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    I see the camera moving, and the ballerina repeat the dance sequence dozens of times, independently of the other screen views.

    Can one of our video experts select all the sequential small ballerina box frames, string them together into a video, and speed it up maybe 4 times?

    Pretty please?

    Actually I tried it briefly yesterday and applied deshaker (with no success easily since it is only one part of the frame). Speed is normal, but you can speed it up with your videoplayer.
    It is uploading while I have to go for today.
    Video will appear within one hour into Vimeo Page (Thanks Alan Smith for the tip!)

    This is interesting, because I don't perceive the camera moving at all. Rather I see the the plasma doing a restrained, fairly regular, yet subtly chaotic type of oscillation.

    Does anyone know: How tall is the ballerina?

    If you look at original video starting around 3:3, it is quite clear that it is camera that is moving around since while area moves (look for example left half of the screen).
    It was stated in the video that if you have certain size monitor (was it 22 inch? I don't remember), the ballerina you see is presented as actual size. Or something like that.

    Hi Argon

    Interesting! Please expand on the technical details of how you prepared this alternative video.

    Well I'm not pro in videoanalysis, just wanted to quickly visualize camera movement vs. movement of actual plasma to check was it just 3 LED flashlights (400K+4000K+2700K) under the bed sheet....

    What I did was pretty easy and can even be improved further with same toolset. I used Ubuntu LInux for this (i have to translate names to English so you may find some inaccuracies in naming).
    1) Cut the original clip using OpenShot video editor to contain only full screen part of plasma. Shorter video is also faster to process in next steps.

    2) In OpenShot drag and drop 'Tresholds' effect from 'Effects'-tab into top of clip in timeline.

    3) Right click on clip and select 'properties' and there select 'Effects'-tab. Turn slider, need to click effect name 'Treshods' first, to right up to 1.97 (you may try other values, but this suited best for me)

    4) Preview and if you are satisfied, export clip as mp4 with your preferred resolution etc. options.

    Actually you are done! In general OpenShot seems simple, but has lots of nice features, like 'greenroom' and 'hanging labels' if you study further.

    What I tried also was test 'Deshake' the video using ffmpeg, but video was so shaky that I could not get it stabilized. Didn't want to put time on installing additional plugins that may have been able to do that better.

    In general deshaking of video can be done using command if shaking is below certain limits:
    ffmpeg -i ECatdemoTreshold097.mp4 -vf deshake ECatdemoTreshold097_20190131_unshaked.mp4
    (tried also option 'blocksize 100', but no help)

    Finally I converted video to short animated gif, since lenr-forum doesn't let me upload mp4 and didn't want to introduce my cloud storage to whole wide lenr world :)

    ffmpeg -i ECatdemoTreshold097.mp4 -t 45 ECatdemoTreshold097_15.gif

    I prepared a alternative video of Ecat plasma taken from the ECat demo video. I don't know does this prove anything to direction or another, but for me it looks like videocamera is shaking in sync with cameraman breathing. Also 'plasma' seems to be pretty constant whole time not changing its shape at all.

    At least now we know why he called it ballerina.

    He reminds me of Steve Jobs presentations 8o

    I am convinced that there is a purpose. Maybe everything is calculated? If Rossi still does not want the attention of the big oil, perhaps this is the best way to play a game? It's complicated..

    Nice theory David. That could be viable explanation why so less impressive presentation. But unfortunately I think more probable explanation is Jeffs theory about Nigerian scammers method.

    For me it was enough to see 'reactor' in video. It is Mr Rossis bed sheet covering 2 LED bulbs (>3000K) and upmost yellowish glow is traditional <2700 K incandescent lamp. If they are video recording inside 'reactor' why would camera, not 'plasma', move constantly. That is to fool your eye to believe it is plasma moving around. Additionally it seems to be animated gif repeating same path. Someone with video analysis skills could track glow edges to analyze how short loop it is repeating.

    Sorry, but I have again to, not even sitting in fence, but declare myself out from Rossis bandwagon. (Especially after reading Franks first hand testimony in ECW).

    What I believe, LENR could be real, but E-Cat XYZ is not.

    Are you saying that he still could have something? Or was it simply that JeffRothwell was right in first place and me356 was blinded by excitement after his first results not seeing flaws on his measurements..

    After Bob brought him more proper calorimetry maybe his eyes were opened and he understood to keep low profile until he gets real positive results.

    The QX is now rated at 1 kW. There are two versions of the SK (named after physicists) 5 kW ^ 100 kW, Rossi says the QX has been tested for over a year, the SK 5 not so long. He hopes to choose which one to produce next week, following current tests.

    He has decided to sell metered heat rather than sell the reactors. He appears to have a customer who wants 40 MW so there us incentive to go to the SK 5.

    The SK5 is about the same size as the QX, the SK 100 is ~ ten times larger and on the back burner. He says the SK 100 has been used to run a gas turbine. I expect he will show a mass produced industrial SK 5 not operating in Jan 2019 and we won;t get proof until later in the year.

    Thanks for updating on SK versions. Really hope your (all who believes SK will be real) wait is not in vain. I will visit other threads meanwhile.

