head. By one report he claimed to be able to project these in mid-air, in his mind’s eye and then worked out the theory using this visualization method, and I doubt very much if he submitted them to the world at large for replication and approval.

    Let’s be realistic; we live in a material world, where everything substantial, and much even insubstantial, has a value placed on it. The greater this value the more it is coveted by those who would control and profit from it and the greater lengths they will go to acquire it, and often not fairly or legally. This is true everywhere in the world, whether in a capitalist, socialist or communist societies and everything in between. I think Andrea Rossi learned this the hard way early on in his endeavors. Navigating in this environment is much like playing a game of poker and he has learned to hold his cards close to his vest until he deems that the time is right to show them. So far that time has not come.

    Pray tell, why would Rossi feel any responsibility at all to prove to the members of this forum what he has? What advantage would this give him? He owes us nothing. Are any of you moneyed investors ready to lay down tens of millions of dollars? I think not. And for those of you who feel he should do the right thing simply for the good of the planet and society at large, I have only pity. Your faith in this concept is cute, but untenable in most all human society and especially so in a capitalist society. Such naivety does not fare well in the real world. That is why pure communism never works. Someone always believes he is more deserving than the next.

    Having followed most of AR’s exploits, from a macro point of view, I have come to believe he is smart and canny, and I don’t believe he is mentally defective. He is certainly egotistical and eccentric, but crazy, I don’t think so. Taken from this point of view he would have to be stupid, crazy or both to have started this law suit in the first place if he didn’t believe that he could prove his position in the end. But he will not prove it in the data base of this forum or even on his blog. He will always hold out that one final, enticing detail and will only finally release it within the legal confines of the court, and only then if he can keep his proprietary property from public disclosure. I don’t believe he ever gave IH one hundred percent of the IP. I think he trusts no one and held it back as insurance for just such a situation as this. I think he envisioned something like the exchange of prisoners on a bridge where the two prisoners pass midway between their captors to insure that no-one is able to renege on the agreement. I believe that if they had paid the 89 million that he would have, but only then, given them the final piece of the puzzle.

    I will be very surprised if he does not prevail in this situation, but I believe it will be an out of court settlement with an NDA attached and we will know little more than we do now.