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    Dewey, now we at least got clear statement what Mr Rossis standpoint is. He removed parts from my posting, nothing important, just my plea and link, but now result looks even clumsier than original. But I think it was ok at this point.

    I must say that I have been very wrong in base assumptions and now we learned what his reply 'it takes two to end the war' meant. Now I understand your standpoint yesterday. You (naturally) had better insight and now it got proved.
    At least I breath easy now, no need to speculate afterwards "what if things went so by mistake/misunderstanding/emotions younameit.". And further, this process seemengly did not fail on lack of 'peace negotiation' efforts and will. When conditions for 'pece process' has been set right, all next steps must happend in parties thinking and actions. Nobody can spoon them in.

    Mr Rossi seems to have been already very determined to go all in. Whatever follows does not happend accidentally, but but as result of consideration and aware of other partys public view on issue. Sad for the LENR, but as I said many times at the and everybody usually gets what they deserve. I'm not predicting, via court it comes public instead of 'somebody says'.

    Shane D, I like your smart observations. I had interpreted Mr Rossi suing IH because of big surprise and dissappointment him seeing Mr Darden to walk in Chinese delegate whereas Mr Mr Rossi had thought that everything is in his control and to be kept secret from others before 350 day test would be over. If that would have been the case delegate small steps from Mr Darden cold have had chances to fix that. But as I said abowe seemingly my base asumptions were wrong :(

    All the best for all parties and let wisdom to take over

    Dewey, thank you for your clear reply. I had hoped the parties themselves could be active and carry on from here. Since I still carry some naive hope and see difference in what Mr Rossi has said in Mats interview and what you propose now, I will mix myself one more time to this.
    I feel somehow responsible starting this dream and glimmer of hope and want to make absolutely sure no stones gets unturned or Rossi possibly missed this discussion, I will link your clear reply in JONP and plea him to consider that against what he has said to Mats.

    I hope I haven't caused or cause more mess with my activity.

    With good intentions,

    Shane D, Thank you pointing out this detail in Mats Lewan interview. I also weakly recalled this claim, which is quite the opposite what Dewey said in posting you quoted. Clear conflict there and topic of wholly new endless thread of fighting and speculation.

    Nevertheless this whole thing seems to be slipped out from my reach now and I really feel that people have not read what I wrote, or at least didn't respect/understand delicatines of the situation and unique momentum, no matter how weak. By using this chance wisely, in my mind there could have been possibility if there would have been honest will in both sides.

    I still hope someone is also wise enough and something happens behind the curtains by Mr Rossi and Mr Darden but believe me, I am not in any position to affect on it, nor have any contacts, so unless someone else informs Mr Rossi or his attorney, he will not see Deweys message. I think they lost the opportunity.

    I feel sad so bloody bloody sad, but on the other hand if ones are stubborn irish boneheads at the end they just get what they deserves.

    Thank you Shane D for your efforts to perceive the situation, your observations have been sharp.

    Abd, thanks for your clarfication, but sorry I don't know Florida justice system and didn't get much from your reply since many unknown terms and I'm not native English speaker. If you refer on something that things needs to happen in certain order at this point, that I did not know, just tried to think as layman on way to solve this unnecessary knot.

    Since I don't know FL laws I withdraw myself from this law detail. I hope someone can write in plain simple layman English what is the problem you tried to describe here.

    Dewey, no I will not since I told I'm not in any relations to him, Mr Rossi sees your message written here or most probably not since he has repeated in JONP that he is not following forums.

    Sad to see testosterone, emotions and business arrogance to kick in again. Only history will tell was it a wise move or smart move. At least I can say I died trying, luckily only emotionally towards humanity today.

    What ever happens from now on between IH and Mr Rossi is most probably well deserved, and I will focus following more on real events than talks and speculations.

    All the best whatever the parties decide to do next

    Dewey, I prefer not to do personal contacts at this point and I try my best to give reason here.

