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    More worthless speculation. Just stop.

    This makes no sense. If the old experiment is wrong, there is nothing to replicate. The effect has never been seen, and it probably does not exist.

    Skilled people at I.H. spent a year looking for it, and found nothing, so I doubt there is anything to be found. If it does not exist, it isn't important. Right?

    I suppose you might say "testing to see if the Rossi effect exists is important." But apart from Rossi's notoriety, I do not see why this particular claim is especially important. If I won the lottery, I would pay people to check 10 or 20 different claims. This one does not deserve a high priority. As I said, it was already checked by I.H. Assuming it does exist, what makes it more important than other claims? Lots of cold fusion effects might exist, and have been reported from time to time. Cold fusion with Ti and Au have been replicated. So I guess that makes them more promising than Rossi's unconfirmed nanoparticle Ni claim.

    IH intended to steal the technology from Rossi so they would have had a lot of reason to lie about success. It's a lot easier to steal a technology that is deemed worthless.


    Maybe your old friends and acquaintances have stopped notifying you because you are such a buzz kill.

    I have a feeling that Trump is just getting started. Pelosi, Schumer, the Podesta boys, et all have yet to realize the bitch-slappin that is taking place.

    First the Clintons now the CIA and next the industrial media-democrat complex. Somebody is playing serious hardball and people are going to dethroned with some of them going to prison.

    I am amazed that we actually agree on something. Maybe there is hope for you yet.

    My view is that there was never much steam and the system was pressurized and perhaps with some antifreeze that kept it below its boiling temp and that Penon lied in his test plan and didn't use the absolute gauge he promised or that Rossi swapped it out.

    Yes, and President Trump is Hitler's long lost grandson, sure, I'd believe that. NOT!

    Ah yes Malcolm - quite nice! Some lovely associated naming conventions that we may be able to apply here - kind of surprised that similarly named R SPs have not surfaced yet.

    New to the game are the Knatterpout, Poof-Poof goes your money, Phut Phut you or Pouet-Pouet in your suet options to choose from. While not related, I'd also to take the opportunity to add "spread-out porcupine" to the list as well.

    He's going down down down down down.

    Oh God, and here we go again. Would you guys quit encouraging him. He's like a kid who found a new scatological knock, knock joke to tell around to his little friends.

    Finally a reasonable post from someone who understands the US legal system. Thats why scientist should not practice law and Lawyers should not do science.

    You have that backward! The pipe was 40 mm in diameter. Ergo the steam density and speed could not have been what is claimed. This is proof that your equations do not apply.

    You cannot erase facts because they prove you are wrong. It only works the other way around.

    The thing is there are not real facts. They are all incomplete, probably intentionally.

    I equate it to the "Trump haters" in the U.S. after recent election.

    IH Fanboy wrote:

    They have funded several researchers at a time when there is almost no money in the field. FTFY. Do you think they are friends of the MFMP? If so, think again.

    Who has IH "co-opted" as opposed to just funded. Name one that was "co-opted" that as in anyway publically attacked Rossi. No researcher that I know of that are supported by IH have said anything like that. In fact, most of them have remained so silent as to only know of their existence by Darden's interview. If you mean co-opted in terms that they have received funds from IH which you crossed out then perhaps yes, but if you mean it in terms that IH is using them against their wishes and against their views of Rossi then no - In terms used by Rossi, I demand proof.

    They attempted to co-opt Rossi's technnology, but he was on to them and filed the suit to stop them.

    So if all the information is junk, then how could this be a GPT?

    One simply cannot guarantee the performance of something with out of spec measurements (water meter, pressure sender) and reported measurements that make no sense (0.0 bar, input electricity higher than fed to the building).

    All this was a test of is the patience of many people.

    Not saying that all the information is junk, just the information that has been provided so far. You all should remind yourselves that 6 out of 8 jurors are going to decide this case and only on the information they are provided by the attorneys and witnesses. A good poker player does not give away his hand even under threat of "so called" sanction, which will in the end amount to no more than a slap on the hand anyway. Have any of you actually attended or been a party to a civil suit? I have and believe me its anybody's guess right now who will prevail.

    Yes it sounds likes lawyer talk. There is very evidence by Rossi against IH, yet he will have to get a unanimous jury verdict to win his suit against IH. For some reason many of the "Planet Rossi" folks seem to think that the lack of evidence is good for Rossi that it is IH that must bring evidence against Rossi. That is only for the counter suit. It is as if Rossi's lawyers are giving up attacking IH and are just playing it as a defense in the counter suit.

