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    Anyone else noticing the move from "a license valid and paid for" three years ago to this accountable stuff and Clarke insinuating it being "extracting money" even though it was done and considered fine for three years... What exactly is your mission…

    I think it is quite evident that since "shock and awe" didn't bring the results that was naively planned by campaign designers and Jun 12 is growing to extreme dimensions right in their eyes.
    Only thing left is to sling brownie all over the places and try to smudge sites turn them unreadable for grand public (count #of posts from last 4 hours). That is not winning strategy, this is not -89 anymore and there are few totalitarian countries left.

    Truth will pull through and it cannot be stifled todays connected world, but real truths seekers will have busy June.

    Yes I agree, it would be practical, and most beneficial, in long distance flights and first response patrol fighters, where flight time would be limited by pilots toilet breaks instead of fuel capacity.
    Also passing sound barrier is problem when flying over populated areas. I noticed that NASA is studying this sound barrier problem more closely maybe trying to minimize disadvantages in future planes.
    I would be really happy on planes humming, with more laminar flow, over my head with very large, or many ducted fans even speed would be limited. Pollution and sound is big problem in current planes.

    BTW Mike I think NASA concept was planned to achieve actual travel speed only in much higher altitudes to limit surfaces overheating you mention.

    OK now I got it, thanks to both. You mean pure 'ducted fan' engine approach. Makes sense just to make mechanical energy to drive the fan with lower speed ranges.
    I was too stuck on my old experience on fighter jets with afterburners and all where main thrust comes from heating the air.

    What I had in mind was few years ago I saw concept pictures of (NASA?) supersonic long distance passenger jet with Ramjet engines. From pictures I could see 4-5 big pipes on top of plane. With quick calculation 5 pipes with 1m diameter each having 50 m (heat transfer) length, would give 785m2 heat transfer surface.
    So that construction could also be plausible if you could distribute heat to whole length (small Quark-X:s if they are real).
    In Ramjet you don't need fans since speed of the engine (aircraft) causes air compression in intake. So only thing needed would be heating air in pipes, and no moving parts! Well in practice takeoff part need additional design, since this works well only in high speeds.

    I can't say is this long pipes construction realistic though, just throwing ideas and curious to hear from people who know what LENR could make possible.

    BTW NASA has lot of supersonic studies. Here is sample page…ctSheets/FS-040-DFRC.html

    A supercritical flash boiler running at 300-400C is more or less a coil of heated tubing with a turbo-pump at the inlet end. No real need to go all the way back to the liquid phase - cool steam (>110C) from the low-pressure end of the turbine would…

    Alan, I was also concernerd on size of needed heat transfer surface. Normal jet-engine works in principle that inflowing air is heated 600-700C which makes it to expand quite a lot and thus increasing pressure and increasing air velocity in tail pipe. Even modern engines have turbofans in front compressing 4/5 of intake to bypass actual heat chamber, but still air expansion is needed by heating. (bypass airflow is partly helping on thrust, but also acting as noice control).

    Or are you saying that passenger jet speeds (500mph) would be achievable with fan only? (I have some difficulties to get the idea)

    Interesting idea. Condensing capacity needs to be designed on takeoff conditions, but as you said lots of wing surface available. Thrust available without expanding (heating) the air is another concern.

    Intersting to see if these will ever replace kerosine engines.

    Thanks Mike, i didn't have turbofan part in my calculations so it was closer to Ramjet than modern jet engine. And I also used total average fuel consumption, but during takeoff it would need much more, so I think your number is much better (it depends on plane size anyway).

    That would make design even harder. Challenge of (>1000C) heat distribution to surface of that size (2000m2) needs some new innovation.

    BTW I have sometimes calculated on ballbark that even pressurized air becomes hotter than intake, it is gets compensated with more efficient convection under pressure, so no need to take into calculations as long as there is enough temp diff between surface and compressed air. But not completely sure about this.

    I started to wonder NASA:s sldes about using LENR in JET and space engines. My concern is heat transfer from reactor to air.
    Jet planes have pretty powerful engines, and they operate purely by heating incoming cold (+40...-50) air to hot air (800C?) which expands causing needed thrust.

    My assumptions:
    -Kerosine 77000kg Airbus 300
    -Flight time 14,5h
    -Energy 42.8 MJ/kg (Kerosene)
    => Flight average power 63.13 MW! (In ideal engine like ramjet, but in real is somewhat less 50MW?)

    If convection would be conservative 200W/m2/K and temp diff would be 500C (1300C-800C) that would require roughly 500m2 convection surface
    (when assuming that high speed air would really be able to capture heat with that 200w/m2/K from reactor surface,

    Taking heat directly from burning kerosine gets all energy to heating and that minus compressor etc. produces thrust power, but hard to believe that LENR engine efficiency would be equal nor better than Kerosene powered engine.

    Anyone having better calculations?

    May I propose that moderators would not delete posts, at least in this 'playground' thread. This works as vent for those who feels frustrated on current situation. Words does not hurt anybody, but might open curtains to ones head.

