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    Unbelievable! You've gone from self avowed scientific expert making scientific assumptions based on incomplete information to performing psychoanalysis on a person you've never actually met and, unbelievably, still based on hearsay and incomplete information. Does your hubris know no limits?


    You may have missed my point. If Rossi has XP as claimed and loses the case, we all win. If Rossi has XP as claimed and wins the case, we all win. If Rossi has no XP and loses the case, we all lose. If Rossi has no XP and wins the case, we all lose.

    The only thing that matters is whether it works. The rest will be footnotes in the history books.

    Exactly, unless all you are looking for is revenge either against IH or Rossi depending on your leanings.

    to my way of thinking Dewey has lost all credibility at this point. I wouldn't believe him if said the sun rises in the east.

    Well, we have exhausted the flow meter angle with the information so far available. Maybe we could discus now the "elephant in the room"...or, where the 1MW of energy went in that small Doral warehouse? BTW, Doral is almost the same dimensions as my house, so hard for me to imagine how that much energy is accounted for IMO? This has been brought up over and over again on the few LENR forums, especially here, but never answered, accounted for, by the few remaining Rossi supporters.


    With a jury it won't be where the energy went, but whether it was actually produced or not.

    If a judge were deciding the case I would be more inclined to agree with you, but that's not the case; a jury will decide. With a Jury trial it all comes down to who has the cleverest and most persuasive attorneys.


    None of what you think matters. Nor does what I think matter. It either works or it doesn't. We don't have enough evidence upon which to base a solid conclusion. The evidentiary phase of the trial should bring to light much information. We can then all re-assess our positions and perhaps even change them. Until then and for now, I'm going into scarce-comment-mode.

    Agreed, see my comment 2,130 3rd comment down from here.

    There is now two clear camp, and seldom lukewarmers.

    It seems the opinion are established, and others argument don't convince.

    So maybe is it time to sit an wait for the judge.

    My point exactly. I agree whole heartedly, but the court decision isn't likely to give closure to either camp in the end because it won't decide whether AR was successful in the year long test, but instead will translate the terms of the contract and whether they were met or not. The only thing that will be judged or validated will be the attorney's proficiency in contract law. Verification of LENR and its viability will only come whenever a successful product is brought to market and confirmed by its users.

    This explanation sounds as if it could be applied to both sides of the equation, both for or against AR. In fact it could easily account for the very existence of this forum.

    Jed, you admit in several places of your post that you are not sure or just don't know certain details, and that is a fair admission. However, in these instances you also seem to come down on the side of negativity toward AR. Your glass seems always half empty, where as Peter's seems to be half full in that respect. The truth is that none of us can be certain, or even deduce fairly, what was there or how it was set up. It may come out during discovery in the court case or it may not, but please try to reserve judgement until then, one way or the other. Like Peter I try to always err toward optimism. It appears almost like you have been indoctrinated with the opposite tendency by Dewey, who is almost certainly, and always has been, heavily influenced by IH at this point. It almost seems as if you two are dancing in lockstep. Just keep and open mind and try to avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember the scientific method you tout so obsessively.

    It seems as if you have it all tied up with a ribbon, all neat like. The thing is you've made a lot of assumptions that I personally disagree with and that are not forgone conclusions. I still think Rossi will prevail in this, and even if he fails in court it doesn't mean that he can't still prevail with a practical application of his invention.

    Hi Dewey.

    Nice to see you and the "planet rossi" monkey on ur back still alive and well ;)

    I don't want to miss the end of this already epic saga!

    I still don't buy it. Your scenario is just to outlandish for consideration. Think about it.

    I see that RiRi and Monty are rested and ready for another round of attempted zombie narrative shaping on behalf of Planet Rossi.

    Monty - bring some facts to the party and try to convince me otherwise.

    Or better yet - why are you here?

    Here I am back. Don't worry. The thing is that nobody has enough so called "facts" to decide this game yet. Only the principals and their attorneys know all of them and they aren't telling each other, let alone including us in the background. The fact that we now know you are paid directly by IH makes anything you say suspect.

    IH are attacking and have attacked no one. They've been admirably discreet and vague about Rossi over a period of years and continuing into the lawsuit that was started against them with their own money. This discretion on their part has been turned around into fault for their not making a fuss in public earlier. The "attacks" you must be referring to would perhaps be Dewey Weaver's efforts to set the record straight on behalf of IH, his friends and business partners, when he's clarified, and they've clarified, that only IH speak for IH.

    Why should they when the have such as Dewey and Jed to do it for them?

    It beggars reality that any one is capable of the long term deception with which you credit Rossi. It would take a team of con-men to pull it off. You've been watching too much television or too many movies.

    Seems like that would keep him busy enough to preclude posting so much on here, again, unless this is actually part of his job.

    If only P and F had (had) passionated supporters like IHFB back in the day. And has it occurred to you that posting on this forum might actually be part of Dewey's day job responsibilities?

    Of course he's a part in the case. That has not been a secret since he stoped writing under the name NcHawk. Dewey has never denied being a part in the case. But that doesn't make him a troll. If Rossi, Pennon or Fabiani came here and write about theire side of the story. Under theire real name, would you consider them as trolls as well?

    I certainly wouldn't consider them unbiased.

    Knowing now about this business relationship between IH and Deep River I'm sure he does have special information, but how he uses it is still up for conjecture. If he is being paid by IH and his income stream depends on representing them only then why would he be honest with any of us on here. I am strongly suspicious that he is being directed by IH on how to respond to comments posted here, in which case he is not just a 'trollbot', but a "super trollbot" because he has so much more at stake than just a paid FUD poster.

    You need to stop implying that Dewey Weaver is a trollbot operating for IH/Cherokee under the umbrella of plausible deniability they set up at the start of the trial, when stating that the only communication from them will be official, which means that people should disregard hearsay or others seemingly speaking in IH/Cherokee's name

    But isn't that exactly what he is? A trollbot. It seems so obvious now.

    Well, Rossi alleging that Dewey is paid by IH to assassinate his reputation is understandable - though if so I'm pretty sure Dewey could find more profitable assignments and IH could find more effective assassins. So like many RossiSays it has blog plausibility but looks flaky when closely examined.

    I prefer Dewey's story that he is here unpaid to defend his friends against the monstrous allegations of a known liar whose cause is nevertheless championed by many here. Either way I don't think Deweys' posts win any hearts and minds - but they are good fun!

    If he is indeed head of Deep River then he is definitely being paid by IH.

    I see this as confirming a complete conflict of interest for Dewey Weaver concerning anything he says on this forum.

    What's going on with Peter's writing style over the past 12 hours?

    Perhaps English isn't his first language just like Rossi. Have we sunken to the level here of ridiculing a learned man simply because he is of another nationality. Personally I think he is doing fine and have no problem understanding what he is saying, unlike Dewey who seems to speak in riddles half the time.

    Am I the only one here who senses a similarity here to what happened to P and F shortly after their 1989 experiment. First they said it wasn't scientifically possible. Then the news came that it couldn't be replicated (even though it was in several instances) and finally the accusations that they had faked everything (sound familiar). I wonder how much of this is professional jealousy from some of these scientific minds that they were beat to the punch by such as Rossi, or P and F.

    Someone reported seeing 1 or more condenser/radiator assemblies on the customer side. Could it be that these were utilized on the weekends, when the customer was not working, so that the ECat could continue uninterrupted? That's really no more conjecture than most of the ideas being thrown around.

    Why should you have a monopoly on speculation, because at this point that's all anyone has. There is simply not enough information available for your own supposition.