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    Thank you for the apology.

    The most important thing Ive ever learned is this..."keep an open mind" I neither believe or disbelieve claims by Rossi, Mills, et all, I certainly hope that what they have is real but I certainly don't take them at face value. I have been fed so much doo doo as a project inspector that I never take a bite out of a sandwich a contractor hands me unless I smell it first. (wastewater analogy) Unfortunately I cannot examine a quarkX or suncell to see how it actually operates but I have to sift through videos, reports and statements to get a picture of what is happening.

    I have come to some basic conclusions:

    1. There is some unknown physics that has been discovered that releases energy in a way that is neither chemical or nuclear (ie fusion, fission, chemical reactions)

    2. Many different groups are trying to build a commercial device to exploit this discovery and or trying to buy into this work by throwing money around purchasing IP rights.

    3. Many companies and countries are working behind the scenes to develop this science into workable technology. The military applications are staggering, transportation, mining, manufacturing... everything will change

    Somehow, somewhere, somebody will make a breakthrough and produce a workable device. Now this may only be cost effective for certain applications and never replace grid electricity and automotive applications. How much would the military pay for such an energy device in remote locations, surveillance, and offensive weaponry systems?

    The one thing I worry about is that LENR will get tied up in patent disputes where everyone is suing each other and nothing gets built. I think in the long term this technology will be developed and will be cost effective to change the planet. My top 3 technology's to watch are- LENR, EM Drive, and 3D printing(precursor to nano manufacturing)

    First off my name is Jon not John... and I do understand about KWh/h and I do admit I typed it incorrectly. I was responding to a question that someone asked about Mills and his videos of his claimed output of his Suncell. I do not claim anywhere that his device works or does not work, but I follow alternative energy systems because if they do work I want to be first in utilizing the technology in my industry. Even if these devices don't work I continue to learn from the various discussions back and forth between supporters and naysayers.

    I worked in the renewable energy market as a field engineer installing data collection for wind farm developments. I worked with manufacturers testing prototypes for wind assessment equipment and performed energy production analysis for project financing. I helped spec out sensors and controls for the water industry, installed plc's and scada systems, and helped troubleshoot system problems. I oversee construction on billion dollar wastewater plants, concrete quality control, computer control system installations, water system upgrades. I have obtained numerous licenses in the water and wastewater industry and continue to learn and study in my field. I respect all opinions and try to teach people about my industry and the work I perform. I started in the field 30 years ago and will spend the rest of my career constructing the infrastructure that keeps society moving. I am proud of the work I do and the service I provide to the public. I never belittle someone for their lack of knowledge in my industry and instead try to encourage new people to get education and training in my field. I don't like how you insult people and belittle them when you don't agree with their opinions or make a simple error.

    As people are generally billed in kWh or (MWh for big business?) it is simpler to indicate the a unit of power per time period.* kWh and MWh are alternatives to joules for representing an amount of energy, * kWh/h and MWh/h are alternatives to kW and MW for representing power (or energy production/consumption).

    You got a lot of nerve [removed] criticizing me because you disagree where I put a forward slash when you use a fake name to post in forums. Unlike you I do not disguise who I am. No Im not a scientist or physicist, but I have worked on energy projects specifically wind farm developments. I work for engineering firms overseeing construction of enormous water and wastewater systems of amazing complexity. I have 30 years experience building systems and have a strong understanding of all system components and how they integrate. I really don't care about the physics of Mills et al Rossi's cold fusion systems. I care about how they will operate and how they may integrate into my industry. I'm not here to criticize when someone makes a spelling error unlike you who finds great pleasure in belittling anyone with whom you may disagree. In other words offer helpful criticism or just sit in your cubicle and STFU.

    Please: no attempts at doxxing. Respect people's wishes for anonymity. Eric.

    Perhaps you can renovate the Messina site by turning the old buildings into a tourist destination for the cruise ships that dock for the day. Perhaps make an Italian arts and cultural center, local handmade crafts, street food bazzar, street musicians...etc

    So many unknowns regarding the location issues, financing, permitting and so on.

    Please send us more detailed information on this location.

    I just read of an energy device that supposedly if used improperly in your basement can explode, completely destroying you and your home.

    Its called gas fired boiler....

    Any radiation concerns can be easily addressed either by distance or shielding. Did a hole 10 ft deep in your back yard drop a container into the hole, add wiring and cover with several feet of dirt.

    Dont be overwhelmed by the science of LENR. Im not a scientist or a physicist I work building water and wastewater infrastructure and I worked in renewable energy for several years. Let the big heads in here argue over the physics just think of the LENR as a box that produces heat and electricity at nearly free cost. The important thing to remember is that this technology changes how we produce stuff and operate machinery.

    An example is instead of plowing snow off your parking lot melt it off by embedding a heating system into the asphalt. Cooling large greenhouses to produce cold weather vegetables in desert climates, vice versa growing tropical fruit in the arctic circle.

    Please keep me in the loop as you move forward with your work.

    LENR is a disruptive technology unlike any other type of energy generation. The implementation of LENR will be based partly on how the final product is eventually delivered and partly on other constraints such as manufacturing. What everyone needs to understand is that with this technology energy becomes almost valueless. When the cost of energy becomes only the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of a device the economies are totally changed. No longer do you build something with energy efficiency as a main design parameter, instead its about cost of manufacturing and lifetime costs of upkeep. So with this in mind any building design should consider being an energy waster but cheap to build and operate.

    I see a marriage between LENR and 3D printing of large structures including printing steel reinforcement directly into the structure. Remember the old dot matrix printers? Well that is the level of sophistication of 3D printing right now. Imagine a large machine capable of 3D printing the entire structure from the basement upwards including concrete walls, steel reinforcements, utilities such as water, sewer, heating, cooling etc... all you need to do is paint it and move in furniture. Image the variety of architecture that could be accomplished this way, perhaps even mile high carbon nanotube towers will be grown this way....

    Ive tested flow meters and repaired many too, typically they slowly lose accuracy over time due to wear of the rotatingg disk. Ive tested old mechanical meters that were still accurate but rarely did I find problems with new meters. In this situation I would use a brand new meter, have it tested and certified using a storage tank of known quantity. Seal the meter with wire and lead tag, surround the meter with clear plexiglass and when finished remove and test again.

    Mechanical flowmeters are tested using a known volume in a tank. The water goes by gravity through the water meter and its accurate to with 1% of true flow. Hopefully Rossi used a simple mechanical flow meter in line with a digital flow meter for computer monitoring of flow and mechanical backup.

    I just had a thought... what if IH wanted a license for the ecat in certain areas not to actually sell ecats but to exclude all sales in the area they control. Then when Rossi wasnt looking buy up all the other LENR companies, use Rossi IP but not pay royalties for LENR products. They get the IP and say the new EDog power system was independently developed from Rossi IP. They get the secret, they can keep Rossi from competing due to license....sound likely?

    I cant see using the price of electricity for heating as a comparison, Im pretty sure the Ecat heat would be used to offset natural gas heat or oil heat, not electric heat. Secondly is .06 per KW/h the energy cost only or does this include distribution, transmission and taxes?

    how many billions has been spent on hot fusion to date?? 30 billion or so?

    as for bernie madoff anyone who invested in that idiot deserves to lose everything... he had 13% return even in the worst financial disaster in 50 years... besides with a name like Madoff... too ironic

    I am neither convinced or not convinced that the technology works, I keep an open mind to all possibilities. I certainly hope the technology works for many reasons but will not lose sleep if it fails.

    If its not your money on the line then stop calling them scammers... its really not your concern