    As we all must understand this is very delicate process and nobody should cause extra misunderstanding by innocent mistake. Here I try to explain few points that I see very important everyone to understand and trust me on. Thus please bear me on long reply :)

    - As I have said few times. I am not in any of the 'camps'. I am not in any way professional in physics, but have been interested many things including Cold Fusion since F&P-89 Especially because of endless possibilities it would enable for this planet and human kind. Yes 'internet' has been big shift and I have been among first ones there, but I can also imagine how extremely big LENR would be if real. Naturally takes longer to full paradigm shift with space travel and all, but definitely means beginning of new era.
    - I found Rossis first demo video next day it came to Youtube and he kind of was person who brought me back the hope that I almost had lost after -89 disaster so I'm maybe 'Rossi sympathizer' if you will. Pretty same way as Jed was in the beginning and whose earlier efforts I respect as well.
    - I am absolutely not more than that, meaning I do not have any connections or any kind direct nor indirect access to Mr Rossi (nor IH). He actually censored few of my questions in JONP some years ago and I have been out from his forum because of censorship policy which is 'no go' for me (my questions were not too meddlesome in my standards, and could be innocently 'censored' by his crappy spam script of that time) . Recently I wrote few questions in JONP which all he published and I copied them here also as you saw.
    - Yesterday I sent additionally similar plea also to JONP, which he now seem to have published, but did not comment which I understand in this situation. I quote it below.

    All this can be summarized that I am really simply just independent observer hoping 'right things happens' whatever they may be, and opportunities are not wasted because of misunderstanding, personal anxiety or emotions. Earlier in this thread was commented that Mr Rossi should reach IH first. Again wrong very very wrong. That could be absolutely right for pure 'business negotiation' where you want to believe that it would give you some upper hand or something, but I see this more as 'peace negotiation', because of size of the bets and clearly both parties must feel very hurt at the moment.

    So I think publicly observable reactions here and JONP on my plea did not rule out slight chance you could be able to re-open discussions.

    This is purely what I would do in such situation (not that you wouldn't know it already):
    Innocent query passed from attorney to attorney really does not harm anyone nor show upper or lower hand. In possible discussion 'respecting the other' -attitude in both sides and starting possible discussion by drafting good intentions and correcting possible earlier misinterpretations. Followed by expressing good intentions and common goal oriented attitude without 'personal hurts'. Then time to listen, ask and then again listen (2/3 'listen' ratio' is important here). if you get that far then neutrally list open issues or disagreements and do normal processing them. Actual processing in next meeting after at least 1 night sleep over old emotions and new information to balance.

    As I here declare absolutely not being party or messenger of any kind but all this discussion has been public and unquestionably both IH and Mr Rossi has seen it, genie is out from a bottle and that is me to blame if any, but using this slight opportunity could become turning point if used wisely - for good of the planet and all of us.

    You are the parties who must take over now and carry on from here. I think time is now and hard to see any new or better opportunity to do it.

    This is mentioned my similar plea in JONP after I had published the one in lenr-forum.

    Argon - Thank you for your questions - I'll do the best I can in answering. IH has not proposed a negotiation with Rossi and doesn't appear to be in that frame of mind right now based on Rossi's eagerness to go to legal guns, some material flaws in his…

    @Dewey Weaver Thank your again from you answer my hypothetical question yesterday. Even I'm independet thinker outside of all camps and connections, I took my own freedom to post similar question to Mr Rossi yesterday in his site. My question was quite direct on to topic and against all my expectations he did not remove it and even gave reasonable reply.

