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    Bruce - since you asked so politely, here is some additional communication from Mr. Weigelt on said subject:

    "The IVA Conference Centre is an independent business unit that sells its services on the open market. Even though the Conference Centre shares our name, the majority of its clients are not connected with IVA .The organizations using our centre are responsible for their own content. That said, we are aware of the risk that some customers may try to exploit our brand for supporting their events and gain credibility by association. This is obviously extra important when it comes to issues as science fraud. Therefore, the policies of our Conference Centre clearly guides to exclude events in conflict with the Academy statutes (to promote technical and economical sciences) and we always perform background checks on new customers.

    This time, the venue was booked by Mats Lewan for a “technical presentation by a US company with international guests”. Our Conference Centre staff did not have knowledge in advance of the conference that that Mr Rossi was among the speakers, and the background check on Mr Lewan himself did not reveal anything suspicious. Directly after the event we were made aware of what had happened and took actions to mitigate any potential damages. We contacted media to make it clear that the claims made by Rossi are in no way endorsed by the Academy. Mats Lewan is red-flagged for future reservations in our Conference Centre, and would not have had access of our conference centre had we known the content of the event. It is clear that we need to review our procedures to avoid similar incidents in the future."

    Wow - lob some truth into a situation and nobody can handle it.

    I'm going to be chuckling over the US Embassy being contacted for issues involving another country's academic/ research system for days. Oh yeah - lets get the US Govt, the great champion of our sector, to handle a con artists defacing of the Academy that houses the great Nobel. Absolutely pitiful.

    I've got the scoop, I know what happened. I know where you went to get yours - you don't know what happened or the present status of things.

    We can skip the upgrade to something more intentional if anybody just wants to keep playing hand-grenades.

    And AA makes an appearance from the SP cold storage - what a great afternoon this has been!!

    Old reliable IHFB tries his level fabrication best. I think the IVA figured out the deception early on - as in real-time. They got agitated into action when the Rster started smearing their brand in with his video and online deception.

    And then things really began to devolve from there - right into the R'ster's c-grade condo kitchen. The asymptote to nothing continues, taking the Rossifarians with him.

    Its because Dr Lewan was deceptive in the arrangements that he made with IVA. They had no idea that a 5 decade con artist eco criminal fraud was bringing in a "nukular reactor" for a live demonstration.

    They were some kind of upset when the found out what had happened and that was before the spinmaster PR'ster unleashed his "Supported by the Swedish Academy" nonsense. That got Cease and Desist letters going which I'm sure the Rossifarians noticed

    when the IVA video captions from the demo started to change or be taken down. He still pushes his luck every once and awhile on JNOP but he knows that the IVA is watching him like a hawk. Mats reputation is forever destroyed with those people.

    Does it mean the IVA was deceived when approached about the Nov 24, 2017 conference?

    Why yes........ it says just that.

    I wonder how if feels to be banished from the Academy in Sweden after purveying such a deception? (or to the contrary - a mention of the unannounced dangers and potential exposures with a live cancerous result in the house)

    Kevwoof - what does this mean to you:

    Secretary to the Academy, Executive Vice President
    +46 8-791 29 44
    [email protected]

    IVA would like to announce that the Academy does not support the messages conveyed at the conference at IVA Conference Centre on 24 November 2017 attended by, among others, Andrea Rossi.

    IVA is an academy that promotes science. IVA also runs a conference centre which is open to companies, organisations and individuals. The IVA Conference Centre conducts background checks on those who book conferences rooms and also, to the extent possible, checks programmes to ensure that any messages conveyed are not contrary to IVA’s objective, which is to promote science. In this case IVA would like to clearly state that the Academy does not in any way support the messages conveyed at the conference in question.

    Thursday, March 29, 2018

    Playing the over/under Keb - one of them is correct and thanks for noticing.

    I am hopeful that the Swedes got rolled like we did. The other might be that they are trying to rescue their reputations with a replication or some kind of positive result.

    The least helpful and worse possible outcome would be that they were compromised by Rossi - which I really hope was never or is the case.

    We'll see how long they stay silent.

    Kev - you clearly have not studied the Swede's published literature and, as a result, you're not credible anywhere but in your own head. You start from a factless position and make it worse because you apparently have no ability to read / discern what a fact or the truth is. You have no basis in truth and that must make for a miserable existence. You only see / hear what you want and then you spin it to match your fantasy of how things must be. That makes you a sad fiction writer at best. You are a living in a mental typhoon of Rossi lies promulgated by your underlord and his SPs. And then you have the unmitigated audacity to try and put the onus on others because of your lazy, factless, miserable, bombastic existence. We've all read the reports and understand them. If you have read the reports then you clearly do not have the ability to interpret and convert into effective argument. You're turning into a stain on Planet Rossi which I didn't think was possible. The truth is going to crush your spirit which in reality makes me sad.

    THH is an accomplished academic but don't tell Kev as he continues his work of fiction on behalf of his underlord.

    I don't think that Kev can make a credible case around IH loosing money but he keeps repeating it so it must be real (in his head). It is entertaining nonetheless.

    A pure fabrication regarding the Swedes and a black box test. Levi and Rossi were all in their knickers - which they acknowledged that during

    the disallowance of thermocouple data, incorrect IR camera settings and Rossi shorted-control run compromises of the "independent test".

    The only tangible reality that Rossi has truly put into the marketplace are the hectares of waste oil polluting numerous hazardous waste sites in Italy.

    Oh....and it doesn't appear that Menichella is a PhD either. Here we go again.......

    Bob offended the mods - how dare he.

    Absolutely pitiful and disgraceful.

    Yet another unneeded stain on L.F. which continues to signal not ready for prime time. (which is coming).