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    You wrote: "Much like the TR-3B and the Aurora, this EM-Drive will go down in history as the uneducated ramblings of pseudoscientists and tinfoil-wearing kooks". This is incivil, contentless ad hominem. There are many people here who have from time to time been incivil. But nearly everyone here has some insight to add to the technical or legal discussion. You stand far apart from them in that you only contribute incivil comments about people and their motives, and nothing to technical or legal discussions. You are bringing the level of discussion down with this kind of ad hominem. It does not matter that you are sincere in what you write. If you cannot contribute to the technical or legal discussions, you should remain quiet.

    This is pretty hilarious, as people like Dewey Weaver, Mary Yugo, and several others spent their thousand+ posts only trolling named people very ad hominemly, and bringing the level of discussion down to mud flinging.

    Did you read that I named people in this sarcastic remark? if so, do tell which people were attacked by my vile trolling.

    While we're at it, you've written several times that you were going to look into the info provided by people putting forward stuff that you consider as "debatable" -we all know what that really means ;) -
    I don't see that you've ever shared the conclusions of this looking into stuff you were provided? weird...

    Much like the TR-3B and the Aurora, this EM-Drive will go down in history as the uneducated ramblings of pseudoscientists and tinfoil-wearing kooks

    Keieueue: you are very close to being permanently banned. Eric.

    It's noteworthy that Carl Page, brother of Eric Page of Google, is blogging about this. I suspect Page has read Beaudette or Storms or both, which are both good summaries. As a result, though, Page's description repeats an inadequately verified claim that is found in those summaries and that was repeated here ad infinitum, about conversion of deuterium to helium. One cannot expect more of someone who is merely reading at a high level and summarizing what he's reading. Perhaps if Carl Page and Bill Gates are showing interest, there is a larger network of people who are taking interest as well that we're not seeing directly.

    The blog post also seems a little optimistic: the assumption is that LENR can be harnessed to do useful work, but this might not be the case, and it may instead remain a laboratory curiosity for a long time.

    Bad cop

    Oh come now. The helium ratio was confirmed by Miles, McKubre and many Italian researchers. It may not be 100% certain but it is a well established observation, not a "trope." It is adequately verified. A similar observation in some other area of science would be accepted by all scientists.

    Good cop

    They are bombshells alright and you don't even know the half if it (yet). Bagdad Bob could do a better job for Planet Rossi than these clowns.
    Rossi better produce some supporting discovery soon - his idea of holding out until he can get in front of the jury has clocked out - a strategy that has rotted from the head down.

    That's not how you do it. Look: iraqiinformationminister.jpg

    In a strange twist of fate, it applies to your post! That said, 3TB of data is interesting... but I guess it doesn't cover the heat exchanges in the other room? oh wait, there never were any, the information minister said so.

    What about the ERV that Cherokee/IH don't have? ah, but Penon and half-a-dozen other people are in on the scam. It all makes sense!

    Keieueue: this is a warning. Please refrain from contentless insults. Your contributions have always been very low-signal, high-noise.

    Feeling threatened "Eric Walker"? "Zorud" is a downvote machine, it comments once in a blue moon, but dislikes daily or so. As this is a fact, I call it content and signal. Granted, it's not the long-winded "scientific" debunking and stealth emotional manipulation you enjoy peddling, but it's still content.

    Why don't you write the Chinese Government to tell them that the EM-drive is only a meme drive, nothing to see, move along?

    edit: true, "Zorud" is an upvote machine as well :^) People like StephenRezz or Adb don't get those high likes-to-posts ratios out of nowhere ^^

    QuarkX is so far simply a fairy tale from AR....all what the world (incl. ECW!) knows is a blurry blue light pic and "Rossi says". It is unbelieveable, how he is still able to steer his followers and believers with words, posts, sock pupptes talks -…

    It's very believable especially when there are downvote machines such as you watching over this forum and others, ready to pounce on whatever's written that doesn't agree with the anti-Rossi narrative

    If anything, you're Streisand effecting, and negative buzzing Rossi is still buzz. I had no leanings towards Rossi being a scam or the real thing, but since I've seen the viciousness and dishonesty of "people" (many of them are bots) who attack him, I'm convinced he has the goods (or he's being set up to spearhead the false breakthrough, false, because this tech has been known and harnessed for decades in the secret of the military(ies?))

    edit: answered before reading the following comments, and Alan's. I welcome the green ink!

