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    "Interestingly I got a nasty rash coincident with getting covid (didn't from the vaccines)"

    So the vaccines didn't give you a rash, but when you subsequently got covid you did

    get a rash.

    Doesn't say much for the vaccines !

    much more money is

    . “But even so lengthy calculations are still needed to determine the right value for each variable in the control system


    Hi Alan, Matt,

    'If it aint broke don't fix it'

    Why are you trying to get a hydrochloric acid plating solution to work, when you have already

    got a near perfect plating result using the sulphate, tartrate(citrate), ammonia solution?

    You might try cycling the plating voltage (and if it works, on a timer)

    Very low voltage to plate, then increase to fizz = hydrogen/deuterium.

    Low voltage-fizz-low voltage-fizz-low voltage-fizz- etc

    Try to build up multilayers Fe-H-Fe-H-Fe-H etc

    What is the nylon scrim you use in the LEC ?


    ps. If it aint broke-------

    Sue got me fixing our tumble dryer because the felt sealing strip had fallen out.

    It turned out to be the inner waistband of my trousers.(pants in american parlance) !

    Atomic Hydrogen Occluded in Iron Nitride.

    ATOMIC hydrogen in iron has so far been known to ))

    be occluded when iron is quenched from a high tem- ))

    perature in water or when iron is electrolytically )))

    deposited. )))

    1 have observed the existence of atomic

    hydrogen in iron nitride prepared by heating iron in

    the current of ammonia gas. I confirmed it by

    measuring the single potential of the iron nitride in

    normal ferrous sulphate solution. The time voltage

    curve of the iron nitride showed a minimum due to

    atomic hydrogen at the beginning, similar to that

    which appeared in the curve of iron quenched and

    loaded with atomic hydrogen, obtained by T. W.

    Richards. 1

    I also confirmed the existence of atomic hydrogen

    by immersing the iron nitride in a solution of potassium

    ferricyanide and observing the formation of Prussian

    blue on adding the ferric chloride solution. This re-

    duction, K 3 Fe(CN) 6 +atomic K 4 Fe(CN) 6 ,

    also takes place with the iron quenched in water, and ))

    thus loaded with atomic hydrogen, but never with )))

    ordinary iron. SHUN-TCHI SATOH. )))

    Mitsubishi Research Laboratory,

    Tokyo, Japan.

    1 Zdt. physikal. Chem., 58, 310; 1907

    Entry to Italy from the UK

    Until 30 August travellers who have been in the UK, in the previous 14 days, must present a negative molecular or antigen test taken in the 48 hours preceding entry into Italy. They must also self-isolate for 5 days, at the end of which they must take a rapid antigenic or molecular swab test for COVID-19 and test negative for release

    Hi Alan,

    Are you aware of the above? If you travel on Saturday, theoretically , you will have to stay in your

    room until Wednesday. I don't know how or if they may enforce this. It is for this reason that Sue

    and I cannot attend IWAHLM, much as we would like to.


    SAM Model:-

    Back in 1932 Nobel prizewinners Cockroft and Walton were thinking along similar lines, they said:-

    This was at a time when Chadwick had just discovered the neutron and Rutherford considered it to be

    a proton containing a bound electron, hence they say " 3 protons and 2 electrons "

    I think Jurg would argue that Rutherford was/is right

    "Since about six months SO(4) physics just uses electrons and protons to model all mass - including the neutron of course"

    Cheers Pete..

    Regarding Remarao et al :-

    I don;t remember Mizuno mentioning Samarium,---so not a replication but an analogue


    Dennis Cravens used Sm in his 'Hot Balls' demonstration and i seem to recollect Jean-Paul

    Biberian using Sm in an experiment but I can't remember why.

    BTW I received my ZOOM link for ICCF23 last night !

    They even have my login details as I was able to re-login a moment ago with my email and the

    password I gave them 2 weeks ago. How do I contact them to recieve a link?

    Like Shane, I registered about a fortnignt ago. I havn't recieved anything, no emails

    or links. I have checked my emails including spam filters but nothing.

    Where do I go from here to see the conference ?


    Hi Rob, (Shane)

    Many thanks again for the translation.

    Now that I can understand what data is being shown in the tables, this will help

    with my current research which is along the same lines.

    His apparatus is very simple and cheap to construct, as opposed to Mizuno

    which requires high vacuum, mass spec for verifying total outgassing, very

    expensive palladium (price now higher than gold and platinum) and somewhat

    dodgy air calorimetry


    Hi Rob,

    Very many thanks for the translation. Please would you work your magic on this table,

    (last one I promise) Both tables are from Yuri Bazhutov's patent- WO2015108434.

    Plasma Electrolysis, Interestingly he forms his plasma on the anode, not cathode.

    Yuri was a dear friend of Sue and I, may he rest in peace. Thanks Pete.

    There are two ways in which people are controlled: first of all frighten them, and then demoralise them. An educated healthy, and confident nation is harder to govern.
    Tony Benn

    I think that says it all.

    Hi Curbina and Fabrice,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I mistook Chemla for Chemia (wasn't wearing my glasses !)

    It seems the Chemla effect has to do with ion size,

    but since ions and atoms are 10-5 (100,000) x larger than nuclei

    it seems odd that there should be an isotope effect based on that

    understanding.So I think the effect is not fully undestood any more

    than the Ranque or Mpemba effects.