    Dewey, I sincerely hope and appeal you and your fellow people read this carefully:

    - I so very well know that my hypotethical question and Your and Mr Rossis reply is not anything concrete, but I still see tiny tiny window of opportunity here. No matter how small it is, all that matters is how wisely it will be used. (Yes 'wisely' not 'smartly')
    - We all now realize how exponentially all went after Mr Rossi become suspicious on foreign factory visitors, and after he declared war in court and all. Understandable both parties felt hurt, offended and all possible emotions kicked in.
    - That is what first happens when such big surprising events occur. First people reacts emotionally, no matter how hard boiled businesman one considered himself, and now in internet era many people that are not real parties in this dispute (including me) started 'their own fight' with the same reasons, reacting emotionally. You call them camps, I think most are independent as I am.
    - Now that our testosterones have settled, we need to start thinking rationally as businessmen whose main agenda in this particular case must be 'save the planet' and do it optimal path. Money and personal benefit must give way to that goal. If IH agrees on this main goal instead of any other agendas, they should take rational next step, since Mr Rossi must feel threatened and quite alone at least. There is no way you can tame cornered wild cat by threats, since it is in their dna to fight back with all costs.
    - In Internet era we cannot know for sure what goes behind anonymous posts so to get any progress, IH must dismiss 'camp' thinking totally on this. It is just Mr Rossi and IH and nothing else that matters.
    - If I read you right IH is expecting Rossi to take next step. Wrong, very very wrong. That is this testosterone thinking more related to hormones than rational business thinking and real successful negotiations. No matter who thinks is right, feel offended or feel upper hand or anything else, it is the the wisest party that takes the neutral first step to give other chance to come bit closer and real dialog has chance to start.
    - I see above both parties at least indirectly considered theoretical chance to direct and 'ego out' discussions. Even I'm not in any position or party on this, I strongly appeal IH to be the wise man and pass neutral palpation via attorneys to Mr Rossi where you propose open and peaceful discussion directly between Mr Darden and Mr Rossi, and make absolute sure attorneys does not mess this sensitive process nor discussion if you get that far. Law- and business books are absolutely last things to be mixed in this very very delicate process. Many Fruitful discussion starts with 'We apologize' (... on everything what went wrong along the path.)

    Dewey and IH I know that this is just my indivdual effort to make things right and I know there are many things and interests that are not public to us, but I still think what I wrote applies. Giving to this tiny hope a chance should not do any harm to any party if we understand what it really means to leave 'ego out'. If initial palpation fails, nobody has lost anything compared to current outlook, but if it leads to shorter path to 'save the planet' it is well worthed for all, not to mention of costs saved from court case to actual LENR development efforts.

    All the best to all parties no matter way things wind up.

    Dewey, thank you for clear and open answer.

    If these, purely my own hypothetical, but important, questions wont touch too close to court case, may I ask further:
    - Have IH proposed or attended negotiations with Mr Rossi after he sued IH in April (behind the curtains)?
    - If Mr Rossi would indicate interest on such discussions, would IH be open on such proposal?
    - if such possible attempts have lead nowhere and parties end up to court and if Rossis technology (E-Cat or Quark) really works, would IH be open to negotiations on selling license back to Rossi for reassigning to new partner he likes. Just to enable technology widespread distribution and 'save the planet'? (price is own matter of course).

    You may omit any of these and answer only ones you think is appropriate at this point.

    If you've also noticed, I'm enjoy engaged civil conversation. Leave the leading questions, lies and slander at home and perhaps we can make some real progress on this forum without it getting too boring.

    Ok lets give this a try. Dewey does IH think that Quark-X belongs to licensing deal (derivative work), or do they think that that is different from E-cat technology and thus can be excluded from license deal by Rossi? This question has nothing to do with court case, so maybe we are allowed to discus about it.

    Quote from "theWeaver": “ yes, I would testify under oath with my right hand over a Bible that IH has never able to generate any excess heat with Rossi IP and / or technology”

    Here we go again. Another Dodge and a wriggle, trying to look sincere ...…

    Since you downvoted sifferkolls post I have to repeat it again. Mr Weaver does lots of fuzzy accusations, but every time fails to answer directly, like this important very clear question that would be answered simply yes or no. Of course I fully understand why DW does not answer directly or why IH does not release ERV before time is right from their position. It has also become very clear that Mr Weaver refuses to state do they still see value in Rossis IP even 'they could not substantiate'.
    It has also become absolutely clear that IH refuses to give up on contract with Rossi even he would pay 11.5 m$ or even double of that as 'compensation of damages'. You don't need scientist, engineer nor VC to understand why they act like this. Downvoting someones post doesn't make that glowing reality to go away.