    Popped here after longish pause and amazed that there are still people using their time on speculating on Rossi.

    It is most convenient and healthiest to simply ignore his promises until he brings real hippo on stage.

    Just sit on fence and look for other technologies meanwhile. If Rossi happens to have something, good for the world and we will surely hear about it without constantly hitting refresh button. if/because he does not have anything, you have not waisted your time on fairytales.

    I haven't even read his latest promises after QX . 'SK' what a is that again anyway? Name changes, but story keeps evolving and always 6 months away.

    This is not the first time he tried with electric cars.…es-a-silver-fisker-karma/

    New thing is better battery. He built those cars at that time in Finland. I don't know is this related, but there is also company in Finland now researching solid batteries enablling longer ranges. They are rather close to market, but cycle count needs to be improved first. They claim that they have been approached by several big e-car manufacturers.

    t is clear that the clamp rods are very nearly fully extended. And rusty. The bolt head, just beyond the more clean cinch nut at the end of the rod looks really rusty.

    That rust also caught my eyes earlier, and it reminds me of one phenomenon namely oxidation. When you apply high voltage spark, it generates also ozone, and ozone causes fast oxidation. Looking at rust in Sifferkolls pic above it seems thicker closer to reactor.

    But question is why shouldn':t QX reactor be sealed, or if it has crystal glass chamber, then UV-C passes it forming ozone outside the reactor.

    Did anyone (ping Alan Smith  Mats Lewan ) smell ozone during test run?

    Even without taking into account any LENR occurring, only large currents, if one could solve the problem on one side by using thicker wires with as few connection points as possible, it would still have to be handled by the power supply or some sort of circuit (e.g. flyback diode as Ahlfors suggested), which will produce heat in the process. So it could have been a related problem, but I'm absolutely no electric engineer.

    Putting in milliwatts (without LENR) should not cause returning current requiring tens of watts active cooling (And still even few watt Computer fan would be more than enough for 60w cooling).

    Quote by Rossi you pasted (google translated):
    [Rossi]: then I'll tell you: the cable return problem we had and we solved it in another way. The problem instead of the enormous excess heat that is formed here, that we must handle it with the valves [?]? ...

    [Rossi]: The cable problem when I told you was that. We had both problems, but then we solved it ...

    I guess by 'valves' he refers to Diode (in the beginning them were also called as valves).

    So my interpretation this case is:

    1) Originally Rossi have had cable burning problem, because he was not aware of extra returning current (and if I recall correctly he initially thought that it was conducted heat from reactor). Then he must have learned about returning current and heating problem was solved by putting stronger cables.

    2) Stronger cables moved problem to control box as you said. Rossi learned just recently that he should use valves (Diodes) to bypass returning current to avoid heating of power supply.

    If that is really true that with few hundred milliamp input you get back several amps because of plasma (or actually LENR), I think overheating is pretty basic problem to solve by electrical engineer (Adding even Zener-diode to flyback configuration, extra current could partially be used to feed super capacitors for juicing control unit => Infinite COP.

    Too many open questions and in my opinion Rossi is so stubborn that he tries to solve all problems by himself that would be much easier for professional engineers to solve. Or alternatively I tend to buy Pekka Janhunen theory (in that by being unclear, Rossi manages to remain under Big Radars who could ruin his plans...

    did mention that earlier in this thread citing non-LENR references (1, 2) and personal observations. During high current DC arc discharges tests the positive wire would heat up significantly more than the negative wire. I don't know if this is really related to what Rossi observed, but it reminded me of that (although only by loose association). In my case in some tests at higher current than normal I had to periodically invert wire polarity to not melt the connectors and wire insulation, but it was mostly my fault since I used cheap and undersized equipment (not to mention improvised).

    Interesting phenomenon I was not aware of. Your experience and references are also interesting. I remember that at some point Rossi reported (in jonp via ECW maybe) trying to figure out wire overheating problem and also Matts now mentioned it in his presentation before Rossi corrected him that he has solved that one.

    Phenomenon you experienced (and discussed in references) must occur in pretty much higher power levels (lke >30A), but phenomenon is there. Could it be that plasma enhanced with LENR reaction makes same phenomenon but causes much bigger amounts of electrons to flow to positive electrode (so by mW:s input you generate 10s of W:s worth of electrical energy) or something? That would also explain why Rossi has claimed to be able to produce electricity directly with QX.

    For me this was still demo and not test, so it cannot make one to believe it more nor conclude as fraud. Rossi has some clarfication to give on switch flipping before resistor swapping test. The resitor test itself was not convincing either because of probes, ac/dc consideration, changed waveforms etc.

    But the demo gives good material for speculation. And to move forward on that, can anyone point to any theory or research results why QX-power supply requires so heavy cooling fan?

    Generating modulated sine wave and feeding tens of milliwats to wire could not require 60w PSU. Someone speculated (can'remember which thread) that plasma generating flow of electrons 'pushing back' to PSU causing extra heat or something. When Matts mentioned in his presentation that "Heat conducted from reactor through wires requires extra fan in PSU", Rossi corrected afterwards that "Heat conduction problem was solved and there is other reason now".