    Oldguy, you keep getting it wrong. This is a copy and paste from the courts web site.

    A civil case is usually between two or more persons, companies or corporations
    who have a dispute concerning money or property. The party suing for compensation
    is called the "plaintiff." The party being sued is called the "defendant."
    In a civil case, the jurors must decide if and/or how to compensate the plaintiff
    for any damages. In civil cases, six (6) jurors (three-fourths of the eight
    jurors) must agree on a verdict.

    Direct current is much safer than AC. This is a fact. Edison proved it with his tests. Arthur Clarke and others suggested that with cold fusion generators we should go back to using DC to reduce the threat of electrocution.

    No, he did not. This is a myth. His income was mainly from patents, and you cannot patent a stolen invention. The original inventor will complain and the Patent Office will revoke the patent. Edison did, of course, build on the work of others. All inventors do. For example, incandescent lights were invented about 20 years before he began working on them, by Moses Farmer and others. Farmer was not upset and did not claim the Edison stole anything from him. He had a high opinion of Edison.

    If you think its so safe go and grab the positive lead on the alternator of your car.

    Edison's best bulbs worked for 3 to 10 seconds. He then licensed the technology that made the light bulb market ready - then he went and made the market. Incredibly, Edison sockets to this day.

    Let us not desecrate his name any further with mentions in postings that include to the overlord of Planet Rossi.

    Edison stole the light bulb from another inventor in Europe.

    Well, no - but there are such things as colonels in their own countries temporarily attached or seconded to NATO . Not that that would entitle any of them to accept anything on behalf of "the military".

    I'm going to make a risky prediction here. Rossi will withdraw his suit and/or run away.

    NO, but he may settle for half of the 89,000,000 so he can get his quark developed.

    I can hardly believe the naivete of so many on this forum, expecting that researchers should spend untold amounts of time and money on work and then bequeath it to the world out of the goodness of their heart, for the goodness of all mankind; and simply for acknowledgement. Balderdash (actually I had something bit more profane in mind), it just don't work that way in the real world. In fact I suspect that any of you so called "professionals" out there who support this myth simply haven't discovered anything with potential yet. If (and that's a big if) you ever did I have little doubt that you would clam up too and start looking for a good patent attorney. Every person alive is looking for acknowledgement, but in terms of money and lots of it. Money is what makes the world go around and always has. Fame is just the icing on the cake.

    That is because you have not read the book, you know nothing about Edison, and you are deluded about Rossi. Yes, Edison had some bad habits common to inventors, but he was the real thing. Whereas Rossi is nothing but a fake and criminal.

    No I haven't read "the" book. But I do know that Edison was a showman who killed innocent animals in order to convince the public that alternating current was more dangerous than direct, stole other inventors inventions and claimed them as his own, hired workers and paid them little in order to promote their work product as his own personal genius and still we teach our children that he was greatest inventor of our age. He was at least as much of a B.S. artist as Rossi and probably worse once we find out the truth of this matter at hand. I think that you, THH, Weaver and many others are trying to do to Rossi what your brethren did to F and P 27 years ago.

    Actually, it often failed. He was notorious for making outrageous claims and putting on what we would now consider fake demonstrations. He was also a "sharp dealer" meaning dishonest. When he died they found stacks of unpaid bills. He also spent his investor's money like water, buying up instruments and hiring people galore, and then demanding two or three times more than originally agreed to. Still, he was a genius, and he managed to make most things work eventually. See the biography "A Streak of Luck" for details.

    On the other hand, he was not as bad as supporters of Tesla sometimes claim, and he was ahead of his time in his concerns about pollution and conservation.

    Sounds remarkably like Rossi to me.

    Are you being called as an expert witness then?

    If you've got something concrete to contribute RiRi then bring it otherwise your professional troll status is setting up faster than super glue in the high desert.

    Jones Day is doing one heck of a good job on behalf of their clients. These judges are no nonsense and there is very little worry about where this case is heading on the Def / CP side of the battlefield. The same cannot be said for Planet Rossi.

    Dewey, I'm a retired Real Estate Broker in Southern California and I would love to get paid for posting on forums, but so far I've received no offers. Interested? No one has anything concrete to deliver, you because of ND and biased credibility, and the rest of us simply because it hasn't been supplied to us yet. Along with the rest of the poster's here we must wait and see what the Jury decides, unless it settles out of court.

    Sounds to me like Weaver and Deep River might be feeling a little warm in the britches here.