    So IH playing their strategic cards this way is not an issue nor surprise for me, but endeless fuzzing around topic with so childish reasoning that you would be ashamed to show even to you family/spouse, makes me sad. This fuzzing game will never play out in court nor in markets. It just seems to dig out your real level of humanity especially when you write behind anonymity.

    me356 There is already many good points for you to digest above. My only guide is think carefully before you make your move. Also double check with more than one patent/IP lawyer the guidance you get (also some differences between US/EU patents).

    You expressed that you are exited to share what you have with the world. Well short video showing steady plasma glow with ball lightning or something, would already explode the arena :) But I think you should make your IP part before shake the world with video.

    I noticed your repeated reference to 'neutron radiation' and other maybe questionable possibilities of new discoveries. If that enables what I think, you need to have some responsible thinking on that aspect.

    Is it just me, but today looking around latest postings in most active threads, it looks like IH sympathizers have run out of steam so to say. Mr Weaver is not laying new drip drops just posting something non-related stuff like granting IQ points to axil etc. Matter a fact many pages full of nonsense in last few days.

    Is this early indication that they knew all the time that Mr Rossi had something, and now when his preliminary report came out, reality starts to sink in.
    IH IP is worthless in practise, old 1MW e-cat is is like coal heated steam engine compared to modern diesels. Scalable, adjustable output power, immediate startup shutdown, stable and after soem more R&D it will be also reliable, much more reliable than 1 MW reactor that 'Rossi had to babysit with stethoscope' so that it would not runaway.

    I think it was Mr Rossi who said long ago, when one runs out of factual arguments, stronger language and all kind of bullshit comes in play. This is what i recognize happening this week here.

    Thanks Alan you are right. I didn't see Oystens question at first look and mixed with comment few weeks back where I think was mentioned 3 qarks going under test.
    So I guess wavelength of Quarkx itself is not tunable then. Other colors indirectly via blackbody radiation by tuning temp?

    Sorry for confusion.

    This is an interesting exchange with CERN researcher I referred above: Link

    Mr Rossis response:

    That conflicts with below Mr Rossis response I quoted erlier in preliminary report thread. Interesting question now is that is he trying to mislead readers by talking about different wavelengths?
    Tuesday in JONP he seemed to share same understanding of theory of LENR with some CERN scientist. That shared understanding was based on specific blueish color reader referred to. (I dont have link in hand, but exchange can be found dated tue-wed this week)

    From Rossi Blog reader, I haven't seen this mentioned before. Voids speculation of source of blue light seen in picture?

    At the end discussion there was not too healthy anymore, so probably good thing to close it totally if admin had no time to moderate it.

    It remains to see do we get TC back here, since he sometimes was venting in there with MY and others with strong opinions.

    Agree fully what @Peter Gluck nicely said above.
    I would also like to add that if change something, I wouldn't mind if moderation and other readers would remind people to stick with topic of the thread. We already have free speech (playground) thread which is good. But that said also new additional 'Rossi' IH, Bight llight power whatnot. -threads can be added when radically new developments surfaces (=not just one IH thread).

    I (if as a moderator or as a fellow reader) would not allow people to fill wrong thread with nonscientific and nonrelated stuff. Also I'm fine if people every now and ten are asked to behave like civilized people.

    Edit: Need to add that as long as things of interest area are unclear or unproven, like E-Cat or high COP LENR, only open discussion and argumentation is interesting. In these conditions I tend to leave too sanitized one opinion forums (JONP, E-Catworld).

    Edit2: @barty would this forum SW allow readers to be grouped somehow. I mean granting posting rights to strictly scientific threads could then be given to posters that can stick to topic if needed. Whereas they would be free to post in more general discussions.