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    I just wanted to let everyone know that Frank did allow a response from nckhawk on ECW last night for which I was grateful. He has since deleted two follow-up postings in response to Sifferkoll and Curbina.(although he may repost them after the thread has quieted down) I asked Sifferkoll to admit his financial conflict of interest on ECW and guess Frank didn't like that. I asked Curbina why the sudden lack of interest in the "ERV" report and I guess that crossed the line as well.

    It is becoming easier to see how so many folks have become programed to follow Rossi so vociferously. Squelch discension, slander the "enemy" and put up a fusalade of content that doesn't require facts to gain a life if its own. .

    We also need to keep in mind that any downturn in ECW traffic will also effect Frank's ad income

    Joshua Cude - you're way off base with your assumptions. IH is run by patient gentlemen with the right risk profile to try and find big solutions that solve pollution problems by deploying capital. They made a mistake on Rossi but did that with eyes wide open and risk factors / disclaimers fully covering their bases. The long-term lack of money in this sector was partially addressed when Tom Darden decided to risk millions of dollars of his own capital to see what would happen when money showed up for this starved sector. The good news is that the strategy appears to be working. You'll need to consider your the information source to figure out the rest of the errors in your post but you can do that on your own.

    Thomas - Despite some of the heat that you're taking you're on the right track. In fact, that is where you should focus when the "ERV" report and data sets that Penon provided are made available for everyone to review.

    I'm enjoying your study on the flowmeter analysis - it also looks like similar problems continued to manifest. The great news there is that everyone gets to decide for themselves in the not too distant future. There is the matter of the courts which will determine pace so please be patient.

    Hank - While I await your response to my previous response to your request, I'm trying to learn more about you and found your book on Amazon. It states on the inside cover that the book is purely a fiction read. What was your intention in writing a book about the E-Cat that was fiction based? Also, I cannot find anything else about you with the exception of your posting history. Would you be so kind as to tell us a little more about your background? Are you an engineer or scientist?

    David - good to hear from you. I enjoyed the time spent with you at the French CMNS gathering in March. As you may know, I'm a shareholder in IH and I also work in development of the R&D sector looking for promising projects and researchers.

    Things were not going well with Rossi and unfortunately, he chose to sue IH in what looks like a long-planned strategy. He also initiated a simultaneous character assassination and PR war effort against IH and some members of the team. I got caught up in that trying to defend folks like Tom Darden who are exactly what this sector needs. Unselfish, patient and cause-oriented investors. The first guys to show up with money in years and I guess that $11.5M for Rossi wasn't enough for technology that didn't work. His test bait and switch cycle gig is about up though. I can handle folks telling lies about me in the short term as I know the truth that is coming out in the long term.

    No offense intended to the folks who support Rossi on this forum. Everyone has so much emotion and time invested in this guy. This is a difficult time for all of us.

    Hank- thank you for your inquiry - you are the most polite and hardest working of Rossi's supporters. I used to be one of Rossi's supporters as well. There will be new information soon for everyone to digest and reach their own adjusted, hardened and / or enlightened conclusions.

    Regarding your question, I'm not quite sure how to answer you and wanted to ask that you be a little more specific about what you're looking for. If I can provide a response that does not involve dry powder for the upcoming court case then I'll be happy to share some thoughts with you.

    - Dewey

    We'll I'll be - Guest is here!

    To your point, I did get a little carried away on Mats blog and apologize to everyone for the heated moments. I was sick and tired of the character assassination efforts against Tom - a good man who walks the talk and puts his money where his mouth is. Sifferkoll was tough to stomach with all of his attempts to help out his buddy Rossi. I have no idea where he got all of those companies from that he somehow associates with my name or businesses. After we identified that he had what looked like a financial conflict of interest then it really got interesting. We don't need bog this civil venue down with that unpleasantness so that is maybe a good place to stop.

    Shane D - thank you for the welcome. Mats blog did get a little wild but Mats had no problem as long as things were mainly open field running for Rossi supporters. That changed when Mats wanted to get to the truth and it further evolved into direct engagement with the core of Rossi's cadre. It was a slugfest but we learned a bunch of useful information. Things were starting to get very interesting when Mats appeared to stop or paused his search for the truth using the crowd-sourcing approach.

    I'd love to engage in some direct dialogue with CimPy and Thomas - they were amazing in the brief search for the truth run on Mats site.

    The 1MW unit was padlocked on the spot for reasons that will have to wait for the court. That unit is the property of IH and better be in the same state that it was left with both the Rossi and IH locks in place and intact.

    Where did you see a comment that Rossi was still supplying heat to "the customer"?

    Peter - thank you for the links to the restored comments. I've tried to see them from three different computers and two IP address but they would not load, despite flushing cache. Perhaps a wordpress issue. That trouble started immediately after the closing of the comments sections on the truth search by Mats.
    Mats deleted my inquiry in another string about why the closed and what have been temporarily deleted comments.

    Frank did the same on E-CatWorld.