    "Phenomena proved for 100+ years and secretly exploited by some military cartels, gets delayed in their public use by said cartels and energy lobbies hiring toxic skeptopaths and bot operators playing good cop/bad cop routine. Their narrative slowly changes over time to accomodate coming "revelation" in the next years."

    More at 11?

    The lawsuit can be interesting and important to discuss, by all means, but if anyone is fully convinced that the reactor did not produce energy, why would that person then focus hour upon hour discussing (in twenty different forums) whether a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder reactor was used. This is not rational behavior.

    Unfortunately it's very rational if you consider they are shills -as you implied-, but what boggles the mind is the sheer dedication they put in it. It doesn't boggle it anymore though, if they're helped by software, or are even complete bots

    Look at bots on Monsanto's facebook page for example, and message them: hard to tell they're not real humans, software has been passing Turing tests for a while now. Check their fb pages: they have photographs with friends, family... Isn't Abd always talking about his family? don't his avatars show members of his "family"?
    It's one of the tricks widely used to make people think a bot or botted user is a real person: he has relatives! cat pictures! cares about stuff! is vocal about it!

    Now, maybe Abd isn't a complete bot (has anyone met him? know trustworthy people who did?), maybe he merely inputs stuff in a software that produces posts, and puts some human salsa afterwards, changing sentences, adding/removing stuff. There are others who do this here I believe, the "gadget did not produce 1MW heat that would have cooked people alive, did I tell you about white rice?" spammers come to mind.

    Welcome to hell! and a very nasty curse on the people who manage bot operations

    I don't know anymore if this forum pretends paid shills and bots don't exist for whatever reason, or if people administrating it are completely dense

    Anyway, I'm starting to understand why the Alexander Grothendiecks quit the scientific world never to come back, they've seen devils up close and it doesn't suit them

    Fact: you've been repeating ad nauseam the same catchphrases for months

    Fact: they're not backed by anything since neither ERV nor complete schematics of the installation (and how/where the heat went) are available

    Fact: you are stubbornly pushing forward fact-deprived statements and that makes you a FUD machine. Paid or not? who cares, the toxicity of your daily interactions in what should be LENR-friendly communities is blatant. But you're not the only one in this, as LENR is a very touchy subject for a number of lobbies who'd rather see it never evolve beyond Internet squabbles.

    Fact: it's really sad and disturbing to see an archivist of all things LENR commit so violently to being an obstacle in the road of human progress, but maybe you've been a partial and agenda-driven bouncer all along, who knows?

    OK You made your point. Beyond here lies troll-territory. Alan.

    That's hilarious you say people genuinely concerned with the Rossi affair in that's another case of tech suppression, are paid by Rossi to spread FUD, when you yourself have been a FUD machine producing endless bingos of "gadget doesn't work" and others "1mw heat would cook people"
    Now, nobody understands why you, who are a LENR archivist, would play the role of a bouncer and viciously, endlessly attack LENR ventures that are not to your liking. Or, much rather, to people having power over you (why? how? that's your own karma) ?

    But at least, you're a real person, unlike Turing test-able sophisticated bots using photographs and civil names to pass off as real people. However I hope you get software to make the bulk of your posts, they're so repetitive it can't be good for you should they be produced manually.

    Rossi himself cannot produce the effect. Ni-H cold fusion might be real, but Rossi's version is either fake or he has forgotten how to produce it. His 1-year test was completely fake and produced no heat at all, as you see in Exhibit 5.

    How many times can you lie and keep a straight face? this, is becoming unreal

    No Doxxing please. /AlainCo/

    It is clearly an instrument artifact.

    Well, you are clearly nothing more than a FUD artifact yourself
    But you're not the only one!

    I would like to remind you that there are no liars here, only differences of opinion. Alan.