    Deleting comments that are outside of topic of other threads is question that I let on moderators team.

    Deawey in other thread you said:

    Sanders - Keep the options open for the possibility of the QuackX and the Quack Ultra. In fact, I might copyright / trademark both of those for the book and movie.

    Person who acts as 'spokesperson' of IH and not have other things to say about topic, does not give greatest impression on IH:s position on this dispute. If you would havesomething to show or proper arguments supporting IH:s stand you would have some value for this thread, but 'Rossi cooking in his container' does not give better hand for IH (if you are representing them anyway).

    What I'm happy with is that soon it is call time for IH and Rossi. Not so many weeks to litigation and cards will be seen with all eyes.

    PS No ERV still on binder, any theory on that?
    PS2 I'm not hater totally opposite, and I don't hate IH or you and I would love everybody to succeed and have good life, but I have learned in life that people and shit should be treated in a way they deserves...

    Argon - I'm an IH shareholder. I cannot be discarded. What are you?

    Oh then it is third reason to feel sorry for you. I relly and honesty do, why wouldn't I. Company that had gigantic golden goose in their reach, and first time missed it by pissing off Mr Rossi.

    I would be prefectly happy if IH could get its shit right, take hat off and plea Rossi to solve this outside court and help Rossi to spread LENR every pithole of all continents. I'm happy also if IH could make some sweet money with it as long as not getting too greedy and not trying to control LENR technology too much.

    I think it would be much more fruitful to try to work together towards this goal than throwing this meaningless FUD and mud. It is not helping IH-case and even less you personally. You still have chance to save your face if you oriantate yourself to constructive path. We have big heart.

    What I am? In a way much less than you think, but in other way also much more than you and boys understands to fear. In a way I'm just simply active hobbyist been following this saga since F&P unjustice. That made me decide take 'watchdog' stand and do what needs to be done that F&P disaster doesn't happen this time.

    Now since I answered your question, can you officially confirm do you have IH:s authorization for message you are passing here or is everything just frustrated hot air as it sounds so far. (pro tip: Now it is worth play your cards right this time)

    @Alan Smith I don't think separate threads would work any better since in addition to pure science this is also about dispute between IH and Rossi until it gets solved. That leads to lots of interest and opposite opinions to surface, which is just human, since life is not pure science either.
    Because of conflict of interest leads to manipulation and all kinds of astroturfing, so it doesn't hurt pure scientists to become more aware also that aspect. Maybe bad treatment Fleischman & Pons would not have happened if scientific community would have been more aware that this kind of things can happen and maybe they were not ready to open their mouth. After real scientists rise their concerns, 'next layer' (scientifically oriented non scientists) can take over and carry on to help them to make voice heard.

    I think wide scope thread, like 'Cutting through fog'-thread was good for that kind of discussion before it got closed. It kept other threads quite clean and many commenters here does good job to keep discussion and facts balanced and catches false argumentation pretty quickly. By closing threads or banning users will just lead forum to become fan site living in its own bubble (like some say about JONP or even e-catworld). Science is not about fan clubs but merely about evidence, facts, questioning and argumentation. Just my opinion.

    Rossi puts 'interesting fact' at the end of his answer in his blog (emphasis mine)

    To summarize: The Optris is a type of spectral radiometer. It can use the spectral radiance it can see in its limited spectral bandwidth to calculate the blackbody equivalent temperature appropriate to the radiance detected in its limited…

    Thank you @Paradigmnoia for clear plain English what is the problem when using Optris with alumina. I had no experience with IR measurements before, but from your excerpt, one may conclude the following:

    - Optris could be pretty well calibrated for alumina with ready made book values for alumina or (dummy reactor) reference run with known input energy and thermocouples attached BUT BUT....
    - If alumina is translucent and active LENR reaction creates any plasma or light, I could guess that there is no way to estimate how much that affects on Optris reading (it would be partly measuring plasma temperature instead of surface) :crazy:

    Should we ever rely too much on Optris when measuring active alumina reactor? If this cannot be answered teorethically, one could test by alumina tube with staright tungsten wire inside where half of the tube would be painted from inside with some thermal- but not light conducting paint? (supposing that 'core' temp would be higher than alumina temp)

    Quote from Argon: “Fact is that last weekend Jed was hammering Thomas Cluck with gas stove FUD and when heat management questioned”
    I don't recall this at all. Do you have a link to the thread?

    Actually it was in vortex thread i linked before. Here is link again '[email protected]/msg109800.html'

    I need to say, I feel sorry about Jed since he has not been same Jed I used to read before. I hope he can return back in full to LENR community after all this mud dissolves.

    Deawey good points and admittedly interesting if true. Remember that not all what is said is what it looks like (you should know ;)
    Why don't you post some pics revealing Rossis setup better if it was just radiators inside box.

    At least pics of ceiling vents where blades are stand still would not be any secret that needs to wait until court hearing? They could even restore my interest on your postings. Even though I completely understand your position and how it must hurt, so far you have had here nothing but hot air and insults, we are not too interested on that department.