    If we assume that QX is real, could that requirement of extra cooling be caused by electricity generating feature Rossi have mentioned? Controller case had rather big vent holes, so they could serve rather big fan, but then I didn't hear extra humming during the test. As a comparison if i remember correctly my house air conditining system fans are 45w and they exchange air 94l/s!

    Roughly calculated (from top of my head) each 1deg/c would transfer 100w. So 45w fan could move 1kw heat from chassis assuming 10C temp difference between intake and exhaust. I can guarantee that 92l/s even well diffused makes noticable noice. Something doesn't match in my opinion.

    What he said after 2:31:19 (in Italian) was interesting, but I think he simply toggled the main switch of the power supply.

    Pictures from…emo-in-stockholm-cop-550/

    Yes that would be interesting. I tried to listen with 150% volume with headphones, but still could not not hear his words properly.

    I played again with 0.5xspeed setting and all I could pick was: 2:31:05 Rossi could say something like "Whi... I have to soun...." and Fabiani replies in English "The switch" and again "...switch" when his hand reaches the switch. Maybe native English or Italian speaker with higher volume could pick more. (at 2:31:19 you refer to I think it is Matts voice behind verifying calcuations 'Okay,... how much time...")

    You are propably right. Anyway before that point Rossi seems to search power switch switch for real (for fraud they would have practiced it carefully). Further looking at Sifferkolls pic you posted, PSU seems to be around there inside the case. So I also guess it was the just because they had shut off the controller while changing setup to avoid damages while removing the reactor from circuitry.

    As Mats suspected, the generator is a current generator, so when replacing the reactor with a short-circuit, the current remains 0.3A. When the 800 Ohm resistance was set, Rossi or who for him switched the power supply to the voltage generator (the power supply was a black box and also carried the ON-OFF for 3-4 seconds, so at any time can also be transformed away from voltage control and vice versa).

    Like in this moment (see around 2:31 mark Rossi flipping switch INSIDE the case of controller box.)? Well there would be lot of opportunities to do many manually or automatically (controller could automatically switch mode by sensing the load impedance/resistance ratio. QX containing Resistor+Capacitor or Coil and MATS used just resistors, ).

    In my opinion this was just demo to prepare what is cooking in Rossis Lab if he really has something. I can't imagine many professional companies, that would give a dime without proper verification first. So why even bother if he does not have anything.

    It is interesting to speculate and rewind videos back and forth, but I'm going can still sit on the fence until some real verification is done.

    Thank you @sifferkoll for excellent pictures of the setup. Lot to study there. Did you try to check is this brown coating in reactor pipe some paint or rust?

    If that is rust it is formed very oddly, other end is clean and other end slowly turns fully brown. Or just painted that way to look more real? Hope not.…oads/2017/11/L1010540.jpg

    If you think how much negative publicity Rossi has earned during the years after 2011, one thing in positive side for me is that he has still been able to get someone with positive/neutral track record to run the demo measurements. I don't know Mr Hurleys history though, but I would not be sitting behind that desk knowing that measurements are from the sleeve.

    Watching Rossi Q&A video atm. and Rossi also sounds convincing speaker if you filter out limitations in his English. I didn't understand Rossis answer to Mats about how he measured diameter of plasma inside reactor (piece of hair size). Did he answer "using ...spectrometer" (after 5:29 mark)? (inaudible). I have no glue what that could be. Can someone more knowledgeable on subject comment on that answer?

    Edit: I think he meant Optical spectrometer ( , but still is it possible to measure it inside reactor?

    Specs looks nice but I see endless speculation following, since 2h test could be fooled by igniting chemical (~120Wh) reaction with small current. Possibilities to speculate are countless.

    I hope someone asked Rossi to stop and start reaction again few times on request to rule out few tricks...

    Did anyone recognize any industry representatives (ABB, Elfors, Volvo) in the audience? Would add confidence if they have been able to test the device and still want to attend this demonstration.

    Not surprised.
    Winners: Attorneys

    Florida Court (wasted time).


    LENR (Delays, Increased skeptism)

    IH or Rossi won? Couldn't care less who paid who, hope it was fair deal though.

    Engineer Rossi better to bring his blinking-ant to table for independent testing or shut up for good.

    Have a nice summer :)

    Jed, Sorry you seem to keep twisting things over and over again. We know that me356 test was failure cop<=1 there is no point on digging in decimals. Small positive is not even news anymore. So that test was failure period.

    There is nothing new anymore you can bring to this thread before MFMP opens their mouth or me356 makes new test. By continuing this campaign you only make people more seriously question your real intentions - and reputation. Why not to continue on some other topic, maybe we 'should look there not here' as Bob said. Maybe Rossi vs IH case...

    PS: Tip for me356, please don't take Jed too seriously, he is trying to challenge you to dig deeper in first test case, whereas you should concentrate on fixing the reactor and meanwhile limit commenting here too much before you have something working available. We don't want to see another 'Rossi says' saga - nobody wants to live that again. There is nothing to win by promising, only by independent reliable testing.